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Chapter 104 - Great Disaster
Sponsored by: E. Espinoza
In the Yin Valley.
Zou Zi He flew into mid-air as he spread out his soul consciousness in all directions. He also slowly started moving away from the Yin Valley.
Beiming Shang’s expression was ferocious, he was just about to fight to the death with Chi Xiao, but suddenly realized that Zou Zi He silently rose into the air.
His mind clicked, as he suddenly remembered what he saw in that strange s.p.a.ce and he also realized that Shi Yan might be somewhere nearby.
“Chi Xiao! I will deal with you sooner or later!”
Beiming Shang clenched his teeth and his expression was grim, but he didn’t attack again. He withdrew his Polar Ice Flame Martial Spirit, and flew into the sky, spreading out his soul consciousness to search for traces of Shi Yan.
“Yin Kui, Jiu Shan, you two spread out and search the outer perimeter of the Dead Swamp. Remember, if you see Shi Yan, don’t kill him, I want him alive!” Beiming Shang shouted with a bone-chilling voice while suspended in mid-air.
Yin Kui and Jiu Shan did not hesitate and immediately left the Yin Valley.
Within a moment, only Chi Xiao, Zhua Qi, the people from the Zuo family plus the absentminded Mu Yu Die and Di Yalan remained in the giant Yin Valley.
“Master!” Zuo Shi glared at Chi Xiao, “When we came, Grandpa Shi told you to take care of Shi Yan, you’re not playing dumb now are you?”
Chi Xiao’s expression was full of frustration, he shook his head and sighed, “I already tried to stop Beiming Shang, but now there are two Sky Realm masters who want that boy dead. If I forcibly speak out, I will have to face two Sky Realm masters. Especially when these two are in a very angry state. If I cut in now, I’m afraid that…”
“Master, are you scared of them?” Zuo Shi raised her head and grunted.
“Xiao Shi!” Wu Yun Lian suddenly spoke out, and she sighed, “Mister Chi Xiao is doing this out of frustration. With his capability, even against two Sky Realm warriors, he could easily walk away unharmed. But he’s worried for us! Don’t you understand?”
Zuo Shi was dazed, then after quite a while, she finally murmured, “But what about Shi Yan? If he died, Grandpa Shi would become miserable.”
“There’s nothing we can do about it, he can only hope for the best.” Wu Yun Lian’s dark brows were deeply furrowed. She shook her head and said in confusion, “How could it be? How could that brat Shi Yan possibly have killed Beiming Ce? Beiming Ce had twin martial spirits and was in the Disaster realm. What exactly happened?”
Chi Xiao looked perplexed as well, but in his mind he secretly guessed that it was because of that strange s.p.a.ce.
While inside, he clearly saw that a beam of light poured into Shi Yan’s body as he was exiting. That light beam caused Shi Yan’s body to disappear into thin air and he suspected that everything was related to that change in the strange s.p.a.ce.
Chi Xiao exclaimed, suddenly realizing something, he said in surprise, “If there was some sort of treasure inside, then that boy definitely got it. Beiming Shang and that Sky Realm warrior are hastily trying to find Shi Yan. This must be one of the reasons why.”
“Chi Xiao, I gotta go. From now on, you and I are even.” At this moment, Zhua Qi suddenly said goodbye to Chi Xiao, and without saying anything else, he quickly sprinted out of the Yin Field.
“Zhua Qi!” Chi Xiao yelled.
“What?” Zhua Qi turned back, and said impatiently.
“I know what you’re thinking.” Chi Xiao frowned and said dismissively, “If you really find Shi Yan, then it’s fine if you get the thing. But I hope you would spare the boy, don’t take his life.”
The outer perimeter of the Dead Swamp was filled by all different sorts of plants. The swamps and the poisonous fog were everywhere. Besides, there were many warriors who ventured into the swamp. Even if Beiming Shang and Zou Zi He wanted to find Shi Yan, it would be no easy thing.
