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Chapter 103 - The s.p.a.ce Collapses
The starlight pervaded the sky and fell like rain drops, gathering on the shiny crystal at the heart of the stone statue.
At that time, the starlight in the crystal was flowing in its pathway, shiny and captivating.
The crystal floated up into the sky, slowly moving towards the huge black hand made of Yin Qi.
Shi Yan was rather happy, and immediately began to control the crystal with his will, making it approach him.
Dragged by the Yin Qi hand, the crystal finally flew out of the deep hole and flew over near Shi Yan.
“Bang, bang, bang!”
Great thunder came out from the deep hole. After the crystal left the hole, the crystal wall exploded and broke into pieces, giving off a dazzling light.
The starlight in the sky dimmed at once in comparison.
As the deep hole collapsed, the mysterious star river pattern in the sky started moving slowly as it turned vague, while the Yin Qi, poisonous gas and bunches of flame clouds began to diffuse.
Looking down from the sky, one would find that the mountain-like stone statue had begun to crack and dissolve.
At the same time.
Between the statue’s heels, the group of Chi Xiao and Beiming Shang could clearly feel the abnormalities occurring within the s.p.a.ce, and the power that was constraining them began to decrease.
Their expressions changed and they immediately tried to operate their energy to free themselves from their constraints.
They were trapped for a long time and had failed to escape after many ties, so they finally quietened down.
But seeing that the s.p.a.ce was going to collapse and the restrictive power was decreasing, they had to try one more time.
The two legs of the statue were cracking while the suppressive power in the heels was weakening...
As the pressure from the stone statue was getting weaker and weaker, Chi Xiao and Beiming Shang’s struggle took effect as the stone on the heels began to crack.
If it went on like this, they could get out from under the heels in a short time.
At the heart of the stone statue.
The deep hole collapsed and the crystal wall exploded, while the odd dazzling light from the crystal wall turned colorful and slowly disappeared.
Both the crystal wall and the light existed to protect that crystal. So when the crystal flew out, their mission was complete.
That huge black hand approached with the crystal and it glittered with a dazzling starry light above Shi Yan’s head.
That crystal was like the essence of shooting stars, containing mysterious powers from the stars.
Looking up at the crystal, Shi Yan frowned and began to think.
How to take that crystal?
Frowning, Shi Yan thought for quite a while and guessed that the Yin Pearl had some connection with the crystal, so he would be able to touch the crystal.
Shi Yan couldn’t help but stretch out his hand to catch the crystal floating above his head.
The crystal suddenly broke and gave off numerous lights which burrowed into Shi Yan’s body.
Wisps of cool starlight filled with mysterious star power went into Shi Yan’s pores and concentrated themselves at his heart.
“Bang, bang! Bang, bang!”
Dull drum beats came from Shi Yan’s heart. In the dazzling starlight, Shi Yan’s heart strangely changed.
The starlight rooted itself in Shi Yan’s heart and became a part of it.
In an instant, Shi Yan’s heart changed as if it had turned into the crystal and began to sparkle.
After a while, his heart went back to normal. The starlight integrated into Shi Yan’s heart and gave off a cool air.
“Bang, bang, bang!”
Horrible blasts came from the heels. The group of Sky Realm warriors worked together and finally shattered the heels to escape.
Those Sky Realm experts flew up into the sky one after another to see what was happening above.
The odd s.p.a.ce collapsed and the mysterious star river produced a light pillar.
The light pillar fell from the sky and struck Shi Yan.
Shi Yan, who was standing in the deep hole, disappeared at once!
“Bang, bang, bang! Bang, bang, bang!”
That odd s.p.a.ce slowly cracked like a broken mirror!
After the crystal left, that broad stone statue cracked, piece by piece, and turned into dust.
Between the endless booms, the scenes shifted quickly. The group including Chi Xiao felt that they walked out from a broken mirror. From the cracks in the collapsed s.p.a.ce they could see the Yin Valley.
In the Yin Valley.
One after another cracks appeared in the sky filled with colorful lightning. Some cracks looked like star rivers falling from the sky.
Xia Xin Yan looked indifferent, and mumbled, “It’s been seven days. We finally get there.”
“Miss, do you think the Original Seal of the Martial Spirit was within?”
“We will know when Shi Yan comes out.” Xia Xin Yan looked indifferent as she said, “But, I don’t think he will appear in the Yin Valley.”
“That old guy planned everything. If that guy was still capable, maybe he could send him to the Endless Sea. However, looking at the collapsing s.p.a.ce, that old guy must have used much of his energy creating all this. I guess he could only send Shi Yan to somewhere far off in the Dead Swamp to make him comfortable for a short time.”
“What should we do?”
“Let’s go. Leave the Yin Valley and head off into the Dead Swamp.”
“Miss, do we need to kill him when we find him?”
“Find him first.”
