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The news of Jiang Luoxia annihilating the entire Heaven's Gate spread across the underworld and had even given rise to a discussion in China's martial arts forum.

Everyone knew Heaven's Gate. It had 23 branches, and their nodes were spread all over the world. Each branch had a demiG.o.d keeping watch over it. Especially in Europe's underworld, Heaven's Gate was a legendary existence there. The words spoken by the Heaven's Gate's Gatemaster held more power than the EU's president. It was such a colossal monster!

And such a colossal monster was annihilated by Jiang Luoxia. The martial artists of China found it hard to contain their excitation after learning about this news. The might of their China was in no way small.

Someone even said Jiang Luoxia's name deserved to be placed at the top of the DemiG.o.d Ranking.

But the news which had come immediately after that had left everyone shocked.

Jiang Luoxia was a G.o.d!

This news was too unbelievable. What was a G.o.d? It was a species standing on an entirely different dimension. Could someone like that exist in this world?

Someone even called it into question and asked whether there was any real evidence that Jiang Luoxia was a G.o.d.

His face got smacked back hard. Wasn't a single person killing 23 demiG.o.ds the best proof?

The post immediately got over 300 likes.

That person counterattacked: Isn't it possible Jiang Luoxia has achieved a higher form of Deification?"

This post got 53 likes and 123 dislikes. Although his reasoning made sense, but the populace wished that Jiang Xiu were a G.o.d.

The people's desire was always beautiful.

Somewhere in China, an old man also joined the forum discussion with the help of his grandson, "Heaven's Gate has several demiG.o.ds of the 4th form, let alone the 3rd and 2nd form. It isn't possible to handle all of them just with a higher form, it's only achievable through suppression of rank. It's very likely that Jiang Luoxia is a G.o.d."

"Nice, Grandpa!"

OP:  It's already confirmed that Jiang Luoxia is a G.o.d and the Heaven's Gate's Gatemaster who he killed was also a G.o.d.

Someone asked: Where did you obtain this information from?

Who are you?

How do you know so many things?

The OP went offline!

This didn't tone down the discussion on the forum but slightly livened it up even more.

As the martial arts forum of China were amidst this fierce discussion, the affiliated branches of Heaven's Gate were all going crazy. On the top floor of a skysc.r.a.per in Korea's capital, the Lee family's family head felt light-headed after receiving the news. The Lee family had countless enemies in Korea, and they were relying on their family's DemiG.o.d as well as Heaven's Gate's power to resist them, but both had collapsed now so he didn't even dare imagine how they would end up.

"Family Head, what happened to you?" A subordinate rushed to support him when he saw the usually tough family head suddenly collapse.

"We're finished. Our Lee family is finished."

Lee family had acted rampant in Korea for a long time and taken out several opponents. Without Heaven's Gate backing them, the Lee family couldn't contend against all those people.

Similar to the Lee family, the other elite families in Korea, SEA, EU, and other countries which were a part of Heaven's Gate… a total of 23 elite families were about to face destruction.


Jiang Xiu was about to leave the place when he discovered a peculiar ghastly energy. His gaze swept his gaze across the place and saw a shadow which was escaping from the place.

"What's that?"

Jiang Xiu's gaze fell on the pile bodies of the demiG.o.ds. Although they were demiG.o.ds, they had already begun to evolve towards becoming G.o.ds so they might possess some kind of unimaginable power.

Excluding Long Zaizong, all bodies were present here, including w.a.n.g Chonglin's skeleton in them.


Jiang Xiu took note of a European man's dead body which was complete and not dismembered by the saber light. This man had a handsome appearance and had blonde hair.

He slowly walked towards the body and reached out to touch it, but a fierce wind suddenly blew over and caused that body to ignite. Jiang Xiu was stunned by this. From the way the body was burning, the interior was visible, and it was completely hollow. The body quickly turned into ashes which drifted into the air.

"Yin G.o.d Escape Body?"

"Yin-Yang Dual Life?"

