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Chapter 127: Long Hai City Base Guests

Yue Zhong cut off Xia Yue’s words: “Don’t say anymore! First come back with us. Wait for us to find the base, and we will release you two. We will guarantee your safety and property until this happens, and we will provide the minimum living guarantees.”

Yue Zhong was currently seriously hurt. Even if his body far exceeded a normal person’s, he couldn’t lead this group of soldiers to recover a military base. The current priority is to recover his condition. He could slowly kill hundreds of ordinary zombies if he could recover to his peak fighting strength.

With the cooperation of White Bones and five evolvers, Greenie was able to be moved on top of a Hummer.

The bus without a wheel was emptied of oil and abandoned. Apart from Xia Yue and her bodyguard, all of the survivors could only walk under the observation of the IFV. They headed in the direction of Stone Horse Village.

With a face full of worry, Lu Wen rushed into Yue Zhong’s embrace as soon as he returned to the villa. With happy tears she sobbed: “Big brother Yue Zhong, you are okay!”

Guo Yu watched Yue Zhong embrace Lu Wen with envy. She also wanted to rush into Yue Zhong’s embrace at the first moment, but her reason suppressed her impulses.

“I’m okay! Wen Wen, come with me!” Yue Zhong lightly patted Lu Wen’s back, and he lead Lu Wen out of the villa.

Yue Zhong pointed at the injured Greenie who had no vitality and said to Lu Wen: “Quickly use the Minor Injury Healing skill to help it recover.”

Lu Wen curiously looked at Greenie and walked over to it.

The green feather eagle is still a type of fierce violent overbearing flesh eating mutated beast. Yue Zhong couldn’t have tamed Greenie if it wasn’t a young bird. Greenie was only close with Yue Zhong. Its eyes flashed with a fierce light as soon as Lu Wan approached it. It’s beak immediately pecked towards Lu Wen.

Yue Zhong keenly felt Greenie’s murderous intent, and he hastily shouted: “Stop! This is one of your female masters. You must not harm her!”

Hearing Yue Zhong’s command, the murderous intent in Greenie’s eyes departed, and it didn’t start any attacks towards Lu Wen.

Lu Wen cautiously walked towards Greenie’s side. She started the skill Minor Injury Healing and helped Greenie recover from its injuries.

The injuries that Greenie suffered all started to quickly recover under the Minor Injury Healing skill of Lu Wen. Its vision towards Lu Wen became softer. Although mutated beasts couldn’t speak, their intelligence was ten times greater than animals before Z-Age. It could differentiate who was good and bad.

The natural healing ability of Greenie was originally strong due to being a mutated beast. In addition Yue Zhong used life saving flower medicine on its wounds right after being injured. After using the Minor Injury Healing Skill, it quickly recovered the greater half. Greenie flapped its wings and stood up.

Lu Wen looked at Greenie. She caressed its bright and clean tail feathers and asked Yue Zhong: “Big brother Yue Zhong! What is this big bird’s name?”

Lu Wen really liked this mighty appearing young green feather eagle. This made her think of the big bird of prey in The Return of the Condor Heroes. Although they were two different animals, but she didn’t know how much mightier the green feather eagle is than the one on tv.

[TL: Return of the Condor Heroes is a cla.s.sic Wuxia tv show by Jinyong 金庸]

Yue Zhong smiled: “It is named Greenie!”

“Why is it called Greenie?”

“I saw its tail feathers were green so I decided to call it Greenie.”

“Big brother Yue Zhong, you really have no standards for your names!”

“Haha! Cough cough!”

Yue Zhong laughed, and suddenly his brows wrinkled, coughing due to the wound in his right chest.

“Big brother Yue Zhong, why are you? Are your wounds still not good? Quick go back and rest!” Lu Wen looked at Yue Zhong, and her face changed. She hastily walked to Yue Zhong’s side deeply troubled. She remember Yue Zhong being pierced through and grabbed by the green feather eagle.

Guo Yu also walked over, her big beautiful eyes looked at Yue Zhong with tenderness overflowing.

Yue Zhong looked at Guo Yu. He reached out a hand and stroked her hair. He then returned to his room and rested.

Yue Zhong returned to presiding over Stone Horse Village. Chi Yang took two elite small combat units and an IFV and slaughtered his way to Chen Family Village. He rescued the survivors there and brought them all back.

Stone Horse Village is a small town. The town didn’t have any heavy manufacturing, yet it had several blacksmith shops. Yue Zhong rescued three blacksmith survivors when he recaptured Stone Horse Village. Yue Zhong made those blacksmiths take on apprentices, and they started manufacturing cold weapons like large knives, shields, and crossbows.

Stone Horse Village held several thousands of people before Z-Age. The small town held a large amount of foodstuffs and non-staple foods. Although Yue Zhong’s pressure to find food was still there, it decreased at lot after finding the foodstuffs.

After recovering a large amount of staple and non-staple foods, Yue Zhong increased the treatment and rewards for his incorporated personnel. The ordinary survivors also received a steamed bun in addition to three bowls of diluted gruel each day.

Yue Zhong’s policy is don’t labor don’t eat. Providing relief food didn’t let the survivors starve to death, but it also didn’t let them eat until they were satisfied.

There was also as small scale coal power plant in the little town. A large amount of coal had been acc.u.mulated inside. They could provide power to the whole village for two months if they used it to maximum capacity.

A hundred men used the steel and cement materials in the village to build a crude city wall at the front of the village. The city wall didn’t have the least bit of usefulness in modern warfare, but it was extremely useful for dealing with zombies.

Not every man has the guts to go to the front line and kill zombies with Yue Zhong. The majority of those that didn’t wish to go to the front lines and fight zombies helped build the city wall. Each person could eat to their full and receive a steamed bun as wages when they worked on building the wall. This type of wages already made the survivors who were so hungry that they didn’t look human extremely satisfied.

A large amount of men and women began to organize and fish in the two Lei river tributaries. They were able to obtain a large amount of freshwater fish each day. There were also some men and women who went to the base of the mountain behind the village and foraged for edible plants.

Yue Zhong didn’t kill the two drivers that tried to hit him. He used them as lab rats to test if the wild plants in the mountains were poisonous. After eating two dozen various plants, the two drivers finally died from poison. But their sacrifice allowed them to create a diagram for tens of edible plants. This allowed Yue Zhong and his team members to eat fresh vegetables.

Yue Zhong’s injuries completely recovered under the constant treatment of Lu Wen after two days.

An unexpected guest was brought before Yue Zhong by his team members during the time he was getting ready to go capture the military base.

An extremely refined thirty year plus year old middle aged man wearing gla.s.ses reasonably looked at Yue Zhong and said: “You are Yue Zhong! I am Kong Tao of the Long Hai City government! I have come here to represent the Long Hai City government and negotiate with you!”


[Chapter 126]|[Table of Contents]|[Chapter 128]

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