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Yue Zhong looked at the excited Ma Lei and asked with a frown, "Blood-Sucking Bees? What's special about them?"

Ma Lei replied excitedly, "They are a special variation of bees found only in the Green Region. They suck blood to survive and can make blood honey from their prey. This blood honey is extremely precious to any biological life form, helping to nourish and can even help evolve. If one consumes it over a long period, he or she can even reach the Type 4 Divine Warrior realm. While their corpses might not be as precious as the blood honey, they still have energy and is helpful to us humans in terms of evolution. With so many corpses here, we can definitely produce more strong warriors."

Yue Zhong frowned and asked deeply, "With such enticing features, has anyone tried to rear them before?"

Ma Lei continued, "It's rumored that one particular clan of the Dino-race does rear it, treating humans as the source of blood to be fed to these bees. Each time, there would be over tens of thousands of humans sacrificed to these bees, and the produced blood honey is used to nourish the Dino-Generals."

"Tens of thousands?!"

Yue Zhong finally understood why those dino-people would send their units to capture humans. It was likely to farm them and to rear the blood-sucking bees.

A sense of danger suddenly arose in his heart. With the Green Region spanning such a huge area, there should be more than a million humans around here. To those dino-people, they were a good source of bait. Since they ruled the land, there would be no reason for them to let off any human.

Yue Zhong spoke, "Gather some people to keep these bees in storage. Give them out as per rewards for merits or contributions."

Sun Lan Lan was standing beside Yue Zhong, decked in a black uniform and her entire look clean and fresh, her huge chest threatening to burst out of her clothes, giving off an extremely irresistible charm.

When she heard Yue Zhong's order, she replied with confidence, "Yes!"

After this period of training, she had successfully transitioned from being a self-ent.i.tled idol to a government official, handling every affair Yue Zhong delegated to her with ease and confidence. She had thus regained her natural pride and dignity as well.

Yue Zhong looked at the corpses of the blood-sucking bees and felt regret, "What a pity! If I had known their use, I would chase after them to find their nest and harvest some blood honey."

When the swarm of bees receded, Yue Zhong's energy consumption had been huge, thus he did not think of chasing them. Had he known that they were capable of such an ability, he would definitely find the nest and gather the blood honey.

Within the Sun Alliance quarters, inside the palace.

Shinya Takahiko slapped the edge of his throne, causing a huge part of it to be destroyed, as he roared in rage, "WHAT?! The Sun Warriors have all perished, even Kisame Shinji is dead? Are you certain that this information is real, k.u.ma Hikaruni!!"

A skinny man was kneeling and trembled as he replied, "Yes! Chief, your subordinate has gone there to verify it personally. General Kisame Shinji is truly dead, and the 100 Sun Warriors have perished as well!"

Hearing this, all the generals within the palace had ugly expressions.

The Sun Warriors were the trump cards of the Sun Alliance, in the past, when they were at a disadvantage in any battles, the entrance of the Sun Warriors could change the tide almost instantly.

Any of the Sun Warriors in their Sun Armor could become a peak expert out there. When a hundred of them worked together, as well as Kisame Shinji acting as the center of operations, even Type 4 Divine Warriors were no match for them.

Based on their intelligence, Yue Zhong had single-handedly taken down the Vulture Tribe as well as the surrounding tribes. Based on that, Kisame Shinji had acted accordingly with the confidence that their forces could take him down.

Now that they received the report of their troops being lost in the battle, everyone was shocked beyond belief.

After his outburst, Shinya Takahiko forcefully suppressed his rage and asked coolly, "Shinji and the hundred Sun Warriors have been lost, seems like Yue Zhong has some other trump cards. Now he has some prehistoric technology as well, as well as a Type 4 Mutant Beast?"

He fell into a silence, contemplating deeply. If he were to send all his forces, there was an 80% confidence that he could annihilate Yue Zhong.

However, within the Green Region, there were still the Storm Valley and Pterosaur Mountain. If the Sun Alliance were forced back by Yue Zhong, then they would be left open for the Storm Valley and Pterosaur Mountain to launch an attack and conquer them.

As he contemplated, his eyes flashed coldly, "Nishigakete, go tell Yue Zhong, I'm willing to pa.s.s him some technology, however, in exchange, I want him to help me hunt a Type 5 Mutant Beast. As long as he agrees to this condition, not only will I pa.s.s him the tech, I can even offer a friendship, and conquer the whole Green Region together."

