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The three b.u.t.terfly war chariots approached. They were discernible between the gaps of the icicles. They moved like crying shuttles.

One of them dashed over. Instantly, it hovered above an icicle in front of Shi Yan's team. The other two circled, observing like guards that prevented Shi Yan's team from escaping.

A face emerged from one of the holes on the b.u.t.terfly war chariot in front of them.

That face looked similar to most of the other creatures from many races. It had eyes, a nose, and a mouth. However, the head of that face was totally different. It looked like an octopus with many tentacles. That creature didn't have hair. Those tentacles, which were more than a meter long, were his hair.

His tentacles were brown-gray like his skin color. Each of his tentacles was a little bit bigger than a human thumb. They draped over his shoulder and chest and reached his waist. His tentacles could fly even when there was no wind.

This Dark Shadow warrior wore a set of gray armor that hid behind his tentacles. However, half of his body that protruded from the war chariot looked gentle and slender like a willow catkin. It gave people a feeling that they were floating.

Just like his wandering Soul Consciousness.

At first look, Shi Yan could confirm that he was from the Dark Shadow Clan. Tentacle-headed, a roving Soul Consciousness, and a b.u.t.terfly-shaped chariot were their unique features. He was 100% sure about those creatures' origin when he saw their features.

The other half of that Dark Shadow man was still inside the war chariot. His brown-gray eyes moved fast while wisps of his Soul Consciousness were moving around Shi Yan's team. He frowned as if he had confirmed that they weren't his targets. The man didn't say anything and retreated into his b.u.t.terfly war chariot.

The b.u.t.terfly war chariot flew away swiftly. It moved far away from this area so quickly that they couldn't see it anymore.

"They're looking for something." Shi Yan was surprised. "It should be someone. Otherwise, they wouldn't have come so quickly when they sensed our life signals."

Fei Lan nodded and agreed with him.

"That man doesn't have a high realm," Leona said with her hoa.r.s.e voice.

"Second Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm," Shi Yan concluded easily. "The Soul Consciousness of the Dark Shadow Clan was super sensitive. I heard it's because of the tentacles on their heads. Those disgusting things give them the ability to use Soul Consciousness to invade the Sea of Consciousness. They are good at soul fighting, indeed. The Dark Shadow Clan has a floating G.o.d Body. They are fast, but they aren't strong enough. Usually, they won't engage in close combat. It's their weakness..."

From the moment he had decided to go to Shadow Ghostly Prison, he had learned about everything related to this mysterious clan.

From Wu Lan, Fu Wei, and Ghost Hunter, Shi Yan had known about the Dark Shadow Clan before he had seen them. He knew their advantages and disadvantages.

"What should we do?" Ka Tuo grinned fiendishly. "Are we capable of defeating them?"

"Don't rush. Just watch for a while to a.s.sess their general competence. There are around ten b.u.t.terfly war chariots entering this place. If each of them has one Second Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm expert, we must not act rashly!" hissed Shi Yan.

"I don't think so," Ka Tuo laughed. "If they came here with such a strong force, they wouldn't have let us go that easily. I think they perhaps thought that we were troublesome and they didn't want trouble."

Fei Lan nodded.

Shi Yan chuckled, "Indeed. Anyway, we still need to make sure about it. We can't be impulsive."

"I understand."

Around ten b.u.t.terfly war chariots were roaming between the glaciers. They were exploring as their Soul Consciousnesses raked around the area.

Shi Yan's team gathered and quietly moved around the area that the b.u.t.terfly war chariots were operating. Sometimes, they stopped by the icicles to check.

After one hour.

"There are around fifty of them. Each b.u.t.terfly war chariot has three to five warriors. They have only one Second Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm expert, two First Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm experts, and the rest are at Original G.o.d Realm or King G.o.d Realm." Shi Yan opened his eyes and spoke to the others while standing on an iceberg. He lowered his voice, "We can't defeat them at once."

Fei Lan, Leona, and Ka Tuo were shocked. They became cold immediately. They knew that Shi Yan had made up his mind.

Zuo Shi and Xuan Ming were frightened, looking at him bewilderedly. They were so skeptical.

Among this group of four, Fei Lan was at Second Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm, Leona had First Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm, while Ka Tuo and Shi Yan were at Third Sky of Original G.o.d Realm. With these competencies, they wanted to strike the group of Dark Shadow Clan. In Zuo Shi's and Xuan Ming's eyes, they were crazy.

"If they surround us and attack us at once, it will be hard to get out of it safely." As Leona used to be the regimental commander of the b.l.o.o.d.y Legion of the Dark Firmament Divine Nation, she understood this kind of fighting well. She continued with a fierce face, "Divide them to attack. We will start with the weakest or the ones that stay furthest from their team. We must do this fast! Once we finish, we must move quickly. We just need to do so three or maybe five times max and then we can destroy half of their force. Our chance to win will be bigger!"

"We should do it like that!" Ka Tuo nodded continually.

He used to be the leader of a Pirate force. He had his skills in team battles. He thought Leona's tactic was flawlessly perfect. Apparently, it suited them the most.

