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Chapter 100 - Endure!
The big Chapter 100! And as a big thank you to our readers, look out for 5 bonus chapters coming soon.
After Mu Yu Die and Di Yalan arrived, they said h.e.l.lo to Beiming Ce first and then were attracted by the floating crystal in the deep hole.
They looked excited at the sight of the shining crystal and could clearly sense the mysterious energy from it.
Every warrior was able to tell that this crystal was extraordinary!
Mu Yu Die and Di Yalan had suffered a lot to get here. They fought against the Dark World warriors, flaming stone men, Yin Sha and mud dragons for the big chance here.
As for Shi Yan, they just glanced at him once and turned away.
In arrogance, Beiming Ce walked over to Shi Yan step by step without using his Teleport Martial Spirit.
Shi Yan stood still, seemingly waiting for Beiming Ce to take action.
He secretly activated his Petrification Martial Spirit and his body turned dark brown.
Silently, Shi Yan blended his Yin power and Profound Qi, producing three [Gravitational Fields]. Controlled by his will, the three fields gradually separated.
He had seen Beiming Ce’s Teleport Martial Spirit and he knew it was a fierce Martial Spirit through Han Zhong. The three [Gravitational Fields] were prepared as a counter for the Teleport Martial Spirit.
“Don’t blame me since you seek your death yourself.” Beiming Ce raised his left hand as he got within ten meters of Shi Yan.
Blue Polar Ice Flame appeared in his palm.
As he threw out his arm, the blue flame became an Ice Bird which flew in the sky and left a graceful blue trail.
That Ice Bird was so vivid that even the feathers on its head could be clearly seen. It was breathing blue flames from its mouth on its ice cold face.
Beiming Ce looked on coldly with contempt in his eyes. For him, it wasn’t too much effort to kill Shi Yan.
Just as the Ice Bird flew near him, a cold light flashed across Shi Yan’s eyes.
A huge green light ball filled with dense Yin Qi suddenly shot out from his chest and it was intertwined with electricity and Yin Power.
The green light ball struck the Ice Bird and gave off thunder.
Dazzling blue and green light exploded like fireworks while the green light ball and the Ice Bird cracked at the same time, turning into blue and green light spots.
Beiming Ce frowned in surprise and nodded slowly while gazing at Shi Yan, “Good. You really are something to kill Mo Zhan.”
After saying that, Beiming Ce’s face turned rigid.
More and more Polar Ice Flame was produced by him; he looked like a bunch of Ice Flames, with blue flames gushing out of his body towards Shi Yan from all directions.
A biting cold came from those ice thorns as they approached.
Standing there, Shi Yan felt as if the s.p.a.ce surrounding him was frozen solid.
In the cold air, his Profound Qi circulated slower. When the cold air came into contact with his skin, his bones and veins were nearly frozen.
At that moment!
A warm stream suddenly flew out from his blood and bones; his body was defending against the cold automatically.
The Immortal Martial Spirit!
Shi Yan’s eyes lit up as he was secretly delighted.
The warm stream went through his whole body like lightning. The next moment, he had gotten rid of the coldness.
That happened in just a minute and the thousands of ice thorns were merely an inch away from him.
“Yin Wall!”
A green shield appeared beside him which was made of Yin Power, dazzling and horrifying.
The Yin Wall was like a huge upside down bowl which protected him. The Yin Wall was so thin and transparent that Shi Yan could see things ten meters away clearly.
Although the [Black Formula] was a mere Mortal Level Martial Skill, it could absorb Yin Qi and turn it into Yin Swirls and Yin Pearls.
The [Black Formula] was a Martial Skill which utilized Yin Qi. With the help of the Yin Swirls and Yin Pearls, Shi Yan could make Yin Qi into all sorts of defensive weapons. Once the Yin Pearls were alive, he would have endless Yin Qi.
The Yin Wall was refined from Yin Qi. Just as triggering the [Dark Light Shield], once getting hang of the [Black Formula], Shi Yan found it could produce all sorts of defensive methods.
The [Black Formula] seemed to bring him endless surprises.
“Booo! Boooo!”
The thorns thrust towards him and landed on the dazzling green Yin Wall and their power was absorbed in an instant.
Beiming Ce’s Polar Ice Flame Martial Spirit couldn’t freeze the Yin Wall, let alone damage Shi Yan who was under it!
Shi Yan hadn’t even triggered his negative energy.
The Yin Wall triggered by Yin Pearls seemed to control the Polar Ice Flame Martial Spirit. Nonetheless, he still felt that the Yin Qi light spots were decreasing quickly.
The power of the [Black Formula] could only be strengthened by Yin Qi.
