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Chapter 1102: Battle for the Mountain (2)

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Han Fei and the others didn’t know anything about the Age of Doom. They had never been to the War Soul Realm before, so they could only take things one step at a time.

The law-enforcer at the front pulled out a fish skin map with a swish.

All of a sudden, a ray of scarlet light that was like a blazing sun shone on everyone.

When the light shone on him, Han Fei felt his blood swelling and his body heating up, as if he were full of energy.

The law-enforcer roared, “Charge!”

More than 3,000 people flew across the sky like a huge sharp knife. A strange scarlet flame soared into the sky.

“Eh! This is…”

Han Fei remembered the charge of the sea demons..

When hundreds of merfolks used secret techniques to charge forward, they would condense an incomparably powerful force, like a manifestation of their will.

At this moment, the humans were the same.

Han Fei could clearly feel that his strength had increased by about ten percent.

Although it was only a 10% increase in strength, the increase in battle prowess of over 3,000 people was accompanied by a certain will. This overall strength was terrifying.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

When all the Hidden Fishers flew through the sky, the colorful lights of the array formed an enormous array that covered more than 50 miles.

This was the first time that Han Fei had seen such a huge array. Although it seemed to be made of countless small arrays, it was obvious that the Avenger was the eye of the array, which was reforged by small arrays. More than 20 law-enforcers controlled the array. It was terrifying.

In Han Fei’s perception, wherever the array pa.s.sed, half of the merpeople were directly minced by the invisible sword shadow and some Ice Crystal b.a.l.l.s were minced by the sword shadow.

Almost instantly, more than half of the creatures in the array died.

Luo Xiaobai looked at Han Fei in shock. “Is this a formation that can trap and kill explorers?”

Although Han Fei found it hard to believe, he still nodded. He had thought of using arrays to trap explorers.

However, Han Fei knew that it was almost impossible for an expert of that level to be trapped for a moment. However, this ship formation did it. Not only did it do it, but it was also extremely powerful. Could it trap and kill explorers? He didn’t know, but law-enforcers would definitely die if they entered.

“Into the sea!”

The law-enforcers at the front shouted again and charged into the sea first.

Thump… thump…

Like dumplings being dropped into a pot, like a sharp knife stabbing into the sea, everyone entered the sea extremely quickly, heading straight for that dark mountain.

Han Fei was moved.

In his opinion, Ximen Linghan’s attack this time was already extremely well-prepared.

The Venerable personally took action. Six explorers attacked the sea demons and controlled the ship to kill them. Besides the law-enforcers who controlled the ships, there were nearly 50 law-enforcers overseeing the Avenger.

Such a battle was even more majestic than the one on the ancient battlefield on the Scattered Stars Island.

Diwu Weiguang turned serious as he sent a voice transmission. “We can’t count on Brother Luo and Cao Tian to arrive. They must be trapped on another battlefield and can’t escape. Remember, I can only guarantee that the big clans won’t make a move before the array is broken. Once the array is broken, don’t hesitate and escape immediately.”

Han Fei looked at Cao Qiu.

Cao Qiu said indifferently, “I know what to do.”

Zhang Xuanyu said, “I just want to ask, how do we move mountains?”

Diwu Weiguang grinned. “We’re moving the mountain now.”

As they spoke, the 3,000 people directly hit against the black mountain with the law-enforcer as a sharp knife.

Ka ka ka!

They were like a sword, cutting through the mountain. Han Fei and the others rushed into the mountain one after another.

Back then, Chun Huangdian moved the 800-mile mountain range by himself. Now, 3,000 Hidden Fishers had to move the floating stone mountain ranging a hundred miles. The difference was obvious.

More than three thousand people moved through the mountain like one, just to cut the mountain. In the end, they moved it together.

It was easy for others to move mountains, but in reality, how heavy was a real mountain?

Han Fei once boasted about the origin of Mount Taixing and Mount w.a.n.gwu. There were golden-armored giants who carried mountains on their backs and walked on the void.

At this moment, the golden-armored giant was replaced with 3,000 Hidden Fishers.

However, Han Fei thought to himself, to move such a mountain, it doesn’t need 3,000 Hidden Fishers, does it?

However, a few seconds after this idea appeared, Han Fei sensed that a large number of marine creatures were coming from all directions.

“Oh? The ship array has failed? No… what is that?”

As soon as the mountain was cut in half, Han Fei found that the island was surrounded from all directions. Behind them, a large number of marine creatures also charged into the mountain without fear of death.

