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Yue Zhong looked at Jonas, "Great Elder Jonas, Berlin is no longer inhabitable. I cannot stay here for long. What are your plans?"

One of the Elders immediately shouted in despair, "No! Yue Zhong, you can't leave! Once you leave, the millions of survivors will be killed by those d.a.m.ned Beastmen. You can't leave us like this! Please, stay, power and women will be yours as you wish!"

They had just felt the true threat of death and were shaken. They did not want to be forced to hide and live underground for the rest of their lives.

Yue Zhong eyed the elder coldly, without saying anything, then turned to Jonas.

Jonas could feel Yue Zhong's gaze, as he sighed in his heart. Yue Zhong was China's leader, after all, and could not stay here for long. The elder had been frightened out of his wits, that was why he had spoken out of line.

He sighed in his heart, "Edward, how did you die? If only you had not perished…"

Edward, Leo, Yue Zhong, they were all peak experts on Earth and were the core figures of the 3 large factions. With Edward's death, the morale of the Kingdom of G.o.d had fallen drastically, and the 12 Apostles were fractured. 8 of them had fallen, while 3 ran, with no news.

Jonas maintained silent for a short while, before speaking slowly, "Yue Zhong, we hope to migrate our people to China, and hope that you can accept us."



"Jonas, are you insane?!"

"We are the great Aryans! How can we move to China?!"


The moment Jonas spoke, all the Elders went into an uproar, vehemently objecting.

Most of them were supremacists and believed the Aryans to be the superior race, while all other races were lesser. Especially the Asians, they were treated as the most barbaric and backward. They truly looked down on the Asians.

Within the troops, even the Asian soldiers were not treated equally as their European and African counterparts. There were few Asian commanders.

Now that Jonas was saying to move the people over to China, they could not accept it. If it became reality, their citizens would definitely be under China's rule. They would not allow that to happen.

One Elder, Barbett, stared at Jonas, "Jonas, you're getting muddleheaded. The Kingdom of G.o.d does not need someone like you anymore, you should stand down."

With a sweep, all the elite soldiers within the command center gathered beside Barbett.

These were peak-Type 3 experts, fully armed and equipped. There were even 2 Type 4 elites that stared coldly at Jonas.

The rest of the officials stared in shock.

Jonas was one of the 3 figureheads of the Kingdom of G.o.d. His position and authority were high. In normal times, no one dared to question his words. However, the decision to migrate the survivors to China went against all their beliefs and infringed on their benefits. Barbett thus stood up and gained supporters.

Yue Zhong swept the traitors a glance and laughed lightly, "Jonas, do you need my help to cleanse these pieces of trash?"

Having lost Edward, the guards of the Kingdom of G.o.d were less powerful, and while they might have a few experts, Yue Zhong just had to send some Type 5 experts and they would be dealt with.

Jonas shook his head, "Leader Yue Zhong, it's not necessary. I can deal with them myself. Eiji, take them out."

At this time, there was one official who looked lost, with a scholarly appearance, suddenly showed a vicious look. He exploded out like an unsheathed sword, and with a single wave, a number of transparent silk shot towards Barbett and the rest.

With a number of bright flashes, Barbett and the rest were instantly sliced up in a shower of blood.

In an instant, all those involved in the uprising were sliced into many pieces.

Seeing how they were dealt with, the rest of the officials turned pale, and quickly closed their mouths, afraid that they might puke.

Jonas looked on with a hint of sorrow. While they had been supremacists, each and every one of them had been talents, and they had prestige in the Kingdom of G.o.d. Now that so many had been killed by Jonas, their authority would take a huge hit. However, if he did not do so, then Yue Zhong would leave, abandoning the millions of survivors.

"Very good, Jonas, organize your people and head to this region."

Yue Zhong chuckled, and the images shifted suddenly to the outside of Berlin. A huge floating fortress appeared in front of the city, and it was the Storm Battleship.

It was the largest battleship that Yue Zhong had, and it could accommodate over a few hundred thousand people.

Yue Zhong had obtained 3 Type 7 nuclei from the Saint Lands, and just a single one could power the Storm Battleship.

With that, the Storm Battleship could make trips freely, as long as it was not forced to use the Raytheon Cannon, it would not face a power shortage issue.

Jonas eyed the Storm Battleship with a complicated gaze, "What a huge battleship. China's capital is truly vast and shocking. How the h.e.l.l did this Yue Zhong get all these treasures? If only he was Aryan."

Jonas was decisive and quickly pa.s.sed down orders, getting the survivors in Berlin to board the Storm Battleship.

The bulk of the KoG's might had been destroyed by about 90%, however, their government was still intact. Thus, they quickly organized the survivors to embark on the Battleship.

Yue Zhong observed from afar, noting that those survivors grabbed their belongings and boarded in an orderly fashion. He felt a little sour, "These guys are truly orderly, compared to our Chinese people."

If it were in China, if there were n.o.body holding a gun or whip, the survivors would definitely fight to be first, squeezing all the way to the front, causing a disorderly mess. There was a huge gap.

Yue Zhong thought silently, "However, in my generation, as long as I enforce things, our Chinese people will definitely improve."

As the Berlin survivors were organizing an evacuation, the Beastmen were also escaping from Berlin, heading towards France.

After witnessing the might of those humans, Taylor knew that there was no way of wiping them out in the short term, and he chose a tactical retreat, turning France into their Beastmen base.

All around the Gate of h.e.l.l in France, there were still the 50,000 forces left behind by Taylor to guard the Gate.

He thought viciously, "d.a.m.n humans. They actually had such a powerful trump card. However, this is just a small portion of our actual might. Once the main force invades, Earth will be ours."

The Beastmen Kingdom was also a powerful faction, ruling over a planet of their own. Taylor and his 550,000 soldiers were just the vanguards for the actual Kingdom.

The Type 6 expert of the Green Hawk Tribe suddenly swoop down, reporting, "It's bad, Your Majesty, we're surrounded."

"What?! We're surrounded?"

Taylor frowned, and soared into the air, looking out towards the distance, and his face changed.

They discovered a whole sea of zombies making their way towards them, without end in sight. There were easily more than 15 million zombies, and they had surrounded Taylor and his forces entirely.

The zombies were everywhere, and if it wasn't for the expert of the Green Hawk Tribe scouting, the Beastmen forces might have not even discovered that they were surrounded.

A cold glint flashed in Taylor's eyes, as he ordered, "Break out!! We have to kill our way out as quickly as possible."

Under his orders, the Beastmen soldiers quickly shot towards one particular direction.

The combat ability of the Beastmen was terrifying, within a few breaths, they had torn a path through the zombies, killing any that got in their way.

Countless zombies were swiftly ripped apart by the Beastmen warriors, their blood flowing everywhere.

Soon, a b.l.o.o.d.y path was carved out of the zombies, as the Beastmen warriors continued to slice them as easily as cakes.

In front of the Type 3 Beastmen warriors, these ordinary zombies were incapable of doing anything.

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