Nishigakete kneeled and kowtowed his respects, "Yes! Your subordinate understands!"

After that, he rose and left the mountain gorge for the distance.

In the Vulture Valley.

Inside a hall, Nishigakete was smiling at Yue Zhong, "Sir Yue Zhong! I'm glad to see you again."

"Glad? More like disappointed, aren't you?" Yue Zhong laughed out sarcastically, leaning back on his sofa that was covered in a Mutant Beast pelt, as he shot coldly, "Nishigakete, you don't think that the matter of your Sun Alliance sending troops to attack my army will be forgotten just like that, do you?"

"That? That was a misunderstanding! General Kisame Shinji had acted out of line and gone ahead without approval from the higher-ups. If he and the velociraptor troops had offended and cost you, let me extend my sincerest apologies now." Nishigakete put on an apologetic expression, as though he really did not know that it had happened. Such thick skin was required when matters of diplomacy and politics were involved.

Nishigakete continued unabashedly, "Sir Yue Zhong, our Sun Alliance had made preparations to discipline General Kisame Shinji, however, we heard that you had already wiped them out. His selfish actions have really caused us to be extremely sorry since they have offended you, and were killed by you, that's only right. However, their armor belongs to our Sun Alliance, and we hope that you can return them to us."

Yue Zhong looked at him incredulously and laughed coldly, "And what if I don't?"

The Sun Armor was a precious treasure, Yue Zhong was naturally not willing to return it.

Nishigakete chuckled and threatened, "Then I'm afraid that it will affect our friendship, and our Sun Alliance will view you as an enemy, sparing no means to wipe you out. Sir Yue Zhong, you might have a few Type 4 Divine Warriors here, but if we were to go all out, we have the ability to deal with a Type 5 Divine Warrior even, I don't think you want to see that, do you?"

Yue Zhong narrowed his eyes, a chilly light in them, and he was about to declare war on them.

However, Nishigakete was astute, and caught the change in Yue Zhong's temperament, as he quickly continued, "Sir Yue Zhong, since you hope to obtain some technology, our Alliance Chief has already agreed to sell them to you, on a condition, after you have helped us with it, not only will we forgo the issue of the Sun Armors, we can even give half our tech stash to you, and recognize you as an ally, sharing Green Region between the both of us."

Yue Zhong's heart was stirred, "What is it?"

If it did not have to come down to fighting to obtain the technology of this world, Yue Zhong did not mind helping out. After all, the roots of the Sun Alliance were deep and unfathomable.

Nishigakete chuckled and replied, "We hope that Sir Yue Zhong can extend a helping hand with hunting a Type 5 Mutant Beast."

Yue Zhong looked at him and snorted coldly, "Hunting a Type 5 Mutant Beast? He truly dares to dream! Don't you guys know the terror of a Type 5 Mutant Beast? Even if a Type 5 Divine Warrior were to lend a hand, it would be hard to kill one in a hit. If you guys want to kill yourselves, please do. I'm not interested."

A Type 5 Mutant Beast could easily capsize a battleship, if they used their innate abilities, they were capable of causing a disaster.

Even Type 5 Divine Warriors would be extra careful when dealing with Type 5 Mutant Beasts, almost 80 or 90% of those who challenged them alone would usually perish.

Even Yue Zhong had to expend all his strength to kill the heavily injured Type 5 Crocodile-Head Beast, trying to hunt a normal, live one was equivalent to committing suicide.

Yue Zhong felt that it would take all of the human experts of the Green Region to work together to hunt a Type 5 Mutant Beast successfully, but even so, it would cost them thousands of lives.

Nishigakete grinned, "Sir Yue Zhong, we're more than clear on the horrors of a Type 5 Mutant Beast at optimal conditions. We will naturally not antagonize one. What we want to deal with is, is a heavily injured one. However, even so, our ordinary Type 4 Divine Warriors aren't its match. If you were to join us, we would succeed. There might be risks, but we feel that it's worth it."

Yue Zhong sunk in deep thoughts, "Alright, I can help, however, if it's not heavily injured, I will not do anything."

Nishigakete smiled, "Fine!"

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