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Shi Yan didn't hurry to help Zuo Shi take the remains of the Holy Beast Black Tortoise. Although this area was relatively safe, the meteors were still moving. It wasn't a good idea for almost one thousand battleships to anchor here.

Informing Zuo Shi, Shi Yan closed his eyes, giving directions to guide one thousand battleships into the safe route.

Half a day later, when the meteors around them gradually disappeared, Shi Yan exhaled in relief.

Blood Devil's team gathered, their faces happy and full of smiles. Everybody knew that without Shi Yan, they couldn't have crossed that savagely disordered area.

Even Zha Duo, the one with a bad prejudice against Shi Yan, also came to express his sincere thanks. After all, without Shi Yan, the Potion and Tool Pavilion might have no battleship left after they forcefully crossed that area.

Feng Yan and the others could finally relax. They immediately turned to excited mode as they wanted to get into the pa.s.sage which the Dark Shadow Clan guarded immediately.

"Wait for me. I need to get back there for several days," Blurted Shi Yan.

People didn't know what he wanted. "Why do you want to get back there?" asked Blood Devil with surprise.

"In that chaotic shooting stars area, I found something very important to me." Shi Yan didn't want to say it clearly. "Give me a war chariot. It won't take long. After I'm done with it, I will come and find you guys."

"Do you want me to go with you?" Blood Devil wanted to shoulder the responsibility with him.

"Ah, no need."

Blood Devil nodded. He didn't even ask him to be careful, because in his eyes, the dangerous place to other people couldn't trouble Shi Yan.

He then immediately arranged a war chariot for Shi Yan.

Shi Yan floated, jumping on the war chariot. He waved at Zuo Shi, then under everyone's gaze, he returned to the perilous area they had just got rid of.

Shortly after, the war chariot brought them back to the area of the chaotic shooting stars. Shi Yan released his Soul Consciousness to navigate. He used his soul to drive the war chariot, moving slowly. Sometimes, it swayed to dodge the meteors, which seemed like flaming diamonds.

Not long afterward, Shi Yan's face changed, smiling. "I found it."

Zuo Shi smiled excitedly.

The war chariot turned into a beam of light, zooming over that ma.s.sive meteor which had the flaming fluid on its surface. The star looked as red as a burning iron. While it was moving unceasingly, the meteor seemed like boiling, fiery lava.

Their war chariot couldn't stand the high temperature of that meteor, and was about to melt.

Shi Yan was frightened. He left the war chariot and hurried to use his energy, creating a light cage to cover himself and Zuo Shi.

Floating inside the beautiful light cage, Shi Yan and Zuo Shi slowly landed on the surface of the meteor. The surface of this star looked as if it had rivers made of flaming fluid, which released waves of fiery light. It was so hot that even his starlight cage was a little twisted.

"It's too hot." Zuo Shi stuck her tongue out, which also made her look cute. She took off her white coat, revealing her moon-bright arms. Her innocent face reddened like a ripe apple.

Shi Yan chuckled while his mind flickered as he said, "We need something."

Touching his glabella, Shi Yan urged the energy of his co-soul to mobilize the extremely cold aura of the Ice Cold Flame. Shortly, the icy cold air diffused from his body, which strengthened the starlight cage, giving it a layer of crystal ice.

The hot temperature was blocked outside. The different energies of the ambiance and the ice cage collided, causing steam to rise up as the burning feeling was swept away.

Zuo Shi suddenly felt so cool and comfortable that she couldn't utter a word for a while. She then smiled like a blooming flower while talking to Shi Yan. "Thank you, Shi Yan ge-ge."

Shi Yan didn't say anything. His brows twitched as he observed the meteors underneath. A strange light shot out of his eyes.

After reaching the Ethereal G.o.d Realm, he had checked his co-soul. It seemed to have had some magical changes, but they were so subtle that he couldn't describe them. His co-soul seemed to have had changes in its structure. The aura of the heaven flames and Origin had merged perfectly with his soul.

Vaguely, he knew that his co-soul was transformed, but he didn't know the details.

However, after landing on this meteor, his co-soul released some marvelous vibes which resonated with some energy fluctuation in this place. He felt that it could give him a chance to understand something new.

It looked like something inside this meteor had attracted Shi Yan's co-soul, something that should be fused with the co-soul, as if it used to be a part which had gone missing somehow.

Zuo Shi didn't understand as she looked at him with surprise while asking. "What happened?"

Shaking his head, Shi Yan didn't answer immediately. He drove the light cage, taking Zuo Shi to sway through a crack on the ground, which could have been caused by a volcano eruption. They slowly descended to the core of the star.

Shortly after, a layer of viscous energy stood in front of Shi Yan and Zuo Shi like water, which the light cage made of starlight and cold energy couldn't get through.

Furrowing his brows, Shi Yan released a wisp of Soul Consciousness, trying to drill through the barrier.


It felt like he was barging into a rubber ball as his wisp of Soul Consciousness bounced backward. He couldn't get through the water-like barrier at all.


Seeing this, Shi Yan became interested. His bright eyes studied the barrier condensed by some special energy, trying to use his soul to understand it.

After several breaths, his eyes brightened and he couldn't help but shout. "It's the aura of the Origin!"