But, it’s different for Zhua Qi.
He was the master of the outer perimeters of the Dead Swamp. He could casually come and go in the swamps, control the poisonous fog, and all the demon beasts in the outer perimeter listen to him.
If there is anyone who was most likely to find Shi Yan, then it would be Zhua Qi.
“If that boy does as he’s told, then I won’t make it hard on him.” Zhua Qi sneered, “But, if he stays ignorant, I will be merciless. Chi Xiao, this is none of your business now, you better not get involved. Hatred from two Sky Realm masters is no joke. If you want your apprentice to live, then don’t give a d.a.m.n about that boy’s life.”
Then, Zhua Qi suddenly flew out and disappeared in the blink of an eye.
Later that night, stars filled the night sky and the moon was bright and clear.
East of the Dead Swamp, in the branches of a towering old tree.
Shi Yan scowled. He blankly gazed at the starry sky, strange lights flickering in his eyes, mysterious and unpredictable.
Inside the strange s.p.a.ce, the starlight beam came down from the sky and landed on his body, directly sending him out of that marvellous s.p.a.ce and to this place.
Once he landed here, just by looking at the poisonous fog not too far away and the swamps that were everywhere, he immediately judged that this was the outer perimeter of the Dead Swamp.
When he just got out, it was still daytime. Shi Yan repeatedly checked his chest, but realized that other than specks of starlight on his heart, there seemed to be nothing else unusual on his body. The only change he could feel was faint starlight drifting down from the sky and slowly gathering at his heart.
That was only during the day.
At night, when the stars all twinkled from the sky, Shi Yan’s heart seemed to have ten times his current vitality, but his pulse rate became slower instead.
However, the power of the stars in the sparkling night sky flew down from the vast starry sky and secretly flowed into his body and into his head. The star power at night was much stronger than the morning.
He could deeply feel it!
He could very clearly feel that the stars in the sky let out bits of faint star power, but the star power couldn’t be seen by the naked eye. The star power that did not form into starlight spots were a hundred times weaker, so you couldn’t see their light, but they truly did exist.
He didn’t need to do anything, not even focusing his mind. Whether it be day or night, his heart would endlessly absorb the star power without the need for him to focus on gathering it.
So after being curious for a while, Shi Yan temporarily stopped paying attention to the change in his heart.
The reason why he killed Beiming Ce was because there was only one crystal. Beiming Ce wanted it, and he wanted it too!
So when he showed his true strength, only one was going to live between him and Beiming Ce.
Shi Yan clearly understood that Beiming Ce was the future head of the Beiming family. He was ruthless and had a lot of foresight. Seeing that Shi Yan was only in the Human Realm but with such power, Beiming Ce wasn’t going to let him live any longer. Even if he didn’t make a move in the strange s.p.a.ce, after they got out, Beiming Ce would use every method possible to try to kill him.
Beiming Shang would have definitely done the same thing!
They will be doing it for the future of the Beiming family in order to clear any future threat to the hundred years of supremacy of the Beiming family.
Regardless if he killed Beiming Ce or not, Beiming Ce will never let him go. In that situation, what was there to consider?
After killing Beiming Ce and absorbing all his negative energy into his meridians, deep down he could feel the bloodthirsty, violent thoughts.
However, when the starlight beam shone onto him, all the negative emotions that sprouted in his heart were instantly washed away, and it eased his fear of losing control.
After his meridians had purified all of the Profound Qi from Beiming Ce’s body, in the afternoon of that day, some extraordinary powers flowed out. But those powers all flowed towards his heart and were deposited into the countless little starlight spots in his heart, making Shi Yan marvel in delight.
Raising his head, he looked into the sky at the countless stars spread above. He could feel the faint star power flowing out from the stars. Shi Yan smiled wryly and shook his head, he closed his eyes to feel around. Realizing that no one else was around, he finally came down from the old tree and continued heading towards the east side of the Dead Swamp.
