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The illusions of the big Ancient Demogorgons were still invading the bodies and the souls of the Ghost Mark warriors. Those Ancient Demogorgons were developed from the eyes of the blood sword. They seemed to have an extremely evil power. Once they killed a Ghost Mark warrior, they absorbed all the negative emotions before the warrior died, which boosted up the Demogorgons.

The extinct volcano's mouth was filled with Essence Qi of the dead. They rolled into energy streams, congregating in Shi Yan's body.

The acupuncture points in his entire body were br.i.m.m.i.n.g. He had a feeling that he wouldn't feel comfortable if he couldn't vent this energy out. He seemed to have an endless source of energy; if he didn't release it, his realm would be stuck and he would receive a backlash.

A shout reached the sky. Shi Yan who was hiding underground couldn't suppress his wild desire of slaughtering anymore. He stormed up into the sky, appearing right where the Ghost Mark warriors were gathered.

Warriors of Potion and Tool Pavilion and the Windstorm War Department were shocked, but they were more joyful than upset.

Fu Wei's soft body shivered. Her maiden heart was filled with excitement. She looked at Shi Yan soaring. Her beautiful eyes were so mesmerizing.

Xia Xin Yan frowned. She smiled reluctantly and spoke to her subordinates, "Get up there!"

The battleships sounded deafening. As ordered, they stormed out of the stone-paved road. They didn't hide underground anymore. Each of them soared up into the sky, appearing on the surface of this planet.

Fu Wei was baffled for a while. She thought quickly and ordered her warriors, "Get up there!"

Apparently, the situation here and the other two entrances were completely different. Du Lin at Third Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm couldn't enter the ground. On the other hand, after Shi Yan had burst off his energy, his side seemed to take the upper hand.

Everybody knew what kind of advantage they could get when they pursued a retreating enemy. Fu Wei didn't want to hide anymore. She'd prepared to create the biggest loss to Du Lin in the shortest time.

Warriors of the Windstorm and Potion and Tool Pavilion rocketed to the mouth of the extinct volcano. They immediately joined the battle against the Ghost Mark warriors.

Holding the shield, Shi Yan had an imposing aura that he had never had before. He fought Du Lin alone. Slowly, he controlled his marvelous power to draw blood from the corpses floating around to create a viscous Blood Soul Sea. The beautiful red sea seemed to have its own consciousness as it aimed at the Ghost Mark warriors exclusively. Each of the Ghost Mark warriors dragged into the Blood Soul Sea would lose his mind. Instinctively, they would attack their buddies.

His powers Upanishads switched. The shiny s.p.a.ce blades curved around Du Lin, dragging a tail of brilliant light.

Shi Yan smiled wildly. Tens of thousands of starlight dots congregated, creating starlight chains, which swept across the sky and tied up Du Lin.

The more he fought, the stronger Shi Yan became!

Du Lin at Peak of Ethereal G.o.d Realm became helter-skelter in resisting Shi Yan's changing, powerful attacks. He seemed to be losing.

The b.l.o.o.d.y broadsword had disappeared, leaving only the flying Ancient Demogorgons, which were slaughtering the Ghost Mark clansmen. Due to Shi Yan, the unidentified factor, the warriors of Potion and Tool Pavilion and Windstorm War Department stirred up. They were boosted, which helped them suppress the invaders easily.

The more Ghost Mark clansmen were ma.s.sacred, the more Essence Qi of the dead gathered. Shi Yan's body enlarged. His huge body looked more imposing and intimidating with the extreme energy twirling around him.

As the Ghost Mark warriors died, Shi Yan's fighting competence increased unceasingly after he had absorbed more Essence Qi of the dead. His energy seemed to not have an upper limit. Gradually, Shi Yan's G.o.d Body couldn't endure it anymore. His skin and flesh cracked. However, the Immortal Demon Blood wasn't sent out. Each drop of Demon Blood lingered, sticking on his body like crystal blood. At this moment, he looked like a man made of blood.

"Vast Starry Sky. Sh.o.r.eless Sea of Star. Endless Star Power!"

Shi Yan made some magical hand seals as if he could connect to the high sky. Dim stars suddenly emerged in the dark sky. Starlight twinkled like fireflies. They slowly enlarged, shining beautifully.

Billions of starlight dots fell from the dark, mysterious starry sky. They sprinkled heavily onto the planet as if Shi Yan could control them all. He seemed to hover in the brilliant galaxy and become the owner of the stars who could refine the starlight into whips that attacked Du Lin.

Du Lin's Ethereal Extent was like a fountain of lightning and thunder. It contained thousands of thunderbolts weaving in the unceasing thunderclaps.

Lightning strikes flew out of the Ethereal Extent like dragons. They engaged, entangling with the starlight in the sky and hitting the s.p.a.ce blades. They were facing evil willpower. Du Lin's power was consumed rapidly. His G.o.d Body slowly got numb and exhausted.

Shi Yan was at the opposite state. He was like a perfect war machine that never experienced tiredness. His energy didn't decrease but instead rocketed steadily to infinity.

Du Lin suddenly felt a chill in his heart. To this man who had stormed out all of a sudden, he had a feeling of being defeated. He had no mean or power to smash this man.

