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A ma.s.sive asteroid was moving by the edge of Shadow Ghostly Prison.

That asteroid was a little smaller than a life star. However, it was really big. This asteroid was dark brown as if it was made of metal. And it felt like the rigid metal indeed.

This asteroid was like a broadsword with two sharp edges. It had many giant crystal artilleries that stood on the deck. All of them were loaded, emitting a dense energy. They were ready to shoot in any minute. Many metal buildings stood firm on the asteroid. They looked like spears jutting up into the sky with a sharp aura.

A black jade high platform was built atop a pointy tower. A Ghost Mark old man who looked evilly cunning was sitting on that black jade platform. He was the Great Elder Zuo Lou of Potion and Tool Pavilion.

Zuo Lou was holding an octagonal mirror in his hands. He was frowning, his five fingers continually controlling something.

His fingers were flipping through many images. This octagonal mirror seemed to store tens of thousands of images and information. It was indeed magical and profound.

If someone knew about Potion and Tool Pavilion's secrets, he would recognize that it was one of the Heart Eyes of the Satellite Eye. The Heart Eye could connect the Satellite to get information that was acc.u.mulated over tens of thousands of years in Agate Star Area. Zuo Lou was searching for something with a stern face.

Standing next to Zuo Lou was a young man. It was Du Lin.

Du Lin bent his body, silently watched, and waited for Zuo Lou's order.

The images in the Heart Eye changed regularly. All of a sudden, it projected a blood cloud-shaped mark. Some special characters were floating, blinking next to that mark, and giving information related to that mark.

Zuo Lou became stern. He observed the Heart Eye while electric beams flashed in his eyes.

Du Lin standing next to him couldn't help but look at the octagonal mirror. He focused, his face carrying some unknown intention.

"Is the mark on the divine weapon you saw his blood cloud-shaped mark?" After a while, Zuo Lou pushed the Heart Eye towards Du Lin to let him see the mark in it.

"Yes, that's it!" reported Du Lin.

Zuo Lou nodded quietly, his face extremely grimaced as he said, "This mark has appeared twice in Agate Star Area. There were two men with this mark on their foreheads. They are..."

Zuo Lou halted midway, his eyes frightened.

Du Lin was surprised. He couldn't help but step forward, asking gingerly. "Who had this mark?"

Zuo Lou didn't reply. He still stared at the symbols that described the blood mark in the Heart Eye. The longer he looked at it, the grimmer his face became.

After a while, he put the Heart Eye away, taking a deep breath. "One of them cultivated Death power Upanishad. He had appeared in Agate Star Area for a while and raised a b.l.o.o.d.y storm here. He had killed so many experts of Agate Star Area. This man... he arrived in Agate Star Area several thousand years ago. He made his b.l.o.o.d.y debut in Broken Star Field in Far West region. Then, he appeared in more areas. Each time, he used his brutal deeds to kill many warriors."

Du Lin was frightened. He bit his lower lip, screaming in astonishment. "He... what's his realm?"

Zuo Lou lifted his head to look at the young man in the way that had reached his soul. "The one you encountered isn't this man. Or else, you would have been killed already. His realm isn't clear. According to the doc.u.ments stored in Satellite Eye of Potion and Tool Pavilion, warriors died in his hands were at First and Second Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm. Death appeared everywhere he visited. He didn't leave any survivor. If you have met him, you wouldn't have survived to talk to me."

Du Lin's eyes were filled with deep fear.

"The other was the invincible legend of Agate Star Area. He cultivated Despair power Upanishad. He used to be domineering in Agate Star Area. His existence could be deemed invincible. Tens of thousands of years ago, he was the powerful tyc.o.o.n. However, he disappeared when he was at his peak. No one knew where he had gone. However, he was born and had grown up in Agate Star Area. Legends said that when he was breaking through to the Ethereal G.o.d Realm, a blood mark appeared on his glabella. Since then, his power changed in quality. His realm became so profound."

Zuo Lou's eyes flashed like a ghost flame. He continued slowly, his voice low. "No one knows why he got that blood mark while breaking through to Ethereal G.o.d Realm. However, he used to say that he got a mission in his perception. Still, no one knows what his mission was. Anyway, since he got that mark, his characteristics had changed dramatically. He became extreme and crazy. He was constantly challenging the experts of Agate Star Area. Each time he succeeded, he put himself into an extreme situation to break through. He had challenged the warriors whose realms were one level higher than his. He brutally killed them all!"

Du Lin was shaken. He suddenly had a fear, his countenance becoming more restlessly anxious.

"The two of them had the same marks on their glabellas. Although they appeared in Agate Star Area in different eras, they had created the same feast of blood. They were the two unstoppable madmen. However, the two of them had disappeared. It seemed like they didn't leave any inheritance." Zuo Lou paused for a while and then frowned. "The one you encountered isn't one of them. Otherwise, you would have been killed."

