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The ice mountains and glaciers glowed fulgently. Deadly sharp icicles were scattered around.

Hiding in a crack of the glacier in a corner of this icy world was a short and thin figure, his complexion grave. He gingerly hid his G.o.d Body in the blind corner of the glacier while lifting his face to peep through the crack above his head.

It was a youngster of the Dark Clan. He looked around fifteen or sixteen years old. He had a pair of dark pupils eyes, which looked crazy and ruthless as if he was a b.l.o.o.d.y, insane slaughterer. The murderous aura on his body wasn't something young people at his age should have. His light purple hair was disheveled, covering his forehead and half of his face.

The teenager squinted, his face evil. He didn't even blink when watching the b.u.t.terfly war chariot of the Dark Shadow Clan appear above the crack.

This teenager wore simple black warrior clothes, which exposed his arms like iron. His pair of arms had many scars weaving with each other. The scabs of his scars had fallen off a long time ago. Now, they looked like odd snakes.

He had been hiding in this glacier for a long time.

To avoid the pursuit of the Dark Shadow Clan, he had been hiding all this time. His eyes sparkled with a harsh light.

From his angle, he could see a b.u.t.terfly war chariot moving away from this area. The youngster narrowed his eyes, paying more attention.

All of a sudden, that b.u.t.terfly war chariot exploded. Electric beams and fire burst off everywhere. It was. .h.i.t severely.

The youngster's pupils shrank, his face stiff.


In the burning flame, three Dark Shadow men emerged. They were panic-stricken, shouting crazily.

A muscular shadow emerged like lightning. Three white Bone Thorns flew out like deadly weapons. They tore s.p.a.ce, thrusting towards the three Dark Shadow men.

An old woman with a lot of facial wrinkles appeared all of a sudden. She extended her hand, grabbing the void. Five pallid threads shot out. They moved as if they could erode everything. They entered the G.o.d Bodies of the three Dark Shadow men.

As the teenager was watching, the three Dark Shadow men were weakened rapidly. Their bones exploded as the threads pierced through their skins. They were bleeding badly.

A mysterious and yet evil black hole appeared, floating around. A powerful suction force fiercely came from that black hole and swallowed the soul altars of the three Dark Shadow warriors.

The teenager felt very chilled. He was frightened. He then hid deeper and more carefully as he was afraid that the others could sense him.

The young man hovering above the crack recalled the three Bone Thorns. They turned into three beams of white light and disappeared into his sleeves.

That young man was nonchalant as he looked around. His cold eyes suddenly looked in the youngster's general direction.

The youngster was shaken. He had a strange feeling that the man had sensed him. His heart sank into the abyss.

That young man seemed to know that he was hiding under the crack of the iceberg. However, he didn't do anything as he frowned, nodded to the old woman, and disappeared.

The dead bodies of the three Dark Shadow warriors shriveled and dried up as if water and blood in their bodies were all sucked up. This looked extremely odd.

The fragments of the b.u.t.terfly war chariot fell grumblingly on the ice above the youngster's head, echoing clearly.

The youngster felt tense. He hesitated for a while and then hurried to move through the ice cracks. He knew he was revealed. As he was afraid that the young man would use some malicious attacks, he instinctively moved to avoid.

He had pierced through the ice cracks for a long time like a fast shuttle. After he felt relatively safe, he stopped and recalled the moment he had peeked at the others. He didn't know why he felt something towards that young man and the old woman. It seemed strange to him, anyway.

Vaguely, he felt like he had some connection with those two, but he didn't know what it was. It was just his pure intuition.

The teenager frowned, considering things inside the glacier. He hesitated whether or not he should go there and check.

"Was someone down there lately?" Fei Lan looked at Shi Yan and asked uncertainly after they had left that area. She released the pale air current, covering Zuo Shi and Xuan Ming.

"Yeah, I spotted life energy fluctuate down there. It was hidden. If I didn't cultivate Death and Life power Upanishad, I wouldn't have been able to spot it." Shi Yan nodded. "That was a member of the Dark Clan, I suppose. The Dark Clan has a profound understanding of soul power. They are good at hiding soul aura and things. Perhaps, that one was the target of the Dark Shadow Clan's troop."

"Why didn't you force him out?" Fei Lan was surprised.

"Our target is the Dark Shadow Clan. We don't need to cause more trouble." Shi Yan shook his head, frowning. "They know us too. It's not easy to ambush them anymore. It seems like we have to take real action." "Yeah, we can't ambush anymore," Fei Lan frowned. "We should wait for Leona and Ka Tuo."

Three minutes later.

Two shadows appeared with thick, murderous auras. Blood was still dripping from their fingers. Evidently, they had just murdered someone. Their hands smelled like fresh blood.

"We hunted them one more time," Ka Tuo grinned, "Once they engage in close combat, the Dark Shadow clansmen are limited. It's the fifth time, though. However, we can't find more scattered members."

"They are gathering by that expert." Fei Lan pointed to a direction, her voice mournful. "That place."

Leon and Ka Tuo looked at Shi Yan.

