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"What?!? Xin Yan is missing? The Windstorm War Department lost one-third of its members?"

Fighting League's Headquarters in Shadow Ghostly Prison was situated on a blue life star. Inside the G.o.d of War temple in the center of the star, a handsome man was screaming angrily, his face pale with rage.

Feng Yan wore a forced smile and just stooped her head without talking.

"What happened?" Feng Han took a deep breath. He calmed down, but his eyes were still as sharp as blades.

"We went to life star number 9 of Potion and Tool Pavilion to discuss business..." Feng Yan explained what she knew about the situation with her head held low. She didn't dare to miss any detail.

Feng Han listened quietly. After a while, he said coldly, "You said someone at Third Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm poked his nose in it?"

"If it wasn't a Third Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm expert, c.o.c.ker of Dark Shadow Clan wouldn't have been killed instantly... and around ten thousand warriors wouldn't have died without screams," said Feng Yan bitterly.

"c.o.c.ker was truly dead?" frowned Feng Han.

"I can confirm that."

"Not good. c.o.c.ker was Kelda's brother. In Dark Shadow Clan, Kelda has the Second Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm cultivation base. He would go crazy for sure." Feng Han pondered for a while and then sent an order, "Tell our warriors to be wary of the Dark Shadow members. Once they find something, they must report immediately. Kelda will go out from the hidden base of Dark Shadow Clan. He will raise a b.l.o.o.d.y storm this time!"

Feng Yan nodded continually.

"Announce to the commander of each department of Fighting League to search for Xin Yan, Fu Wei, and that man. What was his name again?"

"Shi Yan."

"Yeah. And any information about Shi Yan. Tell them to rifle through every corner at once. If you meet people of Potion and Tool Pavilion, you must ask them. Keep a close connection with Bettina and Zha Duo of Potion and Tool Pavilion to exchange information."


"Anything else?"

Feng Han frowned as he saw that Feng Yan didn't hurry to spread his order. He asked impatiently.

Feng Yan hesitated for a while and then said, "There's something..."

"What's that?"

"Lady Xin Yan and the kid called Shi Yan seemed to know each other before. He must have been one of her old friends."

"Old friend? What do you mean?"

"They've known each other before they came to Shadow Ghostly Prison."

Feng Han was surprised, but he wasn't bothered. "Got it. You go and work on your mission."

Feng Yan didn't explain the situation clearer because she wasn't sure what the relationship between Xia Xin Yan and Shi Yan was. If she made a wrong guess, she would provoke Feng Han. If that happened, she didn't know what might happen to her.

Eventually, she didn't tell him about her a.s.sumption. She just nodded and left.

On a moving star, the current Chief of the Ghost Mark Clan Hammer took out the Thunder G.o.d Spear, his face bitter and sorrowful. He explained what happened to Great Elder of Potion and Tool Pavilion, Zuo Lou.

Zuo Lou frowned, listening to him. He didn't intervene even once.

After Hammer had finished, Zuo Lou said sadly, his eyes red. "I didn't take care of Du Lin well enough. I had promised his seniors that I would take care of him and nurture him. I had never thought that... Sigh..."

"c.o.c.ker was dead too," reminded Hammer in a low voice.

Zuo Lou looked tired. He didn't bother to turn and just pulled his hair. "When Du Lin attacked Fu Wei for the first time, a blood shield appeared. I wonder if it is related to that spear. Is it true that the expert who cultivates Death and Despair powers Upanishad has come again?"

Hammer didn't know the situation, so he just lowered his head without talking.

"c.o.c.ker died. His brother Kelda will come soon. We're going to give the Dark Shadow Clan an explanation. Also to Du Lin!" Zuo Lou's eyes got colder as he said resolutely, "Send out all the forces of Ghost Mark Clan to search for those three juniors. I will ask the Satellite Eye to gather the forces in Shadow Ghostly Prison. We must know what had happened back there!"

Hummer nodded, his vision shifting to the Thunder G.o.d Spear.

"You will keep the G.o.d Spear for now." Zuo Lou couldn't help but snort, waving his hand. "Go. I want to prepare. This time, I'm afraid that the Shadow Ghostly Prison will change greatly."

Hammer moved immediately.

By the edge of the dark Shadow Ghostly Prison, a group of almost one thousand battleships was running. Those battleships with splendid flags and banners belonged to Monster Clan and Demon Clan. On their way, the small forces around felt fearful and anxious like mice looking at big cats. They all tried to avoid this group of battleships.

"Why did the battleships of the Monster Clan and Demon Clan appear in our Shadow Ghostly Prison? These two intimidating forces have never been interested in Shadow Ghostly Prison, right?"

"Perhaps... it's related to the recent commotion, isn't it?"

"You mean the earth-shaking change of Potion and Tool Pavilion? And how Dark Shadow Clan's c.o.c.ker died?"

"Well, besides those things, what else do you think it might be because of?"

"The Fighting League, Potion and Tool Pavilion, Ghost Mark Clan, and dozens of forces around are working in Shadow Ghostly Prison to search for three people. We also received the request to keep an eye out for strangers around here. After all, what happened in life star number 9 of Potion and Tool Pavilion?"

"Dunno. Our Master doesn't know it, either. We only know that the strongest forces of Shadow Ghostly Prison seemed to have cracked it all."

From several thousand miles away from the battleships of the Monster Clan and Demon Clan, groups of smaller forces in Shadow Ghostly Prison were discussing the buzzing news.

"I'm afraid that Shadow Ghostly Prison is about to host the most ruthless war."

"Yeah, it's true. c.o.c.ker's dead. When an Incipient G.o.d Realm expert dies, no one knows how furious the b.l.o.o.d.y coming storm will be. We have no tools to predict that."

