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"Move forward, faster!"


"Move at max speed!"

"Slow down! Slow down now!"

Shi Yan stood on the leading battleship. He squinted as if he was becoming one with the meteors and continually gave directions.

Around them were the thickly moving meteors. They fell like the heavy rain, moving along with the surging powerful energy. Around one thousand battleships of Demon Clan, Monster Clan, Fighting League, and Potion and Tool Pavilion were moving forward like the sharp lance. Sometimes, they ran fast, while they had to slow down at the other times. Still, they were moving steadily through the shower of meteors.

Each direction of Shi Yan was pa.s.sed to all the battleships. This ma.s.sive group of battleships followed his instruction to change its speed.

Blood Devil, Bath, Gu Te, and Feng Yan, the four Incipient G.o.d Realm experts, guarded the front and the back of the battleships. They were ready if something terrible happened.

Shi Yan would often make them enter the area with the thickest meteors. In the beginning, everybody was suspicious. They thought he was just making things up and guiding them around.

And, those meteors weren't still. They were moving at breakneck speed. In front of their eyes, it was a chaotic area of shooting stars. But when their battleships arrived, the meteors scattered, revealing a long, narrow ca.n.a.l, which could reluctantly allow them to keep moving through.

After several times, people could eventually calm their nerves. They all followed Shi Yan's direction without any objection.

Shi Yan became the Ruyji Jingu Bang[1] (*) of this group. Under his direction, this group of battleships had to bob a lot. However, they were all safe, as they didn't have any deadly collision with the meteors anymore.

Zha Duo and Fu Wei looked at Shi Yan in the front of the battleship from a distance, their faces complicated.

They understood that without Shi Yan, when this group of one thousand battleships moved forward, their Potion and Tool Pavilion would have had to bear a significant loss.

They didn't have an Incipient G.o.d Realm expert to watch over them. Whenever they encountered danger, the Potion and Tool Pavilion would receive the harshest consequence. Ten smashed battleships were enough to prove this.

At this moment, they were struggling while moving forward through a more dangerous area. However, the battleships of Potion and Tool Pavilion were safe, and they didn't have to bear losses anymore.

Although Zha Duo kept his prejudice towards Shi Yan, he couldn't deny that the Potion and Tool Pavilion owed Shi Yan this time.

"This man's really mysterious and unpredictable," Zha Duo sighed. "After this event, he would receive more favors from the Monster Clan, Demon Clan, and the Fighting League. His future in Agate Star Area would be clear and bright."

Fu Wei nodded. "He can break through to a new realm pretty quickly. At his current speed, he could reach the Incipient G.o.d Realm within one hundred years. At that time, he would have a position in Agate Star Area, and would become the new dazzling star, and even a new legend."

Zha Duo forced a smile. "I've underestimated him."

"Fortunately, he has a fair relationship with our party. If he were with Great Elder Zuo Lou, he would be our nightmare!" Fu Wei said weakly.

"Yeah, you have keen eyes. I'm not as good as you." Zha Duo admitted reluctantly. "It's good that you've already established a friendship with him. Without him in the life star number nine, the Ghost Mark Clan and Dark Shadow Clan would have killed us all." Zha Duo looked at Fu Wei with his torch-like eyes.

"Yes, it's true," muttered Fu Wei.

"That time... There's something we don't know, right? Did that Third Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm expert come for him?" asked Zha Duo.

Fu Wei pondered for a while before giving a slight nod.

Zha Duo's eyes radiated faint light. He gazed at Fu Wei for a while and then said, "It's unfortunate that the Pavilion Master can't get married. Otherwise... if you could be with him, it would be something everybody would feel happy about."

Fu Wei blushed and sighed. "I don't have that fortune. Xia Xin Yan is much better than me in all aspects. You don't need to think much."

Zha Duo sighed, shaking his head. He didn't talk more.

"What's the relationship between you and him?" In another corner of the battleship, Feng Yan frowned while asking.

Xia Xin Yan was perplexed. She turned around, looking at Feng Yan. Then, she nodded and asked with surprise. "What do you mean?"

"I'm saying that... Have you and Shi Yan reached that step yet?" asked Feng Yan seriously.

While smiling, Xia Xin Yan didn't answer but pried, "Why does precursor Feng Yan care about my personal matter?"

"Your personal matter is very important in our Hegemon's eyes!" Feng Yan hissed. Pondering for a while, she said, "I support you two."

Xia Xin Yan's eyes brightened as she smiled. "I think you always want me to save effort for my cultivation, don't you? In Fighting League, you've helped me stop many suitors. In front of the Hegemon, you've always opposed anything that may distract me. Why... do you say so today?"

"That boy is a good kid," Feng Yan looked at Shi Yan standing far from them, smiling lovingly. "And only he could be a perfect match for you. I was young once, and I've experienced the knot of love. It's regrettable that a woman does not have even a single romantic relationship to recall when she gets older. I don't want you to become an old, senile maid."

"He won't agree," Xia Xin Yan contemplated, smiling begrudgingly.

"He is really conservative and stubborn." Feng Yan's face was also severe. "He treats you like you're his blood younger sister, he always does. He thinks all the factors that can affect your cultivation should be squeezed off. It's not easy to convince him. Anyway, if that boy can be stronger to the point he gets the Hegemon's approval, and the Hegemon can't smash him with his tricks, perhaps your relationship would be successful."

"So, do you think he can reach such a peak?" Xia Xin Yan's face was happy.

