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Chapter 1098: The City Lord

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations


Han Fei breathed a sigh of relief. It required acting skills indeed to brag seriously.

Of course, he was not bragging. He was telling the truth. Although the City of Justice would definitely perish in the water of the sea, one could not lose hope. Countless people in this world relied on a sliver of hope to survive. Without this hope, living was equivalent to death.

In fact, Han Fei had some expectations. He didn’t want this city to be sealed by an unknown force like the Heavenly Desolate City.

Perhaps this city would be destroyed. Perhaps most of these youths would die in battle.. However, perhaps one or two would be able to escape alive?

In any case, the longer he stayed in the illusion, the more Han Fei felt that it was more than an illusion! Every person here seemed to have existed before.

Now, being able to regenerate in an illusion might be the result of a monstrous force. It might not be a coincidence that these people could exist forever in the illusion. At least, someone wanted to remember these heroes who had pa.s.sed away.

At this moment, Han Fei did not know that in the depths of the City of Justice, someone was standing on the clouds and watching the scene quietly.

That person muttered, “There’s nothing to destroy our human race, not even the heavens and earth. s.h.i.t, my awareness isn’t even as high as a little brat’s. Sigh, I feel a bit ashamed.”

With a thought, a voice sounded. “This kid is not bad. He has a high level of awareness and has the bearing of a king. Bring him to my Avenger. I will personally nurture him.”

Of course, Han Fei didn’t know what would happen to him because of his bragging. He just wanted to know why the City of Justice was called the City of Justice. What did it mean? That was all.

Han Fei was strong, so he entered the inner city easily.

Because his perception range was very large, Han Fei swept with his perception and found a statue of the Sea G.o.d standing more than 400 kilometers away.

To be precise, Han Fei thought, this statue of the Sea G.o.d looks very familiar. Is it my mother’s statue? It must be. Otherwise, why would it look familiar? Especially after seeing my mother’s shadow… Anyway, I can see her anywhere. This means that my mother is much stronger than Old Han.

“Tsk tsk, Old Han! How did you manage to steal my strong mother’s heart? This doesn’t make sense!”

Han Fei didn’t stop.

There were still many people in this city. Regardless of whether it was the Age of Doom or what era it was, regardless of whether it was experts or ordinary people, they all pursued something called life!

Of course, the strong would pursue their own path. Some simply wanted to become stronger, while others wanted to become a king.

For different people, their goals were in stages. And at different stages, their goals had different meanings.

The city was not bustling. There were many shops selling goods, but the smell of fish filled the air.

All kinds of fish bones, deep-sea iron, sh.e.l.ls, spiritual fruits, and so on were sold, but the scene Han Fei saw was slightly different from that in Heavenly Desolate City.

Heavenly Desolate City had been in battle for too long, and people were already used to living in that state. Therefore, there were people everywhere on the road, and it was bustling with noise. There were all kinds of things to sell.

However, in the City of Justice, Han Fei could still sense countless people training at home.

Han Fei looked up at the sky and found spiritual energy surging like a tide, but it was absorbed in all directions at an extremely high alt.i.tude.

“There are many, many great Spirit Gathering Arrays in the city. It seems that Ximen Linghan has done quite a bit of work for the sake of the citizens’ cultivation.”

Of course, Han Fei saw people flying in the sky from time to time. They were all Hidden Fishers. Law-enforcers would pa.s.s by occasionally, but they didn’t pay much attention to him.

Han Fei did not stop. He sensed that Luo Xiaobai and Zhang Xuanyu were here too, but none of the others were. This meant that they had been teleported to different places.

It was just like how he had appeared in those people’s team and come out alive.

In front of the Sea G.o.d Temple, many people were worshipping and praying. The form of their prayers was very simple. They were holding up a hand with their eyes closed. No one knew what they were thinking.

Not far away, there was a large garden where Luo Xiaobai and Zhang Xuanyu were sitting.

Zhang Xuanyu asked, “Aren’t they in the city? Why haven’t they shown up yet?”

Luo Xiaobai thought for a moment and said, “It’s a probability problem. It’s possible that they’ve appeared in the outer sea. But we can’t find them, nor can we find them. We can only wait.”

Zhang Xuanyu said, “See? We’ve been targeted by many people. There are dozens of them watching us! I’m afraid that once we go out, a war will break out.”

Luo Xiaobai nodded slightly. “It’s natural to be discovered. It’s very likely that there are not many places that appear at random, so you and I can be together…”

Suddenly, Luo Xiaobai’s eyes lit up. “Han Fei is here.”

Zhang Xuanyu swept his perception and found Han Fei. He immediately asked via voice transmission, “Where did you go?”

Han Fei flew over. Since everyone was flying, n.o.body in the City of Justice would care.

The distance of a hundred miles was short.

Han Fei soon arrived and asked casually, “Where are the others?”

