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Chapter 1100: The Great City Lord

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Nearly 3,000 people went to battle.

Among them, there were as many as 800 peak-level Hidden Fishers, which was quite powerful.

Not to mention that there were 32 battlefields in the outer sea. How many Hidden Fishers and law-enforcers were there?

In terms of strength and foundation, the City of Justice seemed to be much stronger than the Heavenly Desolate City he had been to. Of course, this was also related to the time when Han Fei went to the Heavenly Desolate City. After all, in the s.p.a.ce-time that Han Fei went to, the Heavenly Desolate City had been fighting for hundreds of years and its foundation had been hollowed out. Therefore, the battle the Heavenly Desolate City was fighting was the real battle to destroy the city.

This time, it might be a city destroyer battle too, but there was still a huge difference between the two.

In Han Fei’s opinion, the overall strength of this place was even stronger than the current Scattered Stars Island. It was a force that could not be ignored by any force..

Under the thousands of eyes of wishes and prayers, Han Fei and the others soared into the sky.

They didn’t sense Le Renkuang, Li Luoluo, and the others even when they reached the south coast. As they expected, they should be on one of the 32 battlefields in the outer sea…

For example, Sun Wu, who was ranked fourth on the Prodigy Roll, Li Xuan, Zhang Mingkun, and the rest weren’t seen either.

Han Fei was not so worried. Le Renkuang was not weak at all. Besides, he had attracted most of the firepower, so there was nothing to worry about.

Only, since Cao Jiaren and the others who said they were going to deal with the Chu Sect weren’t here, they were definitely held back by something. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have let Cao Qiu partic.i.p.ate in this extremely dangerous battle alone.

If there were no accidents, this battle would destroy the City of Justice. History could not be changed, and the people of the City of Justice could not come back alive.

In this situation, they had no idea that they didn’t exist at all. Instead, they lived in a special way. They had to face endless war every day.

City of Justice, south coast.

Han Fei saw large ships lying on the sea surface. They were simple, wooden, and covered with dense arrays. There were some special fish-bone devices on them. Han Fei had seen them on dragon boats and ghost boats before. They were spiritual energy cannons that worked with arrays.

At this moment, Han Fei immediately understood where the dragon ships came from.

That thing was created based on the ships from the City of Justice, but it was much larger. The size of the ship did not matter. With a ready-made model, it was easy to build.

There were more than twenty such ships, each of which was not very large and almost less than a thousand meters long. However, Han Fei would never underestimate the combat power of these ships. There were not only Spirit Gathering Arrays but also extremely complicated killing arrays carved on them. There were more than twenty such arrays at a glance.

Of course, this wasn’t the key. At the front of all the ships, a large black ship about three times the size of an ordinary large ship floated on the surface of the sea.

There were many holes on the black sail inlaid with gold, but they were not big.

The stern of the black ship was in the shape of an octopus. Its octopus claws were on the hull.

At the very front of the ship was not a dragon’s head. Instead, it was abnormally sharp, like a steel blade standing upright. It could easily cut through the wind and waves.

One with the steel blade, the lower half of the blade was a shark with its mouth wide open, domineering and ostentatious. On that large black ship, the wood was so black that it shone, and an array that looked like silver patterns was imprinted on it.

Han Fei was stunned when he saw the array. What a complicated array.

Han Fei didn’t understand it at all, or maybe he only understood a little. It seemed to be a terrifying array created by an extremely powerful array master.

Even someone of Old Jiang’s level couldn’t compare to the array master who carved this array.

“No wonder the Avenger is so famous. Just this array formation alone is not something ordinary people can create. It would be strange if it’s not strong.”

While Han Fei was in a daze, a voice appeared in his mind. “Are you really not coming to the Avenger?”

Han Fei looked around and suddenly saw a woman in black and red standing at the top of the Avenger’s sail. Her robe was fluttering in the wind.

Her long hair was fluttering in the wind too. The voice transmission seemed to have come from that person.

Han Fei was surprised. The legendary Ximen Linghan was actually a woman?

Han Fei was lost for words. The name was so domineering that he never expected it to be a woman. Also, this woman was slender, her face exquisite and cold, and her red lips were especially charming.

Han Fei took a deep breath and replied, “I live and die with my compatriots.”

The moment Ximen Linghan appeared, Han Fei immediately discovered that there were countless people looking at her with scorching eyes and unparalleled admiration.

Han Fei felt that if Ximen Linghan said, “Die.” Many people here might not even bat an eye and immediately cut their own throats.

Han Fei swallowed. A prestigious woman, the strongest in the City of Justice, and the legendary captain of the Avenger must have an extraordinary life.