"Sigh. Shadow Ghostly Prison is a big mess. It's chaotic enough. I don't know how many people will die this time."

On a black-ink battleship, Blood Devil was sitting like a rock. He frowned, sending a wisp of thought.

Not long after that, Bath and Gu Te of Monster Clan together with McGee and Gu Mo and Ghost Hunter were approaching from the battleships of the Monster Clan. Bath and Gu Te looked impatient. Right when they arrived, they shouted at Blood Devil. "Asking us to come to Shadow Ghostly Prison, Aren't you taking this too seriously? You think we have plenty of free time?"

Blood Devil wore a stern face, talking. "Did you know about the commotion in Shadow Ghostly Prison?"

Bath and Gu Te nodded. Bath said, "Even if a Third Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm had slaughtered people, what does it matter to our Monster Clan? Why have you asked us to come here?"

"The only remaining member of my tribe was involved. He's missing," snorted Blood Devil.

"Is that kid worth our two tribes traveling thousands of miles to get here? Blood Devil, you're too bored, aren't you? Yeah, that kid has saved my son. But it's not enough to shake all of our Monster Clan?" said Bath agitatedly.

"The last information I received from him says that life star number 9 of Potion and Tool Pavilion would have an earth-shaking change. It said he would encounter a danger that threatens his life. As of now, his message has come true." Blood Devil took a deep breath and continued, "Besides, he sent me another crucial information. He said that Agate Star Area will undergo a tremendous transformation. It relates to all clans here. He asked me to take it seriously."

"Agate Star Area has always had earth-shaking transformations. What else could it become?" Gu Te frowned, "No matter how Agate Star Area changes, Monster Clan and Demon Clan will always remain as the strongest of the strongest clans. What should we be afraid of then?"

"It's not like that," Blood Devil shook his head. "He meant... Our Agate Star Area will be invaded by a mighty force!"

Finally, Bath and Gu Te discolored. Bath contemplated for a while before talking severely. "Could that kid make it up because he was afraid that you wouldn't come to rescue him?"

Blood Devil glared at him, talking in a low tone. "I believe him!"

"If he's the only remaining fella of your tribe, shouldn't you be able to locate him using Immortal Demon Blood?" said Gu Te, frowning.

"I've tried. I can't locate him at this moment. I'm sure he's still alive. But his condition should be somehow special. I can't contact him. I can only lock his direction." Blood Devil frowned. "We are heading towards his general direction. But it's a large scale. I'm afraid it will not be easy to find him."

"Never mind. We're here anyway. We will go and rock it with you." Bath shrugged. Throwing a glance to McGee standing next to him, he thundered. "If you don't own him a favor, why did your father need to travel thousands of miles without a clue like this?"

"You're my father! You should take responsibility for me," McGee smiled, his smile provoking people to throw him a punch.

Standing next to McGee, Ghost Hunter looked like a savage sharp sword. His aura was cold and calm. He hadn't said anything from the beginning.

Gu Te glanced at him, sighing inwardly.

He wasn't here because of Blood Devil or Bath. He was here for Ghost Hunter.

After he had heard that the only member of Blood Devil's race was in danger, he hesitated. However, right at that moment, Ghost Hunter suddenly talked that if Gu Te didn't want to join this, he would hand over the Brutal Dragon Token and officially leave the Brutal Dragon Tribe.

Gu Te didn't know about the real relationship between Ghost Hunter and Shi Yan. However, after this, he understood it. To Ghost Hunter, Shi Yan was much more important than his Brutal Dragon Tribe.

In a dark area of Shadow Ghostly Prison.

Dead stars hovered in that area like sand grains. Dead stars were rare. They didn't have earth and heaven energy or any valuable natural resources. They were desolate and belonged to a group of uninterested planets in the sea of stars. They could only be a temporary wharf for war chariots or battleships.

That area had dozens of dead stars in various sizes. The small ones were just larger than an asteroid. The big ones were as large as a city of Devil Blood Star.

Inside a cold, bleak dead star came the roar of wild beasts. This kind of noise was harsh and brutal as if someone was under an utterly indescribable pain.

Two beautiful shadows stood in a corner of the dead star, sighing worriedly.

"It has almost been three months. He has locked himself inside the dead star and screamed painfully like that. What kind of torture does he have to stand?" Fu Wei's eyes were gloomy. She felt bitter inwardly.

Three months ago, Shi Yan built a s.p.a.ce pa.s.sage and brought Xia Xin Yan and Fu Wei by crossing the s.p.a.ce nodes. They landed on this group of desolate dead stars. He asked them not to contact the Fighting League and Potion and Tool Pavilion before getting inside the planet. Since then, he had to endure some kind of painful torture.

He had stayed inside the planet for three whole months. From time to time, he screamed and roared wildly as if he had fallen into bedevilment.

"The previous battle must generate a powerful backlash against him. He's using his unique method to recover." Xia Xin Yan looked calm. She sighed but she actually had a deep regret.

When they first arrived in the Endless Sea when she and Shi Yan fought with warriors of Yin Yang Holyland, she knew this secret of his. After each battle, he would receive terrible recoil.

One time, Shi Yan had asked her to lock herself while he was rolling on the floor to resist some kind of tremendous backlash.

It has been more than one hundred years and this lousy feature of Shi Yan's power hadn't changed. After he used the power that was much more beyond his real realm, he received such pain.

While Fu Wei and Xia Xin Yan were talking in a soft tone, the painful screeching that had been echoed for three months eventually calmed down. A brutal, evil energy started to fluctuate inside the dead star.

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