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Having experienced Yue Zhong's combat power, there was some movement in the horde, as a number of big-headed zombies with large eyes the size of fists came up to Yue Zhong, speaking in a raspy voice, "I'm Zombie King Limo, despicable human. What do you intend to say to the great King Limo?"

Yue Zhong immediately recognized that this zombie was most likely a puppet used to project King Limo's voice.

"What an arrogant zombie."

Yue Zhong sneered in his heart, but extended a smile towards the zombie, "Great King Limo, I hope to work together with you, and prevent the Beastmen Kingdom from invading us."

He continued, "The Gates of h.e.l.l have appeared in France, and there would be even more Beastmen warriors descending upon Europe as time pa.s.ses. In order to expand their territory, they would definitely attack you. I hope to cooperate with you, and resist the invasion."

King Limo sneered coldly, replying in a raspy voice, "The Beastmen are our enemies, your human race is also our enemy. Since this is the case, how could we possibly cooperate."

As an evolved zombie, King Limo was extremely clear that the zombies and humans were polar opposites, and there could only be one victor between them.

Yue Zhong laughed lightly, and immediately offered Europe, "Of course it's possible. As long as King Limo is willing to work with me, I can transport all human survivors in Europe over to China, while recognizing Europe to be yours, esteemed King Limo!!"

Yue Zhong's faction was based in China, other than the region over there, there was no need to expand to Europe. In fact, he had already deemed Europe to be a lost cost, thus, he had no qualms using it as a bargaining chip.

"Oh!" When King Limo heard that, he could not help but be moved slightly. The Kingdom of G.o.d had been an eyesore to him. They had wiped out many of his zombies while resisting him from absorbing even more zombies into his power. If they were to be removed, then he could move freely and bring more zombies under his control.

He then gazed at Yue Zhong coldly, "What do you want then?"

"Europe's equipment and resources, as well as the positions of the remaining humans." Yue Zhong directly stated his intentions, "Europe has technology and resources that your zombie clan does not need, but to us humans, they are important and necessary. As long as you let us take those, we will leave Europe."

King Limo pondered for a while, before nodding, "Ok, that's no problem."

Resources, equipment, and technology were important to humans. To King Limo, however, it was just rubbish. While most of the zombies were already evolving some form of intelligence, they could at most utilize an ordinary rifle, or those machine-guns on vehicles. It would be a stretch to get them to work on the resources and technology.

Since King Limo agreed, Yue Zhong grinned and flipped his hand, revealing a Gauss rifle, "Esteemed King Limo, I wonder if you're willing to engage in a trade with me? I'm willing to sell you Gauss rifles in bulk. Each one just requires a Type 3 Mutant Beast nucleus."

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