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Life star number nine of Potion and Tool Pavilion, Shadow Ghostly Prison.

Bettina was grave as she tried to contact Zha Duo and Fu Wei. However, she hadn't received any response.

"Still no information?" Consecrator Timlin frowned. "It has almost been one year. Where have they gone? Why we can't have any information from them? The Elder Conference is scheduled. Zha Duo and Fu Wei are the two elders. They should understand how important the Conference is. Especially when Fu Wei is keeping the Canon! What the heck are they doing?"

The Elder Conference of Potion and Tool Pavilion was responsible for appointing the new Pavilion Master. At this moment, it was as hot as boiling oil.

Being the Elders, Zha Duo and Fu Wei were the two important partic.i.p.ants. If they didn't show up at the conference, it meant they had given up their rights.

Third Elder Bettina had planned this for years. Rumors said that they kept the Canon too. They were the party that had the most prominent candidate for the Pavilion Master position. At this moment, Zha Duo and Fu Wei were missing. To Bettina's party, it was a destructive event.

"I don't know what has happened." Bettina grimaced. "If they haven't met anything unexpected, I think they would have answered. I think they are in big trouble."

Bettina knew what Zha Duo and Fu Wei were doing and she approved it.

If Zha Duo and Fu Wei could prove that the G.o.d Clan was about to invade them and the Great Elder had joined hands with the alien Dark Shadow Clan, the partic.i.p.ants in the coming Elder Conference would handle Zuo Lou directly. At that time, not only would he not get the Pavilion Master position, he could also be expelled or even executed.

Bettina knew what Zha Duo and Fu Wei wanted to do and it was related to the election of the new Pavilion Master. She tacitly agreed.

She had never thought that at the critical moment, Zha Duo and Fu Wei would suddenly disappear and leave no clue. Bettina was worried and gloomy because she knew that Zha Duo and Fu Wei were now in a deadly situation.

"We don't have much time left," Timlin sighed. "According to you, your party could reach the peak of glory this time. You've found the Canon, anyway. But now Fu Wei and Zha Dou are missing. You guys don't have any evidence to show that you have the Canon. It's hard to verify what you've said about the Great Elder. I'm afraid this time you will fail too."

"It's definitely because of Zuo Lou!" Bettina gritted her teeth. "He keeps the Satellite Eye. He must have some insiders in Shadow Ghostly Prison. He must have sealed a secret agreement with the Dark Shadow Clan. He's confining Zha Duo and Fu Wei somewhere."

"Even if it's true, we don't have any solution." Timlin looked reluctant. "Wait until the dust settles and Great Elder takes the Master position. He can brush away everything. At that time, even if Fu Wei and Zha Duo come back with the Canon, they can't shake his position in the pavilion."

Bettina felt so heavy-hearted.

On a floating life star by the peripheral area of Shadow Ghostly Prison sat the Great Elder Zuo Lou with a calm face inside a ma.s.sive potion cauldron. He was gathering energy as if he was refining medicines. He didn't look anxious as the Elder Conference was near. He looked strangely placid.

Hammer, Chief of the Ghost Mark Clan, came here alone. He was sitting silently by the cauldron as if he was waiting for something.

After a while, Zuo Lou opened his eyes. The cauldron diffused the aroma that could enter people's internal organs. He smiled and said, "I'm lucky this time. The pellets I've refined are all turning out good. Hammer, you can take some. They can strengthen your Soul Consciousness. You've done well this time."

Hammer smiled. "It's you who had arranged everything with the Dark Shadow Clan."

Half a year ago, clansmen of the Ghost Mark Clan had found the commotion of the Demon Clan, Monster Clan, Fighting League, Zha Duo, and Fu Wei through their shortcuts. Hammer immediately contacted Zuo Lou who then contacted the Chief of Dark Shadow Clan.

They had planned and the Chief of the Dark Shadow Clan had done something discreetly. They made the strong league that had frightened the forces in Shadow Ghostly Prison disappear oddly.

Hammer didn't actually know what had happened. He just knew that those people would disappear forever.

He knew that the clansmen of the Dark Shadow Clan had done that. He was so frightened because he couldn't imagine what kind of force they had that allowed them to destroy the allied army of the Monster Clan, Demon Clan, Fighting League, and Zha Duo.

Hammer had become warier of the Dark Shadow Clan.

"Don't worry. They will never be a threat to us anymore. Chief of the Dark Shadow Clan has personally guaranteed me that they will never show up again. Without this unknown factor, I will finish this Elder Conference!" said Zuo Lou with confidence.

Hammer started to act servilely.

Under the icy sea hovered a ma.s.sive light cage, which was made of pure energy. It illuminated the icy seawater, releasing waves of light. Different colored water currents meandered around the light cage. When the currents touched the light cage, it sizzled as if its energy was eroded.

Inside the light cage were many battleships anch.o.r.ed in this unreal s.p.a.ce. The flashing light reflected on people's restless faces.

Those were the battleships of the Monster Clan, Demon Clan, Fighting League, and Potion and Tool Pavilion. Around one thousand battleships were kept here for a long time.

