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"I don't know what to do either. We may need to evacuate the city along with the others." Chang pointed to the flocks that blotted out the sky, shouting, "We need to run!"

"Hahaha, I thought you met with Mr. Li a few days ago. Did he say something about the formal evacuation? What did he tell you?"

"He said that the public will find out the truth themselves, without anyone informing them." Chang held up his hands over his head so that feces wouldn't splash on it, he yelled, "I was confused initially - how is it possible that the public would learn of it without Qing Shui making a formal announcement? Now I know how!"

"Well, this is more spectacular than animal migration in East Africa!" Sanpang became excited.

"Of course, and the Willow is much more dreadful than an earthquake." Chang stared at those citizens who were cemented in place in a state of refusal.

"Wait, where are we going?" Sanpang asked in a shout, recklessly b.u.mping into a girl while running.

"We'll follow Qing Shui, that's our best shot." Chang pulled the girl up, then continued dashing down the street.

"So, does he have a plan?" Sanpang's voice kept rising.

"What did you say? Speak louder, those animals are too noisy, I can't hear you."

The migration caused traffic in the air, and the flapping of wings and buzzing echoed throughout the city. The noise was even louder than the taking off of a plane. Chang felt that his head was spinning, and his good sense of navigation was disturbed.

"I said, where does he want to run?" Sanpang forced his voice to be even louder.

"What options do we have? Of course to the north! No one wants to go down south," Chang hollered in a husky voice. "Are you trying to tell me that you want to witness the Willow engulf the whole world? You are welcome to do so, but you won't have my company!"

"Wish I could be that witness though." Sanpang and Chang returned to the bar with feces coating their outfits. "But if its price is my life, I would rather not see it."

"Hahaha, of course." Chang shook his body to shake off the feces. "I wish I could meet the Willow too. I only know it's almighty, but I've never seen its appearance or face."

"Perhaps our only chance comes when we die in front of it," Sanpang murmured.

"You guys are back! I guess you need a cup of hot water."

Zhizhi showed up at the bar table where two disheartened men were cleaning themselves up. She poured a cup of hot water into a transparent mug, then pushed it to Chang.

"Hey! What about me?" Sanpang asked in a peculiar manner.

"I only have one arm, if you need water, then pour it yourself." Zhizhi pushed Sanpang away from her. She then helped Chang wipe off the feces in his hair. "What's happening out there?"

"It's a mess. Bugs and birds swamp the sky, as well as other mammals with wings. None of them hunt, they are as panic-stricken as stray dogs. They just... they just fly, as if they were marching." The hot water nourished Chang's dry throat. "The apocalypse is here. I think land animals and insects will catch up soon. We need to go before they arrive in Zhengzhou, otherwise the troubles they will cause will trap us here."

"Why?" Zhizhi asked.

"Isn't it obvious?" Sanpang poured himself a cup of hot water and gulped it down. "Think about it, those who fly aren't in our way, but what about those who run? Let's face it, even tiny bugs can drown you if their numbers will be as great as those of the birds now.

"A pond of bugs that is two-meter deep. It will turn into reality a few days later."

Sanpang shivered from his own words while talking.

"Then what are we waiting for? Let's go now!" Apparently, Zhizhi was appalled by what Sanpang had just described.

"No rush, Qing Shui hasn't said anything yet, and that means the timing isn't right." Chang took a sip of water.

"Everything, you trust him with everything!" Jing walked out from her room with her own backpack and weapons. "I'm packed and ready to go. No day is better than today before the migration wave comes even closer."

"Jing, I know. We'll be leaving, the fast ones may arrive in Zhengzhou tomorrow," Chang said. "But before we go, can you just wait for two hours, I really need to check out what is going on with Qing Shui."

"Okay, okay! Hurry up!" Zhizhi urged, still trying to clean up Chang's hair.

"Thanks, Zhizhi, but wiping won't help since I am heading out again." Chang shook his head, pushing away Zhizhi's towel. The darkness awaited him outside the door, having taken over the sky a long time ago.

"I'll be right back."

Since Chang wasn't enc.u.mbered by Sanpang this time, his speed soared to his highest. The street was narrow, but he bolted through it as a dark shadow. His feet rapidly pounded on the ground, producing a rhythmical beat.

Soon, he went through half of the city, and the inst.i.tute ahead appeared to be more chaotic than ever. The military had lost control of its soldiers who were busy lifting and removing resources from the storage.

Chang almost broke into Qing Shui's lab.

In opposition to the chaos outside, the lab was still serene and tranquil, the owner of which had a baby in his arms, who he was feeding through a nursing bottle.

"What the h.e.l.l? Are you kidding me?" Chang's eyes almost popped out at seeing that. "What's wrong with you? I didn't know you have such deep maternal instincts."

Chang approached the baby quietly. The baby hadn't opened his eyes yet, his thin lips moved back and forth while sucking the thick matter from the bottle. It couldn't be milk in the bottle, as the texture was far different from it. The baby was swaddled, and there was a numeric tag on the cloth, "17".

"Whose infant is he?" Chang asked.

"Mine," Qing Shui answered.

"Stop joking, please! Who he belongs to, seriously?" Chang was agitated. "The apocalypse is here! Why are you holding someone else's kid? Who is he? Does he belong to your relatives?"

"This is my kid, I mean it." Qing Shui stared at Chang in a serious manner. "He is me, actually."

"Wait, what does that mean?" Chang sensed Qing Shui's att.i.tude. "But I didn't know you were married, neither did I see you dating someone."

"Say h.e.l.lo to my kid, Chang. He is my 17th clone - Qing Shui XVII."

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