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One soldier replied pa.s.sionately, "Captain! What're you saying? Those who wanted to leave would have long gone!"

Another chuckled and said, "Precisely! Since we all stayed on from the beginning, we knew this day would come sooner or later!"

Situ Jin looked at these 60 soldiers who had stayed behind with him with a gratified expression.

At the beginning, there were a total of 200 who had followed Situ Jin. However, 140 of them could not stand the slow decline of the town, nor were content with the status quo, hence they chose to head for greener pastures with other factions. Only Situ Jin and the remaining 60 of them held onto their beliefs resolutely, silently keeping guard over the survivors.

Situ Jin roared out and fired at one rider, shooting him down, "Great!! Then let's show our them fighting spirit!"

Following that, a number of gunshots rang out, and a few more riders fell from their horses.

Outside of Huyan Town, a huge ditch had been dug surrounding the entire town, forcing the riders of Guo Ming to get down from their horses to charge at the town Huyan Town was about to be embroiled in chaos.

Ying Kong and the rest saw the town about to be breached, and his face fell, "s.h.i.t!! Leader! Guo Ming and the rest had reached first!!"

"Do it! Kill anyone that resists!" Yue Zhong waved his hands and muttered coldly.

"Understood! Leader! Brothers, charge!!" Bai Xiao Sheng licked his lips, a fierce glint flashing across his eyes, as he led his men towards Huyan Town.

Following some gunshots, more soldiers under Guo Ming fell, their heads blasted.

Bai Xiao Sheng's team was made up entirely of elites, and they charged right at the troops of Guo Ming like a hot knife through b.u.t.ter.

The soldiers of Guo Ming were suppressed and had no choice but to seek cover. Their combat experience and ability was vastly inferior to the elite Evolvers under Bai Xiao Sheng, and were quickly at a disadvantage.

"Father!! I'll go help Father kill those baddies!" Yin Shuang smiled radiantly, before turning into a gust of wind and charging right for the enemy troops.

The moment Yin Shuang reached their area, many of the soldiers' heads were blasted by her fists.

At a glance, it was truly a horrible sight to witness heads exploding out of nowhere.

Ying Kong watched in shock, as Yin Shuang continued to tear through the enemies, "Strong!! How can there be such a strong existence?"

With just her ability alone, she could easily kill all the soldiers defending Huyan Town.

"The princess is still too strong! There's no chance for us to act!"

"Yes!! The princess is too overbearing!"

The elites under Bai Xiao Sheng could not help but discuss softly when they saw how tyrannical Yin Shuang was. It wasn't the first time they had seen her displaying her crazy strength, but each time they saw it, they were reminded of how pathetically weak they were.

"Strong!" Yue Zhong watched Yin Shuang annihilate the subordinates of Guo Ming with a complicated expression. If there were a hundred of organisms like her, Yue Zhong did not dare imagine what faction could possibly stand up to them.

If he were to exchange blows with Yin Shuang, Yue Zhong felt that he might still be able to hold on, but if there were 2 of her, he would be killed, without even a chance to flee.

300 soldiers died like ants, while the rest lost their will to fight, and quickly got on their mounts to escape.

Those on the horses were even more obvious targets, they had just come out of their covers, and were instantly shot down by Yue Zhong and his men.

Guo Ming roared in fury and activated his Second Rank Werewolf Transformation, turning into a powerful werewolf that charged right for Yin Shuang, "Beast!! I'll KILL YOU!!"

With a gust of wind, the little fist of Yin Shuang came blasting right at Guo Ming's head, causing this high-level Evolver to lose his head, his body crumpling to the ground.

With Guo Ming ended in one blow, the rest of his subordinates instantly lost their minds and hurried to flee. Some even threw their weapons down to surrender.

The soldiers that tried to flee didn't get very far, as they were quickly shot down by Bai Xiao Sheng and his team. This was a team that could take on over a hundred Evolver enemies, and it was not a problem to hunt down those fleeing soldiers.

After killing them, Bai Xiao Sheng and the rest then sent troops to go and collect those who had surrendered.

Situ Jin looked at Yue Zhong and the rest of his team that did not even number more than a hundred, his heart shaking with shock, "Strong! What vicious methods!"

The rest of the soldiers stared at that pretty and adorable Yin Shuang, whose white dress fluttered in the wind, her eyes filled with wonder. This was a girl that was cute and incredibly dangerous at the same time. The stark contrast between her and the b.l.o.o.d.y scene behind her was extremely obvious.

Ying Kong came up to Situ Jin in excitement and introduced Yue Zhong to him, "Captain! Captain! I'm back!! This is the leader of Qi Mu Town, Chief Yue Zhong of the Han Alliance!"

When the soldiers around Situ Jin heard this, their eyes flashed with a strange glint, as they looked towards Yue Zhong with caution. They were of different descent and were slightly wary of this Han.

After all, the Turk Empire, Mongol Empire and even the Manchurian Empire had acted out against one another, fighting for slaves. They were worried that this Han Alliance would turn out to be another racist hegemon.

Situ Jin saluted Yue Zhong and spoke, "I'm Situ Jin of the Borders Guard, and we're extremely grateful for your reinforcements."

Yue Zhong spoke warmly, "No need for thanks! This time, I've come with the invitation for Captain Situ to lead your troops to join us. Our Han Alliance do not segregate people by their descent or race. It all depends on your conduct and behaviour. I admire your efforts in protecting the survivors, and sincerely hope that you would join us."

Situ Jin thought for a long while, before replying, "And if I say no?"

The moment his words landed, Bai Xiao Sheng's eyebrows arched, and his eyes flashed with killing intent.

The rest of the Evolvers beside him also stepped forward with billowing killing intent. The moment Yue Zhong gave the command, they would immediately eradicate these people.

