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Shi Yan was startled for a while. His eyes brightened up.

Divine Light! It was the force that has admitted Zi Yao, right?

When they were in Broken Star Field in the Far West Region, an old man picked Zi Yao and told them that he was from Divine Light. He had invited Zi Yao to join them on behalf of his master.

It has been dozens of years, but it felt like a blink of an eye. Today, Shi Yan heard the name of this force one more time. He was moved. He asked, "The Divine Light isn't... a force in Shadow Ghostly Prison, right?"

"No, it's not." Xia Xin Yan frowned, her face dark and solemn. "Divine Light is an extremely mighty force!"

Shi Yan arched his brows.

"In Agate Star Area, forces gather their allies despite races. The power of Divine Light is ranked first. It's not weaker than our Fighting League. I think... It's a level stronger," Xia Xin Yan said objectively.

In Agate Star Area, there were so many forces. Some forces gathered by race. For example, the Monster Clan, the Demon Clan, the Wood Clan, and the Ghost Mark Clan were the important races. Usually, the forces that gathered their warriors from the same clan were extremely strong.

At the same time, some other forces would enroll members from different races. However, they were still as mighty as the other clans.

The Fighting League of Shadow Ghostly Prison was one of the forces like that. As long as you were strong, no matter what race you are from, you could always join the force. Warriors who contributed a lot to Fighting League earned rewards or promotions to higher positions. The benefits they received were unimaginable.

Divine Light was a similar force to the Fighting League. It was formed by warriors from many races. And its power was extraordinarily mighty.

"The Master of the Divine Light has a good relationship with the Second Elder of Potion and Tool Pavilion and the Chief of the Fire Clan. She's a woman who knows how to connect influential forces." Xia Xin Yan looked serious. "The area of the Divine Light's authority isn't in Shadow Ghostly Prison. The nearest region is by the edge and it's adjacent to the Ghost Mark Clan. They often have disputes. They have never operated in Shadow Ghostly Prison. I don't know what happens this time..."

While she was explaining to Shi Yan, the Fighting League warrior was so worried. He couldn't help but shout. "Madame, the Divine Light warriors are all down there. Should we take action now?"

Shi Yan turned around to look at her.

"This is Shadow Ghostly Prison. It's our territory!" Xia Xin Yan's face was cold and grim. She ordered resolutely. "Tell them that I'm going there personally. Ask them to leave. Or else, we will kill them!"

"Yes, ma'am!" The man laughed evilly and then returned to the mine. His aura disappeared shortly after.

"Shadow Ghostly Prison has many small forces. In the past, we fought against the Dark Shadow Clan and the small forces also fight all the time. We don't have a moment living peacefully. I thought that we could have some quiet moment after the Dark Shadow Clan was gone. I never thought that Divine Light would come. Tsk, they won't leave us alone here." Xia Xin Yan was begrudging. She looked tired.

She had been in Shadow Ghostly Prison for one hundred years and she had been so busy during this time. If she weren't cultivating with the pellets to increase her realm, she would be busy with her troops fighting for the welfare of the Fighting League.

It was so hard to meet Shi Yan again. She wanted to take a decent rest. And now the d.a.m.n Divine Light emerged, which made her so agitated.

Xia Xin Yan was famous in Shadow Ghostly Prison, indeed. After the warriors of her Fighting League got underground for around one hour, the warriors of the Divine Light came out one by one. They looked at her with dark faces. However, they didn't say anything before leaving in their war chariots.

Divine Light had only one battleship, which carried less than one hundred warriors. The strongest of that group had only First Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm.

The battleship of Divine Light looked like a straight, silver arrow. Beams of beautiful light twirled around it like a soft ribbon, which made the ship marvelously outstanding.

Shi Yan looked at the battleship leaving. He released his Soul Consciousness and used his familiarity of life magnetic field to check the Divine Light's battleship.

After a while, he smiled and shook his head.

Well, it couldn't be that much of a coincidence...

Xia Xin Yan looked at him skeptically, "Why do you have to sense the warriors of the Divine Light? The highest realm warrior has just First Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm. We can tell that at first glance. Why do you have to use your soul to sense their life magnetic fields?"

"I'm just curious." Shi Yan was naturally calm.

Xia Xin Yan didn't ask him furthermore. She ordered some subordinates to enter the mine. After a while, they returned and shook their heads reluctantly. "The Divine Light took all the Blue Crystal Sand."

"Okay. Leave a group of ten here. After I return to the headquarter, I will send more mine slaves." Advising them, Xia Xin Yan rode the battleship and left.

After dozens of days, the flying bird battleships of the Windstorm War Department patrolled neither slow nor fast around many mineral stars, which used to belong to Dark Shadow Clan.

However, what had surprised them was that half of the mineral stars of the Dark Shadow Clan now had warriors of the Divine Light guarding it. It seemed like those warriors had hurried to go to Shadow Ghostly Prison. There weren't many of them. Most of the time, there was around ten of them on a mineral star and their realms were really high.

When Xia Xin Yan ordered them to leave, the Divine Light's warriors were smart enough not to resist her. They just left quietly.

Along their way, the Fighting League had shooed away the Divine Light's warriors ten times. Gradually, Xia Xin Yan lost her patience. She also felt something was wrong.

She recognized that those Divine Light warriors were here just to claim the territory of the Dark Shadow Clan. It was like an announcement of their involvement in this area.

