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Shadow Ghostly Prison had many forces, but only one force was powerful enough to cope with the Dark Shadow Clan: the Fighting League!

The Fighting League was formed by many forces of different races. Initially, it wasn't concentrated. When the Dark Shadow Clan arrived and began to invade everywhere, the scattering forces of the Fighting League became more solid. They started to compete with Dark Shadow Clan to control Shadow Ghostly Prison.

Most of the time, the Fighting League had the upper hand. Even in the most fierce and b.l.o.o.d.y battles, they were the ones who stood and smiled at the end.

The reason why they couldn't eliminate the Dark Shadow Clan was because of that race's features. They could move like shadows and the Fighting League hadn't been able to locate their headquarters yet. This race, which suddenly appeared in the Shadow Ghostly Prison, was really mysterious. They didn't know where they came from or where they were hiding. After losing a battle, the Dark Shadow Clan's troops could use the special damaged s.p.a.ce of Shadow Ghostly Prison to retreat at ease with external wounds.

The Fighting League had six big war departments led by six experts. Each department had powerful forces.

Today, Windstorm War Department of Fighting League suddenly visited life star number 9 of Potion and Tool Pavilion. The gigantic battleships hovered in the air like dark clouds, giving people a heavy pressure.

The ma.s.sive battleship leading this fleet had a flying bird shape. It was almost five thousand meters long with the wings as sharp as blades releasing cold light.

By the late evening, a group of several hundred warriors of Potion and Tool Pavilion was watching at the battleships anch.o.r.ed in the air, waiting in silence.

Shortly after, blue phoenix bird war chariots detached from the leading battleships. Those war chariots had the form of the legendary phoenix-typed bird with magnificent, sleek, five-colored feather. While they were flying, people could hear the magical melody that was like birds singing.

Those blue bird war chariots were also fabricated by Potion and Tool Pavilion. It was one of the top-quality war chariots that Potion and Tool Pavilion had ever made. It was famous in Agate Star Area for its lightning speed.

The blue bird war chariots descended beautifully. The leading war chariot had a light pink crystal lotus throne where a distinctively beautiful woman sat. She was wearing a gorgeous long dress, whose hem was beautified with marvelous drawings and patterns. Her dress was flimsy and floaty like light flowing. Her black hair cascaded like a waterfall reaching her delicate waist. Her bare feet had two exquisite blue crystal anklets. The energy ripples from those anklets were wonderful and clear.

She was sitting neatly on the rosy crystal lotus throne, looking like a flawless, blooming flower. Her bearings were elegant and indeed n.o.ble. Her pink, succulent lips had a cold smile. She descended from the sky like a G.o.ddess watching her creatures.

Zha Duo was solemn. He hurried to welcome her. His cold and sinister face squeezed an ugly smile. He raised his voice, "Lady Xia Xin Yan, you humble yourself by coming to our cottage. Thank you for beautifying our place. Welcome! Welcome!"

Fu Wei lifted her head, looking at the lady slowly landing. Her bright eyes were wide open as she was attracted by the elegant and graceful bearing of Xia Xin Yan.

As they were all women, Fu Wei discreetly made a comparison and felt embarra.s.sed. She began to admire that lady.

"Thank you, Tenth Elder and Twelfth Elder for your personal welcome. I'm too honored to receive your warm hospitality."

Xia Xin Yan smiled, revealing her white teeth which were like the fulgent pearls and were very mesmerizing.

The guards of Potion and Tool Pavilion lifted their heads to watch her elegantly come. They were so charmed by her beautiful posture, so they tried to hide their hot eyes. To the beauties, men always uncontrollable enthusiasm. As Xia Xin Yan was a high-rank commander in Fighting League, of course, she drew a lot of attention especially since she was with her outstanding men.

"Lady Xia came here personally. We must treat you well. It's our manners." Zha Duo smiled. After the woman got off her blue bird war chariot, he jabbered. "We've prepared a feast. We're all waiting for you."

When he treated Shi Yan, he was cold and imperious. However, when he faced Xia Xin Yan, he was gentle and kind. He had even smiled. His att.i.tude was completely different.

The reason for this difference was Xia Xin Yan's position in Fighting League. She was the one who controlled the Windstorm, one of the war departments of Fighting League. She was one of the most powerful characters in Fighting League. Moreover, the Fighting League's Hegemon favored her a lot. The Fighting League, whether in Shadow Ghostly Prison or in Agate Star Area, was an intimidating force, which wasn't less influential than Monster Clan or Demon Clan.

"Then, I have to bother you guys." Xia Xin Yan's porcelain face beamed a weak smile. She nodded, following Zha Duo and Fu Wei to the lake.

The water in the center of the lake parted, revealing an exquisite path made of jewels. It was illuminated, leading to the center of life star number 9.

The underground was a whole new world. The dome above their heads was inlaid with gemstones and jewels, making it looked like the starry sea. Brilliant lights shone beautifully. Many several-hundred-meter, white chalcedony pillars supported the dome and the ma.s.sive subterranean palace. They were carved with beautiful and magical patterns.

