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Edward and Leo had also entered the 2nd World, coming across their own experiences. They had some information about the strongest experts of the 2nd World. Saint Emperor Xue Shi was the recognized Emperor of the Saint Clan, and they knew his terror and might.

When Leo heard the notification in his mind, his gaze was complicated, "The Saint Emperor Xue Shi… was actually killed by him?!"

Hearing the news of Xue Shi's demise, Leo was overjoyed, but at the same time, envious.

Right after that, a huge, opened Gate of h.e.l.l immediately appeared beside the corpse of Xue Shi.

A pair of green eyes shone from beyond the gate, as a huge vortex appeared and sucked the treasures left behind by Xue Shi over.

"d.a.m.n b.a.s.t.a.r.d!!"

Yue Zhong saw the fruits of his labor being s.n.a.t.c.hed by that monster and his expression fell. He controlled the Scarlet Reaper to engage its defenses, before charging right through the Gates of h.e.l.l.

Among the treasures left behind by Xue Shi, there were 4 broken G.o.d and Devil Imprints as well as 3 half-digested gold G.o.d-Devil Nuclei. These were important resources for Yue Zhong's evolution, he had to get his hands on them.

When one reached such a stage, evolution became increasingly harder. Even if he killed a million or dozen millions of zombies, it was impossible for him to increase another tier. However, those gold G.o.d-Devil Nuclei and G.o.d and Devil Imprints would help push his realm to the next tier. That was why he went mad.

Furthermore, if those treasures were to be digested by some other monster, it was likely there would be another Xue Shi-like monster in another one or 2 years.

At that instant, Yue Zhong had already charged right through the Gate of h.e.l.l.

In a bright flash of light, he appeared on the other side.

A powerful killing intent came rushing at him, as a sharp claw slashed at the head of the Scarlet Reaper.


Following a loud collision, the defensive shield of the head area was shaken.

Yue Zhong fixed his gaze on the monster that was in front of him. It was 2m-tall, its body gold in color and its limbs thick and coa.r.s.e. It had sharp claws and a pair of green, compound bug eyes. It was attacking the energy shield of the Scarlet Reaper incessantly while emitting killing intent.

Under the a.s.sault of the green bug-eyed monster, the energy shield rippled, as energy was being depleted.

Yue Zhong swept it a gaze and thought darkly, "This monster is only at the peak of Type 5, and extremely crafty. It actually knew how to lay an ambush. If I hadn't activated my energy shield, I would have suffered. In any case, this level of monster is no match for me."

With a thought, the Scarlet Reaper reached out its arm as though it was alive, and grabbed the green bug-eyed monster. Exerting strength, he then crushed the beast.

At the moment it exploded, a copious amount of green blood splattered onto the mechanical arm of the Scarlet Reaper, causing it to corrode and melt off.

Yue Zhong was shocked at the toxicity of the blood, "What a powerful corroding ability. It could even melt through the armor of the Scarlet Reaper. Seems like it is dangerous to kill such a beast in close combat."

The armor of the Scarlet Reaper was made out of superalloys, its defense exceeding any that could be found on Earth. Even a Type 5 expert would find it tough to leave a mark on the Scarlet Reaper.

However, the blood of this green-eyed monster was able to corrode through the armor, a testimony to the lethality of its blood.

s.h.i.t, will the Imprints be dissolved as well?"
Seeing how terrifying the blood was, Yue Zhong's heartbeat quickened as he turned to look at the corpse. He then heaved a sigh of relief.

The 4 G.o.d and Devil Imprints, 3 half-digested G.o.d-Devil Nuclei, the red pearl, and the black armor laid amidst the green puddle with not a speck of damage on them.

Yue Zhong then controlled the Scarlet Reaper to exert a suction force on the items, pulling them into the c.o.c.kpit and he quickly kept them into his Storage Ring.

Only after he was done did he relax and begin to a.s.sess this slightly foreign world.

