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As the Thunder G.o.d Spear had torn the protective light curtain in just one strike, dozens of Potion and Tool Pavilion's warriors turned into charcoal. A larger number continued to try resisting the erosive effect of lightning in their bodies.

Du Lin descended on the deck of the battleship, clutching a silver spear. Lightning bolts wound around that spear like tongues of venomous snakes. Although its murderous aura was invisible, no one dared to confront this spear.

The tremendous weapon of Original Incipient Grade!

Although this Agate Star Area was vast, the number of Original Incipient Grade weapons could be counted with a person's fingers. Each of them was well-known and their masters were a small group of influential people who topped the world.

Du Lin grasped the electric spear as if he was holding the entire world. His body expressed some kind of arrogance and confidence, giving a ma.s.sive pressure that suffocated Potion and Tool Pavilion's warriors.

The Ghost Mark clansmen didn't cheer when they saw Du Lin tear through the protective halo of the battleship with one strike as they thought that it was inevitable. They knew Du Lin's competence. They knew that he had the capacity to do that. Thus, the Ghost Mark warriors were calm, approaching and surrounding warriors of Potion and Tool Pavilion on the ma.s.sive battleship from every direction.

Without the protective halo, they were able to jump onto the ma.s.sive battleship whenever they wanted. Due to the close distance, the crystal artilleries weren't a threat to them anymore.

At this moment, in the eyes of the Ghost Mark warriors, they knew that the result of this battle was determined. They knew when Du Lin became severe and put his affection for Fu Wei aside, the girl wouldn't have a chance.

On Fu Wei's battleship, Feng An of Potion and Tool Pavilion was pale, gritting his teeth while gazing at Du Lin. However, he didn't dare to come over and challenge the young man. He could only watch the guards of his side trying to resist the lightning strikes. Feng An felt painfully reluctant.

Du Lin was at Third Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm and he had put one step through the threshold to Incipient G.o.d Realm. With the Thunder G.o.d Spear, the divine weapon and an Original Incipient Grade treasure, in his hand, who can endure a battle with him on this battleship?

Feng An's face was so solemn.

Du Lin stood alone in the crowd of Potion and Tool Pavilion's guards. He hadn't done anything rashly and just waited in silence. His eyes laid on the control center of this big battleship. He's waiting for someone. He's waiting for that girl to give him the Canon.

As he stood still, none of the Ghost Mark warriors dared to take action. Also, no guard of Potion and Tool Pavilion had the guts to provoke opponents.

The battleship was now so quiet that they would even hear the sound of a falling needle.

Staying inside the control center, An Yun paled, her eyes panic-stricken. A storm arose in her heart.

She suddenly recognized that she was wrong. Totally wrong. She had underrated Du Lin and she had underestimated Zuo Lou's determination to get the Canon!

Although Potion and Tool Pavilion had some unceasing compet.i.tion. They had all happened in the dark. They weren't going to expose anything and make it accelerate to the extreme point they had to kill one Elder.

One Elder's death would enrage all the other Elders of Potion and Tool Pavilion, which led to the rage of the Pavilion Master. An Yun had a.s.sumed that the Great Elder wanted only the Canon and that he wouldn't hurt Fu Wei.

The appearance of Du Lin made An Yun instinctively make the wrong a.s.sumption she had made. Because she knew Du Lin loved Fu Wei better than anyone else.

As Zuo Lou had sent Du Lin here, An Yun thought he didn't want to push this mess to the point he couldn't clean it later. Thus, he didn't send a more malignant subordinate. However, she was wrong. She had wronged Zuo Lou's crazy desire of the Canon and Zuo Lou's understanding of Du Lin.

It turned out that in a critical moment, Du Lin could be a savage...

An Yun sighed and couldn't help but look at Fu Wei with blood on her face. Her complicated look switched to the man who stood firm like a rock. She felt utterly hopeless.

Unfortunately, the big difference between their realms couldn't be made up simply... He hasn't reached a profound realm yet...

Fu Wei sat quietly for a moment. She wiped out the blood trickles on the corners of her mouth. She stood up, said nothing, and walked straight outside. Looking at Du Lin standing in between Potion and Tool Pavilion's guards, she sighed weakly, her face bitter.

Du Lin seemed emotional. He clenched his fingers around the spear, sighing. "I didn't want everything to turn out like this."

Fu Wei nodded and her eyes glistened beautifully. "As we're in this situation, we can only meet in a death or life combat. I die and you take the Canon. Or I defeat you and you leave."

"You're not my opponent." Du Lin shivered unnaturally, his visage distressed. "I really don't want to attack you. As long as you hand me the Canon, I'll leave immediately. I won't trouble you anymore."

"No," Fu Wei sighed inwardly. Looking at Du Lin, she whispered, "You have your principles and I have my stubbornness. I won't step back."

While talking, an emerald ring on Fu Wei's white wrist glowed in the blue light. It rippled, revealing beautiful scenery of mountains and rivers like a monochronic picture. The magical blue energy condensed, exposing that magnificent world little by little.

Ice mountains emerged and shrank right into Fu Wei's palm. The mountain range fabricated by the icy beams created a bitter cold world where glaciers flowed and congregated. Eventually, it created a small ice mountain.

The ice mountain had many magical and mysterious symbols. They looked like some heavenly body had drawn them. Waves of cold air expanded, drowning the real world in its coldness.

Du Lin was stern, looking at the world of the glacier in Fu Wei's hand. He watched the ice mountain with solemn eyes.

