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Chapter 1368: The Licking Dog's Daily Life

Nine Tails's growth did give Han Fei a shock. It had reached level 59 with a swish! Even a rocket couldn't be so fast!

Information popped up in his eyes.

< Name > Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp

< Introduction > A mutant Mantis Shrimp, with fast speed and strong attacking power, good at hiding itself and attacking prey. Its nine tails can turn into nine divine chains and it has extremely strong combat power.

< Level > 59

< Quality > Legend

< Contained Spiritual Energy > 29,998 Points

< Food > Omnivorous, prefers shrimp

< Battle Technique > Void Chains, Nine-Tailed Soul Stabbing

< Remarks > Current status: growth period

Seeing that Han Fei was shocked, Ning Jing said, "This Mantis Shrimp is very talented in combat. He has fought almost all the wild battlefields in the entire Cave Sea Area. He has fought more than once against those whose strength exceeds his. He once charged at the Sea Spirit Army alone. That scene is similar to when you fought a hundred alone."

Han Fei's eyelids twitched. Looking at Nine Tails, he thought to himself, Is this guy really so strong? I thought he only knew how to dig holes.

But even so, Han Fei still felt that it was too fast to leap three levels at once.

However, Ning Jing said casually, "The Insect King taught him for a few days."

Han Fei raised his eyebrows. "Got it."

Now he owed the Insect King two favors, Han Fei couldn't help but say, "I don't seem to know the Insect King very well."

Ning Jing said, "The Insect King is a Half-King!"

Han Fei wondered, "What do you mean?"

Ning Jing said, "In the eyes of some people, you are a quasi king. He just tries to be friendly with you. Don't take it seriously."

Han Fei nodded slightly and then kicked Nine Tails. "It's enough here. It's time to return to our own world."

With a thought from Han Fei, Nine Tails disappeared into his body.

Han Fei looked at Ning Jing, not paying attention to the surprised insects, asking Ning Jing where the Licking Dog was.

Ning Jing said, "He's in the Dark War Port. You went straight to see the queen when you came back, so we walked directly through the void. That dog… well, he's right there."

Han Fei thought to himself, Not bad! The Dark War Port has always been the fiercest one of the four battlefields in the Water-Wood World. Since the Licking Dog has been there for so long, he should be no weaker than Nine Tails.

Without any delay, he took the teleportation array. Han Fei's current speed was not slow at all. Even Ning Jing didn't consider him an ordinary explorer but a Venerable, and Han Fei could keep up.

Dark War Port, Dark Water.

This was a pitch-black water area under the Seaborne Prairie. This place had suffered a great disaster, resulting in jagged rocks and various rock caves.

Later, probably because of the Cloud Sea Divine Tree, it was covered by lush spiritual plants here.

However, the water here was deep, and there were very few coral reefs. Most of them were deep water ravines. There were huge algae growing from the bottom of the sea to the surface, and most of them were aquatic plants floating in the middle waters.

Under a slippery reef full of ordinary sea snails, a transparent algae quietly moved.

The Dark Water was the tacitly acknowledged universal battlefield of the Water-Wood World and the White Sh.e.l.l Royal City, so the creatures here didn't mind being attacked by creatures at the Explorer level at all.

In fact, here, only people of the same realm could find their peers. Even if a law enforcer encountered a sea demon, he wouldn't take action.

Of course, if a sea demon ambushed a law enforcer, the latter would definitely fight back.

All the creatures here knew that this was more of a trial.

If a sea demon cultivated to the peak of Sea Spirit here, they would also retreat from the Fearless Barrier, and the Fearless Tree wouldn't make things difficult for them. This was because this was the arena of both parties, which was the tacit rule.

At this moment.

The transparent algae eel's target was a bird, although the algae eel didn't know why a bird would appear at the bottom of the sea.


Yes, when Han Fei heard this cry, he knew that it was undoubtedly the Licking Dog. However, he didn't know when this guy could become a bird.

The transparent algae eel moved extremely slowly, conceited that it was already a peak-level sea demon. The big bird looked much weaker than him.


In an instant, the transparent algae eel attacked. However, its pounce missed.

When it turned its head, it saw a monster behind it, staring at it with widened eyes. Where was the bird?

The transparent algae eel realized something and immediately tried to run.

However, two wings sealed the way, and dog paws pressed down, directly crushing the transparent algae.

Then, he disappeared with a swish and reappeared. The Licking Dog was carrying a sea urchin, a starfish, and a roll of seaweed.

Han Fei was confused. What was this guy doing?

What happened next stunned Han Fei. This guy extended his claws, tore off the fish skin of the transparent algae eel, took out the roe of the sea urchin, peeled the starfish, and rolled up the seaweed. Then he lay on the ground like a dead dog and began to eat casually.

Ning Jing immediately said, "He must have learned this from you. It's said that the beasts are the best at imitating."

Han Fei thought to himself, I have never made food for the Licking Dog! How can he copy me? He taught himself!

He treated the transparent algae eel as a snack. Before he finished eating, a shrimp soldier swam over, whose strength was only at the level of a sea demon.

When it was still far away, the Licking Dog p.r.i.c.ked his ears and stood up with a swish.

Han Fei thought to himself, He's quite vigilant. 3,000 meters away, this should be far beyond his perception range. Not bad.

Ning Jing sneered. "Keep watching!"

The Licking Dog stuck out his tongue and wagged his tail, before he disappeared.