Du Lin beamed a forced smile and nodded, "I think it's not one of them."

As he had only Third Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm, although he was arrogant and confident, he wasn't too haughty to not know how height the sky was. He knew that when he encountered the peak existence, he wouldn't be able to parry. He could be killed shortly after.

"It has been several thousand of years. Those two invincible characters had disappeared from Agate Star Area a long time ago. You don't need to be scared." Zuo Lou pondered for a while and then said, "Talking with common sense, the two of them didn't have any grudge against our Potion and Tool Pavilion. Even if that shield is related to them, it has been a long time. I suppose it's not enough to threaten our Potion and Tool Pavilion."

Pausing for a while, Zuo Lou cautiously advised, "I've notified Hammer. He will go with you this time. Experts from the Dark Shadow Clan will also support us. You go there and get the Canon. About Fu Wei, if you can't kill her, Hammer will help you!"

"I..." Du Lin felt so painful, looking at Zuo Lou. "Can I confine her?"

"You can. But you have to make sure that she doesn't disturb our business and that she doesn't escape your confinement!" Zuo Lou snorted, "Your grandfather and I are good brothers. You will become the hope of the Kroc family. You can replace Hammer to be the head of the Ghost Mark Clan. Don't fail me again. Otherwise, I will choose another talent to inherit the Krocs!"

Du Lin stooped and nodded but didn't answer.

"Go." Zuo Lou waved his hand, his face cold. "They are in life star number 9 of Potion and Tool Pavilion in Shadow Ghostly Prison."

Du Lin bent, backing off.

In life star number 9 of Potion and Tool Pavilion in Shadow Ghostly Prison, Zha Duo and Fu Wei were waiting by the lake.

"Uncle Duo, how is it going with the giant blood shield I told you to investigate last time?" As it was boring to wait for someone, Fu Wei suddenly recalled something and asked.

Zha Duo frowned, sighed, and then shook his head. "The Great Elder keeps the Heart Eye. Recently, our relationship with them has turned so badly that it can't be restored. It's not easy to use the Satellite Eye to search for information. And since it's related to the Great Elder, it's much harder."

Listening to him, Fu Wei was disappointed.

"Fu Wei, it has been many years since you've been in Potion and Tool Pavilion. Which expert do you have the best relationship with? Think carefully. Is it someone you know that had helped you out there?"

Zha Duo was also suspicious. He understood well many divine weapons of the entire Agate Star Area. Although it was a vast star area, you could count the number of divine weapons on your fingers. He knew all of them. However, he had no impression of the blood shield Fu Wei had described. He was also inexplicably skeptical.

"I think not," Fu Wei thought for a while and then said, "I have a good relationship with many experts. However, it's just the business-like type. I don't have a deep relationship with anyone. It's related to the internal war of our Potion and Tool Pavilion. I think not many people dare to interfere. Anyway... our party is weaker than others. If there's some expert, I'm not sure if he wants to support us."

Zha Duo sighed, his face dispirited. "The Great Elder does have powers. If you didn't have the Canon, we wouldn't have had a chance to compete for Pavilion Master position."

"I don't know why I always think that giant blood shield is... related to Shi Yan," Fu Wei suddenly muttered.

Zha Duo was bewildered. His face darkened, scolding, "Did he poison you? What talent does he have? Only the Original G.o.d Realm cultivation base. How could he control such a divine weapon?"

Snorted, Zha Duo said unrestrainedly. "At his realm, even if he could control the divine weapon, do you think he could parry Du Lin's strike? Who do you think Du Lin is? He's at Third Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm and he has the Thunder G.o.d Spear. Unless that one's someone at a higher level, why would he retreat first? You're being silly!"

Fu Wei didn't oppose him or say anything because even she felt that her thought was too absurd.

However, she did have this intuition. It didn't come with any logic, but it was because Shi Yan had given her a mysterious and unpredictable feeling. He was like a thick mist that concealed a lot of secrets.

She didn't tell Zha Duo that Shi Yan had used his Life power Upanishad to refill her energy. She was afraid that Zha Duo would investigate her. However, Shi Yan's marvelous performance and the safe feeling she had when he placed his hand on her back was imprinted in her soul.

At that most dangerous moment, the shield appeared. It gave her a familiar, safe feeling and it made her relaxed. It wasn't different from when Shi Yan gave her energy.

A women's intuition often has no logic and no evidence. However, with that safe feeling, she had linked it with Shi Yan as if she knew the truth.

"You and he are just duckweed and water. You two have nothing in common. Your life will be arranged properly. You can't act rashly." Zha Duo continued coldly, "That brat is just a traveler whose path has crossed your path of life for a while. He has nothing that is different from Du Lin and the other boys. Don't linger. That's how you can reach the glory position of Pavilion Master."

Fu Wei's bold brown arched. Her eyes were filled with complex emotions.

To me, he and Du Lin are totally different... They have nothing in common...

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