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A short while after Lei Sheng left, the rest of men also dispersed.

After returning to Chen Yao’s apartment, Chen Yao look upon Yue Zhong and smiled: “The problem has been resolved. The 3 j.a.panese has been arrested, and is awaiting criminal prosecution. It will not be long before they will be charged in a court of law.”

Yue Zhong smiled, and looked around. “Yao Yao, are you there?”

A small figure emerged from among Yue Zhong’s men and stood in front of Yue Zhong. This small figure is Yao Yao. She looked at Yue Zhong and nodded her head.

Yue Zhong looked at Chen Yao and Ji Qing Wu said: “Both of you come with me, I have something good for you (to see?).”

“The rest of you need not follow us. Just stand guard over here!” Yue Zhong stopped the rest of the men. Then he brought just Yao Yao, Chen Yao, Ji Qing Wu, and White Bone and stepped into the darkness.

It is deep into the night. Although the city has lampposts and lights, there is a limit to the electricity supply, and brightness of each lamppost is limited. There is a lot of places that the light did not shine upon.

Under the cover of the darkness, Yue Zhong and the rest made his way to the outside wall of a large villa.

White Bone held out has hand, and a bone emerged from his hand. The bone penetrated into the wall. At the same time, the bone that is struck to the wall begin to extend and grows, becoming a bone ladder.

Using the bone ladder, the four of them easily entered climbed over the wall and entered the villa grounds.

Outside of the courtyard, there are two tall and muscular bodyguards, dressed in a western suit. Yue Zhong sneaked out from the cover of the darkness, and quickly executed two hand chops on the bodyguards’ neck.

The bodyguards fainted from the impact of the blow.

Yue Zhong and Yao Yao then boldly walked into the villa.

Chen Yao and Ji Qing Wu eyes flashed a hint of doubt, before following behind Yue Zhong.

Yao Yao brought Yue Zhong and the rest of them to a room in a second floor, and point her finger at a room.

There is a sound of men heavy breathing and women moaning emerging from that room. From outside the room, they could hear some sounds.

“Mayor Zhong, thank you for your help today! I will definitely reward you well for your help. Are you satisfied with the products today?”

“Not bad! I really like it! President Guī tián, Chen Yao is Chen Jian Feng’s niece. You better not provoke her anymore.”

“Hai, I understand! But Chen Yao, Ji Qing Wu these two women are really pretty. If I can teach them a lesson, they will definitely become a pair of excellent b.i.t.c.hes. But it is a pity that they are Chen Jian Feng’s men.”

“Heng! Chen Jian Feng is a pedantic, incompetent man and it is unlikely that he can protect his position for long. Once he is finished, the two girls will be a.s.signed to me. At that time, I will ask President Gui Tian to help me teach them.”


Listening the lewd talk from insides the room, Chen Yao and Ji Qing Wu were shaking with anger.

Yue Zhong immediately used his strength and kicked the door. With his enhanced strength, the secured door was knocked off its hinges and sent flying, and allow Yue Zhong’s party to witness what is behind that door.

In the room, there are several pretty girls who were on all fours. These women were leashed like a dog with a collar around their neck, and they were being tortured with adult toys. Some of the women are still twitching and moaning.

San Jingxiong and Zhēntián had a whip in their hands. In front of them is two women who has badly bruised from flogging, and were barely conscious.

There were also four women who are on the big bed, serving Gui Tanshou and one more righteous looking man.

Looking at this scene, a feeling of anger rushed up Yue Zhong’s head. This is China’s territory, and to let these foreigners stand on Chinese soil, and let them recklessly abused Chinese women made him feel very enraged. But the thing that made him most enraged is that there are so many Chinese men who are helping foreigners to bully their own men. LongHai City even set up a special region to protect these foreigners, while letting uncountable Han Chinese struggled to make a living like ants. To Yue Zhong, he did not understand if this land is built by Chinese men or ghost.

With difficulties, Yue Zhong held back his anger, threw Chen Yao satirical look “Miss Chen Yao, I thought you said that Gui Tanshou has already been arrested by the law, and is awaiting trial in a court of law? Who are this three men, and who is the man on the bed?”

Chen Yao face turned pale, as if a part of her heart has collapsed, and in a hoa.r.s.e voice, she asked, “Mayor Zhong Aiguo, how come you are here?”

Zhong Aiguo is man who had weathered storms and is not afraid. He frowned and used a blanket to cover his body, and in a voice full of anger, he shouted “Chen Yao, this is a private property. Did you know that you are guilty of the crime of trespa.s.sing? If you leave now, I will not hold you responsible. But if you do not leave, I will call the police!”

Chen Yao and Ji Qing Wu faces looked very terrible. They have not expected that Mayor Zhong Aiguo will so confidently shouted loudly against them.

“Shut up!” Yue Zhong coldly pulled out a 54 pistol and pointed it Zhong Aiguo.

Looking at the handgun in Yue Zhong’s hand, Zhao Aiguo who was arrogantly acting in front of Chen Yao and Ji Qing Wu immediately shut up and beads of perspiration covered his back. For an important official like Zhong Aiguo, he is most afraid of thugs who cannot be reasoned with.

Gui Tanshou took a look at Yue Zhong, and immediately barked a command at the four girls who were kneeling on the ground. “Captain Yue Zhong, it is a pleasure to have you at my house today! Lì nú, Huì nú, Xīn nú, Lán nú, quickly go and serve Captain Yue Zhong!”

The four women standing near the door moved, and with lifeless eyes, they crawled towards Yue Zhong and like dogs, sticked out their tongues to lick Yue Zhong’s shoes.

Seeing this, the women (such as Chen Yao and Ji Qing Wu) were sad and angry.

“Captain Yue Zhong, from now onwards, these women are your s.e.x toys. They have undergo my training, and each of them are the most loyal s.e.x slaves. No matter what fetish you have, they will obey your commands without question.” Gui Tanshou smiled confidentially.

Yue Zhong did not even glanced at the four pretty women, but instead asked Gui Tanshou, “How did you get out from the jail? Did you staged a jailbreak?”

Gui Tanshou immediately explained, “Captain Yue Zhong, we are not escaped prisoners. We are law abiding and have paid our bail and is set freed.”

Yue Zhong looked at Chen Yao, and sneered. “Did you hear that? These men are set free legally. After they were freed, they immediately come over to play with the women. Where is justice that you wish me to see? These women here are the results of your justice! Who is really protected by your brand of justice?”

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