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Chapter 773: Sea Demon Colosseum

Advocates for fighting, sea demons either swam in the sea or fought against various marine creatures every day.

In the Ten Thousand Demon Valley, there was a place they very much fancied, the Sea Demon Colosseum.

Unlike the human arena, the Sea Demon Colosseum didn’t have any betting or gambling on the games. They simply liked violence, hoping to see the violent aesthetics of blood and fury. Perhaps, this was part of their nature. After all, before awakening, the law of the jungle was the survival law of all marine creatures.

The Sea Demon Colosseum was the only building in the Ten Thousand Demon Valley designed and built by sea demons themselves.

The colosseum was built against the hillside, and the auditorium was on the hillside row by row. According to the sea demons’ unique aesthetic, the bottom circle of the circular colosseum was carved with nearly a hundred species of marine creatures. These vivid statues, like a flood of fish, surrounded the combatants in the center.

Besides, in the Sea Demon Colosseum, there was not only flat ground like in a human arena, but also strange stones, rock walls, coral, and vegetation. The field that was five football fields large was full of various seals.

According to Yu Qi, if some of the seals were accidentally broken, the entrance to the cellar would be opened. Then other creatures would be released. At that time, the combatant would have more enemies out of thin air.

Han Fei stood in front of the Sea Demon Colosseum at this moment, listening to Yu Qi’s detailed description.

It had been seven or eight days since he lived in the Ten Thousand Demon Tower.

Han Fei felt that it had been long enough since the sea demon thief disappeared, so it should be time for him to come out.

However, Han Fei was very cautious.

As the only Azure Sea Blue Demon in the Ten Thousand Demon Valley, he would be easily suspected. After all, before he appeared, there was no thief in the valley.

Therefore, Han Fei had to create an alibi for himself.

So, how could he do that? Wouldn’t it be a perfect alibi to have tens of thousands of people witnessing him at the same time the robberies happened?

When Han Fei came over, he didn’t bring Little White with him. And Little Black was sneaking around with the Overlord. What Han Fei had to do at the moment was to fight a few battles in the colosseum to draw everyone’s attention.

Yu Qi questioned, “Master Yu, you’ve just cultivated and haven’t watched any battles in the Sea Demon Colosseum before. Are you sure you don’t need to watch battles here for a few days first?”

Han Fei shook his head. “I’ll just watch one game before I fight.”

At the entrance of the Sea Demon Colosseum, when several Half-Merman guards saw Han Fei, they were immediately stunned.

At this moment, who didn’t know of Han Fei’s deeds? He was the only Heavenly Talent who had explored all 72 floors of the Ancient 72-Floor Demon Realm in Ten Thousand Demon Valley’s history. And he was said to be a legendary creature. This news had already gone viral in the Ten Thousand Demons Valley.

It was said that in the Blood Sea Valley next door, many people wanted to meet Yu Fei. Some people had heard that after the news that Han Fei had pa.s.sed through the Ancient 72-Floor Demon Realm was spread, the sea demons of the Blood Sea Valley even held several carnival feasts.

It was because Han Fei, like them, was not a Half-Merman or Half-Mermaid after awakening. Therefore, these days, they were very proud.

“Master Yu Fei.”

When the guards saw Han Fei, although they were reluctant, they still lowered their heads.

After all, Yu Fei might be able to become a super expert like Chixue Huan in the future. So they certainly dared not show the slightest dissatisfaction.

Han Fei said with a cold face, “How do I join in on the battles?”

Before the guards could speak, a Half-Merman in a bright red suit came up to him. “Are you really coming to join the battle in the Sea Demon Colosseum?”

Han Fei tilted his head. “Who are you?”

This person grinned, showing his teeth. “The princ.i.p.al of the Sea Demon Colosseum, Yu Xuan.”

Han Fei frowned slightly. This person didn’t curry favor with him and spoke quite arrogantly.

Han Fei nodded. “I’m here to fight.”

Yu Xuan stretched out his hand. “Come with me. This game is halfway through… Actually, even if you hadn’t come, I was going to find you. You don’t know how many people want to challenge you…”

“Challenge me?”

Yu Xuan grinned. “Although you are a legendary creature and have pa.s.sed the Ancient 72-Floor Demon Realm, you haven’t reached the peak after all. In the Sea Demon Colosseum, there are many famous Heavenly Talents whose strength should never be underestimated. So it’s normal that someone wants to challenge you. Besides, it is not a life-and-death battle, killing is not allowed here.”

Han Fei asked, “Are there many people willing to partic.i.p.ate in a life-and-death battle?”

Yu Xuan glanced at Han Fei and bared his teeth. “You are going to fight a life-and-death battle? Then I guess no one is willing to fight you. It’s a tricky circ.u.mstance. If someone loses to you, they’ll die. If they beat you, they’ll have to die too. So, who do you think will fight you?”

Han Fei frowned. “How come?”

Yu Xuan glanced in the direction of the Ten Thousand Demon Tower. “Even King Feather has met you in person. Who would dare to provoke you blatantly? If someone kills you, do you think King Feather will not punish them? Of course, there may be someone who is out of his mind…”

Yu Xuan smiled faintly.

“Roar! Roar!”

