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Shi Yan was happy immediately. It was like he was lost in a jungle that he couldn't find the way out of but by the end of the day, he saw a village.

The talkative girl became excited from hearing about the Departed Spirit Jellyfish. She looked thrilled even more than Shi Yan. She left the fountainhead of power Upanishads shortly after.

Shi Yan knew that he had to wait here for a while. He contemplated for a while before returning to the area of the Fires power Upanishads, hovering in there.

After a fight with Spot, Shi Yan knew that he hadn't invested in the co-soul yet. Thus, he couldn't promote the abilities of the co-soul.

His co-soul was formed by his soul and the Origin of Grace Mainland. Grace Mainland was a rare ancient continent in the vast sea of stars. Of course, its Origin was compelling and magical. If ordinary people got it, they would invest their whole life effort to study it.

Anyway, Shi Yan knew that he couldn't do that. His host soul had more mysterious and mighty abilities. s.p.a.ce, Death and Life, and Star power Upanishads were the rare and peak powers Upanishads in this universe. Shi Yan didn't feel anything wrong with investing in these powers.

However, he was wrong that he hadn't done anything with his co-soul.

As he had to wait here for a while, he decided to sink into the Fires power Upanishads area and use his co-soul as the foundation to learn the mysteries of the flames.

The co-soul had ten different heaven flames. While hovering in this magical area, Shi Yan slowly understood...

The co-soul contained ten different heaven flames. Although they stayed together, their auras were identifiable. Ten heaven flames circling the co-soul released different energy fluctuations. Some of them were similar as if they could fuse with each other one more time.

Shi Yan calmed his mind, sending his consciousness on the flames to study.

Among the ten heaven flames of the Origin, the Vermilion Bird True Flame, the Earth Flame, and the Purgatory True Flame all had scorching auras, which had a similar frequency of energy fluctuations. They seemed to be able to blend with each other one more time.

Shi Yan made up his mind, sending his Soul Consciousness to the three heaven flames with the same characteristics. He tried to concentrate his mind to begin studying them.

Gradually, Shi Yan found that the three heaven flames' fluctuations happened as if they were connecting the flames inside the Fires power Upanishads area. His soul felt something suddenly reflect in his heart. The auras of the three heaven flames were now like three threads, slowly approaching...

Today, two halos flashed outside the area of the Fires power Upanishads. The light slowly transformed, creating the shapes of two women.

A mischievous girl that looked like a little nymph with a small, elegant face had her body covered in a blurry dark red halo. She was agile but tender.

The other was a beautiful woman in her thirties. She had a high updo hairstyle with a n.o.ble and refined makings. Her voluptuous body was covered by a blue halo, which exposed only her porcelain arms and a pair of mysterious deep eyes that showed her different indescribable emotions.

"Master, he's over there," said the girl, "He's dumb and his verbal language is vulgar. I don't know if he told me the truth. The Departed Spirit Jellyfish is an ancient being in legends. Even you haven't seen it before. We don't have such fate to meet it. That man has ten auras of the flaming Origin. His flames aren't harmonious, though. I don't know what he thinks... He's shallow, I suppose."

"Little Fei, you said that when the soul of the G.o.d-man called Spot vanished, the wisp of flaming Origin proactively flew towards you... Is it true?" The n.o.ble, beautiful woman pondered for a while before asking.

"Yes, of course, it's true. I didn't even move. That flame flew to me. Hehe, I'm outstanding. It's normal that that flame likes me. What's strange here?"

"Heaven flames have intellect. They know they should stay with strong warriors. From what you told me, that young man is much stronger than you. That heaven flame should have gone to him. It's strange, you see."

"Nah, he isn't strong. If he was strong enough, would he collect heaven flames with different features? I think he's just a dumba.s.s. He knows nothing. Perhaps, he comes from a low-level star area."

"If he came from a low-level star area, he wouldn't be able to cultivate to this level. And he wouldn't dare to kill Spot after knowing his ident.i.ty. This man is... extraordinary."

The two women with different markings were whispering to each other while entering the area of Fires power Upanishads. The elegant, beautiful woman glanced at Shi Yan from a far distance. She was shocked, her face changed immediately. "Oh, that's how it is..."

"What?" The girl didn't understand anything.

The beautiful woman sighed weakly, looking at Shi Yan and her face admiring. "That kid is so lucky!"

"What kind of luck? If he was lucky, why did that heaven flame leave him to enter my soul proactively?" The girl muttered in disagreement.

"That heaven flame has intellect. It knows it would never have a chance to fuse with that man's soul. That's why it chose you." The woman shook her head, explaining. "It's because that young man's soul is a whole ent.i.ty."

"I don't get it." The girl was bewildered.