The main hall of the main palace was larger than ten football stadiums with many strange and beautiful floras. Many small streams weaved with each other and meandered around the exquisite jade pavilions for the visitors to rest and watch the wonderful view. Inside those pavilions stood a table with sweet aroma from many precious fruits.

This main hall was just a corner of this underground world. The other areas were arranged to fabricate battleships with piles of different materials. Hundreds of blacksmiths and alchemists were moving to and fro. They were so busy everyday fabricating and refining tools, pellets, and armor for different forces around Agate Star Area.

Potion and Tool Pavilion had many life stars. This life star number 9 was a ma.s.sive factory that refined pellets and force treasures. It was under Zha Duo and Fu Wei's party.

Inside the main hall, maids of different races were holding a tray filled with fruits, walking back and forth. Sitting on the main chair was a stout old woman. She smiled, squinted her eyes and waved at Xia Xin Yan. "Come sit here."

Zha Duo and Fu Wei became a little cautious when they saw that grannie. They slightly bowed to greet her and spoke in unison, "Third Elder."

Third Elder Bettina was a character at the founder level of Potion and Tool Pavilion. She wore a dark blue gown, her hair tied in an updo bun. She had a lot of delicate rings on her fingers and she had no less than one hundred small accessories on her body. Each of them had some special functions.

Seeing the grannie, Xia Xin Yan was a little scared. She hurried to greet the old woman. "Greetings, Third Elder."

"How is your Hegemon?" Bettina smiled and asked.

As she was at the n.o.ble founder level of Potion and Tool Pavilion, she didn't come out there to welcome her. As she had spent her time while being so busy to meet Xia Xin Yan here, it was enough to give her face. At her level, unless the Hegemon of the Fighting League came, she wouldn't humble herself to greet people.

"Our Hegemon is cultivating in seclusion. He's doing well. Thank you for your concern," said Xia Xin Yan solemnly.

"Come and sit, dear. Your Hegemon and I used to take a walk around this world. And you..." Bettina didn't finish, waving her hand. "Zha Duo and Fu Wei stay here. The others should leave."

People of Potion and Tool Pavilion got up and left, including the maids.

This s.p.a.cious hall now had only Bettina, Fu Wei, Zha Duo, and Xia Xin Yan. Zha Duo and Fu Wei were confused, taking their seats in the table lower than the other's. They looked at Bettina curiously.

Bettina was several thousand years old. In Potion and Tool Pavilion, she wasn't the one who had the highest realm, but she was the oldest one. Even the Great Elder Zuo Lou was just her junior.

In Potion and Tool Pavilion and Agate Star Area, she was a legendary character. Ordinary people would never have a chance to meet her. Even an expert at Incipient G.o.d Realm could only possibly gain her favor.

When Bettina heard of the Canon, she came to life star number 9. With her position and age, she didn't need to meet Xia Xin Yan. However, she insisted on it, which confused Zha Duo and Fu Wei. They didn't know why Bettina valued Xia Xin Yan that much.

"Sigh, it has been several thousand years. Time flies fast." After the irrelevant people had all left, Bettina sighed and asked, "Do you remember me?"

Fu Wei and Zha Duo were baffled. They looked so shocked as they didn't know why she had that question.

Has she known Xia Xin Yan before?

The two of them were bewildered as they thought that it was too absurd. Bettina had lived several thousand years. How could she know a little girl who has just arrived in Shadow Ghostly Prison less than one hundred years? Was there anything more shocking than this?

While Fu Wei and Zha Duo were perplexed, Xia Xin Yan bit her lower lips, her face so strange. After a while, she nodded and pointed at her head, "She was the first generation. She and you vowed to be sisters... I... I don't know what I should address you as."

The grannie smiled and said trickily, "If you want to count that as sisterhood, should I call you little mei-mei?"

"Mei-mei..." Bettina looked dazzled as if she had fallen into a deep place of her memory. She muttered, "It has been so many years. You were so talented that year. You had the strangest Time power Upanishad. Your soul has been reincarnated seven times. You've lived in different star areas. You've used reincarnation to understand Time power Upanishad. But it has been seven lives. Are you still "you" of that year?"

Fu Wei and Zha Duo were baffled, sitting idly as they couldn't believe what they had just heard. They looked at Xia Xin Yan with deep fear in their eyes.

"You want to hear the truth?" Xia Xin Yan frowned.

Bettina contemplated for a while and then nodded gently. "I know the truth hurts. But yeah, tell me."

"I'm Xia Xin Yan. I'm not here. What she left me are... the inheritance of Time power Upanishad and her memory of seven lives. Nothing else. In other words, she has gone and vanished in the long river of time. She made mistakes in her cultivation," said Xia Xin Yan.

Bettina forced a smile, sighing. "I knew it would turn out that way... That year, your brother and I, no... her brother had advised her not to act rashly. But she was stubborn. And she had ended in such a way."

Pausing for a while, Bettina continued, "Since he has intentionally a.s.signed you to manage the Windstorm and facilitated you to deal with the business of Fighting League, I know your secret. If you weren't his blood sister, with his characters, how could he treat a stranger so well like that?"

The man Bettina referred to was the current Hegemon of the Fighting League, also the older brother of the woman who had Xia Xin Yan as one of her reincarnations: Feng Han.

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