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A drop of scarlet Immortal Demon Blood boiled, evaporating into red mist, which flashed and then disappeared into thin air.

Zuo Shi frowned and looked at Shi Yan curiously. Her eyes brightened.

Shi Yan squinted and used the mysterious power of the Demon Blood to search. The Demon Blood was indeed magical. When he was still in Raging Flame Star Area, he could use it to sense life energy fluctuations of his family's members in Grace Mainland. Today, as he his realm had reached Ethereal G.o.d Realm, his understanding of Demon Blood also advanced. No matter where Blood Devil had gone to, he could sense and locate him.

After a while, his eyes sparkled and he lowered his voice. "I found them."

Driving the war chariot, he brought Zuo Shi flying forward at a very quick speed.

After one hour, they reached the most incredible area of Shadow Ghostly Prison. Staying between the radiant outer s.p.a.ce streamers were the s.p.a.ce slits that were torn apart.

This place was the entrance where Agate Star Area was connected to the other star areas. Many of those s.p.a.ce slits could lead to other worlds out there.

Of course, most of the s.p.a.ce pa.s.sages here were stuck. Some pa.s.sages hid the extreme dangers. Getting in without a thorough investigation could lead to a death which happened even faster than when facing a higher realm enemy.

Inside the s.p.a.ce pa.s.sages were different, mysterious and yet fatal traps that the warriors who didn't have s.p.a.ce power shouldn't enter. That was how they could save their souls from vanishing.

"So many s.p.a.ce slits," Zuo Shi was curious. "It looks similar to the Border Sea in Grace Mainland."

Shi Yan nodded. "There are so many magical things in the world. Many star areas connect to each other. To the experts, if they are strong enough, they could use those s.p.a.ce pa.s.sages to reach many different galaxies. I heard that a long, long time ago, the big star areas did have a close relationship. They would trade goods of their areas to receive cultivating materials from other star areas."

"It's not like that anymore?" Zuo Shi was surprised.

Shi Yan beamed a forced smile, shaking his head. "No, it isn't."


"Because creatures couldn't escape greed."

"Why do you say that?"

"A long, long time ago, the big races have considered cultivating themselves as their top priority. Many clans loved peace. They wouldn't trespa.s.s. However, some clans started to become stronger and stronger. Gradually, they became less content with their lot. They began to invade other star areas."

After pausing for a while, Shi Yan continued, "Different star areas have different races and different forces. For example, the high-level star areas could have stronger warriors in general. If they find a new star area whose level is lower than theirs with a general weak competence, they won't be kind enough to help the others grow. Quite the contrary, they will slaughter to rob their resources."

Zuo Shi wasn't dumb. Listening to Shi Yan, she understood immediately.

"It's like when the experts of Agate Star Area come through the s.p.a.ce pa.s.sage to invade our Grace Mainland. What do you think Grace Mainland would have faced?" Shi Yan sighed. "In the best situation, we would be captured to become slaves or more likely, we would have all been ma.s.sacred."

He continued his explanation, "That's why different star areas slowly cut off relationships with each other. Some star areas have unilaterally blocked the entrance or the s.p.a.ce pa.s.sage leading to other areas. They don't want the stronger forces from the higher-level star area come to invade their land. Especially when the G.o.d Clan is getting stronger and stronger. It becomes a nightmare of the big star areas."

"Is it true that most of the s.p.a.ce ca.n.a.ls in this area were broken purposely?" asked Zuo Shi.

Shi Yan nodded. "Yeah, it's true. Although Agate Star Area is a high-level star area, it's weaker than the G.o.d Clan. As they don't want the other strong clans to invade them, they will initially block or break those s.p.a.ce pa.s.sages. Xia Xin Yan was able to come here that year because Grace Mainland is a low-level star area. Perhaps in the Agate Star Area's experts' opinions, our star area could never be a threat to them. They may even have thought that Grace Mainland could be a potential target. Thus, they didn't destroy that pa.s.sage."

Since Shi Yan had experienced many unfortunate events, he wasn't innocent anymore. His understanding of people's behaviors had become more thorough. He understood how evil and cruel people could be.

"Where are they?" asked Zuo Shi.

Shi Yan pointed at a torn s.p.a.ce slit. "Inside that s.p.a.ce slit."

"Do we need to get in there?

"Of course yes!"

The war chariot hissed, moving like a lightning strike and swaying through the s.p.a.ce slit in just a blink of an eye.

They had crossed many brilliantly colorful streamers as if they were moving in a s.p.a.ce-time tunnel. After a long time traveling, the war chariot halted.

"It's so cold!" Zuo Shi shivered. She looked ahead of them, becoming very surprised. "Ah, there's a sea. How could a sea exist inside the s.p.a.ce tunnel?"

Ahead of them was a sea with murmuring waves. Snowflakes were falling above the sea. It was strange that this sea had colorful steam and mist hovering which decorated with the ribbon-like outer s.p.a.ce streamers.

There was no earth and heaven energy, no sun, moon, or any star. In this closed world, Shi Yan and Zuo Shi couldn't sense any commotion of living beings. However, the magical sea was surging as if it was changing somehow.

