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Through the volcano mouth above their heads, they saw many battleships tear the sky to plunge into the atmosphere.

Feng Yan, Fu Wei, and Xia Xin Yan looked through the slit in the sky, their countenances solemn.

Shi Yan suddenly remembered something, turning to face Fu Wei. "Do the protective barriers up there use divine crystals as the source of energy?"

Fu Wei was bewildered. She opened the fantasy mirror, which showed her dozens of warriors in Potion and Tool Pavilion's uniforms. They were sitting neatly while waves of colorful lights rippled from their bodies. Those halos had many colors streaming together into many round crystals platforms.

Fu Wei sighed and explained, "Seems like Third Elder has a proper arrangement this time. We don't use divine crystals as the source of energy." She pointed at dozens of Potion and Tool Pavilion's warriors, most of them at Original G.o.d Realm or Ethereal G.o.d Realm. "They're using the energy in their bodies to guide the barriers. That's how we prevent the Crystal Eaters."

Shi Yan nodded, saying nothing more.

After fifteen minutes.

Dozens of Ghost Mark battleships slowly emerged above the extinct volcano above their heads. The leader, surprisingly, was Du Lin.

Du Lin frowned, watching the mouth of the extinct volcano. He said something to a Dark Shadow warrior.

Then, they released around ten Crystal Eaters. They crawled on the five-colored barriers like spiders. They intended to chew off the energy of those barriers.

Apparently, it didn't turn out as they had expected.

The Crystal Eaters cried loudly while creeping on the barriers. They had tried, but they couldn't eat off any part of the energy of those barriers.

The Dark Shadow warrior shook his head reluctantly, indicating that the Crystal Eaters couldn't do anything this time.

Du Lin frowned, thinking. He then ordered something.

Right after that, their battleships started to fire scorching lightning dragons, bombarding the barriers. Their explosive energy impacted the light curtains.


Through the mirror, Fu Wei saw that the warriors of Potion and Tool Pavilion shook hard, their faces pale.

They were using energy in their bodies to support the protective light. Du Lin's battleships used divine crystals to generate dozens of lightning strikes that struck the barriers. This formidable impact had almost burst off the volcano, sending electric sparks everywhere.

Fu Wei looked at Du Lin appear above her head. She sighed, her face grim.

"This Du Lin is the hotshot of the Ghost Mark Clan's current generation. Great Elder Zuo Lou favors him a lot. Indeed, he's not an ordinary person." Feng Yan gazed at Du Lin, talking darkly.

Xia Xin Yan smiled, glancing at Shi Yan next to her, her face nonchalant. "Third Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm. A whole realm higher than yours. Later when they barge in, you shouldn't storm over pa.s.sionately."

Shi Yan was surprised, rubbing his nose but not retorting.

"An Incipient G.o.d Realm expert is coming!" Feng Yan was startled, knitting her brows. She sensed quietly for a while, talking. "Not only one. Two! They're heading to two different entrances."

"They seem to understand the defensive structure of life star number 9 thoroughly, don't they?" Shi Yan looked at Fu Wei.

Fu Wei beamed a forced smile. "Great Elder knows all the life stars of Potion and Tool Pavilion like the back of his hand. If this is planned by him, it's not a surprise that they know the entrances."

"Precursor Feng Yan, Shi Yan, let's talk in private." As Xia Xin Yan heard two Incipient G.o.d Realm experts were coming, she became stern, talking immediately.

Fu Wei was surprised. She proactively walked to another battleship of the Windstorm War Department. She expressed that she didn't want to eavesdrop.

"Precursor Feng Yan, if Potion and Tool Pavilion can't resist, you will evacuate us," Xia Xin Yan took a deep breath, talking determinedly, "They must be aiming only at Potion and Tool Pavilion. Although our Windstorm War Department has a good relationship with them, we aren't going to sell our lives to them. I think the enemy doesn't know that you're here. The moment we can't resist anymore, we should find a chance to get away. Don't get too involved and end up dying here with Potion and Tool Pavilion's people."

Feng Yan chuckled, nodded, and then said, "Don't worry, I've spent one thousand years to reach Incipient G.o.d Realm. I don't think I will get myself deep in this mess."

"How about you?" Xia Xin Yan teased, "Would you risk your life fighting with the others for Fu Wei?"

Shi Yan was bewildered. "I initially wanted to take you away. I'm not interested in the internal war of Potion and Tool Pavilion."

Pausing for a while, he added, "Anyway, I like to watch b.l.o.o.d.y battles. I'm not hurried to leave. To me, my realm would have a better chance to advance in the most brutal areas. I will check the situation first."

He had vaguely disclosed the secret of his Devouring power Upanishad to Xia Xin Yan. He didn't say it too clearly, but Xia Xin Yan knew more or less. Listening to him, she said, "Then you should behave. Don't kill yourself. I will notify you. With precursor Feng Yan and our Windstorm, we have a big chance to break the blockade and get away from this battle."

She was confident enough.

Shi Yan smiled, "Don't worry. I actually love my life."

"Even if you don't want to leave, I will drag you away. Well, since you're weaker than me, tell me if you feel shame getting dragged away like that?" Xia Xin Yan grinned.

