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Chapter 1112: A Fool or A Genius

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Ximen Linglan felt that she had been deceived: This fool… oh no, this was a liar.

He was pretending to be silly, but he was actually very powerful. Last night, he even secretly ate her spirit fruit.

But then she saw Han Fei eat the raw meat of the broken Mantis Shrimp’s legs before he jumped off the reef with the half-a-meter-long Tentacle Lobster.

Han Fei suddenly remembered that he had eaten her fruit last night. So he decided to give her one… Well, half a Mantis Shrimp in return. After all, it was quite dangerous here.

Han Fei looked at Ximen Linglan foolishly. “Do you want to eat shrimp?”

Seeing that Han Fei was so serious, Ximen Linglan didn’t know how to teach him a lesson and could only snort coldly. She thought that since she didn’t eat breakfast after cultivating in the morning, she might as well eat!


Ximen Linglan didn’t mind. After all, she didn’t have a good life in the past. Sometimes, she couldn’t eat food like Mantis Shrimp and Tentacle Lobster.

Ximen Linglan: “I don’t eat raw food.”

Han Fei dragged the six creatures. “I don’t eat raw food either.”

Ximen Linglan followed Han Fei to the rocks not far from the coast and found a black limestone platform covered in carbon dust.

Han Fei lined up the Mantis Shrimps and took out some bottles and jars from a pit. Ximen Linglan was curious. What are these?

Han Fei carefully took out a jar of fish oil.

Han Fei used seaweed as a brush, dipped it in fish oil, and washed all the Mantis Shrimps. Then, he took out all the meat of the Tentacle Lobster.

The Tentacle Lobster was too big. It was not easy to cook it just by roasting it.

When the fish oil covered the limestone, Han Fei took out a salt jar, red pepper powder, and a bag of garlic.

These were all common crops, so it was not difficult to get some of them. Anyway, Han Fei stole them. In Han Fei’s dream, there were too many condiments like these. He felt that they were very important, so he stole a lot of them.

Ximen Linglan asked, “What’s this red one?”

Han Fei said, “Red pepper powder.”

Ximen Linglan frowned. “Did you grind them into powder?”

Han Fei said seriously, “It’s easier to grind them into powder.”

Ximen Linglan had a blank look on her face: Do you have to be so careful about food? Even the Ximen family isn’t as careful about food as you. You’re just a village boy from Great Wilderness Village, why are you so careful about food?

Han Fei picked up a lot of dried seaweed and pointed his finger. A blue flame suddenly rose.


Ximen Linglan jumped back immediately. “You, you, you… you… you are a spirit gatherer?”

Han Fei looked at her blankly. “No!”

Ximen Linglan had a look of disbelief on her face. “You can already light a fire, and you’re even lighting a spiritual fire. You still want to lie to me?”

Han Fei scratched his head and asked in a daze, “Isn’t that how it’s supposed to light a fire?”

Ximen Linglan’s eyelids twitched. She immediately grabbed Han Fei’s arm and felt it. She was surprised. “You really haven’t cultivated?”

Han Fei took her hand away. “My father gave me a technique, but I can’t practice it.”

The corners of Ximen Linglan’s lips twitched. You still want to lie? If you can’t cultivate, how can you use spiritual fire?

However, Ximen Linglan immediately realized that something was wrong.

Han Fei spoke so seriously and sincerely that he didn’t seem to be lying.

If Han Fei wasn’t lying, how could he know the Spirit Concentration Art?

It should be very extravagant for a fisher to cook with spiritual fire, right? Fishers usually had at most 200 points of spiritual energy, right? But at this moment, the spiritual fire covered several meters. Could a fisher-level spirit gatherer do that?

Ximen Linglan shut her mouth: This idiot seems to have a secret. Has no one ever discovered it?

Ximen Linglan immediately asked, “w.a.n.g Han, can you see many green specks of light floating in the air?”

Han Fei carefully brushed the fish oil on the Mantis Shrimp and nodded. “Sure! It’s blue-white.”

Ximen Linglan took a deep breath and said, “Then can you control them to come back? I mean, let them listen to you.”

Han Fei looked at Ximen Linglan like she was an idiot. “I’m not a spirit gatherer. I can’t control them!”

Ximen Linglan pointed at the spiritual fire and asked, “Then how did you get this spiritual fire?”

Han Fei scratched his head, then grabbed a small branch and drew a picture on the ground. Instantly, Ximen Linglan felt spiritual energy gathering in all directions, and the spiritual energy here became denser.


“Spirit Gathering Formation?”

Ximen Linglan was dumbfounded. You said that you are not a spirit gatherer but you can use a spirit gathering formation so easily. Are you kidding me?

Han Fei said seriously, “Just draw a circle and those light spots will come over. Light them again!”

Ximen Linglan bared her teeth and said, “You’re still saying that you’re not a spirit gatherer? If you’re not a spirit gatherer, why do you know the Spirit Gathering Array?”

Han Fei was stunned. “What Spirit Gathering Array?”

