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Chapter 107 - Strong Aid
Sponsored by: M. Jackson
East of the Dead Swamp, a slim figure was flying in the sky whilst carrying a person.
Under her, two towering giant men were also sprinting with high speed, as if they were angry black bears. Every time they hopped up, they were able to leap around a dozen meters through the air.
In the surrounding swamps, a weird person covered in scales was half submerged in the mud. He moved through the swamp like a giant earthworm, his vicious eyes glinted with a chilling light. He kept watching the sky above the swamp, watching the flying slim figure in the air.
Further away there were crazy roaring sounds. Someone was fl.u.s.tered and exasperated and kept clamoring along the way. His soul consciousness spread out and covered them from afar.
The abnormal activity in the east of the Dead Swamp made many active warriors in this area frightened and baffled. The warriors who were hunting demon beasts all stopped, watching the sky with surprise on their faces. No one knew what exactly was happening.
As if they heard their master’s summons, many demon beasts in the swamps all jumped out one after another and stormed towards the east.
In a moment, the eastern area of the Dead Swamp was a mess. Everyone was looking out for themselves.
At the same time.
Chi Xiao, Zuo Shi, and Wu Yun Lian had already left the Yin Valley and were walking towards the Yin Field under the full exposure of the sun.
The Yin Field had been cleared of its natural Yin Qi that covered it all year round.
Under the blazing sun, all the plants that grew on the Yin Field withered and died.
There was also nothing left of the demon beasts that were previously active in the Yin Field. They either died or ran away.
The enormous Yin Field now looked like a dead zone, without a single trace or life. Not even the sight of a single leaf from a plant.
“Master, will Shi Yan be okay?” Zuo Shi worriedly asked.
“I don’t know.” Chi Xiao shook his head. He faintly sighed in his mind, feeling a little guilty.
He knew that the odds were against Shi Yan this time. Although the Dead Swamp was big, people such as Beiming Shang and Zhua Qi all had Sky Realm capabilities. Not only could they fly in the air, they also had an omnipresent soul consciousness that could spread over a large area.
Unless it was a master of the same level, it would be very hard to escape their hunt.
At the Shi family, Chi Xiao once promised Shi Jian that he would do his best to protect Shi Yan.
However, now that Shi Yan had encountered great danger, he could only stand by and watch. This made Chi Xiao feel a little guilty in his heart. Whenever Zuo Shi asked whether Shi Yan would be okay, Chi Xiao would shamefully blush a bit, but there was nothing he could do.
“Those two woman, why are they following us?” Wu Yun Lian furrowed her brows. She quietly glanced back, and said confusedly, “I think they came with the Beiming family.”
“No need to care about them.” Chi Xiao glanced behind him and said indifferently.
Mu Yu Die and Di Yalan both looked desolate. There was an undissolvable dark haze on their faces as they slowly paced behind Chi Xiao and the group.
Even though Zou Zi He didn’t clearly state his ident.i.ty, the two girls had already guessed that he was the Lord of the Dark World. Although he was not here now, once he properly dealt with Shi Yan, he will definitely come and take away Mu Yu Die.
The reason why he didn’t take care of Mu Yu Die now was because he knew she definitely wouldn’t be able to escape.
Both Mu Yu Die and Di Yalan knew this deep in their hearts.
In that strange s.p.a.ce, Shi Yan already made a hard blow to their minds. Now thinking that more miserable fates would follow in the future, the two girls felt fretful, not knowing where to go.
“Xiao Die, will Ding Yan be okay?” Di Yalan lowered her head, and faintly sighed.
Mu Yu Die’s pretty face became cold and she sneered, “He’s dead for sure. Beiming Shang is getting involved personally and unless he could fly, he’ll never escape his hands. Not only will he die, the Shi family will be doomed along with him. Beiming Shang is p.i.s.sed, he will never let this go.”
