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On their way, they saw more fragments of battleships and war chariots, and a lot more corpses of warriors from different clans.

Shadow Ghostly Prison had battles year-round. It didn't have a peaceful day. This place was the most chaotic area of Agate Star Area. Its dwellers got used to wars and b.l.o.o.d.y battles. Many warriors had experienced hundreds of battles. They all had various fighting experiences.

People living in this place were naturally cruel. People who could adapt well were able to survive. There was no principle here aside from power. The realm and competence were the rulers that measured warriors.

"Senior, Shadow Ghostly Prison is really vast. Without a direction, it's hard to find the target." Ka Tuo felt a little-bored standing on the asteroid looking at the floating fragments of battleships nearby. He asked reluctantly, "When will we reach the other end of this place?"

They had been traveling for half a month in Shadow Ghostly Prison, always heading forward. They had seen a lot of terrible aftermaths of battles, but they hadn't found any living creature.

This dark and desolate sea of stars didn't seem to have anything alive. Gradually, people had become impatient. This dispirited and helpless feeling of being unable to find their target slowly filled their souls.

"No hurry. We have a clear direction. It's just that you don't know it." Shi Yan scolded him, standing on the bluish asteroid and looking at the far distance ahead of them. A scarlet drop of blood that looked like a gemstone cracked open. Strange energy fluctuations emerged from it.

It was the light that the souls couldn't see that extended towards the corners of this deep area. In just a blink, it could travel billions of miles.

Squinting, Shi Yan's eyes sparkled with blood light. He had a connection with that drop of blood. The magical energy fluctuated and rippled from him.

"We will continue moving forward," he turned to look at Fei Lan.

Fei Lan nodded quietly. She didn't say anything, unceasingly pouring more energy into that blue-gray meteorite that they were riding. The rock then flew forward even faster.

Zuo Shi and Xuan Ming sat neatly in a corner of the steroid, their breathing steady and deep and eyes closed. They were still cultivating and studying powers Upanishad. They were using divine crystals to acc.u.mulate energy with the hope of advancing further.

While their meteorite was dashing, Shi Yan observed Zuo Shi. He was really amazed.

He could see that Zuo Shi's energy was increasing every day. Although her energy acc.u.mulation wasn't as fast as Shi Yan's when he used Devouring power Upanishad, Zuo Shi's speed of taking in divine crystals was something that ordinary people couldn't compare.

Zuo Shi's blood contained the true blood of Holy Beast Black Tortoise. The Black Tortoise was a creature born in the Immemorial Epoch of Grace Mainland. It had jumped into outer s.p.a.ce very early. From some aspect, Immemorial creatures were more favored by Nature than the G.o.d Clan and Demon Clan.

Their existences were created by the mysteries of earth and heaven. It seemed like they could understand the nature of their powers right when they started to cultivate it. Each of those creatures had powers that could shatter the world.

The Holy Beast Black Tortoise was the holy spirit of Water. Legends said that from the moment it was born, it had gained the subtle power of Water. Its bloodline also had the essence of Water power, which could be pa.s.sed on to each generation. However, sometimes this power was weak and sometimes it was very powerful.

Xuan Ming was from the same race as Black Tortoise, but due to the fact that the inheritance had been pa.s.sed through many different generations, his bloodline wasn't pure.

However, it was unknown why Zuo Shi had an extremely pure bloodline. Xuan Ming felt like he had picked up the top treasure when he found Zuo Shi. He insisted that Zuo Shi's blood was the closest to his Holy ancestor Black Tortoise. She was the most eligible descendant to inherit the extreme Essence of Water from Black Tortoise.

Frowning and sensing, Shi Yan's countenance was strange. He nodded discreetly.

He didn't doubt what Xuan Ming had told him about Zuo Shi's ability anymore.

Zuo Shi was born to cultivate the essence Water power Upanishad. Her blood contained the mysterious power Upanishad that made her cultivation have no bottleneck. Her realm was increasing every day, although it was just by a little at a time.

This kind of rapid advancement made someone with a speedy progress like Shi Yan admire and appraise.

If there were geniuses in this world, Zuo Shi was one of them. Compared to her talent, Shi Yan wasn't good enough.

Knowing someone was watching her, Zuo Shi opened her eyes. When she found that it was Shi Yan, she smiled sweetly. "Why are you looking at me?"

"You are at Third Sky of King G.o.d Realm. I want to know when you can enter Original G.o.d Realm."

"When..." Zuo Shi thought and then answered him, "It should be short. I think around half a year later, I can break through to Original G.o.d Realm."

Fei Lan, Leona, and Ka Tuo didn't notice them. However, they became baffled upon hearing Zuo Shi. They looked at Zuo Shi as if they were watching a monster with astounded faces.

They knew that Zuo Shi had just reached Second Sky of King G.o.d Realm when they were on Fu Wei's battleship. How long has it been? And she said that she could reach Original G.o.d Realm within half a year. What kind of cultivating speed was that?

Abnormal! Totally Abnormal!

Fei Lan's team acclaimed in their heads.

Quite the contrary, Xuan Ming didn't feel strange. He'd accompanied Zuo Shi for so many years that he had become numb to her progress a long time ago. He wasn't surprised at all.

