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Shi Yan shot up from his seat. His eyes were blood-red while murderous auras in his body soared up into the sky.

Lifted up his head to look at the light curtain dyed in the red hue of blood, Shi Yan grinned and spoke to Fei Lan, Leona, and Ka Tuo, "Let's get out there."

The other three nodded quietly.

This group of four pierced through the protective halo like four electric beams and headed towards the Ghost Mark warriors lagging behind.

More than ten warriors of the Ghost Mark Clan were struck helter-skelter. After the gigantic battleship had smashed their battleship and flew away quickly, they were left behind.

At this moment, Shi Yan's group of four was aiming at those left warriors.

While his thought was flickering, a desolate aura diffused from Shi Yan.

Blood floating in outer s.p.a.ce gathered, creating a blood sea. The thick scent of blood permeated the place. Shi Yan immersed in that blood sea, his eyes blood-red and his face icy cold.

The divine ability of Death power Upanishad - the Blood Soul Sea!

The blood sea extended, covering each of the remaining Ghost Mark warriors. Negative moods including despair, fear, bloodthirstiness, and brutality flooded their minds violently. Shortly after, the Ghost Mark warriors went crazy. They started to attack anybody near them.

Fei Lan, Leona, and Ka Tuo hunted them down like three brutal dragons. They activated their powers Upanishads and started to kill those Ghost Mark warriors.

In that group of Ghost Mark warriors, there were only two Ethereal G.o.d Realm experts. One was at Second Sky and the other was at First Sky. Fei Lan released her Ethereal Extent, which was a s.p.a.ce of erosive energy, to roll the Second Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm expert who was damaged by Potion and Tool Pavilion's guard.

Staying in a block of the darkness as thick as ink, Leona eyed the other First Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm warrior. Leona disappeared as if she had completely mixed with the dark. She then sent darkness to the other's soul.

Ka Tuo urged his Chaos power Upanishad. With his body as the eye, he created a formidably horrifying meat-grinder field, which attracted the Ghost Mark warriors.

Shi Yan controlled the Blood Soul Sea and made it move towards Ka Tuo, shrouding all the warriors attracted by Ka Tuo's chaotic, twisted energy.

Painful screeching arose from the Ghost Mark warriors. They were filled with despair and fear as if they were watching the most terrible things in their lives. Their screams rose the hair on people's napes. Usually, the scream came together with a person's death.

His G.o.d Body disappeared in the Blood Soul Sea while his soul altar was sent out. The black hole in his soul altar had swallowed the others' souls discreetly.

The ma.s.sive battleship halted.

An Yun discolored, crying in fear. "They got out there and hunted down the others!"

Fu Wei gritted her teeth and scolded in a low voice. "Impulsive!"

"They will affect our progress. Du Lin will have more time to arrange his formation to block us!" An Yun paled. "d.a.m.n! They didn't notify us. They act so rashly. So what if they can kill all of them? We'll still be trapped!"

Fu Wei nodded. "They will affect our progress for sure."

"Young Elder!" An Yun took a deep breath, speaking resolutely. "We can't wait for them. We have to break their besiege at our max speed. If we delay, bad things will happen!"

Fu Wei furrowed her bold brows. She touched the bright mirror floating above her head. The mirror then showed a dark area and a blood sea. They couldn't see Shi Yan, Ka Tuo, and Leona. They only saw Fei Lan who was using her Corrosion power Upanishad to attack one Ghost Mark expert.

Watching for a while, Fu Wei was frightened. She shouted, "Look!"

An Yun looked at the mirror. She was shocked immediately. "They... They attacked too fast!"

There was around twenty Ghost Mark warriors remained. Most of them were at Original G.o.d Realm. Even if Potion and Tool Pavilion's guards wanted to kill them, they couldn't do it in a short time.

However, the four of Shi Yan's group had killed half of the Ghost Mark warriors shortly after they had left the battleship. The remaining warriors inside the blood sea were all crazy as they were killing each other.

At this speed, perhaps all of the Ghost Mark warriors would be killed all in just a short time.

This frightened Fu Wei and An Yun. They were fearful because of the fighting competence of Shi Yan's group.

Only four warriors...

Fu Wei was baffled. She pondered for a while and then ordered. "We'll wait fifteen minutes for them. When the time's up and they haven't returned, we will leave."

An Yun was surprised. She nodded, "Their fighting competencies are so frightening. They... They are powerful individuals, indeed. It's a waste to leave them."

She was surprised a lot seeing the performance of Shi Yan's team. She immediately wanted to change her plan.

From the bright mirror, Fu Wei and An Yun could see the Ghost Mark warriors get killed one after another. Their G.o.d Bodies exploded in the blood sea. They were screaming and roaring. Gradually, they forgot who they were. Their vitality was taken away and their bodies dried up in the end.