Han Fei perceived again, and he was already standing in front of the shrimp soldier.

"So fast. Is this the f*cking Sky Escape Technique?"

Han Fei was speechless. Why did you use your special secret technique to hunt ordinary low-level shrimp soldiers?

At the next moment, the Licking Dog slapped the shrimp soldier's face.

The shrimp soldier was stunned. It had never seen such a creature! And he seemed to be much bigger than it.

The shrimp soldier hurriedly shouted, "Don't forget the rules. This is the Dark Water Domain. If the level gap is too large, you're not allowed to attack me…"


The Licking Dog slapped the shrimp soldier to the ground.

The shrimp soldier said angrily, "Do you want to break the rules?"


"This is not for the purpose of training. This is a compet.i.tion. We have to be fair."


The Licking Dog slapped the shrimp soldier a dozen times before suddenly saying, "Take off your sh.e.l.l, and I'll let you go."

The shrimp soldier: "???"

The shrimp soldier said, "You're bullying me. Removing my sh.e.l.l is equivalent to taking half of my life. Are you doing this on purpose so that I can be killed by other creatures? A powerhouse is coming from behind me. If you want to fight, fight a powerhouse of the same strength."

Han Fei also said, "Did this d.a.m.n dog break the rules?"

Ning Jing said, "Yes, but it's not a big problem. I've acquiesced. And this dog is very careful."

There was indeed someone behind the shrimp soldier. An octopus, a Sea Spirit, was swimming over wrapped in a ma.s.s of algae.

The Licking Dog waved his paw and knocked the shrimp soldier's head off, grabbing its tentacle.

Then this silly dog bit the shrimp soldier in his mouth and began to spin extremely fast. All of sudden, he loosened his bite and threw the shrimp soldier away.

Han Fei was confused. "What's he doing here?"

Ning Jing: "Playing!"


Sure enough, at the next moment, the Licking Dog jumped back to his nest, lay on the ground, and turned into a fish.

Wait, why did the licking dog become a fish? What kind of ability was this?

But why did he keep his dog head when he became a fish? With a dog head, he had a fish body, which looked disgusting.

Lying on his back, the Licking Dog was sucking the "food" he had just made.

After a while, the Licking Dog seemed to realize that an enemy was coming, so it immediately turned its dog head into a fish head, lay on the ground, and whipped the seabed with his tail.

He looked like a dry fish at this moment.

But the danger didn't go away. The shrimp soldier did bring an octopus of the Sea Spirit level with it. When the octopus found the licking dog, it was a little surprised to see the latter's belly flip. It thought to itself, Who killed him? Or was he pretending to be dead?

Just as the octopus was afraid that it was a trap and was about to slap him with a swish, the licking dog disappeared again.

Han Fei spread out his perception and found that this guy had quickly run to another nest more than 30 kilometers away and was lying there again.

Han Fei asked again, "What is he doing?"

Ning Jing said, "That's his nest too. There are many of them here. He's a coward who only dares to bully the weak and fears the strong. He left when he found that the octopus was a Sea Spirit."

Han Fei was lost for words. "That's it?"

Ning Jing: "Yes! It's over!"

Han Fei glanced at the octopus that had just entered the Sea Spirit Realm and thought to himself, You're a f*cking ancient exotic species! Why are you afraid of it?

On the other side, the licking dog had already caught a sea urchin. He turned over, treating the sea urchin as a ball, and kicked the ball between his four paws.

Han Fei's face immediately turned black. I told you to cultivate harder, but you just fool around here every day! How capable were you when you bullied the shrimp soldier just now? Why didn't you dare to attack when you met that octopus?


Han Fei jumped out and was about to kick out when he froze in midair.

"F*ck, am I hallucinating?"

Han Fei saw a weird piece of information.

< Name > Heavenly Dog

< Introduction > Ancient exotic species that likes to inhabit turbid waters and dark mountains. They look like white dogs and have black heads. Their sounds are varied and often reduce their sense of threat by pretending to be cats. Heavenly Dogs have wings and blue feathers like sharp blades. They can twist the void and escape extremely fast. They are good at stealth and like to bully the weak. Heavenly dogs have the ability to devour the sky and the sun, but the ability needs to be activated pa.s.sively.

< Level > 60

< Quality > Ancient Mutant

< Enforcing law > Water Barrier

< Contains Spiritual Energy > It can swallow spiritual energy infinitely

< Food > Omnivorous, prefers meat.

< Battle Technique > Sky Escape Technique, Heavenly Demon Body

< Remarks > A cub

The Licking Dog was startled and fled the moment Han Fei appeared. Han Fei rubbed his eyes and shouted, "Come back."

"Master? Master, you're back, Master?"

"Master, I miss you so much."

"Master, do you have any food?"


Han Fei ignored the Licking Dog and looked at Ning Jing.

Ning Jing curled her lips and said, "That's exactly what happened. He just eats and eats every day. Except for eating, he still eats, but for some reason, his strength is progressing very fast. The queen said that maybe this is his Great Dao. He can become stronger even while lying down."

Han Fei: "..."


The licking dog stood up and stuck out his tongue, about to lie on Han Fei.

Han Fei issued an order in his heart and immediately took this guy in.

Han Fei asked, "Can he grow stronger while sleeping?"

Ning Jing said, "You know, it can be invisible and sleeps almost half a day every day."

Han Fei: "..."

Han Fei couldn't help but clutch his head. "Forget it. I don't have time to study this now. I have to go back now."

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