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Fei Lan, Leona, Ka Tuo, and Zuo Shi left together with Blood Devil's battleships. They went to Devil Blood Star to cultivate ascetically.

As the Dark Shadow Clan was expelled, Shadow Ghostly Prison didn't have any chaotic commotions. Thus, it wasn't necessary to ask Fei Lan's group to stay here. At this moment, what they lacked wasn't energy but the understanding of their realms.

Shi Yan considered letting them go to Devil Blood Star to cultivate as understanding their realm's mysteries was much urgent.

Only he stayed in the battleship of Windstorm War Department.

The flying bird battleships flew agilely, detaching from the battleships of the Monster Clan and Demon Clan. They headed to the center of Shadow Ghostly Prison at a fast speed.

On a corner of the battleship, Xia Xin Yan wore a tight azure dress. She looked as beautiful as a blossoming cherry flower. The pink crystal anklets on her bare foot clang happily like a stream murmuring. Her beautiful eyes had a faint, mesmerizing halo as she smiled and spoke gently, "That sister has a brilliant tactical mind. Why does she listen to you?"

She lay lazily by the edge of the deck. Her delicate waist was slender like a water snake, which promoted the curves of her rear end. Her posture was so s.e.xy, which made people picture a lot of things.

The warriors of the Windstorm War Department were all sent away from this area. One or two guards were standing far from her, but they didn't dare to face her or peep.

Shi Yan chuckled. He turned around to check the area. Seeing no one notice, his big hand smacked her ample b.u.t.tocks. He felt so wonderful, his eyes getting hotter. "She and I are from the same origin. She listens to me because I can give her benefits that no one can."

Xia Xin Yan glared at him angrily. She moved her body slightly away from his evil hand. She whispered, "How many days will you spend with me?"

"Yeah," Shi Yan nodded gently, watching the dark area ahead of them. "It has been more than one hundred years, but the time we've been together isn't a whole full year. Sigh, everything changes. I never imagined that we could meet again in a strange galaxy like this. When I left the Quiet Cloud Land that year, I have never thought of this future."

"That year?" Xia Xin Yan smiled and parted her lips, "That year, I didn't put you little robber in my eye. At that time, you were at just Disaster Realm. I came with you to the Endless Sea because of the Yang family's face."

"Unfortunately, Uncle Jiao had gone too early..." Shi Yan sighed sadly, his eyes reddening.

Xia Xin Yan's soft body shivered. She sighed weakly, "Without Jiao Han Yi, we couldn't have come to the Endless Sea alive. He had treated you so well we couldn't complain a tiny thing. What regret we lost such a hero."

Demon King Bo Xun had used a white bone clone of his to possess Jiao Han Yi. His soul vanished while his body was taken. He had sacrificed to give them a chance to live.

Both of them were grateful and respected Jiao Han Yi a lot. Today, they were filled with compa.s.sion thinking of him.

"Oh, right," Shi Yan suddenly remembered something. His thoughts changed and the ring on his finger glowed. A cauldron emerged, flying towards Xia Xin Yan. "This is the Original Universe Returning Cauldron of the Pure Land. That year, you were the key personnel of the Pure Land. Do you want to take a look at it?"

Shi Yan had kept the cauldron for a long time. He had taken this cauldron in the Utmost Eight Purgatory City while fighting the leader of the Pure Land. This cauldron seemed to have magic. He kept it because he wanted to give it back to Xia Xin Yan one day.

That year, the Pure Land had concealed Xia Xin Yan. She didn't know that the Pure Land had joined hands with other forces to hunt Shi Yan's group. Many members of the Xia family were killed too.

However, it has been many years. Under the wearing power of time, many things had become the past.

After Xia Xin Yan had recovered the memories of many previous lives, she didn't feel much belonged to her relatives. And the Xia family had made a wrong decision. She didn't want to keep it in mind.

Looking at the Original Universe Returning Cauldron, she chuckled and thought about the old stories. She was calm, taking the treasures of the Pure Land. She squinted and sensed for a while. "There's no aura. I guess they were all dead."

Shi Yan had never tried to study this cauldron because he wanted to hand it to Xia Xin Yan. Thus, he didn't know what it could do. Hearing her, he was curious. He asked, "What can that cauldron do?"

"Contact the experts of the Pure Land who had got into outer s.p.a.ce." Xia Xin Yan didn't want to conceal anything from him. "During several thousand years, the Pure Land also had some King G.o.d Realm experts. All of them had left Grace Mainland. But no one knew where they'd gone. This cauldron had a secret method to contact those experts. It had a secret treasure which was like the Sound Stone. I've just checked it. I found no aura. Perhaps they were all dead."

She grabbed the Original Universe Returning Cauldron and spoke faintly, "This is an ordinary treasure. It can't help me with anything. Anyway, I will keep it as a memento."

She put it into her Fantasy Sky Ring.

Shi Yan suddenly understood.

Grace Mainland had three big epochs including the Immemorial Epoch, the Antiquity Era, and the Ancient Time. This ancient continent used to have abundant energy. After three prosperous eras, it had given birth to many immemorial creatures and intimidating races. Eventually, it declined. The moment the Pure Land burst out, the energy of this continent was about to run out.

Although the Pure Land had its peak of glory, the highest realm that their warriors could reach was just King G.o.d Realm.

In Grace Mainland, the King G.o.d Realm was the peak of the cultivation. However, when they entered the vast, sh.o.r.eless sea of stars, no one looked up to the King G.o.d Realm warriors in the high-level star area.

Warriors from the low-level star areas didn't have good foundations. When they showed up in high-level star area, they were predestined with fatal endings.