The greenery was lush, and the air was fresh. Gravity was 10 times stronger than on Earth, and thus, it was likely that the life forms on this planet were 10 times stronger than those on Earth, or even more.

"Although this place looks ordinary, it should be the world of the 3rd Stage. It doesn't look like the Third World of the Dino-Race. I should investigate it properly."

As he swept his gaze around, with a thought, he sent out thousands of mechanical flies from his Storage Ring, that swiftly soared in all directions.

The mechanical armors that Leo had obtained for America were based on nanotechnology. These drones of Yue Zhong were also based on the same technology when controlled by Bai Yi, they flew around as though they were alive, taking in everything and sending the feed and data to Bai Yi's drive.

Yue Zhong sent out his own perception from within the Scarlet Reaper and did not discover any strong life forms near him. "It would take some time to search this world. I'd better absorb those treasures and raise my own strength first."

Without any hesitation, Yue Zhong took out one G.o.d and Devil Imprint, using water to wash off the corrosive blood, before placing it against his own.

With a bright flash, the broken G.o.d and Devil Imprint was absorbed directly into Yue Zhong's, channeling the life force within Yue Zhong into the G.o.d-Devil Nucleus in him.

The golden mist continued to pump out, spreading through Yue Zhong's body, strengthening his bones and marrows, releasing some crackling sounds.

When he finished absorbing all 4 G.o.d and Devil Imprints, the gold mist that flowed within him was intense, continually strengthening him, helping him to break through the barriers of his evolution. Amidst the crackling noise, he was evolving towards the high-Type 6 realm.
After that, he took out one of the G.o.d-Devil Nucleus and placed it on his Imprint. In a flash, the Nucleus was absorbed into his sea of knowledge, smashing into his own.

Upon collision, the broken G.o.d-Devil Nucleus shattered and transformed intro runes that entered Yue Zhong's own.

His G.o.d-Devil Nucleus immediately became bigger, as it glowed resplendently, and more runes appeared on it, pushing all his skills up another tier.

When his skills were upgraded, all the runes that represented them glowed in a silver light, looking sacred. His combat potential had risen again.

Taken aback by the strengthening, he quickly absorbed the 2 remaining G.o.d-Devil Nuclei. Once they were converted into runes, they quickly congealed into a separate rune, silver in color and looking extremely ancient.
"Congratulations, you have gained the Sixth Order Blood Manipulation ability."
When the rune was formed, the sound of notification rang in his mind.

"So absorbing the G.o.d-Devil Nucleus has such a use, it actually helped me gain a Sixth Order skill immediately."

He opened his eyes, and a bright gleam flashed past his eyes. He began to emit a powerful aura, as his strength rose once more, reaching the peak of the Type 6 realm.

"The G.o.d and Devil Imprint and the G.o.d-Devil Nucleus are such precious resources. If I had continued killing, who knows how many Type 6 experts I have to kill to reach this stage? And yet, just absorbing 4 Imprints and 3 Nuclei, I'm already at the peak of Type 6. My G.o.d-Devil Body has also reached the Second Order. If there's another Saint Emperor, I'm able to crush him."

Channeling his strength, he sent out a casual punch, and with a terrifying force, a huge hole appeared in the ground about 20m away. He had not used any ability, just utilizing the sheer pressure from his fist. It was truly amazing.

A sudden thought came in his mind, "If I were to go kill Edward and Leo now, absorbing their Nuclei and Imprints, I might be able to break through and enter the Type 7 realm."

However, Yue Zhong quickly squashed that thought.

Right now, all 3 factions were allies and working together to fight back the foreign races. If Yue Zhong really did such a thing, it would fracture the entire human race. They would kill each other, and even if he reached the Type 7 realm, what good would it do? He would have to kill the humans of his allies or turn them all into puppets.

Although Yue Zhong could be vicious at times, he was not willing to see such a thing happen, nor attack his allies just for his own gains.

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