Ximen Linglan looked at Han Fei deeply. However, Han Fei looked as serious as ever.

Finally, Ximen Linglan confirmed that Han Fei really didn’t know anything.

However, wasn’t this a bit too absurd?

Ximen Linglan felt shocked. Someone could kill Mantis Shrimp and Tentacle Lobster without cultivating? Someone could become a spirit gatherer without cultivating?

Suppressing her curiosity, Ximen Linglan turned around and was attracted by the unusually fragrant Mantis Shrimp. She saw Han Fei sprinkling garlic powder on them, occasionally sprinkling some red peppers, and brushing them a few times with a brush. The fish oil boiled on the limestone, the sh.e.l.ls of the shrimps and lobster turned yellow, and the gravy slowly flowed out.


Ximen Ling Lan couldn’t help but swallow her saliva: Why does it smell so good? I really want to eat it.

Seeing that Ximen Linglan was staring at the food, Han Fei said nervously, “I’ll give you half a Mantis Shrimp.”

Ximen Linglan was speechless. “You ate one of my spiritual fruits last night. It’s enough to buy a hundred boats of this kind of small Mantis Shrimps. And you’ll only give me half a Mantis Shrimp?”

Han Fei was stunned for a moment. Thinking of the fruit from last night, he was slapped unconscious before he could experience it.

Han Fei said in disbelief, “Impossible.”

Ximen Linglan bared her teeth. “It’s a spiritual fruit! Didn’t your father tell you about spiritual fruits?”

Han Fei said seriously, “My father said that I can’t eat spiritual fruits because I’ll die of overeating. So, what I’m eating is definitely not a spiritual fruit.”

Ximen Linglan :”…”

Ximen Linglan felt that she couldn’t communicate with Han Fei anymore. He was definitely a fool! Spirit Concentration Art could be an unknown opportunity he got, but it couldn’t change the fact that he was a fool.

Suddenly, Ximen Linglan had a thought. Last night, this fool must have been fooled by those boys into coming to scout.

Ximen Linglan tried hard not to look at the Mantis Shrimps. Instead, she looked at Han Fei and asked, “Why did you come to my house with them yesterday?”

Han Fei flipped the Mantis Shrimps one by one to spread the temperature evenly and replied, “Zhou Daxia said he would teach me combat skills.”

Ximen Linglan really wanted to slap Han Fei to death. Just for this?

Suppressing her urge to slap Han Fei to death, she said with difficulty, “I’ll teach you combat skills. These Mantis Shrimp are mine.”

Ximen Linglan thought to herself, If this idiot knew how to cultivate, wouldn’t he be very powerful? This person was someone she picked up for free, oh no… he delivered himself to her door, and he even saw her naked… Bah… if she tricked him into following her, if he really could cultivate, wouldn’t she have an extra bodyguard?

When Han Fei heard that Ximen Linglan wanted to teach him combat skills, he immediately pushed all the Mantis Shrimps to Ximen Linglan. “You can have them all. I’ll eat the big prawn.”

Ximen Linglan :”…”

At that moment, Ximen Ling Lan was speechless. I just said I would teach you a battle technique and you gave all the shrimps to me? Aren’t you afraid that I lied to you? You are really stupid!

The corners of Ximen Linglan’s lips curled up. What’s wrong with being a fool? At least a fool is honest, unlike the Ximen family people…

A moment later.


“This is too delicious! w.a.n.g Han, where did you learn this skill from?”

At this moment, Han Fei was eating the Tentacle Lobster with both hands, fearing that Ximen Linglan would ask him for his share if she ate too fast.

Han Fei said, “I learned it in my dream.”

Ximen Ling Lan sneered, “w.a.n.g Han, didn’t your father tell you that one must be honest?”

Han Fei said, “I really learned it in my dreams.”

Ximen Linglan still didn’t believe him, but she didn’t ask further.

She found Han Fei rather interesting.

She could not help but ask, “Is your father not home? Why did he come out alone to look for food?”

Han Fei said without looking up, “My father went to war.”

Ximen Linglan’s hand trembled. She looked at Han Fei, who was busy eating, and thought to herself, The current battlefield seems very dangerous.

Ximen Linglan immediately changed the topic. “Where’s your mother?”

Han Fei said, “She died in a war.”

Ximen Linglan’s body stiffened. When she looked at Han Fei again, her eyes became much gentler for some reason. She didn’t ask anymore and just ate.

Although they were at the reefs in the wilderness, Ximen Ling Lan could confirm that this was the best meal she had ever had in her life.

After the meal, Ximen Linglan asked, “Why do you want to learn combat skills?”

Han Fei shook his head. “I don’t know.”

Ximen Linglan said in surprise, “You don’t know? Then why do you want to learn?”

Han Fei said, “I just want to learn.”

After thinking for a moment, Ximen Linglan said, “Learning combat skills also requires the support of a cultivation technique. Otherwise, it cannot be used perfectly. What cultivation technique did your father leave for you? Let me see.”

Han Fei said, “I’ll go home and get it for you!”

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