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Chapter 59

Chapter 59: Tiger w.a.n.g’s Ambition

Yue towards Tiger w.a.n.g said: “You should not covet your friend’s wife. Boss Tiger, these women are are all yours. How can I take your women?”

Tiger w.a.n.g smiled towards Yue, and then kicked the women kneeling at his feet as if kicking a dog and said: “I know that these women are not as beautiful as the women that you have brought along. But these women are very obedient. w.a.n.g Lan, go and properly serve Yue. Today, he is your master. If you do not serve little brother Yue comfortably, you will be put inside the henhouse.”

The woman wearing the uniform, w.a.n.g Lan, quickly crawled in front of Yue. She then lowered her head and kissed Yue’s boots.

Yue frowned and pulled his feet back, he was not accustomed to being serve such way.

w.a.n.g Lan’s face turned ashen as Yue pulled his feet away. She then turned and looked at Tiger w.a.n.g.

The henhouse in Always Bright Village is a place of prost.i.tution. The women in the henhouse have to serve all the armed militants. Not only that, the women in the henhouse are only allowed to eat soup water and gruel. If serving Tiger w.a.n.g is like living a life of humiliation, then living in the henhouse is like living a life not any better than death. At least when serving Tiger w.a.n.g, there would be enough to eat.

Tiger w.a.n.g’s face had become sullen, with coldness in his eyes, fiercely looking at w.a.n.g Lan. He was courteous to Yue because of Yue’s strength, but he is merciless to a disobedient woman.

“I’m sorry, master! I’m sorry, master! Please, let me serve you! I’ll do anything, as long as you say, I can satify all your needs. I beg you, let me serve you!” w.a.n.g Lan was very scared from Tiger w.a.n.g’s stared. She knelt at Yue’s feet, firmly holding his leg, with her soft b.r.e.a.s.t.s rubbing Yue’s calf, while crying and begging.

Tiger w.a.n.g seeing w.a.n.g Lan holding Yue’s leg, his complexion grew solemn, and coldly said: “Come, take this woman out.”

Two militants holding Type 79 submachine gun soon arrived, looking at w.a.n.g Lang with greedy eyes. They then reached out toward w.a.n.g Lan and grabbed her.

The most beautiful women were divided among Tiger w.a.n.g, Lei Chen, Chen Yan, and Zhang Xiang. The women in the henhouse were average looking, a beauty like w.a.n.g Lan were rare. Even if there were several, in that harsh environment and tortured, they no longer that their look and human emotion. w.a.n.g Lan coming to the henhouse would allowed them to have a good time for a bit.

“Don’t! Please! Master, I am willing to do anything! Help me please!! You can do anything you want to me, help me! Help me!!” w.a.n.g Lan pleaded while hugging Yue’s leg.

Yue looked at w.a.n.g Lan crying and pleading him, turned to Tiger w.a.n.g and said: “Wait a minute! Boss Tiger, I will accept w.a.n.g Lan.”

Tiger w.a.n.g’s face finally brightened, then waved his hand, the two men with disappointed eyes retreated.

Going in a circle from death to life, w.a.n.g Lan’s inside was like a roller coaster. After Tiger w.a.n.g told the two men to back down, w.a.n.g Lan immediately knelt in front of Yue, and carefully ma.s.saging his legs.

Seeing Yue finally accepted the women, Tiger w.a.n.g smiled, and started to speak to Yue: “Yue, you and I should work together! You see now the world has changed, it is time that we rise.”

“The world of the past, all those idiots relied on their parents in order to secure their positions, it’s a waste. What skills do they have? Just because their parents overthrew the old regime, and established the new regime, they get to enjoy the luxurious and privilege life. The law is useless against these privilege individuals. They can relax, wantonly enjoying the world’s most beautiful woman, the best wines, and the greatest vehicles. While we worked hard to maybe be able to buy a house.”

“But it’s different now, now that the world has changed. The world is in turmoil, it’s our time to rise. As long as we work together, gathered survivors, and established a new regime, we can kill the zombies. After we unified the country, our future generations will be able to enjoy the endless splendor.”

Tiger w.a.n.g’s eyes were filled with ambitions. He looked at Yue with his fierce eyes, while explaining his ambitions.

w.a.n.g Shuang was listening while to the side. He did not think Tiger w.a.n.g would have such huge ambitions.

Yue was also surprised for a moment, he just wanted to go to Long Hai City enclave. Leaving those helpless women to the Government, and looked for a few powerful team mates to help him search for his parents back home. He did not have the ambitions to establish a new regime.

“Those who steal are put to death, but those that steal a nation will become the aristocracy! Yue, the leaders of the past world. Their parents were also born commoners. The Ming Emperor was once a beggar, the Qing Nurhaci was also of slave origin. They was able to succeed, while we’re highly educated people, with guns in possession, cannot be any worse than them!”

“Even if we take 10,000 steps back. If we have failed to established the new regime, as long as we have a huge amount of power, we can join any forces, and enjoy a wealthy life. If you think about it, throughout history, when dynasty changed, those powerful governors that surrendered to the new regime, they enjoyed the endless riches. If you’re a commoner, when the regime changes, you are at their mercy, taking away everything you have.” Seeing that Yue was thinking, Tiger w.a.n.g continued to speak.

Hearing what Tiger w.a.n.g said was reasonable, Yue remained silent, thinking about his words.

Yue slowly said: “Boss Tiger, have you thought if the government have not completely collapsed. With just an order from the central government, sending a battalion, then things will be far from good.”

He did not know where Tiger w.a.n.g got these dozens of Type 81 rifles and Type 79 submachine gun to armed his men. But they had no formal training, and were just a bunch of rabbles. If the real army moved in, they can easily destroy this bunch of rabbles.

Yue’s had been strengthened by the Magical System of the G.o.d, with extraordinary combat abilities, also dared not say that he would win against a company of People’s Liberation Army soldiers. Even a rocket launcher can kill him.

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