As Xia Xin Yan couldn't sense any aura of the Pure Land's precursors, it was enough to prove that they were all dead. However, in Shi Yan's point of view, it wasn't something big.

While he was struggling in Raging Flame Star Area, he had experienced this adversity. The misfortune that Xia Xin Yan had undergone when she had entered Shadow Ghostly Prison was much more than his.

Only people who had experienced it could understand how low-realm warriors survived in a strange star area.

"The situation in Shadow Ghostly Prison is steadier now. The Dark Shadow Clan and the G.o.d Clan can't invade us for the time being. Do you still want to stay in the Fighting League?" Shi Yan became serious. "Come with me. We're going to Devil Blood Star. You want to study strategies and tactics in war, don't you? I can let Leona discuss with you. That place is also far from the battlefield. Even if the G.o.d Clan and Dark Shadow Clan appears all of a sudden, we still have time to prepare."

Xia Xin Yan quieted down. Her bold brows slammed together as if she was pondering.

Shi Yan watched her in silence, his face yearning. He didn't want to miss this chance. He wanted to keep her by his side.

The Shadow Ghostly Prison and the Devil Blood Star were far from each other. It would take several years to travel through this long distance. He didn't want to stay away from her and he could only meet her once after several years.

"I owe Hegemon Feng Han," after a while, Xia Xin Yan sighed weakly. "He treats me like his blood younger sister. At my most difficult times, he had cleared all the opposing ideas to bring me to a higher position. He has used all of his materials and resources to nurture me. He helped me have my realm and status that I have today. If I leave now, I will feel like I owe him for the rest of my life... Give me more time."

Hegemon Feng Han of the Fighting League had always considered her his most beloved family member. He had never doubted her. Feng Han was even selfish enough to take all the excellent resources of the Fighting League for her. That was how she had broken through to Second Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm in one hundred years.

Xia Xin Yan wasn't worried that her realm would be stuck. She just needed a torrential energy supply and she would break into the new realm.

For her, Feng Han had spent countless materials, pellets and divine crystals from Potion and Tool Pavilion and other forces to create this miracle.

"So we have to part again?" Shi Yan smiled bitterly.

"You can stay with me in Shadow Ghostly Prison." Xia Xin Yan muttered to him, her eyes filled with hope.

"I can't stay idle." Shi Yan shook his head. "I don't like to stay in one place for a long time. I like going to where the battles are. Shadow Ghostly Prison used to meet my requirement. However, the Dark Shadow Clan left Shadow Ghostly Prison today and the G.o.d Clan can't come here quickly. This area can't offer me what I want."

"Then I can make Shadow Ghostly Prison chaotic for you!" Xia Xin Yan pondered for a while before talking coldly.


"As the Dark Shadow Clan had left, the mineral stars and precious lands they had occupied are now unowned. Of course, our Fighting League can't resist such good food. Without the Dark Shadow Clan, the small forces in Shadow Ghostly Prison can't resist the Fighting League. We will sweep them out!" Xia Xin Yan said ambitiously.

Shi Yan was surprised.

Beautiful flying bird battleships of the Windstorm War Department floated above a mineral star. The war chariots hissed and scattered from the battleships. They rummaged through this mineral star immediately.

This mineral star had an abundant amount of Blue Crystal Sand, which was a precious and rare material that was hiding deep underground. The Dark Shadow Clan used to control this big mine.

Of course, the Dark Shadow Clan wouldn't spend their efforts on mining the Blue Crystal Sand. They just brought the mine slaves here.

From time to time, the Dark Shadow Clan would visit this area to take the Blue Crystal Sand they had exploited. If someone dared to take their products, they would send their battleships to finish them.

Today, all the Dark Shadow clansmen had retreated from Shadow Ghostly Prison. This mineral star became unowned. Xia Xin Yan pa.s.sed by this place to announce to the mine slaves that this mine would belong to the Fighting League from now on.

The war chariots hissed and roared, flying into the entrances leading to the core of the star. Shi Yan stood by Xia Xin Yan atop the battleship and looked at thousands of holes in the surface of the star, which looked so dark and gloomy. Suddenly, he said, "Warriors take natural resources to strengthen themselves. All kinds of secret treasures, pellets, and even energy are from the galaxy. Our existences are also a burden to earth and heaven."

"Oh, since when have you become so emotional?" Xia Xin Yan smiled and said casually, "What G.o.d gives us should belong to us. We collect the materials. It's like people who need to kill animals if they want to eat meat."

Shi Yan frowned. He sighed inwardly, but he didn't want to say anything else.

He knew that he also didn't have the right to talk more.

His power Upanishad was the wickedest among the wickedest power Upanishads. If the warriors took natural resources to cultivate and breakthrough, Shi Yan had used the others' deaths to make himself stronger. As he could reach his current realm within a short time, what had he used to do that? He understood it better than anyone else.


A war chariot moved like a swift eagle, rushing out of the mine. A warrior of the Windstorm War Department looked pale as he shouted, "Madame! Someone is taking the mineral star!"

He looked at Xia Xin Yan, his face indignant. "They stated that this mineral star belongs to them. Do we need to kill them?"

"Oh, besides the Dark Shadow Clan in Shadow Ghostly Prison, there's still a force that dares resist our Fighting League?" Xia Xin Yan was surprised. She laughed and asked, "Which force is it?"

"It's called "Divine Light" or something. It's not a native force in Shadow Ghostly Prison. I'm not familiar with the outer world. I don't know this force," reported the man.

"Divine Light?" Xia Xin Yan slightly changed her visage, her eyes twinkling strangely.

Shi Yan was surprised. He thought he had heard of this force somewhere. He frowned and started thinking.

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