As their war chariot was hovering above the sea, Shi Yan at his Ethereal G.o.d Realm also felt chilled. He couldn't help but shudder.

The icy aura came from the sea, but that sea only had snowflakes. The water wasn't frozen. Gusts of cold wind blew from a far distance, which was so severe that they could freeze people's bones and crack them.

Zuo Shi had reached Original G.o.d Realm for not a long time. Her small face was pale, which showed how tremendous the cold air emitted from this sea was.

Blocks of green, purple, blue, and red smokes hovered above the sea as if they were the rising sea water.

A cl.u.s.ter of misty green clouds slowly approached their war chariot.

The rigid war chariot melted as the green smoke covered it. The iron was dissolved, oozing.

Shi Yan changed his visage and shouted, "It's poisonous! An extreme poison!"

He was so frightened, pulling Zuo Shi's hand to take her to another area. He sternly looked at the green misty clouds. He took a deep breath, "That smoke contains extreme poison that can erode even metals. We can't stand it."

"So dangerous!" Zuo Shi discolored.

Shi Yan didn't reply and just frowned. He released his Soul Consciousness, wandering around the different colored cl.u.s.ters of cloud above the sea.

After a while, his face became more grimaced. Those colorful cl.u.s.ters of clouds were extremely poisonous. And among them, the purple one was the most dangerous. Shi Yan's Soul Consciousness couldn't even stand it. The poison of that cloud could stick on the wisps of Soul Consciousness to enter his soul altar. It seemed to be able to attack the soul altar.

He hurried to urge the co-soul, using the heaven flame to create a flaming barrier to prevent the poison from entering his soul altar.

Those colorful cl.u.s.ters of smoke came from the evaporating mist of the sea. It was like something extremely noxious was hiding under the sea and releasing the toxins.

The location of Blood Devil he had sensed was also under the sea, which made Shi Yan more anxious and down.

He was sure that Blood Devil's group was under this sea. Although he didn't know what they were dealing with, he knew that their situation wasn't favorable.

"Don't use your Soul Consciousness!" shouted Shi Yan.

Zuo Shi shivered like a bird perching on a curved branch of a tree. Her small face paled as she spoke with fear, "The Soul Consciousness can't bear it, either?"

Shi Yan darkened his face, looking at the sea underneath. His brows knitted tightly.

There's a sea inside the s.p.a.ce tunnel. It was a new experience for him, though. He didn't know if this sea was formed naturally or if someone had set it up with a particular purpose. However, he could confirm that something really perilous was hiding under the sea. Otherwise, Blood Devil's group wouldn't be restrained down there.

"What should we do now?" asked Zuo Shi.

Shi Yan kept silent, releasing his Soul Consciousness one more time. This time, he didn't dare to investigate those toxic cl.u.s.ters of smoke but sneaked into the sea.


Shi Yan took a breath of cold air. He was pale. He couldn't help but scream. "The sea water's freezing. My Soul Consciousness can't stand it. F*ck! What the heck is this f*cking place?"

Hearing him cursing in fear, Zuo Shi's small face wore a grimace. She didn't dare to release her Soul Consciousness. She looked at him uneasily. "Why do I feel everything is wrong here?"

"Yeah, you're right," Shi Yan sighed. "Before we figure out how, we shouldn't do anything rashly. Don't use your Soul Consciousness, either. Stay away from any unusual things. The sea water, the colorful smokes. Stay away from them. Those things can kill you. Our enemies must have absolute confidence as they had brought Blood Devi's group here. They must think that Blood Devil's group couldn't wiggle out of this place and that they will die eventually."

His mind was clear now.

Blood Devil and the others were at Incipient G.o.d Realm. If they were moved here, the one who did that apparently thought that this area could confine even Incipient G.o.d Realm experts, preventing them from using their supernatural powers.

Even the mighty Blood Devil was confined undersea. If Shi Yan could investigate it easily, it would be unusual, though.

"Even the Soul Consciousness couldn't get through that sea water. No doubt we would die immediately if we dip our G.o.d Body into the sea." Zuo Shi stuck her tongue out, her innocent face fearful. "Did my old man die?"

"I don't know." Shi Yan was also confused and anxious. He frowned deeply. "For the time being, don't act recklessly. Let me check the situation first. We should walk around here to see if we can find an entrance..."

While talking, he held Zuo Shi's small and soft hand, gingerly moving above the sea and avoiding the colorful smokes.

Moving around the sea, he found that it was enormous. After one hour, he hadn't gotten out of the sea's area yet. He couldn't find any entrance.

Shi Yan felt his hands were tied.

Thinking strenuously for a while, he found that he had no solution. Eventually, he made up his mind. He would need help from the Ring Spirit of the Blood Vein Ring. He needed to know if it knew anything about this poisonous sea.

He contacted the Ring Spirit immediately, telling it the situation in the hope of receiving some guidance.

"Ah!" the Ring Spirit sent him a frightened soul message. "Why did it appear here? Why does it still exist?"

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