And in the ship formation, a merman expert appeared, riding on a fat worm that was as thick as a stupid bear.

The merman expert was enveloped by a rapidly spinning water ball.

There was nothing in the merman’s hand, so he put on his armor. As the merman raised his hands, a huge whirlpool was formed at the bottom of the sea. Han Fei sensed that the seawater inside the mountain was flowing back and being sucked away.

“Another explorer. So powerful.”

Many people saw this scene and were moved.

In this world, was there actually someone who could withstand the ship formation alone?

The leadinge law-enforcers shouted, “Ignore those battles. Carry the mountain and leave.”

As if he had expected things to not be so easy, the fifty or so law enforcers who were supposed to be guarding the Avenger all went into the sea.

Among them, twenty of them charged towards the merman expert. The rest were rushing towards the floating stone mountain.

There were only thirty people, and it was obvious that they couldn’t protect the entire area, because there were too many marine creatures, including Hidden Fisher-level ones.

Under the endless impact, these law-enforcers unleashed all their secret techniques and domains. They even started to burn their bloodlines to protect Han Fei and the others.

Ka ka ka!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

While Han Fei and the others were charging, a crack in the sky was suddenly torn open and a large sh.e.l.l jumped out.


The sh.e.l.l clanked, and the sound waves crashed into the floating stone mountain.

Following that, a long tongue shot out from the sh.e.l.l like a whip and struck the floating stone mountain. Wherever the long tongue pa.s.sed, flames would blaze.

However, before the long tongue could fall, it was grabbed by a large b.l.o.o.d.y hand and dragged back into the void crack.

Needless to say, that person was definitely Ximen Linghan.

Han Fei was shocked. Ximen Linghan seemed to be seriously injured. How many people was she fighting alone?

Of course, now was not the time to consider this.

Although the sh.e.l.l was pulled back, the sound waves crashed into the mountain and shook it. Many people vomited a mouthful of blood and were injured.

Han Fei and the others only felt a shock impact, but it couldn’t shake them.


The moment the mountain was completely broken, the law-enforcer shouted again, “Let’s go, the suicide squad will cover our retreat.”

“The suicide squad?”

Han Fei thought, Why didn’t I know that there was a suicide squad?

Then, Han Fei saw some older Hidden Fishers breaking away from the blade of fighting will.

Someone laughed. “If the human race is not destroyed, the City of Justice will not be destroyed.”

Someone pressed down on the armor box and ignited his blood crazily, roaring furiously, “I’ve lived long enough. Fish boys, let me show you what a human is!”

Someone laughed and thousands of vines burst out. “I have no family but this city. Is there anything better than sacrificing my life to protect my city in this world?”

Thousands of Hidden Fishers left the team in the blink of an eye.

The rest of them carried the mountain to walk forward.


There were still close to 2000 people left who were carrying the mountain out to sea. Their speed was extremely fast.

This was a battle for the mountain.

Ximen Linghan was bold enough, and she was also willing to pay her price. Either live or die, leaving no way back.

Han Fei and the others had successfully taken the mountain.

However, Han Fei was not happy at all, because he saw a huge fish tide. All he could see were endless sea creatures.

Shrimp soldiers and crab generals rushed on the surface of the sea. Seahorses galloped and whizzed over. Countless starfish, lobsters, and flagfish chased madly.

At the bottom of the sea, the battle had already begun.

More than 300 armorists opened their armor boxes, and their weapons sealed off the remaining area of the floating stone mountain. Vine and herbs suddenly grew everywhere, and huge vines intertwined as they struck in all directions.

The leading law-enforcer shouted angrily, “Leave quickly, they are heroes. We must bring this mountain back.”

Just as this person shouted, he saw a large number of creatures flying towards him from the sky.

Someone shouted, “It’s a meteor flying fish.”

Swish swish swish!

Another hundred Hidden Fishers left the team and roared at the man carrying the mountain, “Go, go!”

At that moment, it would be a lie to say that he was not moved.

They were all Hidden Fishers! It was not easy for human beings to nurture a Hidden Fisher. They had to go through countless battles to become Hidden Fishers.

But today, in order to s.n.a.t.c.h a mountain, thousands of people had sacrificed their lives.

For the sake of a city, for the sake of the people in the city, for the sake of humanity’s survival.

Han Fei’s eyes turn red.

He really didn’t know why the humans and the sea clan were fighting. Humans lived on land, while the sea clan lived in the ocean, and the two sides were at peace. What the h.e.l.l happened? Why were they fighting each other so desperately?

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