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"This place."

Standing on the asteroid, Shi Yan pointed while talking deliberately.

Fei Lan, Leona, and the others were surprised. Looking at a pitch-black area in front of them, they were baffled before releasing the Soul Consciousness to sense. However, they couldn't detect any life energy fluctuation.

The cotton clouds over there were like ink, shading the entire area. In their eyes, it was an opaque area with no living being or any soul form creature.

If Shi Yan didn't have some special abilities, they would think that he was talking nonsense. However, none of them felt like that, as they were looking at Shi Yan while waiting for his next explanation.

"The Potion and Tool Pavilion is really powerful," Shi Yan complimented. "They can conceal the entire life star. You guys can't sense anything from that place. This unique force of the Agate Star Area is really mysterious, indeed."

"There're many methods to cover the life star. It's not something really awesome. As far as I know, there are at least thirty methods to hide all the living signals of a life star." Benny frowned while talking arrogantly, "We have many similar solutions in our Dark Exterminating Star Area. That year, we also used the thick gray mist of outer s.p.a.ce to cover our main life star, such that soul consciousness couldn't detect it. So, this method isn't something really profound."

While listening to him, people had their eyes brightened with surprise.

"So, do you know how to resolve it?" Ka Tuo grinned evilly.

"My realm and power aren't enough to do that," Benny shook his head. "If I can reach the Second Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm, I can directly break that obstacle to expose the life star."

Benny cultivated the Destruction power Upanishad. Although he was young, his heart for killing was too heavy. Towards any problem, his solution was always brutal and straightforward. He just needed to smash or break to clean it up.

Fortunately, this kid's realm wasn't high. Or else, he would become the malignant tumor of this universe. His desire of extreme devastation resided deep in his bones. If he didn't like it, the first thing he would have in his head would be to break it to not feel so irritated.

"I'm sure there're guards inside the barrier. We just need to cause some commotion. They will get out to stop us." Shi Yan chuckled, touching his forehead. The starlight began to twirl around his body, then lined up and attacked the clouds in front of him.


The cloud sent back dazzling sparks. It suddenly shrank like a rubber ball that was. .h.i.t hard. It had a clear concave spot on it now.

"Someone will come out to check us," Shi Yan smiled, waiting.

Indeed, after three breaths, a war chariot hissed along its way, piercing through the cloud and flying towards them. The three warriors of the Potion and Tool Pavilion emerged with dark faces. They gawked, looking at Shi Yan's group. The team leader was shouting angrily, but then asked in surprise. "You guys did that?"

He had met those people on Fu Wei's battleship. Seeing the troublemakers were someone he knew, he relaxed, giving a forced smile. "What do you want?"

"Please notify your leader… We want to meet Elder Fu Wei. I have some important issues to discuss with her." Shi Yan smiled while apologizing. "Since you use a special method to conceal the life star, I have to use such a begrudging method. Please forgive me."

However, those guards under Fu Wei's party had a good impression of Shi Yan's team. When Fu Wei had fallen into the perilous situation, Shi Yan's team didn't leave but chose to fight with them side by side. They had given Fu Wei's guards a good impression indeed.

The patrol leader frowned, talking with difficulty. "This life star number nine doesn't belong to Young Elder. Today, we have some distinguished guests, so I can't allow you to get in."

"You help us to notify them. I'll see if Fu Wei wants to meet me or not." Pondering for a while, Shi Yan added with a solemn face. "It's related to the internal compet.i.tion of your Potion and Tool Pavilion. It's really critical. Or else, I wouldn't actually want to meet your Elder Zha Duo."

The patrol leader was a little baffled. "Is it really critical?"

Shi Yan nodded heavily. "In a much more important way, it's related to the future of the entire Agate Star Area."

The man changed his visage instantly, talking hurriedly. "Alright, I'm going to tell them now. Please wait here."

Then, they drove the war chariot and returned into the dark cotton clouds with a flash, then disappeared.

Main hall, life star number nine…

Bettina and Xia Xin Yan were talking happily. Zha Duo and Fu Wei didn't intervene, just listening to them.

Zha Duo and Fu Wei were astounded as they often studied Xia Xin Yan with shock.

No matter how hard they guessed, they couldn't imagine something incredible like that happened to Xia Xin Yan. She had the Time power Upanishad. Her soul had reincarnated seven times, and she still had the memory of her previous lives. In her first life, she had vowed the sisterhood with Bettina, the founder level Elder of the Potion and Tool Pavilion. Such information was much beyond their understanding, shocking them too much.

"When I knew you would visit us, I departed from another area to see you here." Bettina was touched. "It's been so many years, you know. I'm senile now and can barely walk... And you, you're still shining. From this aspect, I think... perhaps you are right."