The three including Xia Xin Yan had witnessed the changes in the Yin Valley and they had foreseen the result, so they left the Yin Valley quietly without informing Zuo Shi.
Half an hour later after Xia Xin Yan had left, some human figures suddenly showed up from one of the cracks in the sky.
“Bang, bang, bang!”
Warriors below the Sky Realm all fell from the sky and their heads were spinning.
People at the lower Realms, like Mu Yu Die and Di Yalan, were bleeding heavily from their mouths and looked miserable.
Looking bitter, Han Feng and Ku Long cried out immediately after they stood up, “Young Master! Young Master!”
Beiming Shang, Chi Xiao, Zhua Qi and the Lord of the Dark World, who were at the Sky Realm, floated in the sky, and gradually landed while looking around in confusion.
“Ce!” Beiming Shang roared and stared at Yin Kui and Jiu Shan, “Where is my Ce!”
Yin Kui and Jiu Shan had also been trapped under the statue’s heel, but not with Beiming Shang, so Beiming Shang didn’t see them in that odd s.p.a.ce.
“Young Master entered too! I don’t know where he is now.” Yin Kui looked gloomy and anxious, “We were trapped by the stone statue as soon as we entered it and we found the chance to escape only when the odd s.p.a.ce collapsed.”
“Ce! Ce!” Beiming Shang roared and asked in haste, “Where are you!”
“Mu Hui!” The Lord of the Dark World’s face changed as he couldn’t find Mu Hui, and began to shout along with Beiming Shang.
Since their bellows echoed through the Yin Field, Beiming Shang and Mu Hui could hear them once they returned to the Yin Field.
However, they received no response.
“Ce is still inside!” Beiming Shang turned pale and looked up into the sky, to find that the cracks had mysteriously closed somehow.
The s.p.a.ce had entirely collapsed!
In a glance, Beiming Shang realized this cruel reality. His face looked horrifying like an irritated demon beast, while Polar Ice Flame came out from his eyes.
“Xiao Die, where is Ce?” With Polar Ice Flame in his eyes, Beiming Shang looked to Mu Yu Die in a rage.
“I, I...” Mu Yu Die looked dumb under Beiming Shang’s terrifying eyes, unable to speak.
Beiming Shang was impatient and his eyes glittered. He stretched out his hand to Mu Yu Die and a bunch of blue light flew into Mu Yu Die’s body.
“Where is Ce?” Beiming Shang asked again.
As soon as Mu Yu Die was struck by Beiming Shang’s blue light, her face turned dumb and she lost consciousness as she whispered, “He was killed by Shi Yan.”
Di Yalan tried to scream, but as she saw Mu Yu Die’s abnormal look, she kept silent.
“Shi Yan!” Beiming Shang howled with all his veins protruding.
He treasured Beiming Ce, who had a twin Martial Spirit, as the heir of Beiming family and placed high hopes on him. Now that Beiming Ce had been killed, Beiming Shang was furious.
Bunches of Polar Ice Flames flew out like clouds and tried to cover Han Feng and Ku Long.
Ku Long was close to Beiming Shang so he was immediately wrapped by the Polar Ice Flame and turned into an ice statue before exploding.
Han Feng’s face changed, and after a quiver, he disappeared.
“I will shatter your Shi family!” Beiming Shang bellowed like a beast and dashed toward Han Feng.
“Teacher!” Zuo Shi cried in fear.
Chi Xiao frowned and sighed. He fought back unwillingly by refining bunches of dense fog which wrapped Beiming Shang’s Polar Ice Flame, “Beiming Shang, live and let live.”
He knew it would be a long battle if he fought with Beiming Shang.
After a little hesitation, he wrapped Beiming Shang’s Polar Ice Flame Martial Spirit, and yelled, “Han Feng, let’s go!”
Han Feng dashed toward the far sh.o.r.e of the Yin Field like a ghost without any hesitation.
At that time, he knew Beiming Shang wouldn’t stop, so he had to leave as quickly as possible. He had to return to the Shi family alive and send them a message to avoid a ma.s.sacre.
“Chi Xiao! How dare you stop me!” Beiming Shang hollowed as if going crazy, “I’m gonna kill whoever tries to stop me today!”
“Hey that girl named Mu, have you seen my disciple Mu Hui?” The Lord of the Dark World asked Mu Yu Die in a weird voice.
“He was killed by Shi Yan too. All were killed. All...” Mu Yu Die was still unconscious, not knowing what she was talking about.
Zou Zi He’s face turned pale, and with the Nine Angry Flame in his eyes, he flew up into the sky and dashed out of the Dead Swamp.
A strong will was suddenly released from his body which expanded in all directions.
He had kind of figured out where Shi Yan was.
Meanwhile, in a secluded area in the Yin Valley, a black shadow was leaving swiftly.
Translated by: Qian
Edited by: Moto and Vick
Translated by XianXiaWorld

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