Jiang Xiu was quite shocked. This man was a mere demiG.o.d yet he had awakened such a n.o.ble bloodline. This bloodline's n.o.bility wasn't those so-called n.o.ble bloodlines on Earth. It didn't appear in the royal family or in the body. On the Immortal Martial Continent, a n.o.ble bloodline pointed towards those whose bloodline gave them a strength which set them a thousand years ahead of others regarding cultivation. For example, just a drop of blood from someone like this could allow the lowest tiered G.o.d to ascend instantly.

And the Yin-Yang Dual Life was one kind of powerful divine bloodline. At the moment when day and night changed, the person could resurrect. It was a primordial divine race and possessed top-tier divine bloodline, thus being called n.o.ble.

Jiang Xiu also used to envy the Yin-Yang Divine race. Their strength would increase each time day and night changed. Even those members of their race which didn't put in much effort into cultivation possessed a terrifying strength.

Only, it was difficult for this race to pa.s.s down their bloodline. Just like the other powerful races, the stronger it was, the harder it became to give offspring.

"I wasn't expecting to encounter the Yin-Yang Divine Race here!"

Jiang Xiu's gaze went cold, "I can't let you live." Since the man got killed by him today, he'd no doubt return to take revenge after gaining more strength.

"Who is this man?"

Long Zaizong said, "King Alex! What about it?"

Jiang Xiu said, "He isn't dead!"

Long Zaizong hesitated for a moment before speaking, "It's said that King Alex has a defensive divine artifact on him called the Yin-Yang Twin Dragons. No one can break through his defense."

"Yin-Yang Twin Dragons?"

So it was just a divine artifact. I almost through I ran into the Yin-Yang Divine Race. That makes sense as well. If he were the of the Yin-Yang Divine Race, he'd have already become a G.o.d.

"Where's King Alex's base located?"

He speculated that the Yin-Yang Twin Dragon artifact must've allowed King Alex to break free from his body and enter a new body. However, such a heaven-defying act would inevitably affect his strength so he'd have to look for a place to recuperate. As human instinct directs, in one's weakest time, a person was more likely to return to the place they were most familiar with, which was their base.

"Southern Europe!" Long Zaizong asked like a lackey, "Do you need me to accompany you, Mister?"

"No need, I'll go alone."

King Alex had hardly escaped from here. Jiang Xiu was confident that he could overtake him if he knew the direction. He took a step forward and covered several meters as he chased after that ghastly power.

He walked past mountains, trees, and rivers. Under Jiang Xiu's feet, everything was the same as flat ground. The fishes scuttled away in fear when they saw Jiang Xiu walked on top of the water surface. Even ravines were nothing to him as he just flew across them.

At the same time, China received a call from the U.S. and requested strongly to stop Jiang Luoxia from chasing King Alex. The reason for this was obvious, it was because King Alex had offered the U.S. a lot of benefits in exchange.

His only chance to survive was to make the U.S. govt. put political pressure on the Chinese govt. to make them appear personally and make Jiang Luoxia back down.

China was still quite vulnerable in this respect, especially when they were facing the U.S., they had no choice but to surrender several times. This wasn't without cause. The country's economy was still developing so they couldn't make an enemy out of them.

If you can't defeat the other party, the only choice left is to compromise.

However, China had immediately refused this time. It wasn't that they were unwilling, they would agree if the U.S. gave enough benefits in exchange, but the problem was that they had no means to contact Jiang Luoxia and since it was like this, they might as well refuse it.

Moreover, they even used this chance to express their hardiness.

The reason for it was simple. China had something amazing, a G.o.d.

Inside an office within the U.S., a crazy as well an outrageous notion began to take form. "We can't let those Chinese act so arrogantly!"


"We should punish them!"

On top of a glacier in Eastern Europe, King Alex felt powerless under the relentless pursuit, "Respected Mister, please let me go. At the moment I died, I comprehended a secret, I'll tell that to you in return."

King Alex before him looked just as pretty as before, but his skin was quite pale and even appeared transparent. "I'm not interested. I only need you to die."

King Alex touched the Yin-Yang Twin Dragons artifact, which only had a single dragon on it now. If Jiang Xiu hadn't killed him, he'd have never known the real use of this necklace.

"The Holy Woman hibernates in the river; Divine punishment descends on Heaven's Gate. At the moment the Twin Dragons crumble, a world of neither Yin nor Yang…"

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