"No, not me. It's her." Xia Xin Yan corrected her, talking reluctantly, "You and our Hegemon are the same. You guys always consider me her instinctively. Unfortunately... I'm not here. I hope you could see this."

"I understand," Bettina smiled miserably. "But, you guys have the same bearing. Although the minds are different, your powers Upanishads are the same. From some other aspects, I would instinctively think you're her."

Zha Duo and Fu Wei sat quietly without interrupting.

Suddenly, Fu Wei's sleeve sounded with a double clink. She furrowed, twitching her fingers. She connected her Soul Connection to listen to the report from the guards outside.

Several seconds later, Fu Wei got up, giving an apologetic smile to Bettina, Zha Duo, and Xia Xin Yan while talking. "A friend comes to see me. I'm going to meet him."

Bettina waved her hand as her focus was laying on Xia Xin Yan, not mind the other much. "Little Wei, you can go. I will chat with Xin Yan for a while. You don't need to wait for us."

Zha Duo darkened his face, his eyes cold while looking at Fu Wei as he lowered his voice, "Is it that brat?"

He could see a happy gleam on Fu Wei's face. With his understanding of her characteristics, Fu Wei wouldn't be so friendly with other people with her calm nature. Only when she was with that brat would she show some feminine emotions. Thus, he could guess it correctly.

Being asked, Fu Wei became unnatural. Zha Duo got more certain, talking heavily with a dark complexion. "Not allowed!"

Zha Duo pitched his voice, which disturbed Bettina and Xia Xin Yan. Bettina had a lot of wrinkles on her face like mountain ranges. She couldn't hold it but knitted her brows while talking unhappily. "Little Duo, although Little Wei is younger than you, she's an Elder of the Potion and Tool Pavilion. Her position isn't lower than yours. Why did you talk to her like that? And, you don't have the right to interfere with her personal business. Don't be wanton!"

Hearing Bettina, Zha Duo hastily got up, then bowed and said, "It's not that I want to control her. It's... I want better things for Fu Wei. She has a friend in Demon Blood Star. They have something... ambiguous. I'm worried that she would let her relationship affect her cultivation. You also know that she's our hope. If she falls in love, it's hard to win the Pavilion Master potion at this critical moment."

Bettina was surprised. Her countenance became more severe as she pried, "Little Wei, is it true?"

"Don't listen to Uncle Duo. We're just friends. He used to help me, and his relationship with the leaders of the Demon Blood Star and Monster Dragon Star isn't shallow. I'm also working for the common benefits of Potion and Tool Pavilion." Fu Wei bit her lower lip while talking. However, she stooped, not daring to look at Bettina in her eyes.

"You see her face? Does that mean there is nothing special in that friendship?" Zha Duo snorted. "They drank the "seven emotions and six desires" liquor. Well, if a man and a woman drinking this liquor together in a closed room, even if they don't have anything, they will have something. I think their relationship isn't shallow."

"Because of the Canon, I had to use this bad plan. Do you think I liked it?" Fu Wei was also infuriated. "If you hadn't forced me to verify the information of the Canon, why would I have to humiliate myself that way?"

"You guys drank the "Pa.s.sionate" liquor together..." Bettina was stern, looking at Fu Wei while hissing, "Little Wei, bring that kid here. I want to meet him."

Fu Wei was bewildered, begging, "We don't need to do that, right? I'm just going to talk to him to see what he wants to tell me. You don't need to interrogate him personally, do you?"

"You don't listen to me now?" Bettina frowned, "Is it true that you don't respect us elderly after your teacher pa.s.sed away?"

"No, I don't..."

"Bring him in. I want to see him!"


Fu Wei was reluctant, replying her in a m.u.f.fled voice as she left. She was so begrudging.

"Oh, you guys do cane the pa.s.sionate couple?" Xia Xin Yan smiled, but her eyes didn't as she said oddly, "Interfering in personal affair and messing up her real affection... It's not what you seniors should do, right?"

Zha Duo parted his lips, but he didn't dare to oppose.

Bettina was surprised, smiling. "You little girl, why do you think we want to harm her? We just want the best for her. Many people have yearned for the Pavilion Master position. If I weren't too old, I would try my best to get it. Little Wei has a big chance to get the position. This time, she had a huge lucky chance to get the Canon. She now gets half the chance to sit on that Pavilion Master chair. If she messes up because of her love life, she will regret it for the rest of her life. We won't harm her. We are considering the best for her."

Xia Xin Yan denied voicing her opinion again. She smiled but didn't talk. It was the Potion and Tool Pavilion's matter after all. Even if she didn't like it, she wouldn't interfere. It was the rule, and she knew it well.

After that, they didn't talk more about this. While waiting for Shi Yan, they chatted a little more.

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