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A number of heavy aircraft flew over from the horizon, descending once they reached.
From within, a number of elite soldiers walked out dressed in military uniform, emitting a terrifying aura.

Under the escort of those soldiers, 5 men stepped out.

The leader was a man in a suit, he had blond hair and blue eyes, his skin fair and his features sharp. On his forehead, was a white band tied around, which contained the American flag. He was emitting a cold and powerful aura, and this was the top expert of the Superhuman Alliance in America, Leo.
One youth in a wide-brimmed blue shirt, piercings in his ears, his skin tanned, followed behind. He was 16 or 17, and he wore sungla.s.ses, chewing some gum. Looking around at the elites of the Kingdom of G.o.d, he sneered, "These are the elite troops of the Kingdom of G.o.d? Doesn't seem like much? I can take them all on."

One middle-aged man beside him, dressed smartly and had a serious aura about him, frowned as he spoke, "Evan, this time, we're here to discuss an alliance. Don't create a mess."

Evan continued to blow bubbles as his face sunk, and he barked back, "Lake, who the h.e.l.l are you? How dare you order me around? In my opinion, all these s.h.i.theads from the Kingdom of G.o.d should be killed. What's there to discuss?"

The Kingdom of G.o.d had invaded America and caused slaughter and deep hatred. In America, there were many who had hatred for the Kingdom of G.o.d, not willing to even see them entering an alliance.

Leo's expression turned stern, "Evan, shut it. Don't be rude to Mr. Lake."


Although Evan was unwilling, after being reprimanded by Leo, he fell silent.

Leo was the person that brought about the Superhuman Alliance and was respected as the foremost superhero, and the strongest expert in America. After the apocalypse, he had defeated many experts, even some Apostles from the Kingdom of G.o.d. He was widely revered and idolized. Evan was full of idolization towards this expert as well.

At this time, 5 representatives that emitted a pressure also stepped out from the Kingdom of G.o.d's camp.

Within their side, the leader was an extremely good-looking man with long hair. His physique was perfect, and he gave off the feeling as though he was the son, a favored son of heavens. The 4 other young men and women beside him emitted a similar aura, but beside him, they were reduced to the stars and the moon, dimmer than him.

The moment they appeared, Leo's eyes fell upon the leader of the Kingdom of G.o.d's party, his gaze complicated as he muttered, "Edward!"

The attractive man from the Kingdom of G.o.d was precisely the 1st Apostle, Edward, who had crushed countless regions, defeating numerous experts, and slaughtered dozens of high-level evolved intelligent zombies.
Evan looked at Edward, and his body went taut as his expression turned serious. His senses and every fiber of his body was telling him about this dangerous man, "He is strong, likely similar to Bro Leo in terms of strength."

Other than Evan, the rest of those on Leo's side had changes in their expression as well. They could sense the threat and potential danger from this Edward; in a direct frontal clash, they could likely be killed in a single move.

Edward's face brought out into a refreshing smile, "Leo, it's a pleasure to finally meet you. Now, Yue Zhong's left."

Leo looked into the sky, "Although I've never seen him, I know that he's someone who values punctuality. He should be here any moment… Oh, look, he's already here."

Edward's eyes flashed with a sharp gaze as he looked up as well, laughing lightly, "That's right, seems like he's right on time. We're early."
The Apostles behind Edward turned to look at the skies but did not see anything.

After 20 seconds, the expert with the sharpest eyes finally saw a number of heavy aircraft breaking through the clouds.

Edward then extended an invitation to Leo, "Let's go over!"

Leo agreed, "Sure!"

Be it Edward or Leo, they were filled with curiosity towards Yue Zhong. They were recognized as the strongest experts on Earth, and yet, they had never seen each other before. They had only the reports to form an understanding about each other.

When the heavy aircrafts landed, a hundred soldiers swiftly exited.

Every single one of them was over the Level of 75, and they were all equipped with multi-purpose scanning helmets, Type 3 Sun Battle Armors, with Sun Spears on their back, as they wielded laser guns. There were even other weapons equipped at the various parts of their combat armor. Every single one of them was a small-scale armory, at the same time, each and every one of them was emitting a powerful killing intent.


When Edward and Leo caught sight of these 100 soldiers, their faces changed.
As for Evan and the rest, they were also taken aback, "What strong soldiers!! Did he bring all his top experts?"

These 100 elites were the top subordinates that Yue Zhong had poured a huge amount of resources to groom. Each of them had a Type 3 Divine Warrior strength, adding on their Type 3 Armor, they were all capable of releasing a Type 4 Divine Warrior's might.

A force of a hundred Type 4 soldiers was extremely potent on this Earth, they could easily crush many countries.

Although the warriors that Yue Zhong had brought this time numbered a few, in terms of quality, it already surpa.s.sed both the Kingdom of G.o.d and America. Even if they were to join forces, they might not be able to contend with the soldiers of China's Central Army.

Under the escort of these 100 soldiers, Yue Zhong walked out with Bai Xiao Sheng, Ji Qing Wu, and Yao Yao.

Edward smiled lightly, and reached out with his right hand first, "I'm Edward, pleased to meet you, Yue Zhong."

"This Edward's strength is not below mine… he should be a Type 6 expert as well. The world is truly vast, with geniuses everywhere. It was not just me with fortuitous encounters. The fame of the 1st Apostles is truly not just a myth." Yue Zhong a.s.sessed Edward carefully, feeling the sense of danger that he posed. He could sense that this man was not far off from him in strength.

Yue Zhong smiled as well, grasping Edward's hands lightly, "How do you do, I'm Yue Zhong, pleased to meet you."

Leo also reached out his hand, "I'm Leo, pleased to meet you."

"Another Type 6 expert."

Yue Zhong's sense swept through Leo and could feel the abundant life force within. This was also a Type 6 expert that could threaten his life.

Yue Zhong grabbed his Leo's hand lightly back, "Hey, I'm Yue Zhong, pleased to meet you."

After the pleasantries were exchanged, all 3 factions entered the small town.

Inside a villa.

All 3 factions sat on their respective sides around a huge round table.

Edward got to the point directly, "We're pleased that you guys made the effort to come. Everyone should know by now, the Saint Clan from the 2nd World had already joined forces with the zombies. In just a month's time, they had defeated England, j.a.pan, Brazil, and Africa, ruling over those regions. At the same time, based on our intel, they had constructed some evil and demonic altars. Based on our conjectures, they should be trying to pry open the magnitude of the connection, allowing the Type 6 Sacred Emperor of the 2nd World to descend directly."

"Based on the current situation, it is impossible for any of our individual factions to stand against them. Therefore, the Kingdom of G.o.d hopes that all 3 of our factions can ally and rebuild society, help each other, and fight back the zombies and Saint Clan together.
"The Earth's Federal Government will thus be comprised of our 3 major factions, each of us in charge of our own regions, with our independent law and rules. There will be an Earth's Forces, formed and used against the foreign species and races. The members of the council will be elected by our 3 factions, with each member holding a ⅓ voting strength."

Hearing Edward's words, Yue Zhong and Leo fell silent.

The proposal of the Earth's Federal Government was similar to the United Nations before the apocalypse, but its power and reach were much wider than before. Especially the Earth's Forces, it would be a military capable of disrupting the balance of everything.

However as Edward had said, based on the current situation, there was a need for it. Otherwise, if the 3 factions continued to be wary against one another, and backstabbed each other during a critical situation, the human race would be endangered.

Yue Zhong spoke up after a long while, "I agree with the Earth's Federal Government, but as to the details, there has to be some fine-tuning."

Leo also spoke up after a while, "I share the same sentiments."

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