“I don’t know why, but I feel like he’s going to be okay. He always shows us a surprise.” Di Yalan murmured under her breath, and lightly shook her head.
“Surprise?” Mu Yu Die’s expression was cold, “There will be no surprise this time.”
At this moment, Chi Xiao suddenly raised his head and looked into the sky. Suddenly, his face changed and he exclaimed loudly, “Cyan Blood Bat!”
“Cyan Blood Bat?” Zuo Shi dazed for a second and also looked up into the sky, “Hey, that is a really big bat. Master, what is it? Is there something scary about that Cyan Blood Bat?”
“The Cyan Blood Bat is a demon beast that can evolve continuously. Its body is solid as iron, it’s very strong and it especially likes to eat the flesh of warriors, so this is a very brutal demon beast. A level 3 Cyan Blood Bat is already very strong. The Cyan Blood Bats in the sky now are all at least level 3. And now there’s fifty of them at once, this is not right.” Wu Yun Lian looked up at the sky, and murmured.
“There are people riding the Cyan Blood Bats and they are strong. The weakest being in the Disaster Realm! Most of them are in the Earth or Nirvana Realms!” Chi Xiao took a deep breath, his expression was more serious than ever, “The leader’s capability is unfathomable, even I cannot be able to sense his true capability. In our area, I don’t think there is any force that can suddenly dispatch this many masters. Even the royals of the Fire Empire or the G.o.d Blessed Empire can’t send out this many masters at once!”
After hearing that, Wu Yun Lian’s expression suddenly changed.
“No, they’re coming down!” Chi Xiao’s heart sank, and he said hurriedly, “Xiao Shi, stand next to me and don’t move!”
Mu Yu Die and Di Yalan also noticed the abnormal situation in the sky. The girls both looked up at the seven to eight meter long bodies of the Cyan Blood Bats, their eyes glinting with a cruel violent light as they slowly descended. The two girls were frightened, not knowing what was going on.
On the leading Cyan Blood Bat, the Shura King Xiao Han Yi boldly sat there and condescendingly looked at the people below, his husky voice said, “Which of you knows Shi Yan?”
“Shi Yan!”
“Shi Yan!”
“Shi Yan!”
Chi Xiao, Zuo Shi and Mu Yu Die exclaimed at the same time. Everyone’s faces were full of awe, not knowing why these people would want to find Shi Yan.
“Hmph, Shi Yan sure has offended a lot of people.” Mu Yu Die snorted, she righteously a.s.sumed that Xiao Han Yi and his group were strong enemies that Shi Yan provoked.
Chi Xiao’s face slightly changed, he didn’t immediately answer, instead, he first put his fists together and said, “May I ask what you are finding Shi Yan for, senior?”
Chi Xiao saw that Xiao Han Yi’s capability was unfathomable. He also saw that the Yang family’s Shura Blood Guards who sat on the Cyan Blood Bats were mostly in the Earth and Nirvana Realms.
He was extremely stunned so he didn’t dare to overlook this matter. He kept his tone as one of utmost respect.
Zuo Shi, Wu Yun Lian, Di Yalan, and Mu Yu Die were all dumbfounded, they became a little absentminded.
Chi Xiao was the Sky Realm master of Cloud Mountain. He was one of the handful of strong figures in the G.o.d Blessed Empire, the Fire Empire, and the Merchant Union. It was said that he was more than a hundred years old and was a well-known master and senior in all of the three countries. But today here he was referring to someone else as senior!
Everyone were speechless.
“Shi Yan is the great-grandson of Yang Qing Di, the head of our Yang family in the Endless Sea. The reason we came this time is to bring him back to the Endless Sea. Do you know where he is?” Xiao Han Yi saw that Chi Xiao’s att.i.tude was not bad so he slowly loosened his expression and did not expose his irritable, crazy side.
The Endless Sea? The Yang family? Great-grandson of the head of the family?
Xiao Han Yi’s words made everyone petrified.