Since Fei Lan's man and Leona's father were confined by the Dark Shadow Clan, the resentment they had for that clan was carved into their bones. And that clan also killed the King of Demonic Insects, Devouring Gold Silkworm, and the Holy Spirit G.o.d. If Shi Yan had a chance to avenge them, he wouldn't let it slip away.

From Fu Wei, he knew that Zuo Lou, the Great Elder of Potion and Tool Pavilion, also had a close connection to the Dark Shadow Clan, and he knew that this clan came from another galaxy.

The resentment Fei Lan, Leona, and Shi Yan felt, the chance they had to slaughter a troop of the Dark Shadow Clan, and the opportunity to ask them where the Dark Shadow Clan imprisoned their loved ones were enough to support this ma.s.sacre.

"The strong warriors of the opponents are still fine. The three Ethereal G.o.d Realm experts are staying with each other. We aren't afraid of battling them; however, we may get injured afterward." Shi Yan wore a cold face. He considered for a while and then turned to face a direction. He said, "Perhaps we may try to use an available bait..."

Fei Lan's eyes brightened as she understood his idea. She agreed immediately, "We can try once."

Leona, Ka Tuo, Xuan Ming, and Zuo Shi didn't know what they meant and just looked at them.

"Over there," Fei Lan pointed at a glacier. "The one that the Dark Shadow Clan wants to find is there. He's hiding in the cracks of the glacier. If he moves, the Dark Shadow Clan will detect his aura immediately. They will go after him. Once they continue their investigation, their formation will be dismissed, and we will have a chance again."

"Should we force him to move?" Ka Tuo laughed.

"Right," Shi Yan pointed at the exact location of the teenager and said, "You go there and pound the ice underground. I think he's hiding in there. He must use his energy to move. Once he does that, the Dark Shadow Clan will find him immediately. When that happens..."

"Got it!"

Ka Tuo was excited. He smiled evilly as he dashed away.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Shortly after, they heard the noise of the ice shattering. Ka Tuo used his energy to attack the icicles over there. The several-thousand-meter glacier cracked as it got hit.

The teenager hiding in the crack of the glacier grimaced. He was foul-mouthed. However, he could only move around like a little mouse piercing through the ice. His energy burst out and his life magnetic field was exposed.

"I'm going there to force him to run. Once he leaves, the Dark Shadow Clan will chase after him with all their forces. In such an operation, the war chariots can't fly at the same speed. The battle line will be elongated. You two know what to do," said Shi Yan to Fei Lan and Leona.

The other two nodded with heavy, murderous auras.

"It's possible that they end up sending a strong team here while the others stay put. It's the best case anyway." Shi Yan had a clear thought. "If they send their strongest force, I'll hide so they won't see me. After you're done, come over there and find me."

The other two nodded again.

Shi Yan talked to Zuo Shi and Xuan Ming, "Come with me."

Xuan Ming and Zuo Shi quietly followed him.

The b.u.t.terfly war chariots of the Dark Shadow Clan gathered between three glaciers in a fan formation. The Second Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm expert's face darkened while staying in his chariot in the center of their formation. He said, "Found him!"

He thought for a while and then said resolutely. "I'm going there directly. You guys stay here and don't scatter!"

The Dark Shadow warriors on the other war chariots regarded him and said that they understand.

One of the hovering b.u.t.terfly war chariots flew away as fast as lightning.

Inside the glacier's crack, the youngster was dashing fast. His face grimaced more, his brutal eyes watching over his head, sparkling with malicious light.

Ka Tuo laughed wildly and continued to release his energy. The crazy, chaotic energy shot out madly, grumblingly pounding on the ice above the youngster's head.

The youth was so enraged. He didn't know what kind of mental disorder that madman up there had. Why did he suddenly change his target and aim at me?

He must hide away or else that madman would hit him. But if he released his energy, his life magnetic field would appear and the Dark Shadow clansmen would find him.

Considering between getting instantly damage or being caught by the Dark Shadow clansmen, he determinedly to chose the former. He continued to rush while sending his regards to Ka Tuo's family's eighteen generations.

While he ran madly, the young man who he had just seen with an old man and a lady emerged. That young man smiled, but his eyes didn't smile as he glanced at the area where the teenager was hiding underground. He mocked, "Get up here. Don't you think it's annoying?"

The teenager felt chilled as if a venomous snake was staring at him and he couldn't get away.

"I don't want to kill you. I just want to you use as bait. Come out. Don't make me force you," said Shi Yan with squinted eyes.

The youngster struggled in his mind. He used some other soul skills, but he found that he couldn't get rid of the other's soul blockade. As he couldn't help it, he emerged from the glacier with a pale face. His hair was a mess of crushed ice. He was so enraged as he said, "What do you want after all?!?"

"Help you survive this dilemma." Shi Yan chuckled, generating his G.o.d Domain and covering Ka Tuo, the youngster, Zuo Shi, and Xuan Ming. The s.p.a.ce around them rippled magnificently as dazzling light emitted around Shi Yan.

Shortly after, they disappeared into the void inside the glacier, leaving not even a single beam of an aura.

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