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Inside the flower-blooming valley, two small streams crossed each other while birds sang. Although this place didn't have a star or a moon, it was illuminated and it felt like spring.

"You knew there was a ninety percent chance that it died. Why did you return?" Xia Xin Yan and Shi Yan held hands, whispering to each other.

"Didn't ask for a reason. I don't care about your Windstorm War Department. I asked you to leave with me and you jumped in directly. Why did you do that?" Shi Yan chuckled, his eyes brilliant.

The two of them fell in a short silence before bursting out with laughter. They understood each other enough so they didn't need to express with words.

Shi Yan looked at the three-colored energy river above their heads. In a low voice, Shi Yan began to tell her what had happened to him for one hundred years since he left Grace Mainland. He told her everything including his little affair with Feng Rao and the knot he had with Zi Yao. He didn't want to miss a small detail, his face calm and natural.

Xia Xin Yan was smiling. She listened to him attentively without intervening. However, when he told her about his affections with Feng Rao and Zi Yao, she threw him a charming glare.

Afterward, it was her turn to tell him the difficulties she had experienced in the chaotic s.p.a.ce basin that year. She had to struggle a lot before she reached Shadow Ghostly Prison. While she was striving, she got favor from the Hegemon of Fighting League. Slowly, she gained her position and became the leader of Windstorm War Department. Her realm had increased. She got her attainment and status.

In this flower-filled valley, they seemed to forget the coming disaster. They were holding hands, sitting shoulder by shoulder, and whispering to each other like an intimate couple. They felt so peaceful and calm ever since they had arrived at this place.

After an unknown time, battleships appeared one by one in the void above their heads. They got up with worries, walking out of the valley.

Devil Blood Star.

Blood Devil was soaking his naked body in the mysterious blood pond. His vigorous body was as red as burning iron. There was a gleam of death in his eyes as he was studying the truth of Death power Upanishad.

This blood pond was really big. In some other areas, some members of the Yang family with the Immortal Martial Spirit were also soaking in the pond. They were using the pure energy of the pond to clean their bodies and condense Immortal Demon Blood. They looked stern but they were actually thrilled.

Blood Devil suddenly frowned, changing his countenance. He lifted his head to look at the immense void as if he was sensing something.

After a while, he left the blood pond and flew away with a grimace. He got into the main palace of Blood Devil Star, summoning Wu Lan and the other subordinates. They started a secret meeting.

A long time afterward, the battleships departed from Devil Blood Star. They quietly headed towards Shadow Ghostly Prison.

Blood Devil left alone to go to Monster Dragon Star. No one knew what he was planning.

Dark Shadow Clan.

Above life star number 9 which was hidden behind the energy sea, hovered battleships of the Ghost Mark Clan and Dark Shadow Clan.

Crocker, Hammer, and Du Lin were floating between the battleships. Looking at the light curtain under their feet, they all frowned.

"It's the Tricolor Sea of Potion and Tool Pavilion!" Hammer took a deep breath and said, "The Tricolor Sea is the divine protection weapon of Potion and Tool Pavilion. It uses billions of divine crystals underground as the source of energy. It looks like the three seas are mingling with each other, but in fact, it's created by hundreds of layers of barriers. It's magical, indeed. Potion and Tool Pavilion has never sold it."

Du Lin sent a wisp of his Soul Consciousness like a lightning strike. When he touched the light curtain, he felt an explosion in his soul, his body shaking.

Hammer snorted, talking coldly. "I heard that the Tricolor Sea could prevent even Incipient G.o.d Realm's powers. Although you have extraordinary powers, you've just reached Ethereal G.o.d Realm. You shouldn't cause pain to yourself."

Rubbed his head, Du Lin nodded, his eyes strangely bright. "Yeah, it's powerful. I'm afraid I can't break it myself. Seems like I have to bother you, two precursors." He looked at c.o.c.ker and Hammer.

Apparently, c.o.c.ker and Hammer were at Incipient G.o.d Realm. Otherwise, he wouldn't have said so.

"The protection of the Tricolor Sea is really tough. As c.o.c.ker and I are at First Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm, we can break it if we join hands. However, it would drain our energy ma.s.sively." Hammer pondered for a while and then said, "Use the attacking formations of the battleships to bombard it. If we use several hundred battleships sh.e.l.ling it at the same time, I think we can break it after one hour max. Then we can get into that star."

Hammer looked at c.o.c.ker of the Dark Shadow Clan.

In Agate Star Area, Potion and Tool Pavilion's application of barriers and formation was much more profound than that any other force. The Tricolor protection cage they didn't sell was famous in the entire star area.

From Zuo Lou, Hammer knew how powerful the Tricolor Sea was. He knew if they wanted to break this kind of defensive halo, they had to use a tough method, which was to bombard it continually and violently. They couldn't stop midway. Or else, the divine crystals underground would supplement more energy to the Tricolor Sea. It would become formidable once again.

"Our Dark Shadow Clan has also heard about the Tricolor Sea's protection ability." c.o.c.ker was indifferent. He grinned coldly, "This defensive light cage is supported by divine crystals. It's a headache to solve in your Agate Star Area. But to us... it's nothing." c.o.c.ker said arrogantly.

Hummer and Du Lin changed their countenances listening to him.

c.o.c.ker said nothing more. He called his troopers, his eyes icy cold.