The Merchant Union was at the south side of Tianyun City. If he wanted to go back to Tianyun City, he should’ve walked south, but now he was walking east.
The east was the direction towards the Endless Sea!
He never planned to return to the Merchant Union at all.
Even if Beiming Ce and Mu Hui hadn’t died, but because he obtained the crystal, the Sky Realm masters in the Yin Valley would not let him go. Shi Yan knew this in his heart.
Although the Shi family was one of the great five families in the Merchant Union, it had no Sky Realm master, so it will be hard for them to shield him.
If he returned to the Shi family, he would’ve brought a great disaster onto them. And because of him, the Shi family might be killed off entirely.
He knew deep in his heart, that he was their true target!
From Xia Xin Yan, he had heard about many of the mysteries in the Endless Sea and he knew that the Endless Sea was the center in which many warriors gathered. It was many countless times bigger than the Merchant Union, the Fire Empire, and the G.o.d Blessed Empire. And within it there were countless strong figures.
That was his true destination.
While it was still dark out, he carefully released his soul consciousness and secretly scouted around. Determined, Shi Yan walked towards the east.
“Still nothing!”
South of the Dead Swamp, Beiming Shang’s face was grim, and his expression was dark and scary.
Not far away, the Lord of the Dark World, Zou Zi He, was also murderous looking, “These days, we’ve already searched everywhere in this area. Any active warriors or mercenaries in this area were all identified with our soul consciousness, but we found nothing. Could it be that the kid didn’t return to Tianyun City?”
“Didn’t return to Tianyun City…” Beiming Shang frowned, and said coldly, “It seems that we have to change directions, I’ll go to the east, the rest is up to you”
Then, Beiming Shang suddenly flew out and went towards the east of the Dead Swamp.
“Miss, if that guy were in the Dead Swamp, shouldn’t he be in the South? If he doesn’t go back to Tianyun City, then he will never get any protection!” On the east side of the Dead Swamp, beside a waterhole, a giant man next to Xia Xin Yan said confusedly.
“Go back to Tianyun City?” Xia Xin Yan stretched the corners of her lips, “What’s the use of going back? The Shi family doesn’t even have a Sky Realm master. Not only would he not get any protection, he will bring disaster to the Shi family. If I were him, I would never return to the Shi family before reaching the Sky Realm. Instead, it would be better to go as far away from the Shi family as possible!”
While saying this, Xia Xin Yan knelt down and washed her face next in a stream, then she finally stood up and said, “Let’s go, to the east side. The east just happens to be the direction of the Endless Sea. If we really can’t find him, then we can just directly return to the Endless Sea.”
“Understood.” The two giant men nodded together.
“Hum, hum, hum!”
At this moment, a strange humming sound came from Xia Xin Yan’s pocket. Her beautiful face changed slightly and she couldn’t help but take out a windchime from her pocket. She stared at the windchime for a second, and then said in surprise, “The Shura King Xiao Han Yi will be here soon!”
“Ah, why would the Shura King come to the Dead Swamp? Isn’t he trying to find Yang Hai?”
“I don’t know either.”
Xia Xin Yan shook her head, and said casually, “But it’s fine, Xiao Han Yi is at the Second Sky of the Sky Realm, and what he’s cultivating is the Evil Blood Path of the Five Shura Paths. If he stirs the evil in his blood, then he would have the power of a Third Sky Sky Realm warrior. These Sky Realm masters in the Dead Swamp are all still at the First Sky. Once Xiao Han Yi gets here, those people will probably calm down. Or else with the Shura King’s temper, I’m afraid those people would be in the worst of luck.”
“The three Shura Kings of the Yang family are all lunatics! Miss, you should be careful and make sure you don’t cross his line.”
“I know what I’m doing.”
Translated by: Amy
Edited by: Moto and Vick
Translated by XianXiaWorld

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