Zhang Xuanyu was mesmerized by this woman. He murmured, “I love you. I love you.”


Han Fei slapped him on the head. “Shut up.”

When he saw Ximen Linghan’s gaze sweep over, Zhang Xuanyu instantly froze, and thought, “It’s over. I can see that she’s not an ordinary person! Will she beat me to death?”

However, the corners of Ximen Linghan’s lips curled up slightly, and she casually shifted her gaze away.

Luo Xiaobai said, “Idiot.”

Han Fei also noticed that many people had the same expression as Zhang Xuanyu, including Diwu Weiguang. This guy was not any better than Zhang Xuanyu. He almost drooled.

As for Cao Qiu, he seemed to become an aloof prince charming through and through since he awakened his War G.o.d bloodline. He was completely unfazed by women, as if he didn’t even see them.

Han Fei sighed. It seemed that every fatty had the potential to become a Prince Charming. Once they lost weight, they would become lady killers. He wondered what Le Renkuang would look like when he lost weight.

While Han Fei was lost in his thoughts, a cold voice echoed in the void.

Ximen Linghan said coldly, “In this critical time, we’re all in danger. In this boundless sea, the Sea Race rose up and slaughtered our human race. When I was young, I had never thought that one day, my ambition would be to fight for the human race and seek a place for the human race to live. However, since I have taken the position of the City Lord of Justice, I have to achieve something.”

As he spoke, Ximen Linghan turned to the side, pointed at the vast sea, and said indifferently, “This trip will be extremely dangerous. However, with me, Ximen Linghan, here, you don’t have to worry. Everyone, once this battle is accomplished, our human race will not be destroyed. If we lose this battle, I will die first…”



“We’ll follow City Lord Ximen and have no regrets even if we die.”

“We’ll follow City Lord Ximen and have no regrets even if we die.”

The surrounding 3,000 people were all excited.

Even Han Fei was excited. The woman had only said a few words, but everyone was willing to die.

Luo Xiaobai murmured, “Such a strong aura and charisma.”

In Han Fei’s eyes, the woman’s figure was tall and straight. For some reason, however, Han Fei’s heart skipped a beat. Why did she look so lonely?

“Definitely a woman with a story.”

Han Fei could only guess. This was the first time he had seen a female Venerable. Of course, compared with his mother, Ximen Linghan would be nothing.

On the ship.

He didn’t know whether it was heaven’s will or they did it on purpose. In any case, Han Fei’s ship had more than a hundred members of the big clans. The other seventy or eighty were on another ship next door.

Due to the fact that it was going to be a battle of life and death, many people were chatting with each other.

Zhang Xuanyu and Diwu Weiguang were sitting on the edge of the boat, staring at the Black Avenger in front of them.

Luo Xiaobai observed her surroundings warily and was not in the mood to talk.

Han Fei was sitting on the edge of the deck with a young man.

That person smiled and said, “Bro, I’ve never seen it before!”

Han Fei grinned. “You want to talk about this at the moment of life and death?”

That person laughed. “Isn’t this just a conversation? Moreover, with the City Lord here, we’ll definitely win this battle.”

Han Fei smiled. “Are you that confident?”

The man immediately turned serious and looked at Han Fei. “Of course. The City Lord is a legend. Nothing in this world can stop her.”

Han Fei thought, Is Ximen Linghan so great in the eyes of ordinary people?

Although Han Fei also wanted to ask how great Ximen Linghan was, and what had she gone through?

However, this question was obviously inappropriate. In the City of Justice, there seemed to be no one who didn’t know about Ximen Linghan. If he asked, it would probably arouse suspicion.

Han Fei immediately changed the topic. “Yes! Of course, I believe that City Lord Ximen can win, but we may not survive. Well, is there anything you want to do?”

Generally speaking, people would remember a lot before they died. Han Fei knew that these people probably wouldn’t live long. So he wanted to let them talk more about their lives.

The person laughed. “That’s a lot. My wish is to become a law-enforcer.”

Han Fei despised him. “Is that what you want to do? What else do you know besides cultivation?”

The man laughed so hard that his body trembled. “What do you know? I told her that when I become a law enforcer, I’ll ask the City Lord to host our wedding. She said that she also wants to become a law-enforcer before our wedding! Look, she only has a level-three spiritual heritage and hasn’t become a Hidden Fisher yet… How can I afford to wait? I won’t listen to her. When I was eight years old, I showed my talent. She was just a follower of mine…”

Han Fei stiffened and looked at the man who was smiling and bragging about his life.

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