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The Blood Shield hovered like a mountain. It protected the entire Mysterious Heavenly Glacier as if it was a ma.s.sive, iron wall that blockaded everything. At the same time, the brutal, bloodthirsty aura surged and expanded fiercely. It covered the area of more than one thousand miles around.

The blood mark on that shield wiggled while the bloodlines moved like worms. It looked like a living object.

Blood from hundreds of dead Ghost Mark warriors flew in the void like the raindrops. They made the Blood Shield dark and cruel to the utmost. It looked as if it had become the source of all evil things in this world.

The sharp tip of the Thunder G.o.d Spear stabbed the shield at the center of the blood mark. The silver spear sprung as if some evil energy had attacked it. Fine cracks began to appear on the spear.

Warriors of the Ghost Mark Clan and Potion and Tool Pavilion kept silent as they were all gazing at the shield. They were aghast because none of them knew what was going on.

Fu Wei stood on the Mysterious Heavenly Glacier, her face pale and stern. She furrowed her bold brows, her bright eyes gazing at the Blood Shield. She was so confused.

Du Lin, the chosen Son of Heaven of the Ghost Mark Clan, paled. His keen eyes raked through the area to find something.

Although he was struggling in his mind, Du Lin took a deep breath and spoke respectfully to the dark void, "Who interfered with our Ghost Mark Clan's matter?"

He released his Soul Consciousness, trying to swamp over the Blood Shield. However, as soon as his Soul Consciousness touched it, his consciousness was distorted as if he had sunk into a peat bog that was very tough to get rid of. His soul energy was consumed ma.s.sively.

Being grim, Du Lin's heart sank into the abyss. He anxiously looked at the shield that had appeared out of nowhere. He was reluctant that he couldn't move forward or retreat.

No one replied to him.

The ma.s.sive Blood Shield seemed to be unowned. With his realm and powerful Soul Consciousness, Du Lin couldn't detect the general direction of the owner of this shield. He became sterner and more anxious. He looked around, his eyes panic-stricken.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The subtle lightning flashes shot out from the tip of the Thunder G.o.d Spear. However, the Blood Qi immediately burst them off and dissolved them.

The short spear sprung severely...

Du Lin was restlessly terrified. The dim-lit surroundings were absolutely quiet, making his soul uneasy. He felt as if a pair of evil eyes were hiding in the dark, gazing at each of his moves.

"We, the Ghost Mark Clan, will remember this." Taking a deep breath, Du Lin said something curt like that. Then, his mind flickered as he grabbed the void and retrieved the Thunder G.o.d Spear. The spear turned into a lightning strike, disappearing into his sleeve.

"Let's go!" Du Lin suddenly shouted, flying toward his Mad Shark battleship.

All the warriors of the Ghost Mark Clan were surprised. They looked at him with great confusion on their faces.

The three elders of the Ghost Mark Clan hesitated. They couldn't help but shout, "Young Master!"

Du Lin's face was dark and cold, shouting at them. "I told you to leave! Did you not hear me?!?"

The three elders of the Ghost Mark Clan discolored. They didn't dare to say more. They spread his order.

Members of the Ghost Mark Clan scattered like fish swimming in the sea. They returned quietly to their battleship. All of them felt as if they had a big rock hanging above their hearts as they looked at the hovering Blood Shield in silence. Du Lin's battleship started leaving quietly.

All the guards of Potion and Tool Pavilion were shocked. Seeing the Ghost Mark Clan's battleships retreat like a low tide, they felt so happy that they burst out cheering.

Standing on the Mysterious Heavenly Glacier, Fu Wei looked at the giant Blood Shield with a complicated countenance. She was bewildered for a while and then she bent her body to thank the mysterious helper. "Thank you for your support, precursor."

She didn't know who was controlling that ma.s.sive Blood Shield.


A blood light shot toward the unknown area of the immense outer s.p.a.ce. The ma.s.sive Blood Shield shrank rapidly, flying away with the blood light. It disappeared shortly after.

Five thousand miles away.

Du Lin's face was dark and harsh. He swallowed a red pellet, panting.

The three Elders of the Ghost Mark Clan stood silently by him. They looked confused and complicated.

"... Young Master," one of them called him in a low voice.

Du Lin awoke from his thought. He instinctively took a deep breath, his face pale. "Its level was much higher than the Thunder G.o.d Spear!"

The three Ghost Mark elders were frightened.

They finally understood why Du Lin insisted on retreating.

The Original Incipient Grade weapons were cla.s.sified in seven levels. The Thunder G.o.d Spear was at level 2 and it was already a top treasure in the Ghost Mark Clan. Its reputation was well-known around Agate Star Area.

However, the level of that giant Blood Shield was much higher than the Thunder G.o.d Spear. What kind of f*cking intimidating character was able to control this weapon?

No wonder why their Young Master decided to retreat even though his question wasn't answered. He even forgot Zuo Lou's order. He didn't keep his mind on the Canon.

In Agate Star Area, there are some unwritten rules that everyone knows. The higher level the divine weapon was, the higher the power and realm of its owner. Those who could control Original Incipient Grade weapons were at least at Peak of Ethereal G.o.d Realm. Most of them were at Incipient G.o.d Realm.

