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Currently, Birmingham, the heavy industry of England after the apocalypse had turned into h.e.l.l on Earth. There were Flesh-Eaters and Vampires everywhere, slaughtering the humans in a gruesome and cruel manner while laughing maniacally.

Weylan, one of the 4 Saint Kings, was walking the streets of Birmingham coldly, not a speck of blood to be seen on his body.

"Save me!! Save me!!"

All of a sudden, a beautiful and s.e.xy young woman ran out in front of him, her face full of fear as she screamed out.

2 Flesh-Eaters suddenly appeared, pouncing onto her in delight, as they dragged her back towards a dark alley.

Soon, screams rang out from there, as a trail of blood could be seen flowing out.

From the start to the end, Weylan eyed everything coolly, only when he saw the fresh blood did his eyes brightened slightly.

A gust of wind blew, and a Type 4 Saint Clan member appeared in front of him, speaking respectfully, "Esteemed Saint King Weylan, with your ingenious plan, Birmingham has fallen into our hands. The rest of the English cities have also fallen."

Weylan replied indifferently, "Ingenious? No, it doesn't count for much. I just used our similarities and resemblance to the humans to our advantage. The English forces had underestimated us. They think we're too stupid. Their arrogance had been the cause of their downfall."

The 4 Saint Kings had arrived in different parts of the Earth with different Gates of h.e.l.l.

When Weylan came to England, he did not immediately launch an attack, instead, sending a huge number of experts to act as humans as they infiltrated the various English cities.

As the English forces were lacking manpower, they had not expected the Saint Clan to be mixed among them.

These members of the Saint Clan were all terrifying existences at the level of Type 3 or Type 4.

When Brendan's main force had been sent to London, Weylan set his plan into motion, killing most of the defending forces in the cities, and quickly conquered the cities.

Weylan then ordered coldly, "Since we've succeeded, then begin the Blood Sacrifice quickly. If we want the Saint Emperor to descend upon this Earth, we need a large amount of blood to open the right Gate of h.e.l.l."

The Saint Clan member replied respectfully, "Yes!" and disappeared into the night.

Soon after, in the various English cities, there were altars covered with strange runes erected in the center of each location. The altars were blood red, their center part as large as a lake, and they seemed to be made out of bones.

"No! No!! Don't kill me!!"

One English survivor was being dragged to the altar. He cried out continuously in fear and panic, trying to squirm and escape from this nightmare.

The cruel Flesh-Eater laughed cruelly, directly grabbing the survivor's head and yanked. He tore his entire together with the spine out of his body. The hot blood splattered all over the altar.

All around the altar, there were numerous English survivors. When they saw this, their hearts turned cold and their expressions turned to fear. A few faint-hearted ones even turned pale and wet their pants. A strong sense of panic and despair overwhelmed them.
The Flesh-Eaters continued to reap the lives of the English survivors without mercy, causing blood to flow into the altar.

After absorbing a huge amount of blood, the runes began to light up in a red radiance, as the blood within curled and combined amidst horrifying wails and screams. The blood then poured right into the largest human-shaped skull within the pool.

Once the blood was absorbed cleanly, the eyes of the skull shot out a bright blood beam into the skies.

The entire altar lit up as a strong, b.l.o.o.d.y atmosphere descended upon them.

Not long after, Brazil, j.a.pan, and Africa also reacted similarly, as their own blood beams penetrated the skies.

England had been one of the powers that the Kingdom of G.o.d had been paying attention to. The moment it fell, the report had been transmitted over towards the upper echelon of the Kingdom of G.o.d.

The Elder Council fell into chaos, as discussion broke out among them.

"Just one day!! England managed to hold out for only one day! What the h.e.l.l?!"

"d.a.m.n it! The freaks from the 2nd World are too terrifying!! They actually took down England in a single day?!"

"No! Not just England! Brazil, j.a.pan, and Africa had all revealed the same blood phenomenon! All those places have already fallen! This means that the freaks from the 2nd World have already made their move! The most terrifying fact is that they are already working together with the zombies from our Earth!"

"s.h.i.t! Is G.o.d truly abandoning us?"

There was a tense atmosphere among the Elders.

The ever-evolving zombies were already a source of a headache. Adding on to the Saint Clan members descending upon Earth through the Gates of h.e.l.l, even a strong organization like the Kingdom of G.o.d would find it tough to deal with.

It was especially so since the Saint Clan members look extremely similar to humans. It was hard to tell them apart. If one was not careful, they might accidentally allow the wolf into the pen.

Bernard, one of the elders, spoke to Jonas, "Great Elder Jonas, I think that it is a critical time for us humans, and we should all work together to fight against the zombies and freaks of the 2nd World. With just our strength, even with Apostle Edward, it would be hard to fend off their joint attack."

Hearing his words, the rest of the Elders also sunk into contemplation. Even the most obstinate of them knew that things were not looking good.

England was recognized to be one of the 4 big powers, and yet, they had fallen at the combined effort of the zombies and the 2nd World's Saint Clan. It was apparent how powerful the enemies were.

All the elders knew that the Kingdom of G.o.d could not stand up to the zombies and the Saint Clan together.

Although Edward had gained some miraculous technology from other worlds, there was still some time needed for it to be widely used and established as part of their combat strength. Other than that, even if they have gained the Beast Transformation technology, there was no guarantee that it could defeat the Saint Clan and zombies.

Jonas was silent for a long moment, before finally speaking, "In that case, let's contact China and America, to gather the Earth's Alliance Army, and fight against the zombies and the Saint Clan!"

"Good! As long as the human race work together, we can definitely defeat the zombies and Saint Clan!"

"That's right, our human race will be victorious!"

"No, I object."


Amidst the majority consent and minor disagreements, the case was swiftly pa.s.sed and a number of invitations were sent out to the leaders of the various powers.

Within a luxurious villa in China, Yue Zhong read a piece of doc.u.ment.

Yue Zhong frowned, as a sense of unease and urgency weighed on him, "England, j.a.pan, Brazil, and Africa have already fallen?!"
The speed of the fall of these 4 major regions had exceeded his expectations. Although it had taken a month for the Saint Clan and zombies to work together, it was still a mighty force to reckon with.

After all, England was one of the 4 major powers, just like China. They had their fair share of experts, with at least 200,000 elite soldiers. Their survivors had numbered at least 2 million. Such a power had actually fallen within a day, annihilated completely, with their survivors largely ma.s.sacred. It was a terrifying fact, that forced Yue Zhong to be nervous again. If he was careless, China would also follow in that footstep.

He looked at the invitation once more, while his fingers drummed the table, "All 3 major factions to meet in Minsk? Forget it, let's just go. If there's an alliance, it'd be a good thing."

The Saint Clan had joined forces with the zombies, becoming the strongest enemy the humans of Earth had to face. If they still could not work together, then the intelligent freaks would make use of that fact.

The technology that Yue Zhong brought back had already started manufacturing. Within the ranks, his return had helped stabilized his generals, and the entire country was developing rapidly and steadily. Even a short departure for Minsk would not affect anything.

He continued to look at the invitation while thinking quietly, "However, this summit is not going to be simple. I'd better prepare myself."

Minsk was Belarus's capital, before the apocalypse, they had a population of about 1.5 million people. However, it was now a dead place full of zombies.

Outside Minsk, in a small town, there were numerous Thunder Fighters stationed. Inside the town, over 400 fully armed Kingdom of G.o.d elite soldiers were clearing the town of the evolved zombies they had slaughtered.

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