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According to the a.s.signments Bai Xiaofei distributed, all ten of them instantly dispersed to their positions before waiting silently for Bai Xiaofei's signal.

On the other hand, the Roar Boars had finished drinking water at this moment, and they were snoring in groups of two or three, but there were three Roar Boars that were patrolling the surroundings vigilantly while standing watch for the others.

Within the group of boars, the Roar Boar with the strongest figure had an entire four smaller Roar Boars surrounded around it, and its status as leader was obvious.

The sky was already gradually darkening, and visibility would become even lower in another 20 something minutes. At that time, it would be even more disadvantageous to Bai Xiaofei and the others because the senses of humans were far inferior to Magical Beasts at night!

So, there wasn't must time left for them, and Bai Xiaofei had to give the order as soon as possible!

I hope everything goes smoothly! Bai Xiaofei muttered in his heart before pouring his Origin Energy into a round ball in his hand, and then he used all his strength to toss it into the air. In the next second, an enormous bang that could rival a thunderclap resounded out abruptly, causing the entire group of Roar Boars to be jolted awake from their slumber and swiftly gathering together.

But, there wasn't any sign of movement in the surroundings.

As it looked extremely vigilantly towards the surroundings, the leader of the boars grunted towards the sky before the vigilance of the boars lessened. But, they obviously intended to leave this place.

It was precisely at this instant that the first person made a move!

Xing Nan!

A yellow glow suffused his verdant short bow as a bowstring and fine arrow that was constructed purely from Origin Energy instantly took form, and along with Xing Nan letting go, the arrow shot out explosively. Because it didn't have a material form, the arrow didn't make a single sound during its entire flight up until the point it extremely accurately pierced the bell sized eyes of the Roar Boar leader!

A shrill cry sounded out from the Roar Boar leader's mouth as the entire group of boars instantly entered into their highest state of vigilance.

It was precisely at this moment that Ming One and Ming Two roared as they charged out from within the forest, and based on their posture, they utterly seemed as if they intended to kill the leader.

But, at this moment, the Roar Boars utilized their specialty — Group Roars!

Without the slightest hesitation and practically at the instant the Roar Boars started to roar, Ming One and Ming Two stopped at the same time before withdrawing their puppets while opening their mouths. Each of them had an enormous shield that was taller than themselves, and along with their Origin Energy being poured in, the shields were suffused with a deep blue glow.

They'd opened their mouths for the sake of reducing the effect of the soundwave, and this was common sense because they weren't able to free their hands to cover their ears.

Moreover, withdrawing the shields wasn't the entirety of their preparations. Right when a Roar Boar before them strode out with its heavy footsteps towards them, both of them joined their shields together! An enormous shield that was like a tall wall was formed from this, at the same time, the glow on the shield transformed from deep blue to light yellow!

Combination Puppets!

This was also the main reason the two brothers dared to say they were capable of resisting three charges of Magical Beasts of the same rank!

The two brothers let out a m.u.f.fled groaned when the first Roar Boar collided onto the shield with its entire strength. After it resisted this strike head on, the glow on the shield weakened slightly.

Subsequently, the second and the third Roar Boar left the group of boars and charged towards the brothers.

At the same time, Fang Ye who was known to have never hit anything 200m away charged out exceedingly boldly. Since he couldn't hit something 200m away accurately, then he would go closer!

As he forcefully endured the effect of the soundwave, Fang Ye placed the heavy rifle before his chest and stood by the side of the Ming brothers before pulling the trigger. A fist sized and swift ball of light shot out from the muzzle, and it collided directly onto the body of one of the Roar Boars.

As expected, the dash of a Roar Boar was utterly insufficient to compare with a gun type puppet, causing a large hole to be struck open through half its body, and the charging Roar Boar was beaten back!

On the other side, the other Roar Boar's charge collided onto the Ming brothers shield!

After the second round of charges, a situation that was beneficial to them had finally appeared — The Roar Boars had stopped roaring!

Barbaric Rank beasts were Barbaric Rank beasts in the end, they didn't know how to take turns to execute their technique and fill the gaps. They roared upon seeing an enemy before charging, this was their only method of battle, so they welcomed a period of having no energy to roar!

Moreover, under normal circ.u.mstances, this period was for at least five minutes!

The leader of the Roar Boars had finally caught its breath from amidst its pain and shrill cries, and its single remaining eyes noticed the Ming brothers and Fang Ye. Under its explosive range, the Roar Boar leader let out a furious roar that caused the remaining Roar Boars to charge towards the three of them.

Even the guards by its side were no exception!

"Run!" Without the effect of the roaring soundwave, their movements become much easier, and Xue Ying's training played a role for the first time. The three of them dashed at a speed that was at least two levels faster than before!

Just like this, the three of them ran while the Roar Boars pursued. But, no matter how fast the three of them were, it was impossible for them to be faster than Magic Beasts of the same rank that possessed four legs, so the distance between them was still shrinking at an obvious speed.

But, the three of them hadn't fallen into a hopeless situation because the forest was not far behind them!

As soon as they entered the forest, the Roar Boars followed closely behind, causing repeated m.u.f.fled bangs to resound out as the Roar Boars had knocked down or knocked askew countless large trees.

It was exactly at the same time the group of Roar Boars charged into the forest that w.a.n.g Hang appeared! And the place he appeared was within the water. In other words, he was by the side of the Roar Boar leader! Moreover, it was at the side of the Roar Boar leader's blinded eye!

"Spiral a.s.sa.s.sination!" w.a.n.g Hang who charged out held his spiral shaped short sword tightly in his hand, and his entire body seemed to have become a top that was spinning at high speed, whereas, the tip of the top had become the short sword in his hand that was suffused with a red glow!

Fang Ye's wealth wasn't merely displayed on his own puppet, but the grade of w.a.n.g Hang's puppets was high as well!

Since Fang Ye charged out and the instant the spiral short sword collided with the head of the Roar Boar leader that turned to the side, only a mere few breaths of time had pa.s.sed, and when Fang Ye stopped running, the short sword had already completely penetrated into the eye of the Roar Boar leader!

No matter how formidable a Magical Beast was, it could dream of surviving once its head was penetrated, let alone Roar Boars that were merely at the peak of the Barbaric Rank!

As he panted for breath with large gasps, w.a.n.g Hang who'd completed his a.s.signment looked towards the forest before him. He was already unable to interfere in the battle there, but it was impossible for him to not be worried.

At this moment, the battle within the forest had entered its peak!

"Chen Hui!!" Along with Bai Xiaofei's loud roar, Chen Hui instantly withdrew his Snowfreeze Pearl, causing surging frost energy to spread out. The large trees that had already been rammed by the Roar Boars to the point of being in a mess became even weaker and coupled with many trees that the 10 of them had already chopped halfway through earlier, a small expanse of the forest in the surroundings had completely transformed into an area of trees that would fall easily!

"Chop!" As his final command escaped his mouth, the nine of them that still remained in the forest started to play the role of a lumberjack, causing tree after tree to fall down and directly transform this entire area into an area of fallen trees that was impossible to move through!

But, it was precisely because of this that the remaining nine of them were exposed in the field of vision of the Roar Boars at the same time.

However, this didn't affect them at all!

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