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Yu Shan concentrated on dealing with the Departed Spirit Jellyfish. Her blue flame moved like cl.u.s.ters of clouds in the s.p.a.ce pa.s.sage, occupying most of the s.p.a.ce.

The Departed Spirit Jellyfish was quite hot-tempered at the beginning. It gushed more toxic smokes. The meat lumps all over its body squirted venom. The ma.s.sive body of the jellyfish was now covered in different colors. With such momentum, it wanted to destroy Yu Shan thoroughly.

Unfortunately, Yu Shan had fused with the flame of the Origin and she had reached Second Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm. She was its nemesis. No matter how hard it had tried to fume the toxic venom and smokes, Yu Shan could simply burn all things down with her heaven flame. Many cl.u.s.ters of blue fire covered the icy sea, making almost all of it vaporized.

According to the Ring Spirit, the cold seawater was the derivative control fluid of the Departed Spirit Jellyfish. When the seawater hadn't been dried up, as long as the jellyfish could still hide in the sea, it was invincible.

However, the Departed Spirit Jellyfish was about to collapse now. It was so worried. It should have been invincible everywhere. However, it had no choice when confronted by its archenemy.

Shi Yan and Yu Shan had had an agreement. Shi Yan wouldn't interfere in her battle with the Departed Spirit Jellyfish. Also, he didn't have such competence.

Yu Shan had crossed the border to get here. One the one hand, she had the same grudge against the G.o.d Clan. However, on the other hand, she had aimed at harvesting the magical things from the Departed Spirit Jellyfish.

After Blood Devil and the others had got rid of the restraint, they were all looking at the Departed Spirit Jellyfish with resentment, their complexions dark. They seemed to want to kill this alien creature.

Shi Yan timely stopped them. "Don't attack it. She will handle it alone. Don't worry. She can do it."

"Who is she?" Fu Wei of Potion and Tool Pavilion looked at Yu Shan from a distance, her face very surprised. "Why does our Potion and Tool Pavilion not have any record of an expert cultivating Fire power Upanishad at such a high realm? Is she..."

Shi Yan chuckled. "You're right. She's not a warrior of Agate Star Area. She comes from the neighboring Fiery Rain Star Area. I've invited her here to deal with the Departed Spirit Jellyfish."

"That thing is called Departed Spirit Jellyfish?" Bath smacked his tongue and screamed, "Kid, how did you know the name of that thing? What is it after all? We were moved to under that sea. We'd tried everything we could, but we couldn't leave a scratch on that thing. How do you know how to deal with it?"

Everybody looked at Shi Yan inexplicably.

Zha Duo and Feng Yan were startled. Their eyes were looking at him weirdly as if it was the first time they saw him.

Inviting an expert from another star area to solve the Departed Spirit Jellyfish... this kid... who was he? Why did he have so many secrets?

They were so curious about Shi Yan now.

"Before I've arrived in Agate Star Area, I'd been wandering to many strange lands. I know many strange but magical things in this universe." Shi Yan just gave them a perfunctory explanation. "The nemesis of the Departed Spirit Jellyfish are the experts who have fused with heaven flames of the Origin at Incipient G.o.d Realm. After I knew you guys were confined down there, I couldn't do anything but go to another star area to find an expert with such characteristics."

"You... we can't understand you thoroughly," sighed the Chief of Brutal Dragon Tribe.

"Ah, don't compliment me that much." Shi Yan burst out laughing. "You guys shouldn't interfere. Nothing unexpected will happen if that precursor handles the Departed Spirit Jellyfish. Although you have a profound realm, it's not easy for you guys to deal with that Departed Spirit Jellyfish. We should save energy then."

Listening to him, everybody was embarra.s.sed. They nodded quietly and then adjusted their energy to recover the energy they had consumed.

Inside that chilling sea, they had used a lot of energy. They were about to all collapse. If Shi Yan hadn't brought Yu Shan here, the light curtain they had created would have vanished. The smokes would have entered their s.p.a.ce. Blood Devil's team could have endured for a while, but the King G.o.d Realm and Original G.o.d Realm warriors would have been poisoned to death.

Even though they had gotten rid of the restraint, their situation wasn't good. Blood Devil, Bath, and Gu Te started to urge their energy to resume their condition. Energy began to twirl around them.

"Why have you joined hands with Fiery Rain Star Area?" Xia Xin Yan approached him while he hadn't recognized her. Her beautiful eyes raked around. "Well, are those two women your new friends?"

Shi Yan put on the face of being wrongly treated. "Don't make false a.s.sumptions. I've just known them. Why do you always think all of the female warriors would have something with me? Am I such a b.a.s.t.a.r.d?"

"Well, someone has proven it with a big number." Xia Xin Yan pouted, mocking disdainfully.

Shi Yan felt awkward. He searched through his thoughts carefully to realize his experiences weren't so convincing. No wonder why Xia Xin Yan considered a lot as if he was a famous robber.

"h.e.l.lo!" Xuan Fei snorted, her face impatient. She waved at Shi Yan and said nonchalantly, "Come here. We haven't finished our stuff yet."

"Why did you offend that little girl?" Xia Xin Yan looked odd. "I saw she had ambushed you with a punch. You... you hara.s.sed her, didn't you?"