Especially Mu Yu Die and Di Yalan, the expression on their faces was weirder than ever. They would never have thought that Shi Yan had another ident.i.ty.
“So you are the masters from the Endless Sea.” Chi Xiao nodded, he raised his head and stared at Xiao Han Yi for a moment. Seeing that he was becoming impatient, Chi Xiao finally said, “Shi Yan has obtained the treasure from the Gate of Heaven and suddenly disappeared from inside the gate. Now he should be somewhere in the outer perimeter of the Dead Swamp. Currently several Sky Realm masters are searching for him in the outer perimeters of the Dead Swamp. If you want to find him, then do so quickly. If you’re too late, then he will have met with a grim fate.”
“Grim fate!”
All of a sudden, an extremely strong b.l.o.o.d.y smell came from Xiao Han Yi’s body. This b.l.o.o.d.y smell covered the distance, like a canopy covering them from the sky, making everyone dizzy and hard to breathe from the strong odor.
“If anything happens to Shi Yan then all the nations of those involved will be buried with him!” Xiao Han Yi left these few words, and then slapped the Cyan Blood Bat and said, “Spread out and search the whole Dead Swamp. If anyone finds him send the message immediately!”
The group of Shura Blood Guards from the Yang family rode on the Cyan Blood Bats, and in a moment they were all gone.
“Master, is this guy strong?” Zuo Shi said curiously.
“I’m afraid three Beiming Shangs together wouldn’t be able to fight him.” Chi Xiao’s expression was grim, he meaningfully glanced at Mu Yu Die and Di Yalan, his voice steadily said, “The Beiming family is dead for sure. The people on the Cyan Blood Bats are enough to sweep away all the five families of the Merchant Union. Beiming Shang is doomed this time!”
Mu Yu Die’s face turned pale, her body collapsed and she fell on her a.s.s.
“Xiao Die!” Di Yalan exclaimed, “What happened to you?”
Mu Yu Die’s expression shifted unpredictably and complex emotions flickered across her eyes. She looked like she was laughing and crying at the same time, as if she had gone mad.
After a very long while, Mu Yu Die’s expression slowly became determined, she suddenly stood up, “Come on, let’s go find Shi Yan!”
“Why would we want to find him?”
“I will try everything, to become his woman! No matter what he wants me to do, I’ll do it for him!”
“Ah!” Di Yalan exclaimed, her hand covered her mouth, with a face full of disbelief.
Xia Xin Yan clenched onto Shi Yan and they were still flying through the air, galloping crazily towards the east of the Dead Swamp.
Suddenly, an untraceable darkness started to slowly form under the clouds ahead.
A ma.s.s of endless dark power suddenly rippled from the darkness. It wrapped Xia Xin Yan’s body, suddenly putting a pause to her speedy flight.
“Stop.” In the pure darkness, there came a cold voice, “I am the Lord of the Dark World, I don’t want to make enemies with you people from the Endless Sea. If you drop that kid, then you can go now.”
Xia Xin Yan floated in mid-air, her expression slightly cold, she said indifferently, “I suggest you to mind your own business, my people will arrive very soon. I know you have the capability of a Sky Realm First Sky warrior, but you’re far too weak if you want to go against us. In the Endless Sea, people like you can only be a dedicated warrior, and not even one of the core warriors! If you want to keep your prestige in this place then mind your own business.”
Not only was Xia Xin Yan not scared, she even gave out threats.
“I wanted to get rid of exactly this fate, that’s why I want what that kid has.” In the pitch black darkness, the voice continued, “Don’t force me! In order to get that thing, I can give up the Dark World. As long as I can step into the G.o.d Realm in the future, I can rebuild the Dark World anywhere, even in the Endless Sea!”
Xia Xin Yan’s face changed. She suddenly realized she probably won’t be able to convince the opponent with words.
Translated by: Amy
Edited by: Moto and Vick
Translated by XianXiaWorld

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