It was unknown when Shi Yan and An Yun had walked out of the control center. They now all gazed at the glacier in her hand.

An Yun had a reluctant pain showing in her face.

Shi Yan was bewildered. He turned to ask An Yun, "Is that glacier an Original Incipient Grade weapon?"

Fu Wei was at Second of Ethereal G.o.d Realm and she cultivated Fire power Upanishad. It was common to blacksmiths and alchemists. However, Shi Yan didn't know Fu Wei had cultivated Ice power Upanishad as her minor power besides the Fire power Upanishad. Ice and Fire usually couldn't blend together. Fu Wei's decision had surprised Shi Yan.

When Fu Wei at Second Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm had been hurt by Du Lin's previous attack, Shi Yan didn't have enough time and energy to help her recover.

Du Lin was at Peak of Ethereal G.o.d Realm and he also had a divine weapon of Original Incipient Grade. Thunder G.o.d Spear was really famous in Agate Star Area. It was the top weapon of the Ghost Mark Clan, which had drunk a lot of blood.

It had shouldered the glory of the Ghost Mark Clan for tens of thousands of years.

An Yun nodded gently. "The Mysterious Heavenly Glacier was refined by the Second Pavilion Master. It has thousands of glaciers in the cold area of the North Pole as the foundation together with several hundred icy materials. To fabricate the Mysterious Heavenly Glacier, the Second Pavilion Master had fallen into bedevilment. Eventually, his soul vanished when he finished creating the Mysterious Heavenly Glacier."

Shi Yan frowned and didn't reply here. His face was getting more serious.

"Your main power is Fire and the Ice power's just a minor power Upanishad. Ice and Fire can't blend together. At the same time, the Mysterious Heavenly Glacier can't control my Thunder G.o.d Spear." Du Lin's face was reluctantly bitter. "We shouldn't fight anymore. Give me the Canon and we will end all of this. Okay?"

Fu Wei's furrowed her bold brows, gently shaking her head.

Du Lin's face stiffened. He stood there bewilderedly.

Warriors of the Ghost Mark Clan gathered in four corners of this ma.s.sive battleship. Before Du Lin ordered, no one dared to reach the deck.

Potion and Tool Pavilion's guards including Feng An and An Yun stood there with cold faces. However, they just looked at Du Lin and intervened with nothing.

The Original Incipient Grade weapons were really intimidating. Once they were used, they could draw the catastrophe to the entire star area. Du Lin and Fu Wei were holding their divine weapons. At this moment, no one could interfere with their combat.

"Don't destroy my battleship. We should move to another place." Fu Wei took a deep breath. She smiled at Du Lin tenderly and flew out, soaring into the sea of stars.

Members of the Ghost Mark Clan leaned and moved out of her way, letting her fly through their crowd at ease.

Du Lin nodded quietly. He didn't say more and followed her. They floated in the vast galaxy. He shouted at his forces, "Scatter. Without my order, don't make a move!"

The Ghost Mark warrior respectfully left, scattering away from that battleship.

Guards of the Potion and Tool Pavilion exhaled in relief. However, they recalled something so they became sterner.

"Could she defeat Du Lin?" Shi Yan frowned, looking at An Yun. "She cultivates Fire power Upanishad and her realm is lower than his. Even if she gets a divine weapon, her opponent has one. What do you think about this battle?"

An Yun sighed, talking. "Elders of Potion and Tool Pavilion have invested their efforts only in refining pellets and forging treasures. Compared to the real fighters, their experience and timing in fighting are so bad."

Shi Yan suddenly understood.

"If she failed, what would happen?" pausing for a while, he continued.

"We can't keep the Canon." An Yun pondered, choosing her words. "If Young Elder can give it up resolutely, maybe she'll be alright. Although she looks tender, she's really stubborn. I'm afraid she...",

Shi Yan's face darkened.

Billions of lightning strikes weaved in the void like a ma.s.sive spider web expanding everywhere in the sea of stars. Du Lin held the spear in his hand, standing in the center of the lightning web. He was acc.u.mulating energy.

Fu Wei was wearing a long blue dress, her palm holding the small glacier. Along with her realm and her increasing energy, the glacier was enlarging, releasing the freezing cold air to everywhere. This woman who used to be as tender as water now had an icy cold aura.

Ssss! Ssss!

Lightning strikes wiggled, congregating into the Thunder G.o.d Spear. The electric silver spear of an arm size flashed with exquisite and elaborate drawings and patterns. Gradually, it had the power to release scorching lightning strikes. Billions of lightning strikes in the world seemed to have the same home. They flooded towards the electric spear rapidly.

The blinding electric lights shot out, mingling with each other. They created a lightning web, covering Fu Wei entirely.

The Thunder G.o.d Spear became a bunch of lightning strikes sweeping through the galaxy. It aimed at Fu Wei with formidable momentum.

The extremely cold glacier where Fu Wei was sitting released the thick cold mist, which dyed the entire world with white snow. Snowflakes and frost fell on the crystal glacier. All of them made the most beautiful, perfect piece of art. They stood in the way of the spear.

Crack! Crack!

The Mysterious Heavenly Glacier was. .h.i.t, sending pieces of ice everywhere. The glacier rumbled. Fu Wei paled. Her body shivered as the glacier shook.

Du Lin sighed deeply. His face looked so begrudging. However, the Thunder G.o.d Spear he sent away didn't cease. It reloaded the power of billions of lightning strikes, preparing for a new thrusting attack.

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