As soon as Han Fei walked into the colosseum, he saw countless spectators suddenly take two steps forward, raising their hands, baring their teeth, and suddenly roaring out. After the roar, these sea demons retreated one after another, looking at the center of the arena attentively.

At first, Han Fei thought they were cheering at him, but then he found their eyes focused on the center of the colosseum…

It turned out that in the field, a stone wall’s seal was broken. A Fiery Fish got out of nowhere, enveloping one of the fighting Half-Mermaids in flames.

Because of this mistake, the other Half-Merman caught the opportunity. He jumped out of the other end of the maze-like stone wall, flung the harpoon in his hand at his opponent, and directly sent the person flying, who rolled more than a dozen times on the ground.

Yu Xuan said, “The Sea Demon Colosseum is actually meant to hone everyone’s fighting skills, not combat power. This is what our sea demons lack most. I heard that humans have many combat skills, and we must keep up with them.”

Han Fei looked at the maze-like scene in the colosseum, watched a Half-Mermaid being pierced through by a harpoon, frowned, and said, “What if this warrior is stabbed to death?”

Yu Xuan replied, “They were not pierced in any vital areas. Of course, being pierced also means she lost.”

Sure enough, the pierced Half-Mermaid lowered her head, stretched her hand to her chest, pulled out the harpoon with difficulty, and then retreated to the edge of the colosseum.

And the Fiery Fish was about to attack, only to be killed by another Half-Mermaid.

A Half-Merman hovering high in the arena saw Han Fei at the entrance and immediately bared his teeth. “Look, our peerless talent is here. Exploring all 72 floors of the Ancient 72-Floor Demon Realm, this is literally the greatest miracle in the history of the Ten Thousand Demon Valley. Yu Fei, are you willing to fight? You’ll be the most shining star on the court, as shining as a Flashing Light Gra.s.s…”

“Roar! Roar!”

Countless spectators looked sideways at the entrance, roared, and then became motionless again.

Han Fei almost burst into laughter. These sea demons all stood and watched the show, remaining deadpan. Except for roaring from time to time, they remained expressionless and didn’t say a word at all other times. Perhaps, they would communicate with each other via voice transmission to share their experiences or something.

Han Fei nodded slightly at the Half-Merman in the sky.

The Half-Merman immediately roared, “Look, our most dazzling Heavenly Talent nodded! He agreed to fight. The strong will always raise his n.o.ble head, and fighting is always your way to climb high… Heavenly Talents, please pray to the sea king, and follow his will to fight!”

As soon as this person stopped speaking, there were more than 30 figures in the sky above the colosseum. There were men and women, all of them were peak-level experts.

And they were all carrying golden harpoons.

Han Fei was speechless. I don’t even have a golden harpoon! Although I actually have some in Forge the Universe, I dare not take them out.

Therefore, Han Fei looked at Yu Xuan solemnly. “What about weapons?”

Yu Xuan said, “The weapons will all be the same, so don’t worry about that.”

Han Fei didn’t even look at those people. Although there were a few familiar faces among them, Han Fei didn’t think he needed to worry about them because he didn’t really come to fight. At this moment, Little Black had entered the business district of the valley.

Led by an attendant, Han Fei walked in from the east side of the colosseum.

In front of Han Fei, there was a small platform whose area was smaller than 50 square meters, which was the entrance. There was a high black stone wall not far away more than 10 meters high, but it was not continuous.

In front, there were strange stones, coral, seaweeds… All scattered randomly.

All of this was a real simulation of the seafloor. However, Han Fei’s attention was not there.

He discovered that the Sea Demon Colosseum turned out to be a huge s.p.a.ce of 10 times the gravity.

Ten times the gravity, for Hanging Fishers, was not particularly difficult.

However, under this environment, one’s combat power would definitely be affected. To say the least, gravity could greatly reduce your destructive power. Both the speed and the display of strength would be affected. Besides, this could keep the battle scale to a minimum.

At this time, on the other side of the Sea Demon Colosseum, someone shouted, “Yu Fei, how about 20 times the gravity? Otherwise, although there are seals, I am afraid the colosseum will still be damaged.”

Above the colosseum, the host shouted, “I swear in the name of Sea King, this will be a thrilling battle. Under 20 times the gravity, the combatants’ strength will be greatly suppressed, provided that Yu Fei agrees…”

Han Fei raised his head and nodded gently.

The host screamed, “Look, a Heavenly Talent always has absolute self-confidence. Audience, don’t be stingy with your cheering. Every battle will bring you precious experience. In the future on the battlefield, you may survive because of this.”


Cheering rose and fell. Han Fei felt the pressure on his body increase sharply, he twisted his body a little, saying to himself, “Let’s get started.”

A hundred kilometers away, in the valley.

In a weapon shop, a level-48 Half-Mermaid was stunned by a harpoon. Immediately, an iron tower-like figure appeared, touched the Divine Refining Platform, and took it away entirely…

Han Fei learned from the experience of the last failure. The insight of these sea demons was not bad. If they were not stunned, Little Black and Overlord would be easily discovered.

If they were discovered, they would have to wait for another one or two months.

However, they couldn’t kill them either. After all, once they were killed, the matter would become serious. At that time, the experts would try their best to investigate this matter thoroughly, which would do no good to Han Fei.

In the colosseum, the corners of Han Fei’s mouth raised slightly. “Great!”

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