Situ Jin and the rest truly did respect command, however to Bai Xiao Sheng and the rest, Yue Zhong's words were the absolute. They had brought their own troops to rush here and rescue them, in the hopes of salvaging the situation and getting the survivors.

Yue Zhong looked at Situ Jin and said slow:" If you're not willing, then forget it! As long as you promise to not be enemies, you're free to go. I can support you by giving you a 1,000 bullets and some other food stuff. However, the 800 survivors in Huyan Town have to become my citizens. There's no leeway for this. This is my bottom line."

It was rare for someone of such morals and virtue like Situ Jin even prior to the apocalypse.

With regards to this type of people, Yue Zhong was extremely favourable towards them. As long as they didn't get in his way, he was willing to take a step back for them, as an expression of his goodwill.

Hearing Yue Zhong's words, Situ Jin and the rest heaved a sigh of relief. They knew they weren't a match for Yue Zhong or his men. The moment there was a clash, they would undoubtedly die. They weren't afraid of death, but who was willing to die for naught? Furthermore, they could detect Yue Zhong's respect and admiration for them, and this caused them to have an increasing admiration for this young leader.

Situ Jin furrowed his brows slightly, as he stared straight at Yue Zhong and asked: "More than half of the survivors in Huyan Town aren't Han, how're you going to deal with them?"

Yue Zhong had a serious face, "Equal treatment! I've said this before, I will treat them like how I treat the Hans."

Situ Jin then expressed his agreement, "Good! I, Situ Jin, am willing to join you! I hope you will stick to your word and treat them all equally!"

"Good! Good! Good!" Yue Zhong saw how readily Situ Jin had decided to join in, and he immediately broke out in an appreciative grin. With all sorts of talents under him, as well as the addition of such exemplary soldiers, who were willing to die for their beliefs, it was truly a terrifying force to have.

Although Situ Jin and his troops were not much different from normal soldiers, with the Evolving Temple under Yue Zhong's control as well as the Evolving Liquid, in a short while, he could easily cause them to all undergo heaven-shaking transformations. All he lacked were people that he could trust, until now.

Yue Zhong eyed them and spoke, "Situ Jin, you've been in the service for quite a while, you must be quite clear on the various locations of the armories. I want to know the weapon and storage facilities you and your brothers are in charge of."

Yue Zhong wanted to get these soldiers into his wing because he knew they were privy to the locations of various military facilities. These facilities were definitely full of decent firepower. They were his targets.

As of now, a small portion of Yue Zhong's current firepower had been brought from Hunan, whereas the rest was won through battles.

Although there were already large scale manufacturing lines set up over at Guang Xi and Hunan, both bases also require the firepower. He had hoped to gain another large supply over here in the Central Plains. If he was successful, it would help with his conquests.

Situ Jin frowned and began to ponder, in his mind, those facilities were national treasuries, and were considered national secrets.

Ying Kong saw Situ Jin's hesitation and immediately spoke, "Captain! What are you still hesitating about? The country is already destroyed, and now, we're all struggling for survival! We need to protect the country, but how can we just rely on our bravery and fists? We can't protect anything like that!"

Ying Kong's words were like a bolt of the blue that shook Situ Jin, who remembered that they were almost prepared to go against the enemies with their melee weapons. He immediately understood.

"According to what I know, there're a total of 13 military facilities, located around these areas." Situ Jin brought out a map and started pointing at certain locations. "This place is small, and there had been a platoon stationed there. The things inside are most likely taken. These 2 are also bases of company-level, the items inside also likely claimed. This camp had been opened by the Mongol King. There's one location which I'm fairly certain that no one has touched yet, it's this!"

Situ Jin pointed to one particular valley, "In this Ulan Mountain Range, there's a field regiment secretly stationed there. In the past, I'd been deployed there once, and it's a very secretive location. There shouldn't be many who know of it. There's still a regiment's worth of equipment there."

When everyone heard it, their eyes lit up, their expressions excited.

In this apocalypse, a single IFV could cause a small-sized faction to quake in fear. 4 tanks were enough to plow through a 10,000-strong faction.

There were many tanks within a regiment's station, with a.s.sault helicopters, IFVs to boot. If they could gain the base, then Yue Zhong's Central Plain faction would grow yet another level of strength.

Situ Jin reminded them, "However, Leader, the Ulan Mountain Range is truly dangerous! According to what I know, there are plenty of Mutant Beasts lurking there, and it's a location of peril for humans. Many experts had tried to go there to hunt the Mutant Beasts to level up, but those who went had not come back. They're mostly like dead, having become meals for the Mutant Beasts!! It's extremely dangerous there!!"

Yue Zhong pondered a while before replying, "I got it!"

Situ Jin had become Yue Zhong's subordinate, thus the survivors in Huyan Town were automatically Yue Zhong's citizens. They were then herded out of the town, making their way for Qi Mu Town.

Yue Zhong had just arranged for the 800 survivors to move to Qi Mu Town, when there was a sudden appearance of a dust cloud about 10 miles in the distance from Qi Mu Town. A huge force had appeared.

One sentry caught sight of them, where there were plenty of riders, tanks, IFVs, gun-mounted vehicles, Howitzers, and his face fell, "No good!! It's the Mongol King's troops!! Quickly, report to the Leader!!"

"What? The Mongol troops are already here to attack?" The moment Yue Zhong heard it, his expression turned ugly, "What a timing. The Mongol King is truly not simple! f.u.c.k!"

At this time, the Victorious Troops were still undergoing training, and the rifles in his hand numbered only about 3,000, but there were about 300,000 rounds. They lacked heavy firepower, there wasn't even a single rocket launcher. It was the time where Yue Zhong's Central Plains forces were still weak, and Hu-E Ran's chosen timing of attack was too perfect.

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