"Yeah, it's really fast this time. Previously, I couldn't be that fast. When I broke through to another realm, it used to take several years," Zuo Shi explained humbly. "It's because of Fu Wei's pellet. She gave me a lot of pellets to cultivate the soul and energy. They are all level 5 or 6 Divine Grade pellets. Those pellets have helped me acc.u.mulate energy really fast. And at the same time, I don't need to worry about the progress of my realm. That's how I naturally break through faster."

"So when you didn't use pellets, it took 'several years' to break through a realm?" Ka Tuo was baffled. He scratched his head agitatedly. He thought that he was about to collapse.

"Yeah, I didn't have pellets, so I just used divine crystals to acc.u.mulate energy. Of course, it was really slow," Zuo Shi answered earnestly. ,

Ka Tuo dropped his jaw, looking at Zuo Shi and then Shi Yan. He couldn't speak for a long time.

Fei Lan and Leona were also dumbstruck.

"It's the ancient continent though. It has mysteries that we would never be able to imagine. It could nurture such talents." Fei Lan sighed dejectedly, having a feeling of being defeated.

Previously, they couldn't understand Shi Yan's miracle in his cultivation. However, they finally understood why Shi Yan didn't have any blockage in acc.u.mulating energy since they accompanied him for a long time. They now knew why Shi Yan could cultivate that quickly.

But Zuo Shi...

She was just an ordinary little girl. Without that terrifying Devouring power Upanishad, how could she be so unusually talented?

The three of them looked at each other, shaking their heads and sighing inwardly. They thought that they would never be able to catch up with these two little monsters.

"Fu Wei jie-jie was really nice," Zuo Shi c.o.c.ked her head, blinking innocently. "When we left the battleship, I saw that she feel so lost. She didn't want it. I think she didn't want us to leave."

Shi Yan frowned and didn't say anything.

They had traveled a long way afterward.

Today, they finally saw some war chariots flying. Those were the b.u.t.terfly-shaped war chariots, which were flat like sh.e.l.ls. Each war chariot had some holes that allowed people to stay. Shi Yan's team could vaguely see many people inside.

There were around ten b.u.t.terfly-shaped war chariots made of a strange wooden material. They looked light but durable, so they flew really fast. The edges of those war chariots emitted strange light beams of energy.

Those b.u.t.terfly war chariots were heading to a desolate star, which looked like a ruin with many bottomless deep holes running directly into the core of the star. Those in-depth caves released cold air currents.

Apparently, it was an abandoned mineral star. Perhaps it was exploited until it was emptied out. Ten b.u.t.terfly war chariots hissed, descended, and then flew into the deep holes. They released their Soul Consciousness, extending deep further.

"Their Soul Consciousnesses are extraordinary. It's hard to lock them." Fei Lan stood up quietly. Immediately, the asteroid they were riding halted ten thousand meters away from that mineral star. She frowned and said to Shi Yan, "Seems like they're looking for something. They all sent their Soul Consciousnesses deep inside that mineral star."

Shi Yan's visage wasn't pleasant. His eyes became darker as he said, "They are Dark Shadow Clan warriors."

Hearing him, Fei Lan and Leona put on cold countenances. Fei Lan took a deep breath, her murderous aura emitting thickly. "Are they really members of the Dark Shadow Clan?"

"b.u.t.terfly-shaped war chariots, unidentified Soul Consciousness... They are the features of the Dark Shadow Clan," Shi Yan nodded. "I got this information from Fu Wei when I chatted with her. I think we aren't wrong."

Fei Lan and Leona looked so cold. They had ferocious and malignant looks when they observed that mineral star.

"Let's go there and check it out," said Shi Yan indifferently.

Fei Lan immediately controlled the meteorite, heading towards the abandoned, desolate mineral star. This mineral star had countless holes. They were like the dark abyss leading to the subterranean world. Cold Qi fumed from each hole as if the materials in this mineral stars belonged to the Ice cla.s.s.

When they landed on the mineral star, all the b.u.t.terfly war chariots of Dark Ghost Clan had all disappeared into the holes. Shi Yan quietly sensed for a while. He found that those wisps of roving Soul Consciousness still seeped deep into the place as if they were trying to find something.

"We're going down there too." Shi Yan jumped off the asteroid and then plunged into a hole.

In their group, Fei Lan had Second Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm, but her real fighting competence could compare to Peak of Ethereal G.o.d Realm. Leona and Ka Tuo were also the kind of warriors that could leap their realms and challenge other higher-realm warriors. Shi Yan's competence was somehow immeasurable, anyway. Unless they encountered Incipient G.o.d Realm existences down there, they wouldn't have to bear much damage.

If they were unlucky and faced many Peak of Ethereal G.o.d Realm experts, Shi Yan had the confidence to move his team to the nearest s.p.a.ce nod within a blink of an eye.

As he was confident, he wasn't fearful. He led his team into the ground.

They had pierced through dozens of thousands of meters before the extremely cold subterranean world appeared in their vision. This mineral star had many crystal glaciers. It looked like a dreamy icy gla.s.s world. The glaciers and icicles stood and supported this world, giving it a s.p.a.cious but empty look.

The hissing noise came from the b.u.t.terfly war chariots which arose from the continuous ice mountains. Roving wisps of Soul Consciousness raked through the place as if they were trying to find anything alive.

After Shi Yan's team got into the icy world underground, their life energies fluctuated clearly. They immediately became the target of the Dark Shadow clansmen. Shortly after, the b.u.t.terfly war chariots began to fly towards them, shortening the distance between them.

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