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Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Chen Yao

Yue Zhong sat on one of the girls’ beds with his eyes closed, sweating profusely. Although he was stronger than Ji Qingwu, the fierce battle with the zombies had consumed most of his stamina; at this point he only had 4 points of stamina left.

In addition to Ji Qingwu, there were 4 other girls in the girls’ dorm right now. The 4 girls were very curious, looking at Yue Zhong and White Bones, who was standing next to him. Just a moment ago, Yue and White Bones had rushed into the group of zombies and blocked them from entering the girls’ dorm, causing the scene to be engraved into their minds.

At this moment, a sweet scent drifted over from a long-haired girl wearing jeans and a white t-shirt. A beautiful and vibrant girl walked over towards Yue Zhong with a slight chuckle.

“h.e.l.lo, my name is Chen Yao. Cla.s.smate, would you please tell me your name?”

Yue Zhong looked up at Chen Yao and slowly said,

“My name is Yue Zhong.”

Chen Yao was a celebrity at Yun Hua University. She herself was pretty and sweet; she could sing and dance, and was one of the school’s beauties. Her sweet smile hadcharmed quite a few of the boys at Yun Hua University.

Chen Yao looked at Yue Zhong with a smile and said,

“Many thanks for coming to save us with Ji Qingwu.”

Yue Zhong lightly said, “You’re welcome.”

“Yue Zhong, h.e.l.lo. I am Zhang Xuan.” A baby-faced girl with skin as white as snow walked towards Yue Zhong to introduce herself.

(Note: d.a.m.n it Rising Dragons, the cute girl has a ‘baby/doll face’, not an actual baby with her!)

“h.e.l.lo, I’m Cai Xiao.” A short-haired girl, who appeared very competent and beautiful, headed over to introduce herself to Yue Zhong.

A tall girl with make-up on, who dressed stylishly and attractive, walked over in front of him. wShe said with a sweet smile, “h.e.l.lo, I’m w.a.n.g Fang. You are really powerful, you even dare to fight those zombies.”

Yue Zhong smiled wryly.

“I’m not that powerful, I was forced to.”

If possible, Yue did not want to fight the zombies. Fighting with zombies was dangerous, since even a little scratch could cause an infection.

After he finished speaking, Yue opened his backpack; inside was chocolate, candies and drinks. He took out a bottle of water and took a big gulp. Such a long battle had caused him to sweat a lot so and he needed to re-hydrate.

Even at the most critical moment, Yue Zhong did not throw away his backpack filled with supplies.

With the supplies, even if he was stuck in one place for 3 days, Yue could still keep on fighting.

Seeing the chocolate, candies and drinks in the backpack, the 4 girls’ eyes brightly lit up. It was already late in the afternoon. In the room, the girls were fearful, constantly moving the heavy objects which used up most of their stamina. They were now starving. It was just that in the past, the 4 girls were prideful, so they were too embarra.s.sed to ask Yue for his supplies.

“Water, chocolate!” Ji Qingwu said without hesitation to Yue.

Without saying anything, Yue Zhong quickly tossed over a can of c.o.ke and 4 chocolate bars to Ji Qingwu. Ji Qingwu was strong: in this world, someone that you could count on to fight was good.

With her outgoing nature, Chen Yao directly asked him, “Yue, we are also thirsty, can you give us something to drink please?”

Yue Zhong hesitated for a bit, then took out a can of c.o.ke and 4 chocolate bars from his backpack. He then gave them to Chen Yao, saying, “You guys share it, I don’t have a lot of supplies.”

“Thank you Yue.” Chen Yao politely thanked Yue, then holding the can and 4 chocolate bars, she walked back towards the other 3 girls.

“In his mind, Ji Qingwu really is more important than us.” Chen Yao looked over at Yue and quietly thought as she ate the chocolate.

Seeing Yue’s distribution of the supplies, Chen Yao’s sensitive mind quickly calculated how important each girl in the dorm was to him.

High-calorie foods like chocolate were things these girls generally ate very little of, but now they knew that it was different from before: to be able to eat and drink was already good.

At this moment outside the girl’s dorm, the zombies were banging against the door, causing the entire dormitory to shake with incessant tremors. Without the opression of Yue Zhong and Ji Qingwu, the zombies of all 3 floors had gathered together and began to attack the dorm, attempting to break into the room.

The 4 girls started to gather behind Yue and White Bones. Although the door was made from steel, it was uncertain when those zombies would break through.

Even though Ji Qingwu was strong, she didn’t give off a strong sense of security like Yue and White Bones. After all, she was only a single girl and was significantly weaker than Yue Zhong after his repeated leveling.

“Big sis Qingwu, what do we do?” The baby-faced Zhang Xuan asked as she looked at Ji Qingwu.

Ji Qingwu frowned and strode towards the door of the dormitory. She looked far out of the window.

She saw that outside the door, there was no less than 30 zombies. The numbers was not small and they were completely blocking the way out, so there was no area to maneuver around. To fight in this sort of environment was suicide.

“Yue, do you have any good ideas?” Ji Qingwu turned around and asked Yue.

Yue Zhong also came to the door to look out of the window to watch the swarming zombies and his eyebrows furrowed.

In such a crowded environment, the zombies were packed to the limit; even the strongest out of them, White Bones, would be brought down.

Yue quickly turned and went to the window behind him to look.

In the rear of the girl’s dormitory, there were only a couple of zombies wandering around.

Observing the terrain, Yue Zhong then walked towards the girls and said, “From here on out it is not difficult, but the hard part is how to escape from the school and the ability to live out there. Right now, the whole world is full of zombies- if there are no safe havens, we might as well stay here.”

“Do you have a safe place out there? For example, self-contained villas or residential units. If these villas and residential units aren’t away from the city center, we should not rush out.” Yue looked at the girls and asked.

Chen Yao looked at Yue Zhong and said, “My house is in the Garden District neighborhood, I have a set of house keys. Can we go?”

“We can!” Yue nodded. The Garden District was close to Yun Hua University. This place was a college town and away from the city center; there were only students and very few others, therefore it was an ideal hiding place.

Yue Zhong looked in the eyes of the 4 girls and asked in a deep voice, “Among you, who can drive?”

“I’ll drive!” Chen Yao stood up and said to Yue Zhong.

“I can also drive.” w.a.n.g Fang also stood up and looked toward Yue Zhong to demonstrate her abilities. She was very clear that at this time, only by showing her charm and capability could she have a better chance at survival.

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