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On the dead star, Shi Yan talked to Blood Devil, Bath, Gu Te, and the experts of the Monster Clan and Demon Clan about the powerful forces of the G.o.d Clan.

Several days later, Fei Lan, Ka Tuo, and the others arrived on the dead star.

After a while, Feng Yan of Windstorm War Department came with dozens of battleships. She wanted to bring Xia Xin Yan back to the Fighting League, but she denied.

They met up on the dead star, discussing something discreetly while looking stern.

This dead star wasn't significant. It merely bore the number of the Monster Clan's and Demon Clan's battleships. When the Windstorm War Department arrived, they could only stay on a dead star nearby.

Several days later, Zha Duo of the Potion and Tool Pavilion brought hundreds of guards. They wanted to take Fu Wei back to the life star number nine.

When Zha Duo arrived, he looked at the battleships of the Monster Clan and Demon Clan with a different complexion.

Fu Wei and Shi Yan came to greet him. As Zha Duo met Shi Yan this time, he couldn't be natural. Anyway, he didn't wear his previously arrogant face.

Through the fantasy mirror, he could see some clues, more or less. He knew that Shi Yan wasn't ordinary. Although his realm wasn't profound, when he used all of his force, the destructive power he could generate was earth-shaking.

Before Shi Yan had reached the Peak of Original G.o.d Realm, he had taken action in rage, which had almost killed Zha Duo. If Xia Xin Yan hadn't interfered, he would have been killed.

With that experience, Zha Duo didn't dare to look down on Shi Yan anymore. This time, he was more cautious, as he was afraid of provoking Shi Yan.

"Third Elder wants you to come back," Zha Duo looked at the battleships parking from a distance, lowering his voice. "Third Elder minds that... thing a lot. She wants to ask you directly. Currently, Shadow Ghostly Prison has a lot of rumors. The other parties in our Potion and Tool Pavilion have also noticed this area."

"I can't return to the life star number nine." Fu Wei shook her head determinedly. Taking a deep breath, she looked at Shi Yan next to her, talking. "You're here in time. We can go and confirm it together."

"What do you mean?" Zha Duo was surprised.

"The G.o.d Clan's invasion!" Fu Wei said slowly but sternly. "We're done discussing. I will go with the Monster Clan, Demon Clan, and Fighting League to the s.p.a.ce ca.n.a.l that connects to the G.o.d Star Area. I heard that the Dark Shadow Clan is working in there. We will check the situation first, then we will decide the internal matters of the Potion and Tool Pavilion."

Zha Duo was shaken, talking earnestly. "Is it true?"

"It's your Potion and Tool Pavilion's responsibility!" Standing by them, Shi Yan's face was cold. "If it weren't because of your Great Elder Zuo Lou, the Dark Shadow Clan wouldn't have been facilitated to clear the pa.s.sage that fast. If we can't do anything, your Great Elder will be safe when the great army of the G.o.d Clan comes. But, you guys don't have a good relationship, so you wouldn't be able to dodge this kalpa. Dark Shadow Clan and G.o.d Clan will definitely help Zuo Lou claim the power of the Potion and Tool Pavilion. They will kill all of the opposing parties!"

Zha Duo's eyes were dark, gazing at Shi Yan. However, he didn't say anything. If it were in the past, when Shi Yan bluntly talked to him like that, he would redden in rage. However, at this moment, he didn't have such guts.

After a long moment, Zha Duo nodded. "It's good to check it out."

Shi Yan said calmly, "As you Potion and Tool Pavilion people are here, we've gathered enough forces. We can depart now."

Fu Wei smiled tenderly. "People of the Monster Clan, Demon Clan and Fighting League have had an agreement in advance. Once we find out that the Dark Shadow Clan is actually doing such things, we will join hands and deliver a fatal strike. We must destroy that ca.n.a.l as soon as possible!"

Zha Duo was shocked. He looked at Shi Yan with strange eyes, sighing. He had just recognized that he had always underestimated Shi Yan.

This anonymous kid could promote such a big commotion, which got the Demon Clan, Monster Clan, and even the Fighting League involved. Zha Duo knew that it was impossible for the Potion and Tool Pavilion to stay aside and watch. Potion and Tool Pavilion had to join this operation. Once it was proven, it would affect all forces in this Agate Star Area.

Although Zha Duo knew this would give Shi Yan fame and a high profile, he had to follow the man. He wasn't able to pursue his other thoughts.

As Blood Devil, Bath, Gu Te, and Feng Yan were Incipient G.o.d Realm experts, the famous characters of Agate Star Area, although Zha Duo was the Tenth Elder of Potion and Tool Pavilion, they didn't really appreciate his presence here.

They didn't join the meeting between Zha Duo, Fu Wei, and Shi Yan. After they were done, Feng Yan appeared to talk to Zha Duo. However, Blood Devil, Bath, and Gu Te had never shown themselves. They just sent Gu Mo and McGee to visit him.

Apparently, the three Incipient G.o.d Realm experts didn't consider Zha Duo an existence with an equal status.

Shadow Ghostly Prison…

Thousands of imposing battleships in different shapes divided into four fleets that were more like four sharp daggers, moving at breakneck speed in the dark s.p.a.ce.