Women's intuition was scary, indeed. She got it.

Shi Yan jerked back, trying to sound more solemn. "Nonsense! She's that precursor's disciple. She comes from Fiery Rain Star Area. I think she wants to know something because she isn't familiar with our area."

While talking, he flashed and left Xia Xin Yan's to go to Xuan Fei. Then, he lowered his voice. "Hey, you've hit me. We're done. What else do you want?"

"You benefited, but I didn't. I hit you, but it's me who got hurt. Tell me, what do you think?" Xuan Fei's eyes twinkled as she glanced at Xia Xin Yan from a distance. "She's your lover, right? I can tell at first glance. If you don't want her to know what you've done, you'd better give me a satisfactory offer."

Shi Yan frowned. "What do you want?"

"I don't know yet," Xuan Fei thought she had found Shi Yan's weakness. She stooped and grinned cunningly. "You're afraid that that beautiful sister will be jealous, right? Haha, you're afraid of your wife. How dare you tease me that way!"

Shi Yan kept silent.

While he was talking to Xuan Fei, his line of sight was still fixed at Yu Shan's area. Yu Shan was urging all of her energy. Her blue flame was filling the s.p.a.ce pa.s.sage. Slowly, the Departed Spirit Jellyfish didn't have a foothold and was immersed in the vast fire sea.

Yu Shan started to refine the Departed Spirit Jellyfish.

Only the supernatural warriors who had fused with heaven flames at Incipient G.o.d Realm like her could have the power to refine the Departed Spirit Jellyfish.

Shi Yan was very curious. He wanted to know what special things this ancient creature, which had the extreme toxins all over its body, had that drew Yu Shan's attention. The Ring Spirit didn't tell him clearly. As he was worried and hurried to rescue Blood Devil's team, he hadn't asked it thoroughly. Today, as the situation was under control, he had free time to make it clear.

"What does the Departed Spirit Jellyfish have that's worth my teacher traveling thousands of miles and crossing the border to get here?" asked Xuan Fei earnestly.

Shaking his head, Shi Yan lowered his voice. "I'm also really curious."

"When we were in the fountainhead of power Upanishad, didn't you say that it was a big chance for my master? You didn't know the details?" Xuan Fei was surprised. "Did you deceive us? b.a.s.t.a.r.d, we've crossed the border to get here. Do you think it's easy to do that? My master was cultivating in seclusion, but I forced her out. If you can't give me a good explanation, I won't let you go!"

"If it weren't good, do you think your teacher would get here?" Shi Yan smiled but he actually wasn't happy. "Although I don't know the actual situation, your teacher does. Didn't she tell you the details on the way here?"

"I... I forgot to ask her." Xuan Fei was embarra.s.sed. "On the way here, my teacher only asked questions related to you. She didn't talk about the Departed Spirit Jellyfish. Sigh, okay okay. Never mind. Just wait and see. If you dare to deceive us, I'm sure I won't let you live in peace."

"Look, we will have the answer soon."

The Departed Spirit Jellyfish ballooned and then shrank. Gradually, the flesh body of a mountain had become ten times smaller. However, it still occupied an area of one thousand square meters. The meat lumps all over its body still fumed toxic smokes, creating a "magical membrane" that covered its entire body.

The blue flame of the Origin surged turbulently. It crept on the membrane-like fire snakes, releasing the earth-shaking heat wave to refine the jellyfish.

Under the scorching heat of the flaming Origin, the membrane made by the toxic smokes dissolved slowly. However, this process wasn't fast. It needed time.

While people were watching in silence, Zha Duo was muttering to people of Potion and Tool Pavilion. Suddenly, his brows twitched as he screamed in fear. "He... he's coming!"

"Who?" Bath glanced at him impatiently.

Zha Duo changed his face. "The Incipient G.o.d Realm expert with s.p.a.ce power Upanishad! I can sense the change of s.p.a.ce. He's coming here rapidly!"

Hearing him, everybody was shaken. Blood Devil's team had their murderous aura shoot up into the sky. They stopped their recovery progress. Their countenances turned malicious.

"Good!" Blood Devil shouted. "We're well-prepared this time. I do want to see how he messed with us!"

"That motherf*cker! I have never been so humiliated! I do want to see who is that cunning b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" Bath faced the sky and roared. While roaring, he shot up into the air and changed to his true form. A several-thousand-meter dragon as big as a battleship appeared in the void. The brutal aura from his fine scaled armor was so intimidating.

"Hey...[G16] Shi Yan! I'm in charge of the Departed Spirit Jellyfish only! I don't have extra energy to deal with other people!" Yu Shan also heard what they said. Her charming face changed as she pitched her voice.

"Understood!" Shi Yan hurried to gather his energy. He regarded her and then became more cautious. He prepared to counter the furious attack of the coming expert.

Many experts of the Monster Clan, Demon Clan, Fighting League, and Potion and Tool Pavilion began to mobilize their powers. Fierce energy waves expanded from their bodies. They had a chance to vent out their compressed anger. They were ready to a.s.sault the ringleader who had moved them into that d.a.m.n icy sea.

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