Each ancient continent had one Origin. Shi Yan hadn't figured out what the Origin was, but he understood one thing: The Origin of an ancient continent had the power to gather the energy of the immense universe.

The universe was immensely vast. s.p.a.ce, even a speck of dust in a galaxy, or the secret areas all had energy. Those kinds of energy floated and appeared everywhere in the universe.

Ordinary warriors couldn't collect this kind of energy, and it was of no use to them.

Only the ancient continents could gather the magical energies, storing them in the core of the planet to convert them into heaven and earth energy. A part of this energy could form the divine crystals, or even evolve into living beings.

It could be said that the heaven and earth energy of a life star, the energy from divine crystals, Spiritual Qi, Demon Qi, Dark Qi, Corpse Qi, and Yin Qi that the warriors could absorb, as well as the energy of the sun and the moon, could be converted from this kind of energy that existed everywhere.

Although it existed in every corner of the vast universe, it was like an invisible ocean. Different kinds of energies one could use in this world were the results of such energy being converted into them.

The ancient continents with an Origin could gather those kinds of energies and convert them to allow the planet to have magical abilities.

Inside the water-like barrier under the surface of the meteor was the aura of the Origin from the Grace Mainland. It was weak and diluted, which was far behind the Origin his co-soul had. However, in combination with the Water power Upanishad, it gave the water barrier a subtle defense that was hard to resolve.

Of course, it was hard for ordinary people.

Shi Yan's co-soul was the Origin of the Grace Mainland, and that wisp of Origin underneath came from the same source as his.

Shi Yan calmed down, trying to establish a connection as his co-soul moved slowly. However, it could create a magical suction force, drawing the weak wisp of Origin that had merged into the water barrier. Then, that wisp of Origin entered Shi Yan's co-soul.

Without that feeble support from the Origin, the marvelous defense of the water barrier was resolved. Zuo Shi screamed happily as she tore the water barrier without waiting for Shi Yan to react.

The two of them got inside the meteor.

Behind the barrier was a world of brilliantly colored gemstones. The remains of an Immemorial creature lied there. It was several thousand meters long, with a snake head and a turtle body. However, it didn't have skin or flesh, but the crystalline, gem-like bones. Inside the bones, they could hear the water murmuring with a magical aura.

Shi Yan floated in the void. Looking at the remains of the Holy Beast Black Tortoise lying on the ground full of sparkling gemstones, he felt a natural respect.

The body of the Black Tortoise was several thousand meters long, which was much more imposing than the biggest battleship he had ever seen. And, that was in the condition that there was no flesh remaining. Shi Yan could imagine how terrifying this Immemorial creature would have been when it moved in the air.

While he was admiring, Zuo Shi was crying. Her crystal clear tears rolled down her face as she sobbed. Her diamond-like tears dropped like precious gemstones, falling on the remains of the Holy Beast Black Tortoise.

An unclear energy wave fluctuated from Zuo Shi and the Holy Beast Black Tortoise. In the next moment, the remains of the Holy Beast turned into countless shining spots. They became so dazzling while the solid body suddenly turned into an illusion. It flew up little by little until it hovered above Zuo Shi's head.

Zuo Shi was dumbstruck. She immediately sat down cross-legged, mobilizing her subtle energy to guide the illusion of the Holy Beast Black Tortoise. Gradually, the illusion disappeared into her body.

The incomparable several-thousand-meter-long illusion was slowly disappearing into Zuo Shi's soft, pet.i.te body.

Shi Yan was so surprised that he couldn't move his eyes from Zuo Shi, his face baffled.

He saw some tattoo appear on Zuo Shi's exposed arms and shoulders. That mysterious tattoo was the trace of the illusion of the Black Tortoise. In the beginning, it was pretty clear. But after a while, it faded and completely disappeared, as if it had dissolved into Zuo Shi's flesh and blood.

Zuo Shi's body echoed the murmuring sounds of water. It was gentle to the ears, and could sooth people.

As Shi Yan listened to the relaxing flowing water sound, his heart calmed down. His soul started to change as his Soul Consciousness bobbed. It seemed like some magical abilities of his co-soul had been triggered.

He was shaken while a beautiful light sparkled in his eyes and he felt thrilled.

His co-soul was slowly gathering the scattered energy in the vast sea of stars, which were the remnants of different kinds of energies that only the ancient continents could have. The bits of such energies were guided by the co-soul, moving towards the Ethereal Extent he had just formed.

At this moment, his co-soul seemed to become a magical core of the ancient continent that could drag and absorb the energy scattered everywhere in this universe.

Although it was slow and little, it did exist. Shi Yan was sensitive enough to spot it.

He knew that those remnants of energy were the primal form of the heaven and earth energy. Although they weren't pure, they could be converted to the magical Essence Qi, Dark Qi, Demon Qi, Yin Qi, and the other pure energies. However, Shi Yan didn't know the true value of those kinds of energies.

Those remnants of outer s.p.a.ce energy flowed into his Ethereal Extent torrentially, making it closer to the real universe. The radiant star in that world seemed to be developed into an ancient continent, which was gathering energy from the real world to create a mysterious domain.

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