The battleships of the four forces had different flags and banners representing different forces. Sometimes, they pa.s.sed some small troops of Shadow Ghostly Prison, and others would instinctively move away. They didn't dare to linger in the four forces' way to provoke them. Monster Clan, Demon Clan, Fighting League, and Potion and Tool Pavilion were famous for their might in Agate Star Area. Today, these four intimidating forces gathered and moved in the same direction, which made the others recognize that something big would happen soon.

"Has the internal war of the Potion and Tool Pavilion started? The Monster Clan and Demon Clan have never operated in Shadow Ghostly Prison. They all come here today for what besides the Potion and Tool Pavilion's compet.i.tion, you say?"

"Who knows? That commotion has stirred up people everywhere. I heard it's because of a mysterious Third Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm. Would they come for him?"

"It's possible."

"The Dark Shadow Clan's about to change. We don't know how bad it could be."

"Perhaps you don't know, but the forces of other races in Agate Star Area have noticed this area. Oh, yeah, I've seen experts of the Wood Clan. So, they are here as well."

"I saw Hammer of the Ghost Mark Clan half a month ago. He's in our Shadow Ghostly Prison as well."

"Holy sh*t! What's happened? Why are so many strong forces coming to our Shadow Ghostly Prison?"

"G.o.d knows."


The same conversation spread through different areas of Shadow Ghostly Prison. People knew something big would happen in this area, but no one knew what it could be. They asked their friends around, but they still had no clue.

On a moving planet, Great Elder Zuo Lou of the Potion and Tool Pavilion looked worried. The fantasy mirror hovering in front of him showed the image of Kelda from the Dark Shadow Clan. Kelda looked even worse than him, with the ignis fatuus-like eyes. The gloomy skulls on his waist whined and hissed scarily.

"We have found them. But, you better not act rashly." Zuo Lou's face was cold as he advised the other. "Those three juniors have gathered with the Monster Clan, Demon Clan, and Fighting League. Although you are at a high realm, you're not the match of this force. I'm still investigating to know what happened back then. You should wait for the result."

Kelda looked like he was about to send fire through his eyes as he said through his gritted teeth. "It's been five years. You're too slow. How long more do you want me to wait for?"

"Give me two months more. I must know what had happened there." Zuo Lou had a headache. "Our pavilion isn't quite peaceful these days. The dying Pavilion Master has heard about my strange commotion. He's summoning the three Incipient G.o.d Realm experts. It's strenuous for me to settle these things. During this time, I'm begging you to leave me alone. Don't cause more troubles."

"My brother's dead! My blood brother!" Kelda said with a murderous intent on his face.

"Don't worry. I will investigate to see who did that." Zuo Lou was agitated. "It's not those three juniors. Their highest realm is just the Second Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm. I've heard that it was a Third Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm expert. We don't know about that expert yet. I still need more evidence. In Agate Star Area, we can count the experts at the Third Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm with the fingers of our hands. We just need to confirm those experts' whereabouts at that time. If some of them weren't at their place at that time, we would know who did that." 

"I'll give you two more months," Kelda said with a dark face. "The Chief has also given you a deadline. The s.p.a.ce pa.s.sage is about to be cleared. The force that our Dark Shadow Clan depends on is about to lose its patience. If the Agate Star Area isn't as chaotic as they want when they arrive, things they've promised to you will be nulled. You know how strong they are, right?"

Listening to him, Zuo Lou was frightened. He nodded, his face paling. "I understand. I'll do my best on it."

"I'm waiting for your good news." Kelda cut off the communication and disappeared from the fantasy mirror.

On a battleship made of beast bones, Shi Yan, Blood Devil, Bath, and Gu Te were gathered, their faces grave.

"We've created a big commotion. In the next phase, we must conceal ourselves. Otherwise, if other forces see us, they will alarm the Dark Shadow Clan as well." Feng Yan frowned. "We're heading to an area where Dark Shadow clansmen often visit. It's the key area of their operation. Also, the small forces do have guards staying around. If they spot us, it will be troublesome."

Feng Yan was the expert of the Fighting League. As the Fighting League had been fighting against the Dark Shadow Clan for years, they understood about this clan's situation better.

Blood Devil, Bath, and Gu Te nodded, showing that they had no different ideas. They continued to listen to Feng Yan.

"I know a route that leads to... that area directly." Feng Yan pondered for a while, her strange eyes fixing on Xia Xin Yan as she explained, "Xia Xin Yan came to Shadow Ghostly Prison through that route."

Listening to her, Xia Xin Yan changed her face as she had fear in her eyes. She spoke with a slightly hoa.r.s.e voice. "Precursor Feng Yan... it's not easy to get through that route." She looked frightened, as if what she had experienced there was still haunting her. "That year, I departed with hundreds of people. However, not more than ten made it through."

Everyone standing there discolored.

"It's all right," Feng Yan waved her hand as if she wasn't bothered with that idea. "We have four Incipient G.o.d Realm experts this time. We have more experts. Getting through that area won't be a problem."

As she said that, Xia Xin Yan gathered herself together. Looking at Blood Devil, Bath, Gu Te, and Shi Yan, she said calmly, "I had forgotten how strong we are now. Yeah, it shouldn't be a problem."

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