"Alright!" Shi Yan wasn't hesitant at the critical time. He decided the plan, squinting. "Wait for a while. First, we will lock the b.u.t.terfly war chariot that is flying furthest away from the others."

He knew that they shouldn't delay. If they wanted to attack the Dark Shadow Clan, they had to seize the chance when the others were scattered in their searching mission.

Once the Dark Shadow clansmen found their targets, they would gather. If they attacked them at that time, it wasn't different from putting their heads in their fishnet.

A flow of Soul Consciousness with s.p.a.ce power moved like an invisible lightning strike between the glaciers. High-realm warriors could feel the energy of something moving at breakneck speed. However, since that wisp of Soul Consciousness had s.p.a.ce power, they couldn't lock it.

Three seconds later, Shi Yan opened his eyes. He didn't talk but flew fast towards a general direction.

Leona and Ka Tuo didn't hesitate. They turned into a dark light and a gray mist respectively and followed him.

Fei Lan slightly frowned. She begrudgingly urged her powers to bring Zuo Shi and Xuan Ming, turning into a pale air current and flying towards a crack in the glacier.

A b.u.t.terfly war chariot was moving around a dark, ice peak. Five Dark Shadow warriors had half of their upper bodies protruding from the sh.e.l.l chariot. Their tentacles were moving around while they observed the place with cold, indifferent eyes.

In that group of five members of the Dark Shadow Clan, there was one at Third Sky of Original G.o.d Realm expert, one at Second Sky of Original G.o.d Realm, and the other three had King G.o.d Realm. When their tentacles touched each other while floating around, they sent electric sparks into the void. It seemed like that was how their Soul Consciousnesses interacted and how it powered up their sensing powers.

The Soul Consciousness of Third Sky of Original G.o.d Realm clansman responded. The Dark Shadow man shouted, his eyes sparkling. "Someone's here!"

The other four Dark Shadow warriors cheered up. They gathered their Soul Consciousnesses, contributing energy to each other.

Standing behind an ice rock, Shi Yan quietly came closer. He arched his brows, his eyes cold.

He could feel the Dark Shadow man's Soul Consciousness sensing. Indeed, their sensing powers were terrifying. He had planned to come nearer before striking them. However, they had spotted him earlier.

Without hesitation, he attacked instantly when his life signal was discovered!

Shi Yan's soul altar spun, urging his refined power Upanishad. Three electric-like ribbons flashed and then disappeared into thin air.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The three cold white Bone Thorns shot out from a s.p.a.ce slit with a power that could crush the void. They grumblingly stabbed the b.u.t.terfly war chariot.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The impact upon the b.u.t.terfly war chariot sounded clear and pleasing. It was so tough that it didn't shatter instantly. However, it was blown, spinning aimlessly. The five Dark Shadow men were dizzy. Their bodies were swaying hard on that war chariot.


A beam of pale light crossed over. One of the Dark Shadow men at King G.o.d Realm had a bleeding hole in his neck. His blood was sent away like arrows.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

The white light continued to roar as if it came to take the souls away, which affected the souls severely.

The b.u.t.terfly war chariot was still spinning. The other four Dark Shadow men were panic-stricken. They couldn't help but scream awfully, trying to call their fellow men.


A cold and low voice arose like an evil spell. The b.u.t.terfly war chariot was suspended in their s.p.a.ce. Sounds couldn't even pierce through what seemed to be a barrier.

The endless darkness had attacked them all of a sudden. The s.p.a.ce confining them became so dark that they couldn't even see their own fingers. In that darkness, which was as thick as ink, their Soul Consciousnesses couldn't navigate.

Seeing the darkness fall over them, Shi Yan halted midway. He released his Soul Consciousness, searching the new target. When Ka Tuo and Fei Lan arrived, he hissed, "Leave it to Leona. We'll attack the new target."

Then, he dashed away, disappearing like an arrow.

In a corner of the crystal icy world underground, the Second Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm expert took out a pocket compa.s.s, his face grimaced.

The compa.s.s had many exquisite lines, expanding around. It showed many spooky green light dots. Each of them represented one of his troops. The compa.s.s was his tool to locate his troops.

However, the green light dots in his compa.s.s had disappeared continually...

He knew what it meant when the light dots disappeared!

His troopers had their souls connected to the compa.s.s. If one of them didn't die utterly, which meant that their soul altars still remained, the light dots wouldn't disappear even if their G.o.d Bodies were smashed.

That light dots represented the life seal of a soul!

In another area, the three light dots disappear from his compa.s.s!

The Dark Shadow expert paled. He hissed, "Stop our searching mission! Send my message asking our fellows to gather here! Immediately!"

The two First Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm experts next to him were shaken. They hurried to send the message.

"Someone is hunting us down." He took a deep breath, his restless mind gradually calming down. It felt like he had cold water splash away his flames of anger. "It's the group of humans we've seen earlier."

His two troops had eyes as cold as a glacier. They shouted in unison, "They don't know whether they should live or not!"

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