Inside the darkness, Leona was invisible. The First Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm expert, her opponent, was perplexed. His eyes turned pitch black as if darkness had covered his brain. He appeared so painful and pathetic.

The Second Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm expert didn't know why his energy was decreased unceasingly. The corrosive energy had seeped into his body. He was soon killed.

Fu Wei and An Yun watched everything in silence. They became aghast. Sometimes they stooped and cried in fear.

"Who... Who are they?" After a while, An Yun whispered as if she was sleep talking. "The four of them all have the capacity to challenge warriors whose realms are higher than theirs. Their individual powers Upanishads are so special. They aren't popular, indeed. Their fighting competencies are enough to kill warriors at higher realms! Oh my G.o.d, who are they? Aliens?"

Fu Wei was also bewildered. "Their powers Upanishads are evil and rare. Their energy is abundant and much more than people at the same realm. They can resist higher-realm warriors, indeed!"

The powers Shi Yan, Fei Lan, Leona, and Ka Tuo were cultivating were extremely rare. They were the inheritances of the Bloodthirsty's Cortege of Eight. The cultivating path they followed was an extreme, cruel one. People would never tolerate their powers. Once they used their powers, if their opponents didn't know about those special powers Upanishad, they would be killed shortly.

In just a blink, the last scream arose on that battle site, putting an end on this combat.

More than twenty Ghost Mark warriors were killed. No one escaped. Their G.o.d Bodies and Soul Altars were annihilated, leaving nothing behind.

Shi Yan's eyes were garnet. At this moment, he emerged from the blood sea. Glancing at the big battleship behind, he adjusted his condition.

Shortly after, his eyes resumed their normal colors. The brutal, evil aura was still being diffused from his body. After circulating his energy for several rounds, he flew towards the battleship.

Fei Lan, Leona, and Ka Tuo were covered in blood. They looked like three savage beasts, closely following behind Shi Yan.

The light curtain of the battleship slightly shrank. Warriors of Potion and Tool Pavilion stood on the deck, looking at the four of them with complicated countenances.

The warriors of Potion and Tool Pavilion all felt a vague fear looking at them. They were shocked, watching their performance. When the four of them landed on the deck, Potion and Tool Pavilion's warriors couldn't help but step back and maintain a distance from them.

Fu Wei walked to them from the control center. Her blue eyes had rippling light as she studied the four of them. "Thank you for your labor."

An Yun stood by her, discreetly gathering her energy. She was cautious as she was afraid that the other four who had been excitedly killing the enemies, would have some wild commotion.

"You don't look good," Shi Yan glanced at her, frowning. "You must be drained controlling this big battleship. But it's okay. Later on, I'll help you."

Fu Wei and An Yun were bewildered.

Shi Yan walked towards his cultivating room inside the battleship and didn't bother to explain more. Fei Lan, Leona, and Ka Tuo followed him silently. Potion and Tool Pavilion's warriors along the way would instinctively step aside to make their way.

Shortly after, Shi Yan's team had disappeared into the battleship and from Fu Wei and An Yun's sight.

Feng An emerged from nowhere. He lowered his voice, talking with a complicated visage. "This man is absolutely not a fish in the stagnant pond."

Fu Wei and An Yun nodded, totally agreeing with him.

"Young Elder, he said he would help you. What does he mean?" An Yun was still baffled, asking.

Shaking her head, Fu Wei didn't understand his intention, either. "I don't know what he meant."

"I think Du Lin didn't know about this kind of a.s.sistance on our battleship." An Yun recalled something, her eyes glittering. "Perhaps we can escape this time."

Fu Wei relaxed and nodded. "Yeah, maybe we can resist until Uncle Duo comes."

Everybody was cheered up.

Deep in the sea of stars.

Black and blue shark battleships hovered, aligning in a conical formation. They blockaded one of the most critical checkpoints of this galaxy.

Du Lin was smiling gently on the leading battleship as he was listening to his subordinate's report. Sometimes, he nodded.

It seemed that the wrecked battleship with its several hundred dead warriors couldn't affect his mood. He was still calm and he smiled as usual. "Resolute and cruel enough. Not bad. Not bad. Seems like she doesn't mind our old relationship."

"Young Master," hissed a man kneeling in front of him.

Waving his hands to indicate that he knew it, Du Lin said, "Don't worry. I know what to do. The Canon is our top priority this time. I know how to solve this."

The other didn't say more.

"Be prepared," Du Lin took a deep breath. The smile on his face ceased. "There are six hours left. After six hours, they will be arriving here. Haha, at that time, what they have to face isn't only one battleship. It's our whole Mad Shark Fleet!"

The other warriors replied to him. Their enthusiastic shouts echoed from each battleship like loud thunderclaps.

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