Feng Yan pondered for a while and then nodded smilingly. "I think... he can."

Xia Xin Yan was so happy she couldn't hide it. She stooped and smiled joyfully.

"Hey old dog, your fortune isn't bad. You've got a strong fellow like him. No wonder why you didn't regret anything when you wanted to storm into Shadow Ghostly Prison to find him." Bath looked at Blood Devil, talking. "I didn't get why you did that at that time. I didn't know why you suddenly went crazy, either. But, now I know that you've done the right things this time."

Gu Te added, "Shi Yan isn't ordinary indeed. Our Agate Star Area hasn't had any outstanding juniors like him. As you and him are from the same tribe, Blood Devil, you have made a huge fortune this time."

Blood Devil laughed cheerily until his eyes squinted and said excitedly, "Sure I did!"

In Devil Blood Star, Shi Yan had given him the inheritance of Death power Upanishad, which had triggered his realm to the point of another breakthrough. From that moment, he knew Shi Yan wasn't an ordinary warrior. He appreciated and took care of this fellow carefully.

Thus, when Shi Yan sent him the message saying that he was in a trouble that could take his life, Blood Devil immediately went to Shadow Ghostly Prison to save Shi Yan. He wanted Shi Yan to be safe and sound.

What had happened had proven his premonition!

Shi Yan knew of the earth-shaking conspiracy of the Dark Shadow Clan and G.o.d Clan. With his charisma and the endless potential, Shi Yan had gained the approval from Gu Te and Bath of the Monster Clan. Blood Devil knew that from now on, Bath and Gu Te would consider Shi Yan as the number one character, no longer looking down on him.

Through this trip to the s.p.a.ce ca.n.a.l of the Dark Shadow Clan, Shi Yan's reputation would reach another height. He would become a key person, such that the forces everywhere in Agate Star Area would have to keep their eyes on him.

Soaring was the word to describe Shi Yan's situation.

Blood Devil felt so happy. His smile became happier and broader.

Shi Yan didn't know how Feng Yan of Fighting League, Zha Duo and Fu Wei of Potion and Tool Pavilion, and the three experts of the Monster Clan and Demon Clan had a.s.sessed him. He didn't know that after this time, he had stepped into the divine eyes of those famous characters for the first time. He had officially entered the great arena of Shadow Ghostly Prison.

His Soul Consciousness was still flying ahead as he was trying to capture the rules and trajectories of those meteors. After all, he had to give the directions continually.

After an unknown time, Shi Yan felt tired. He then sensed the directions of the surrounding meteors before he could exhale in relief. He could sense they had pa.s.sed the toughest section. The road ahead would be much easier.

Taking a deep breath, he didn't release more energy. He retrieved a part of his Soul Consciousness, sitting down quietly.

Fifteen minutes later, two silhouettes approached him, looking thrilled.

Opening his eyes, Shi Yan was surprised. "What's happened?"

They were Zuo Shi and Xuan Ming, who should be staying inside the battleship at this moment. They looked so excited, pointing in a direction with their eyes brightened.

"I felt it. I did feel it. It's the aura of the remains of our Holy ancestor!" Zuo Shi flung her arms, jumping up and down. Her small, white hand pointed at a meteor, which was moving neither slow nor fast ahead of them. "It's inside that star. Over there!"

Xuan Ming's eyes were watery as he screamed continually. "We've finally found the remains of our Holy ancestor. It's right in Shadow Ghostly Prison!"

Shi Yan was touched.

He knew why Zuo Shi and Xuan Ming entered Shadow Ghostly Prison. It was because of the body of the Black Tortoise, one of the four Holy Beasts in the Grace Mainland. He was an ancient beast in the Immemorial Epoch. He had left the Grace Mainland to enter the vast universe a long, long time ago.

Creatures that belonged to the Black Tortoise family knew how to swim. When they were born, they would have already understood the power of water, which made them incredibly strong. Their ancestors lived in the Immemorial Epoch, which was much before the time the seeds of the G.o.d Clan landed.

The four Holy Beasts had pa.s.sed down the inheritance through their bloodlines. Zuo Shi's blood had the inheritance seal of the Black Tortoise. However, the seal was just a seal. It didn't carry the essence knowledge of Black Tortoise's realm advancement acc.u.mulated over tens of thousands of years.

According to Zuo Shi and Xuan Ming, the remains of Black Tortoise had the Water Essence of their ancestor. Once Zuo Shi got it, she could transform immediately.

No one could have expected that Zuo Shi could really sense the aura of the Holy Beast Black Tortoise in this area.

Looking in the direction her finger pointing at, Shi Yan sent a flow of his Soul Consciousness to check that shooting star. He found that the star seemed to have an ocean with thick moisture. His Soul Consciousness was blocked by the foam and water bubbles, such that it couldn't reflect the situation inside that meteor.

Shi Yan immediately knew that it should be something magical in the core of that shooting star. If Zuo Shi weren't wrong, the remains of the Holy Beast Black Tortoise should be there.

"Shi Yan ge-ge, you must help me," Zuo Shi looked at him with begging eyes.

"Yeah, don't worry. I'll help you get it."

(*)定海神针: is the poetic name of a magical staff wielded by the immortal monkey Sun Wukong in the 16th-century cla.s.sic Chinese novel Journey to the West. 

[1] (*)定海神针: is the poetic name of a magical staff wielded by the immortal monkey Sun Wukong in the 16th-century cla.s.sic Chinese novel Journey to the West.

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