Luo Xiaobai shook her head. “I don’t know. Zhang Xuanyu and I showed up here directly. We didn’t need to find the Sea G.o.d statue at all.”

Han Fei said, “They might have been delayed by some mission.”

Luo Xiaobai asked in confusion, “What mission?”

Han Fei immediately told them what he had seen and heard. To prevent others from eavesdropping, Han Fei even set up a soundproof formation.

Zhang Xuanyu was stunned. “What? You said that you’ve been through two battles?”

Han Fei nodded. “Yes. Xiaobai, what can you a.n.a.lyze?”

Luo Xiaobai thought for a moment and said, “The teleportation points are not fixed, but they are definitely not many. If you appear in a mission as you said, it might mean that we appeared following the history of this city or historical events.”

Han Fei thought for a moment and nodded. “But if that’s the case, why can many people leave the events? For example, I’ve sensed the aura of more than 60 living beings.”

Zhang Xuanyu sneered. “It’s fine. These people can only watch. I thought that a war was going to break out as soon as we came in! Who knew that it would be in the city? But look, in the City of Justice, everyone is united, protecting the people and defending the foundation of human beings. If they dare to attack under such circ.u.mstances, I’m afraid that the people of this city will tear them apart without us even needing to do anything.”

Han Fei bared his teeth. “Are you that optimistic?”

Luo Xiaobai shook her head. “The big clans are not fools. Many of them have pa.s.sed the fifth soul realm. If they can’t fight here, why would they choose this place? Besides, the fifth soul realm is also known as the War Soul realm. However, we haven’t encountered a war except for the encounter Han Fei mentioned just now…”

Luo Xiaobai paused for a moment and continued, “Also, there is another question. As outsiders, or rather, living beings, is it really an accident that we are here? You appeared in the outer sea area and partic.i.p.ated in the war directly. Does our appearance here mean that something is going to happen here?”

Han Fei nodded. But then he saw several figures suddenly appear in the sky.

Han Fei’s face changed slightly. An explorer?

It was impossible to be wrong about this.

If the man was a law-enforcer, Han Fei could tell from his aura, but now he was sure the one coming to him was definitely an explorer.

It was a middle-aged man with a stern expression and a gray robe.

The man shouted, “All Hidden Fishers in the city, gather under the statue of the Sea G.o.d. All of you shall return to your positions within half an hour…”

The middle-aged man repeated it three times, his voice echoing throughout the city.

Han Fei and Zhang Xuanyu couldn’t help but look at Luo Xiaobai. You guessed right! But Le Renkuang and the others hadn’t even arrived yet… and the event had already begun.

Luo Xiaobai’s face darkened. “It happens that if Le Renkuang is in the city, he will definitely come. If he doesn’t, it means that he is not in the city. Also, all the big clans will gather. However, since something big has happened, they can’t attack us directly in a large-scale war.”

Han Fei grinned. “I’m just afraid that Kuangkuang and the others will be attacked in the outer seas.”

Han Fei couldn’t help but remember that he found Chu Qingyan and the others on the way, but he avoided them. It was obviously unwise to fight so many people alone.

If there were only 50 peak-level Hidden Fishers or even 50 ordinary geniuses, he wouldn’t be afraid at all.

However, many law-enforcers had joined this time, and there might be stop geniuses like Mo Yu among them. If two more such geniuses came, Han Fei would be worried. After all, they were quite strong and experienced.

Of course, to be able to enter the top ten prodigy roll, there had to be something extraordinary about them. Just like Mo Yu, he had almost been tied up by her. If he didn’t have the Supreme Yin-Yang Wheel, he would probably have been pressed down in the sea and battered hard by Yang Nanxi.

While they were thinking, their eyes suddenly blurred.

The middle-aged man who spoke just now directly appeared in front of the three of them.

Han Fei and the other two felt a chill down their backs. What happened? Why did the explorer come to us?

The middle-aged man looked at Han Fei deeply. Han Fei felt his scalp going numb. Had his ident.i.ties as outsiders been discovered?

Before Han Fei could think further, the middle-aged man said, “Not bad. The city lord said that you are qualified to board the Avengers. The city lord can train you herself.”


Han Fei was stunned. What? Ximen Linghan?

Han Fei swallowed. He had never seen Ximen Linghan before. Why was she looking for him?

Han Fei’s face stiffened and he pointed at himself. “City Lord, wants to train me personally?”

The middle-aged man reached out and patted Han Fei’s shoulder. “You have to believe in the city lord’s judgment. You must know that this is a great honor. This means that the city lord has taken a fancy to your potential. Once you get on the Avenger, your future achievements will be limitless.”

Han Fei looked at Zhang Xuanyu and Luo Xiaobai and found that they were also looking at him. He thought to himself, Didn’t you say that you fought in the outer seas? How can you be related to the city lord of the City of Justice?

Han Fei took a deep breath. “Can I ask why?”

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