Blood Devil, Bath, Gu Te, and Feng Yan, the four Incipient G.o.d Realm experts, looked tired as they had to spend a lot of energy. Feng Yan couldn't hold it anymore. Her face paled and didn't have a tinge of color. It was the sign of using a lot of energy.

Around one thousand battleships circled in this area. Warriors of the four forces hid inside the battleships and gathered energy. They all looked gloomy.

"I don't know what that f*cking trap is! So evil!" Bath was so agitated. "Our combined power couldn't kill it. That thing has many souls. When we kill one, it generates another. I have never seen anything close to an immortal creature like this."

"It's not a creature that Agate Star Area should have. It has toxins all over its body. And those toxins affect both the G.o.d Body and the soul altar. Honestly, if I didn't see with my own eyes, I would never have believed that something like that still existed in this world." Gu Te also forced a smile.

"We can't hold on to it for a long time. We must find a solution." Blood Devil frowned deeply. "The deadly toxins of that thing have been eroding our defensive barrier. It wears out our energy. Among the four of us, Feng Yan can't help it anymore. Our recovery speed couldn't make up for the consumed speed. If we don't have any solution, I think we have to bury our bodies here."

"Recently, we've tried all means and solutions. Nothing works." Zha Duo of Potion and Tool Pavilion had a gloomy complexion. "That Incipient G.o.d Realm expert who has s.p.a.ce power Upanishad has destroyed the s.p.a.ce structure around us. I can't tear a s.p.a.ce slit. Otherwise, we would have had a chance to get out of here."

"Fortunately, Shi Yan wasn't with us." Xia Xin Yan was still calm. Since she had experienced the same hopeless situation, she was trained to be as firm as a stone. "Perhaps he had found this strange situation and returned to Shadow Ghostly Prison to tell the others. We may have a chance to survive."

"He didn't leave this area!" Blood Devil erased her hope, his face awkward. "Although this area is strange, I can still feel him. He's lingering around here. He has never left."

"Ah?" Fu Wei was astounded. "He should leave. With his power, he can't help us. If he has returned to Shadow Ghostly Prison to find the Hegemon of Fighting League or the elders of Potion and Tool Pavilion, perhaps we could have had a chance to be rescued. But now..."

People exchanged forced smiles.

n.o.body thought that Shi Yan lingering here was a wise move. Even the four Incipient G.o.d Realm experts Blood Devil, Bath, Gu Te, and Feng Yan couldn't escape with their powers. Staying here, what Shi Yan could do?

"He's not foolish. He knows what happened. I think he has a solution." Blood Devil squinted and spoke slowly, "We should draw upon all useful opinions. Just try all the mysterious or magical solutions you can. Anything. Just tell us and we will try to see if we can get out of here."

Hearing him, the others put on gloomy, contemplating faces, sighing unceasingly.

They were the group of outstanding warriors who could swagger in this world, but now they were confined in this area without a possible solution. This gave them an unavoidable sorrow.

Inside the magical s.p.a.ce pa.s.sage.

Shi Yan looked at the tear on the barrier, retrieving the blood sword. He then adjusted his condition, not to show the other his helter-skelter situation.

One slash of the sharp sword had taken one-third of his energy to open a small slit on the s.p.a.ce barrier. However, he didn't think that it was a failure. Now, he had one more visual experience of this incredibly sharp sword.

Tens of thousands of years ago, experts of Agate Star Area and Fiery Rain Star Area had built the s.p.a.ce barrier based on the natural features of this area to cut off the connection between two big star areas. As Shi Yan had only the Ethereal G.o.d Realm cultivation base, if he didn't have that divine sword and struck the barrier with all of his energy, it was just like scratching the wrong spot. It wasn't going to work.

However, the blood sword could make a tear in that barrier. Shi Yan wondered how sharp the sword should be to do that.

The mighty Original Incipient Grade divine weapon was really extraordinary. It could break even the hardest defense.

Shi Yan checked his appearance. His eyes brightened up as his soul got something. He hadn't waited for a long time.

Two lights, one blue and one scarlet, were moving like shooting flames, drawing beautiful curves through the fiery raindrops towards Shi Yan.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

The two lights swayed through the slit. The lights transformed, turning into two beautiful feminine figures.

Yu Shan wore a long blue dress. She looked elegant and graceful like a fresh, blooming flower. Xuan Fei wore tight, orange-red clothes. She looked mischievous despite her amazing curves. Her eyes rolled as if she couldn't stand still for a moment.

A beautiful woman and a pretty girl curiously gazed at him as soon as they appeared.

"How did you poke through that barrier? With your realm and cultivation base, I thought it would be really strenuous. You did it strangely fast. It's beyond my estimation." Yu San's voice was soft as she had a faint smile on the corner of her mouth. She was like the sister from next door who often made people felt warm and relaxed.

"My fortune is quite good." Shi Yan was hurried, so he didn't want to explain in detail. "Shall we go now?"

"Sure," Yu Shan smiled calmly.

"Then we will go now."

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