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Chapter 95 Joining the Base

TL: Crimson Iris; Delivery Man

Yue Zhong received the form and looked at it, only to see that there were all sorts of questions on it.

Chen Zhiguang, on one side, cautiously said : “In this form, the most crucial point is regarding your occupation and ability before the Z-age. According to your occupation and ability, you will be provided with work and goods. Among these, evolvers can get very good treatment. They can join army troops or possibly be an employee of the government branch.”

Experiencing Yue Zhong’s fearful ability, Chen Zhiguang didn’t dare to provoke his anger again. Although, inside Long Hai city, even evolvers couldn’t kill as they wished. But Yue Zhong’s strange ability could absolutely kill him easily without being discovered.

Chen Zhiguang reminded: “Occupation and ability is very important, this directly relates to your future treatment.”

The rule of the Z-age is the law of the jungle, Chen Zhiguang was very clear on this one point. He won’t dare to go against Yue Zhong who was an evolver. He could only try as much as possible to win his favor .

Yue Zhong tossed out a pack of cigarettes to Chen Zhiguang and indifferently said: “ We want to be together, what methods do you have ?”

“Thank you, brother Yue !!” Chen Zhiguang received the cigarettes, his eyes showed a hint of happy expression. Cigarettes were very high in demand inside the base, but yet they were very hard to come by. For ordinary people like themselves, it was very difficult to obtain a pack.

Chen Zhiguang pondered a moment : “If you want to be together, then you all need to fill the form as jobless. Only, if that happens, then your future treatment won’t be good .”

Longhai City base was a place where people who were dragons as well as those who were snakes mingled. There were also quite a bit of small powerful gangs. Chen Zhiguang has also seen many groups not willing to separate. After all, everyone together meant big power and so wouldn’t be easy to be bullied by other people.

After listening to Chen Zhiguang, Yue Zhong’s party all filled both the occupation and ability as unemployed.

Two hours later, Yue Zhong’s party walked out of the room.

On the other side, Lu Wen, Chen Yao also walked out of their room.

“Brother !” seeing Yue Zhong leaving the room, Lu Wen ran to his side and held his hand.

Guo Yu also came to Yue’s side.

The rest of the girls stood across Yue , looking at Yue with eyes full of complex feelings. Starting today, they would be separated and would have to face the unknown world by themselves.

Chen Yao came next to Yue and with a complex look, slowly said : “ Yue! I am going to go. Henceforth, if you face any problems in Longhai city, you can come to me. I will come help you to the very best of my ability.”

The Chen family had quite an influence in Longhai city. Chen Yao  made clear, her ident.i.ty. After which, her ident.i.ty was authenticated and she could meet with her relatives in Longhai city base.

Yue Zhong glanced at Chen Yao and in a heavy sound, said: “take care! ”

Yue Zhong also absolutely regarded Chen Yao as one possessing remarkable capability and outstanding looks. Only that, every person has their own ambitions. Yue was also already mentally prepared for her departure and so, he didn’t feel any big disappointment or loss.

“Goodbye!” Chen Yao looked attentively at Yue Zhong,  sight diverted towards his side where on each side stood Guo Yu and Lu Wen. A complex light flashed past her eyes. Leaving behind the sentence, she left with Ji Qing Wu.

Zhao Li walked next to Yue Zhong and implored to Chen Zhiguang who was next to his side : “ Brother Chen,  I beg you to help me exchange the food stamps. I beg you!”

Zhao Li already realized, Long Hai City survivor base isn’t the perfect haven she had imagined. Her status as a fast food chain chairman had no use here. Basically there was no one to purchase her stock. She had no choice but to lay aside her status before Z-Age. A that time she basically looked down upon little office workers.

Chen Zhiguang looked at Zhao Li. Waving his hand he said: “No time! Scram!”

As the Long Hai City survivor base admittance personnel, Chen Zhiguang had encountered several big bosses. Before Z-Age Zhao Li had money and status, but now she had neither.

Zhao Li’s face turned white, and her eyes flashed with hopelessness. If she couldn’t turn that suitcase of RMB into food stamps, then it was just a box of useless paper. She was very clear about this point. Without food stamps in her hand, she didn’t know how long she could survive in Long Hai City.

“Help her exchange!” Yue Zhong plainly said while looking at Chen Zhiguang.

“Yes! Brother Yue!” Chen Zhiguang immediately replied with respect, then he called over a worker and commanded him: “Little Lin, take this woman and go exchange for food stamps.”

Little Lin arrogantly looked at Zhao Li. He coldly said: “Follow me!”

“Thank you!” Zhao Li stooped and expressed thanks to Yue Zhong. She finally grabbed her suitcase and follow little Lin, leaving the area.

“Brother Yue, follow me! I’ll bring you all to your residences.” Chen Zhiguang said with a pleasing look towards Yue Zhong.

Z-Age follows the laws of the jungle. Chen Zhiguang relied on his status as a civil servant to strut around in front of ordinary survivors. But before the powerful people of Long Hai City, he had no such swagger. Chen Zhiguang didn’t have much clout in Long Hai City survivor base, therefore he was always looking for someone to be his supporter.

Chen Zhiguang wanted to cling onto Yue Zhong to climb in power. Yue had strange abilities and also other strong people who followed him. If he could become Yue Zhong’s trusted aide, then his power in Long Hai City survivor base could become consolidated. He was willing to receive humiliation in order to receive help.

Walking on the street, Chen Zhiguang apologized to Yue Zhong: “Brother Yue, today’s matter, it is my fault! I have eyes, yet I failed to recognize Mount Tai. I have greatly offended you, please forgive me.”

Yue Zhong plainly said: “The matter is in the past.”

Chen Zhiguang’s gave Yue Zhong face: “Brother Yue, can I mix in with you? I don’t have any big sway, but I can navigate the back alleys. If there is anything you are unclear about, just ask me.”

Da Gouzi saw Chen Zhiguang’s sudden turn, and he coldly mocked: “Your face is really thick!”

[TL: Having a thick face means someone is shameless.]

As if Chen Zhiguang didn’t hear, he continued to wait upon Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong considered a moment, then immediately said: “Okay!”

Although he got the rough introduction from w.a.n.g Hai about Long Hai City, he could still use a detailed explanation. One that couldn’t be said in a short period of time.

Chen Zhiguang was joyful: “Thank you brother Yue! Thank you brother Yue!”

Under the guidance of Chen Zhiguang, Yue Zhong’s group arrived at their residence——The building was a five-story piece of junk in a shantytown.

Every floor had three rooms. Inside there was nothing but a bed and a toilet.

Outside of that building was an ordinary house. There were several trees planted around it, some abandoned farmland, and a small pool.

Chen Zhiguang’s apologetically said: “I’m sorry brother Yue! Jobless survivors can only live in remote places like this.”

Chen Zhiguang was certainly not a high up official. Naturally he couldn’t arrange a nice place for Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong nodded and didn’t say anything.

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