A Dark Shadow warrior riding a b.u.t.terfly war chariot hurried to approach him. He asked respectfully, "What do you need, Sir?"

"Release the Crystal Eater!" hissed c.o.c.ker.

The Dark Shadow warrior nodded. He left to the battleships of the Dark Shadow Clan to spread the order.

Shortly after, they saw many b.a.l.l.s fly out from the battleships of the Dark Shadow Clan. Those b.a.l.l.s were blue-brown, which made them look like stones. However, they had many black spikes, rolling towards the Tricolor Sea covering life star number 9.

The hedgehog b.a.l.l.s scattered when they fell on the surface of the energy sea. They changed quickly. The b.a.l.l.s cracked, releasing the beasts, which looked like rats. Those beasts had mouths full of sharp teeth. Their bead-like eyes glistened as they were gnawing the light curtain.

Hammer and Du Lin gawked.

The Tricolor Sea set up by Potion and Tool Pavilion suddenly shrank as the alien Crystal Eaters were chewing it. The beasts swallowed the glowing energy lines. Their small eyes sparkled happily. They had eaten until their tummies were bloated. They looked so satisfied.

"As long as the restriction or barrier uses energy from divine crystals, the Crystal Eaters can swallow them all. This is our unique strength. The defensive halo of Potion and Tool Pavilion on your Agate Star Area can't stand those Crystal Eaters!" said c.o.c.ker arrogantly.

Hammer and Du Lin quietly watched the Tricolor Sea disappear little by little. Their faces became odd as they were both excited and fearful.

At this moment, they had finally realized how intimidating the Dark Shadow Clan was. Being the dominant force that didn't belong to any mundane forces, Potion and Tool Pavilion had to use so much manpower and effort to create the Tricolor Sea. However, it was simply destroyed by a horde of alien beasts.

The two of them felt frightened. They glanced at c.o.c.ker as they thought that this mysterious force of Shadow Ghostly Prison wasn't ordinary at all.

Standing by the crystal clear lake, they could see its bottom. Bettina was full of confidence as she said that the Tricolor Sea of the Potion and Tool Pavilion wasn't something the enemy could solve easily.

However, shortly after, she was shaken as she looked at the sky, her face pale.

Feng Yan, Zha Duo, Fu Wei, Xia Xin Yan, Shi Yan, and many warriors of Potion and Tool Pavilion looked at the sky. Then, they all made their ugliest grimaces.

"It... How can it be?!" Zha Duo screamed, "They dissolved the Tricolor Sea! Gosh! Does Zuo Lou know how to solve it? Impossible!"

"The Tricolor Sea isn't something Zuo Lou can solve easily. It's not what Zuo Lou can do!" Bettina had a trickle of blood on the corner of her mouth. "I've never seen this kind of strange beast before. This isn't a kind from Agate Star Area. At least... I have never seen it in my whole life."

"Dark Shadow Clan!" Xia Xin Yan said with a cold face, "It's the Dark Shadow Clan's trick. I heard my Hegemon said that they could break all kinds of formations and barriers that use divine crystals as the source of energy. In Shadow Ghostly Prison, Dark Shadow Clan has used the same trick to eradicate many forces."

Listening to her, Bettina, Zha Duo, and Fu Wei felt chills sent down their spines. They knitted their brows tightly.

"It's not a trick of Dark Shadow Clan." While people were panicking, Shi Yan sighed and said, "It's the trick of the G.o.d Clan. Those alien beasts are called Crystal Eaters. The G.o.d Clan breeds them. The Dark Shadow Clan got those beasts from the G.o.d Clan. I told you that Dark Shadow Clan is the watchdog of the G.o.d Clan. Now you can confirm that."

People were shocked. They looked at him in fright.

"I got the information from that Ethereal G.o.d Realm Dark Shadow man. I know the secret of those Crystal Eaters. This kind of beast is originated in a mysterious area of this universe. The G.o.d Clan had captured them. They brought the beasts to G.o.d Star Area and bestowed them to the va.s.sal clans. The Dark Shadow Clan was one of the va.s.sal clans of G.o.d Clan." Lifting his head to watch the alien beasts chew off the energy barrier, Shi Yan felt helpless and he didn't have a solution. "We shouldn't depend on the defensive halo above our heads. Prepare to engage in a deadly battle. That light curtain can't endure for a long time."

"Is there any way to kill the Crystal Eaters?" asked Feng Yan all of a sudden.

"You have to get out there. The Crystal Eaters can swallow the energy generated from divine crystals, but they can't resist energy from warriors." Shi Yan shook his head. "But I think the warriors of the Dark Shadow Clan and the Ghost Mark Clan out there won't give us a chance to do that. If you get out alone, you will bear the bombarding from thousands of warriors. Perhaps they have Incipient G.o.d Realm experts. You... can't stand it."

People became so stern.

Their confidence was smashed since the Crystal Eaters had appeared. They couldn't gather their courage once again.

"Get underground!" Bettina watched the sky. She pondered for a while and then ordered with pain. "Get down. Get underground. Now!"

While she was talking, the lake nearby cracked, revealing a bottomless cave. Battleships of Potion and Tool Pavilion hovering in the sky lined up, entering the cave one by one. The guards of Potion and Tool Pavilion all grimaced as they knew that it was the last defense of Potion and Tool Pavilion when they had to get underground.

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