Apparently, the Divine Light warriors knew that Dark Shadow Clan had left Shadow Ghostly Prison. That was why they weren't afraid of anything to take those mines.

The Master of Divine Light and the Second Elder of the Potion and Tool Pavilion had a good relationship. Thus, Fu Wei, Zha Duo, and Feng Yan must have arrived at Potion and Tool Pavilion. That was how the Elders of the pavilion had received this information.

Today, the Windstorm War Department landed on a level-6 life star. Before the Dark Shadow Clan left, this was their resident base. The planet still had a lot of buildings built by the Dark Shadow Clan. However, they couldn't see anyone from the Dark Shadow Clan today.

Anyway, no one knew where the Dark Shadow Clan's headquarters were situated. The Dark Shadow clansmen moved through s.p.a.ce slits like wandering ghosts. Sometimes, they would anchor in this life star.

This life star was a familiar stop to the Dark Shadow Clan because it had a divine crystal lode. Dark Shadow Clan had considered it the most important base.

The Fighting League had been thirsty for this life star for years. To claim this place, they had fought the Dark Shadow Clan many times. Most of the time, they managed to take it, but the Dark Shadow Clan would ambush them not long afterward. They often had to bear big losses.

Looking at the luxuriant big trees and foliage in the immensely vast forest, Xia Xin Yan smiled brightly and spoke happily, "Our Hegemon has laid his eyes on this planet for a long time. I heard that the divine crystal lode in this planet could store hundreds of millions of divine crystals."

Shi Yan was astounded. "Hundreds of millions of divine crystals?!?"

"Yeah, enough for warriors of the Fighting League to cultivate for one hundred years." Her face was filled with satisfaction. "For this life star, Fighting League and Dark Shadow Clan had had many battles that had killed so many warriors. As the Dark Shadow Clan had gone, we finally got this life star."

Many warriors of the Fighting League stood on the flying bird battleships and observed. They were all excited.

Hundreds of millions of divine crystals were a fortune that made everybody crave for it. Divine crystals were the basis of the warriors' daily cultivation. Warriors from races that needed earth and heaven energy to cultivate couldn't live without divine crystals. At the same time, divine crystals were the currency in many regions.

A mineral lode with hundreds of millions of divine crystals was a huge fortune that every force would want. No wonder why the Dark Shadow Clan and the Fighting League had fought for years for it.

This life star had many majestic mountains that jutted into the clouds. Some imposing mountain ranges were situated in an area of several hundred miles. They were homes of spiritual animals and herbs. This level-6 life star had abundant energy with normal gravity, so it was a good place to cultivate.

Warriors of the Fighting League took in refreshing air with earth and heaven energy. They were smiling happily.

Shi Yan's line of sight shot further. He suddenly frowned, speaking in a low-pitched voice, "Someone's here."

Xia Xin Yan looked in the direction he was watching.

Ten miles away on a grand ten-thousand-meter mountain sat a young man wearing gray clothes. He looked a little yellow and he sat cross-legged. That young man had indifferent eyes. His aura was calm and placid like the great mountain underneath. He gave people a pressure of something majestic and deep.

This young man didn't have a good-looking appearance. His face was yellowed. He looked like he was in his thirties. No one knew why he was sitting idly atop that mountain.

"The mountain range he's sitting on is the fountainhead of the divine crystal lode!" Xia Xin Yan hissed and furrowed her brows. "I wonder if it's a coincidence or if he is doing it on purpose. Something's wrong here..."

"He cultivates Earth power Upanishad at Third Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm. His life magnetic field is abundant. This man... is really dangerous!" Squinting, Shi Yan used his soul to sense. He got the precise news shortly after. His face changed quietly.

That young man had Third Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm, but his Blood Qi and life energy fluctuation could be compared to c.o.c.ker of the Dark Shadow Clan who Shi Yan used to confront!

This supported the fact that the young man could fight a warrior at First Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm! He had the competence to leap one level and fight!

This finding stiffened Shi Yan's face. He took a deep breath. "Maybe he came here because of the divine crystal lode."

Xia Xin Yan nodded and contemplated for a while before waving her hand to order her subordinate. "Go there and check it."

The Windstorm War Department's battleships floated and flew swiftly to the peak of the grand mountain. They hovered around the mountaintop. The warriors of the Fighting League watched the young man in silence. That young man was still as calm and quiet as a majestic mountain. He looked at the warriors before his eyes fixed on Xia Xin Yan. "Xia Xin Yan of Fighting League?"

"Yes, it's me. Who are you? This life star belongs to the Fighting League from now on. Please leave. Don't throw yourself into troubles." Xia Xin Yan shouted at the young man.

The young man frowned. He sat still like he was a mountain, speaking in a low-pitched voice. "This place used to belong to the Dark Shadow Clan. After the Dark Shadow Clan left, it became unowned."

"The Dark Shadow Clan is gone. It belongs to our Fighting League now," said Xia Xin Yan seriously.

The young man had a placid complexion like water. "No. It belongs to our Divine Light from now on."

The young man stood up all of a sudden, his voice so cold. "This is not only for this planet. All the mineral stars that we've claimed before you expelled us now belong to the Divine Light."

"Who are you?" Xia Xin Yan was surprised.


The young man didn't look at her but looked somewhere further back. He suddenly cried ear-piercingly. His whistle was like the cry of the ghost. It was low and cold, twirling while moving away.

Immediately, battleships floated up from the dark forest from a far away distance. They slowly approached and closely surrounded the ten battleships of the Windstorm War Department.

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