"Wisps of flaming Origin in this world come from ancient continents. Each ancient continent could give birth to different heaven flames. Warriors who have fused with the heaven flames like us have two shortcuts to make our living form perfect and increase our realms."

The beautiful woman said softly, "The first way is to use the heaven flames with the same aura. It's similar to what you and I are doing. We can search for the heaven flames in different star areas as long as they have the same features as our flames. When we fuse with them, our realms will be increased subtly and magically. Our souls will also evolve."

"You said that when you taught me. You said it's our best opportunity." The girl was still baffled. "And now you're telling me we still have another method."

"The reason why I didn't tell you that because that method isn't suitable for you and me. So, I didn't teach you." The woman sighed and then continued, "The ancient continent in our star area had disappeared for a long time. We don't know where the heaven flames it had created had gone. We are so lucky we have two of them. It's impossible to gather them all."

She continued to explain, "The second method is to gather all the heaven flames that the Origin of an ancient continent had created. Although the auras and characteristics of the heaven flames from the same Origin aren't harmonious, they can fuse with each other eventually even though it would take a lot of time. This kind of cultivating method is one level higher than our current method. Well, let's say it like this. Warriors like us would have to spend a lot of time and effort to gather the heaven flames with the same aura and features. Anyway, we will never reach the perfect state. Meanwhile, the warriors who could gather all the heaven flames that are from the same Origin of an ancient continent could make their soul perfectly complete. They could have many incredible abilities."

Pausing for a while, the beautiful woman sighed. "That young man is the second type of warrior. The ten different haven flames in his body come from the same ancient continent. They have similar auras of the Origin. Once he fuses with them completely, his soul will be perfect. His level was higher than ours right from the start. The heaven flame that came to you knows that the heaven flames in his body are a whole ent.i.ty now. It wouldn't have room to grow. That was why it chose your soul to stay in."

"So he won't need any other flames of the Origin?" The girl vaguely got it.

"Of course. The route he has chosen is the second method I've told you, which is more reasonable and stable. He has successfully gathered all the heaven flames of an ancient continent. If he continues to gather the heaven flames of the other ancient continents, it's stupid. The dummy you say is much smarter and luckier than you. He knew his direction. It's not what you can imagine. Sigh, that kid is really lucky that he could gather all the heaven flame of the same ancient continent. He makes us envy him, indeed."

The girl didn't talk more, her face dispirited.

"He's trying to fuse the flaming Origin. He's heading to the utmost step by step. When he reaches Incipient G.o.d Realm, his attainment will surpa.s.s mine." The woman paused and then forced a smile, "I do want to curse this guy. He's so lucky but he has just wasted his fortune by making the heaven flames of the Origin his co-soul. Does he know that for warriors with the heaven flames, gathering all ten heaven flames from the same ancient continent is just a chance that we can't even dream of?"

"G.o.d is unfair!" The girl gritted her teeth.

The two of them were talking to each other by the edge of the Fires power Upanishads with odd complexions. They didn't use intense soul energy, which would disturb Shi Yan.

Long, long time afterward, Shi Yan suddenly woke up. His soul flickered when he saw that the three auras of the Earth Flame, the Vermilion Bird True Flame, and the Purgatory True Flame were twisting with each other like a rope. Their auras seemed to gradually combine into one.

He knew that it would take time for the three heaven flames to fuse into one ent.i.ty. Anyway, he found someone coming and he remembered his purpose being here. He stopped his process and said, "You are here."

The beautiful woman and the girl immediately flew over. When they looked at him, their faces were a little odd as if they hated that they couldn't refine iron into steel.

Shi Yan hadn't recognized it and he just said simply, "Precursor, I stay in Agate Star Area. There's a s.p.a.ce pa.s.sage in Shadow Ghostly Prison leading to Ancient G.o.d Star Area. A Departed Spirit Jellyfish stays there. I'm sure that the Dark Shadow Clan, a watchdog of the G.o.d Clan has brought that jellyfish there. They want to destroy Agate Star Area. At this moment, my friends are confined to the cold sea where the Departed Spirit Jellyfish stays. They are in an emergency situation. Please, I'm begging you to go there and refine the Departed Spirit Jellyfish. You can take all the products from refining the jellyfish."

"Agate Star Area? I've heard about it. But the s.p.a.ce pa.s.sage from our star area to that area is blocked. I want to go there, but I'm not sure if I can."

The beautiful woman looked bitter.

"I cultivate s.p.a.ce power Upanishad. I will try to open that s.p.a.ce pa.s.sage," Shi Yan said hurriedly.

"If you can open it, I'm sure I can go. I will tell you the current situation of the s.p.a.ce pa.s.sage. You find it and make a slit. I can go through directly." The woman sounded excited.

"No problem!"

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