If the user's realm and energy weren't enough, he couldn't utilize the divine weapon or protect it.

As that shield was a high-level weapon, its owner was also likely an intimidating existence who could stand firm in this world. Du Lin couldn't detect the aura of the Blood Shield's owner. However, he instinctively a.s.sumed that that helper's realm and understanding of power Upanishad were beyond his perception from the quality of the shield.

He was scared so he left immediately. The three Elders of the Ghost Mark Clan and Du Lin thought that it was a wise move.

"Each divine weapon at Original Incipient Grade is recorded in detail by Potion and Tool Pavilion. The higher level the weapon is, the more detailed the description will be." Du Lin's voice was tired and husky. "But that blood shield... I have never heard about it before. I don't know its origin and its owner. I don't want the Mad Shark Fleet and everybody else to get involved in this!"

"Young Master, you're wise!" The three Elders of the Ghost Mark Clan were shocked. They respectfully expressed their opinion.

Under any point of view, Du Lin's decision was unquestionable. Since that hidden expert could control a divine weapon that was stronger than the Thunder G.o.d Spear, that helper should be at Peak of Incipient G.o.d Realm in their eyes. This kind of expert was strong enough to clean up their Mad Shark Fleet and burn them into ashes!

The other had just shielded the Mysterious Heavenly Glacier and hadn't done anything to attack. Du Lin's side thought that it was the opponent's warning and that they should know their competence...

If they couldn't recognize it, the next attack would crush them all!

Du Lin had a good sense. He initially retreated and gave up the Canon. He wanted to protect himself and his family's force. Even if Zuo Lou felt irritated, he couldn't voice anything.

"Notify the Great Elder. Report our battle in detail. Do not miss any information. Stress about the giant Blood Shield. I think... he may know something." Du Lin waved his hand helplessly. He felt tired. He had traveled thousands of miles, caused a grudge against Fu Wei, and left hundreds of his soldiers behind... To Du Lin, it was an unprecedented attack.

The three Elders left quietly. They all looked sad and dispirited.

In the vast universe, Fu Wei retrieved the Mysterious Heavenly Glacier. She returned to the deck of her battleship with a pale face.

Potion and Tool Pavilion's guards who were scattering around the deck greeted her quietly.

Fu Wei's beautiful body was damp with sweat. She smoothed her cascading long hair. Her bright, complicated eyes swept through the warriors standing on the deck. She asked with surprise. "Where's Shi Yan? I just saw him here."

"Not long after you and Du Lin had engaged in the battle, he quietly left to the training room."

Fu Wei furrowed her bold brows. She contemplated, looking at the vast universe in the direction that ma.s.sive shield had disappeared. She said, "We've met our savior."

An Yun totally agreed with her and nodded. "I wonder which precursor has just helped us. Otherwise, we would have had a fatal consequence this time. Anyway..." She paused, speaking suspiciously, "We don't have any record of that shield in our records of Original Incipient Grade weapons."

Fu Wei's soft body shivered, "No? Are you sure???"

An Yun nodded again, "I'm sure. We don't have any information."

The light in Fu Wei's bright eyes rippled. She had many thoughts in her mind, so she was absorbed into her thoughts for a long time.

"That shield... is much stronger than the Thunder G.o.d Spear."

An Yun was baffled, asking unconsciously, "What level?"

Fu Wei shook her head, "I don't know... It seems to be beyond my knowledge. I think that even our current Pavilion Master doesn't have the capability to refine such a powerful weapon. The formation carved on that shield was really marvelous. It looked so real and it was changing every second. I couldn't see the mysteries of that kind of formation."

An Yun shivered in fear.

She knew Fu Wei's level in refining tools. Fu Wei was a rare talent who came once every ten thousand years in Potion and Tool Pavilion. She was also the prominent candidate for the precious throne of the Pavilion Master. Her knowledge of refining things was approved by the Elders. They agreed that her attainment was much better than most of the Elders.

If she couldn't understand the changing formation on the Blood Shield, it was enough to prove that the shield was one of the top rarest divine weapons in this world.

"Perhaps... It doesn't belong in our Agate Star Area," said Fu Wei after pondering for a long time.

An Yun was more inexplicably surprised.

"It doesn't belong in our Agate Star Area... It doesn't belong in our Agate Star Area..." Fu Wei was baffled. After a while, she seemed to recall something. Her blue eyes glistered. She whispered instinctively, "... He... Our Potion and Tool Pavilion doesn't have any record about him. He's not from Agate Star Area. Right?"

She shook her head, laughing at her own idea. She thought that she was too skeptical then. Maybe be she was so tired that she had tried to link the two things that wouldn't have anything in common.

How could an Original G.o.d Realm warrior control a divine weapon that was stronger than the Thunder G.o.d Spear?

It was not logical, indeed.

Even if an Original G.o.d Realm warrior had such a divine weapon, he shouldn't have been able to parry Du Lin's attack. It's common sense, right?

She tried to reason with her common sense and she came up with the conclusion that she was just overthinking it. She laughed at her silly idea and thought that it was because she was too tired. Thus, she quit mulling over this thought.

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