"Oh, then I can save my energy," Shi Yan laughed.

While the strong enemy was about to attack them, Shi Yan and Xia Xin Yan were both placid. They didn't fl.u.s.ter as they still had the mood to tease each other.

Feng Yan observed them quietly and didn't say anything. However, she often checked Shi Yan, her eyes showing a gleam of disdain.

She knew Xia Xin Yan's real ident.i.ty. She knew about the blood bond between Xia Xin Yan's previous life and the Hegemon of Fighting Union. Through her time in Fighting League, Xia Xin Yan had won battles all across Shadow Ghostly Prison. She had proven her wise and prescient talents. Also, her terrific advancement progress had gained her the approval from the senior management level of the Fighting League.

Many young, talented, and handsome men in Fighting League had competed for Xia Xin Yan's heart. She had so many admirers and the number of her perfect matches weren't small.

However, Feng Yan had never seen Xia Xin Yan give her good face to any young man. Besides cultivating and fighting, she had no signal of living together with any male peer. She kept herself pure. Many people rumored maliciously that she didn't like men and that she had problems with her s.e.xual orientation.

But today, Feng Yan found Xia Xin Yan putting down her intimidation after meeting Shi Yan. Now she looked like a little girl falling in love. This kind of affection exposed from the heart had surprised Feng Yan a lot.

What did a man at only Original G.o.d Realm have to make the daughter of G.o.d of the Fighting League behave strangely like that?

Feng Yan looked at Shi Yan discreetly. She was confused and she couldn't get over it.


An earth-shaking explosion echoed. The Ghost Mark Clan's battleships above their heads gushed out fiery lights, striking continually.

Through the fantasy mirror Fu Wei had opened, Shi Yan could see dozens of Potion and Tool Pavilion's warriors unable to endure for longer. Two Original G.o.d Realm experts among that group had already vomited blood. Their bodies cracked, bleeding badly.

Their eyes were empty as their lives were taken away. Apparently, they were struck to death.

The area projected in the fantasy mirror seemed not far from him. Seconds later, two flows of Essence Qi from the death came to him, entering his acupuncture points.

He was baffled, but a discreet joy replaced that surprise shortly.

"You guys can't resist any longer," Xia Xin Yan waved at Fu Wei, talking to her when she approached. "I think you should lift up the barriers. Or else, your soldiers will die in vain. They use divine crystals as the energy to attack you while you use the warriors' flesh bodies to resist. You guys will lose, apparently. Compared to that, it's much better to battle once. Perhaps you can save more lives."

Xia Xin Yan had been used to planning and making strategies for years. She developed keen eyes and her plan didn't have a flaw. She had soon seen the consequence.

Fu Wei sighed. She knew that they wouldn't get anything from such a sacrifice. She nodded, took out a Sound Stone, and sent out her new order.

Inside the fantasy mirrors, all the sitting warriors of Potion and Tool Pavilion stood up quietly. They dodged through a door with pale faces.

Shi Yan looked at the sky. He saw doors appeared in the tunnel through the mouth of the volcano. Warriors of Potion and Tool Pavilion he had seen in the mirror walked out of those doors. There were several hundred of them. People who came last guarded the doors before they left. They were all alert, looking at the mouth of the volcano with stern countenances.

Layers of barriers in the tunnel slowly disappeared. The obstacles shielded the extinct volcano was clear.

"Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!"

The Sound Stone in Fu Wei's hand resounded hurriedly. Fu Wei held it close to her ear. She paled, talking. "Precursor Feng Yan, please... Please come to help the other two entrances. Uncle Duo... can't take it any longer. The Incipient G.o.d Realm experts also joined in attacking us."

Feng Yan frowned. She didn't agree immediately but looked at Xia Xin Yan.

Xia Xin Yan pondered and then nodded. She muttered, "If you can't deal with it, please return. I'm here. This place shouldn't be in much danger."

Feng Yan nodded, talking to Fu Wei. "Lead me!"

Fu Wei called a Potion and Tool Pavilion guard from the stone door in the tunnel. He plunged down, landing by her. She advised him in a rush. "Take this precursor to the entrance where Elder Zha Duo guards. Quick!"

The man didn't say anything, flying towards the open stone-paved at max speed.

Feng Yan floated slowly like a willow catkin. She followed him very quickly. She caught up with that warrior comfortably as if she could have traveled billions of miles in just a blink.

"Send one group in!"

Du Lin hovered above the volcano. His harsh voice wasn't blocked anymore. Fu Wei, Xia Xin Yan, and Shi Yan could hear him clearly.

Per his order, a group of one hundred Ghost Mark clansmen descended. All of them were at Original G.o.d Realm. They violently plunged into the mouth of the extinct volcano, their momentum like a rainbow. With different powers Upanishads, the light of energy from secret treasures poured down like waves as if they wanted to blow off the tunnel.

Warriors of Potion and Tool Pavilion had waited for them for a long time. They jumped off from the caves in the tunnel, storming towards them and releasing their powers Upanishads. In the ca.n.a.l that wasn't large, the bloodiest battle was about to take place.

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