Talking about divine weapons, Du Lin's Thunder G.o.d Spear couldn't break the Blood Shield. Talking about energy, he couldn't oppress the other. But as for the realm difference, his realm was higher than Shi Yan's. However, his enemy had three different powers of s.p.a.ce, Death and Life, and Star that could make up for his inadequate realm. This combined energy was enough to resist Du Lin.

His unique advantages couldn't defeat Shi Yan in any aspects, which gave him a big headache.

Seeing that the members that the Crocs had specially trained were dying nearby, Du Lin felt his heart bleeding. He thought it was the biggest mistake he had ever made in his entire life to voluntarily accept this mission.

When the Ghost Mark Clan was at a disadvantage, a figure slowly appeared. It was a ferocious Dark Shadow man. His eyes were so cold and harsh. He didn't look at the Ghost Mark clansmen being killed, or even at Du Lin, Fu Wei, and Xia Xin Yan...

His eyes switched between the illusions of the Ancient Demogorgons as if he wanted to identify something.

He was shocked when he saw Shi Yan holding the Blood Shield. His line of sight didn't move anymore. He mumbled something and then suddenly took action.

Ten imposing mountains in the sky flew out as if someone had forcefully plucked them out with endless intimidation. The mountains were like heavenly drill bits grumblingly pressing on Shi Yan's head.

It was the threatening pressure of Incipient G.o.d Realm experts covering the entire sky. People at lower realms couldn't help but gush out blood. They helter-skelter fell from the sky. The power in their bodies disordered, giving them hopeless distress. They even wanted to kneel down to worship.

At Incipient G.o.d Realm, the warriors understood the nature of powers and primary rules of powers Upanishads as if they could blend the earth and sky together.

Those mountains were sharp weapons in his hands, which were able to break anything. Under such grumbling pressure, the warriors of the Ghost Mark Clan, Potion and Tool Pavilion, and the Windstorm War Department were shaken, trying to get rid of the battle range.

Everybody could see that the target of those mountains was only one person: Shi Yan!

Xia Xin Yan and Fu Wei couldn't help but shout. However, under such an earth-shaking threat, they didn't have the power to resist for even a short moment.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

The grand mountains fell like meteors. All hit Shi Yan. The ground cracked and collapsed inwardly into the ground. Shi Yan was pressed down and people couldn't see his situation.

This attack of an Incipient G.o.d Realm expert wasn't something that Du Lin's attack could compare to. In that glimpse, Shi Yan was pressed, but no one could see him.

All the warriors engaging in this battle stopped and held their breath. They were baffled watching the expert of the Dark Shadow Clan who had just come out from nowhere, their eyes cold.

Xia Xin Yan paled. She was so frightened. She stayed perplexed for a while before facing the sky and screaming. She was calling for something.

From a place far from them, Feng Yan was battling with Hammer, Chief of the Ghost Mark Clan. She changed her eyes and didn't say anything before leaving Hammer and flying away.

Xia Xin Yan looked crazy. Her resentful eyes gazed at the Dark Shadow Clan expert who had just appeared. Her succulent red lips parted as she panted, her eyes chilled to the bone.

Fu Wei's soft body shivered, her blue eyes fixed on the pile of mountains. A bitter and sour pain multiplied in her heart. At this moment, she suddenly recognized that Shi Yan had occupied a spot in her heart when she hadn't known. She couldn't recognize it previously. But now, it became crystal clear.


The mountains exploded. The Blood Shield reappeared.

Inside the mist of crushed stones, a blood shadow soared up into the sky. His elbows, shoulders, and knees had savage sharp spikes. His chest, waist, and arms were covered with scales like armor. It looked harmonious with his G.o.d Body as if it was a sh.e.l.l generated by his energy.

It was the perfect fighting shape with an explosive power accompanied by the warrior's blood-red eyes and sinister aura.

c.o.c.ker of the Dark Shadow Clan was startled for a while. He observed the feature of another race stinging his eyes. He muttered instinctively, "A clansman of... the G.o.d... G.o.d Clan!" He paused for a while and then reacted, "No! It's not true! Not a member of the G.o.d Clan! It's the Immortal Demon Clan!"

"Shi... Shi Yan?" Xia Xin Yan's beautiful eyes were disbelieving. She was baffled as she looked at the young man in his new skin. Although his body changed, his aura belonged to Shi Yan.

As Fu Wei knew Shi Yan's relationship with Blood Devil, at first glance, she could react timely. Her bitter feeling was swept away instantly.

Shi Yan stood upright in the sky. He gasped for his breath. Although his G.o.d Body was bleeding, the ruby Demon Blood didn't fall off his body. Once a drop oozed out, it would solidify, stick on his skin, and create a hard sh.e.l.l to cover his entire body.

Shi Yan's G.o.d Body was damaged severely. His internal organs seemed displaced. Some vessels were broken together with some of his bones. Evidently, his situation wasn't good. He was hurt badly. However, he was from the Immortal Demon Clan, one of the clans with the toughest bodies in this world. He had just mobilized the peak power of his life, forcefully resisting c.o.c.ker's attack. Anyway, he wasn't killed.

Standing there, Shi Yan could feel the mysterious energy gushing out of his acupuncture points. His body was healed as the G.o.d power boosted him further. He felt like his fighting capacity increased significantly...

Looking at c.o.c.ker of the Dark Shadow Clan at Incipient G.o.d Realm, Shi Yan didn't know why he was calm. And at the same time, he had an endless fighting will.

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