The Yin Power used for his Yin Wall could be consumed and not produced. Without Yin Qi, the Yin Power from the Yin Pearls wouldn’t increase.
But this time, Shi Yan had absorbed all the Yin Qi in the Yin Field and formed six Yin Pearls inside himself, which would let him play with Beiming Ce for a long time!
Icy thorns thrust on the green wall and the cold air permeated into it, but this was soon digested by the Yin Power within.
Thus their battle was a deadlock from the very beginning.
Beiming Ce couldn’t believe that Shi Yan’s green wall could bear the coldness from his Polar Ice Flame. To him, Shi Yan could only endure for a few seconds.
He didn’t know that Shi Yan had advanced to the Second Sky of the Human Realm.
Thus, he kept producing more polar ice, forming ice thorns and shooting them towards Shi Yan’s green shield.
Shi Yan had absorbed so much Yin Qi which had formed six powerful Yin Pearls. He was not afraid of Beiming Ce at all, even though he was at the Disaster Realm.
Furthermore, Shi Yan hadn’t used his negative energy yet!
Therefore, he was very willing to continue the battle with Beiming Ce.
Mu Yu Die and Di Yalan watched the two curiously.
The two girls knew how capable Beiming Ce was.
Disaster Realm! Twin Martial Spirit! Training in the most precious Martial Skill of the Beiming family; Beiming Ce was at the top of the world!
Though at the First Sky of the Disaster Realm, Beiming Ce could even win against someone of the Second Sky! He would even have a shot against a Third Sky warrior!
However, while battling with this boy from the Shi family, Beiming Ce’s Polar Ice Flame Martial Spirit couldn’t even break his barrier!
That confused Mu Yu Die and Di Yalan.
Though Shi Yan had made great impression on the two girls in the Martial Compet.i.tion in the G.o.d Stone Square, he was merely a warrior at the Third Sky of the Nascent Realm.
It had only been two months after the Martial Compet.i.tion, Shi Yan could reach the First Sky of the Human Realm if he was talented.
How could a Human Realm, First Sky warrior survive against Beiming Ce?
Seeing Shi Yan unmoved under Beiming Ce’s attacks, the two girls were quite surprised and looked at Shi Yan with confusion in their eyes.
Five minutes! Ten minutes! Half an hour!
After half an hour, the Yin Wall which encircled Shi Yan still could not be broken.
Shi Yan looked indifferent but patient, happy to continue the fight.
Beiming Ce couldn’t stand it anymore.
After pondering for a while, Beiming Ce withdrew his Polar Ice Flame and stopped his attack. He said coldly, “I can’t be bothered wasting any more time with you.”
A strange, red and blue sword was slowly taken out by Beiming Ce.
“Sky Cracking Sword!”
Mu Yu Die and Di Yalan took a deep breath at the same time and looked at Shi Yan in pity, a.s.suming that Shi Yan was about to die for sure.
The Sky Cracking Sword was a Spirit Level weapon which previously belonged to Beiming Shang. Beiming Shang entered the earth's core where there were thousands of fire hills and refined it with earth fire and polar ice for three years.
The Sky Cracking Sword had two colors on it. One half was red and the other half blue.
With the help of the Sky Cracking Sword, Beiming Ce made his name in Tianyun City and never had an adversary. The Sky Cracking Sword was sharp, unbreakable and had the power of earth fire and polar ice.
Warriors who were touched by the Sky Cracking Sword would first freeze then burn.
Mu Yu Die and Di Yalan knew how vicious this Sky Cracking Sword was.
Therefore, once the Sky Cracking Sword was taken out, the two girls a.s.sumed Shi Yan was going to die for sure.
Beiming Ce yelled and appeared in front of Shi Yan with the Sky Cracking Sword. He thrust it in the air and it gave out red and blue light.
The Yin Wall was cut into two pieces by the Sky Cracking Sword.
Shi Yan was shocked! He immediately triggered his power and shuttled behind the [Gravitational Field].
Meanwhile, the other two [Gravitational Fields] flew over suddenly, combining with the first one.
The s.p.a.ce Shi Yan around was twisted a little, seeming to be squeezed and about to collapse.
Standing in the invisible house-like [Gravitational Field], Shi Yan calmed down, though his eyes grew more vicious while staring at Beiming Ce.
Shi Yan was waiting for Beiming Ce to trigger his Teleport Martial Spirit again, for him to enter the [Gravitational Field]!
Beiming Ce turned out to not disappoint him, as he triggered his Teleport Martial Spirit another time!
Translated by: Qian
Edited by: Moto and Vick
chapter from: http://www.xianxiaworld.net/G.o.d-of-Slaughter/

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