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After hearing Lin Yao's words, a person's visage appeared in the minds of the Long family members… As the Long family was an elite family in China, and also affiliated with Heaven's Gate, the members of the family were familiar with the DemiG.o.d Ranking. Not long ago, a huge change had occurred on it. A person had soared up like a rising comet, revealing his sovereign-like magnificence as he ascended to the summit of DemiG.o.ds and became known as China's No. 1 DemiG.o.d.

No. 3 on the DemiG.o.d Ranking, this was the highest rank a DemiG.o.d of China had ever reached till now!

According to the rumors, this person was the master of Jiangnan's w.a.n.g family, a 20-year-old man with the surname Jiang. Slowly, that legendary person's silhouette began to fuse with Jiang Xiu's figure who was in front of them.

Long Yingqing felt a 'boom' in her mind while the gazes of the other members turned into extreme fear.

Lin Yao screamed out, "Mr. Jiang, please wait a moment…"

Lee Jae-Ki looked down on Jiang Xiu, acting as if he were pa.s.sing the final judgment on him. "What do you mean? What are you ready for?"

"To… Kill you."

It was all too late. By the time Lin Yao and the other Long family members had realized that the unremarkable youth before their eyes was the unparalleled, high and mighty Jiang Luoxia, the situation had already become irredeemable.

An icy look appeared on Jiang Xiu's face as he waved his right hand at Lee Jae-Ki. The cuffs of the suit he wore were quite tight, yet it felt as if that wave of his contained limitless power.


Sounds of thunder echoed over the place as a torrential heavenly force left from his sleeves. This formless power was immense and seemed as if it were the result of a Giant G.o.d waving its hand. The air in front of him, the gra.s.s, and the rattan chairs disintegrated, and even the distant hallway, steps, lamps, as well as the wooden pillars turned into fine powder.

It was so powerful that even a bulldozer was akin to a children's toy when compared to it. It was fast, fierce and packed with destructive force, decimating all matter in its wake.

The people were scared s.h.i.tless!

Madame RV, Long Yingqing, Xiao Xuetong, and the others looked at this scene in fear. Li Jae-Ki's bodyguard who was blasted away dashed out from the room in a fury. Ever since he had sworn fealty to the prestigious Lee family, he had never suffered defeat. He vowed to himself that he'd cut Jiang Xiu's body into thousands of pieces, but he was horror-struck as well.

C-Can a human possess such power?

It's so powerful!

They were even more aghast by the fact that this power was actually aimed at Lee Jae-Ki. Since even rocks had turned to dust, there was no way Lee Jae-Ki's body made of flesh could resist it.

The bodyguard of the party hall heard the sound of gla.s.s breaking and immediately rushed over. As the black bodyguard bro was misled by the Long family's people and offended that super-VIP, he was on full alert now, but after he witnessed the scene when he reached here, his mouth turned into a complete oval shape. Oh ma gad!

The 1.9 m tall herculean black man knelt on the ground and prostrated himself in admiration as if he were offering himself to G.o.d.

Only G.o.d could possess such power.

Long Yingqing who was seated nearby to Lee Jae-Ki felt an essence-like power whittle past her, leaving an explosive echo at her ears. In the next instant, that haughty Mr. Lee exploded into blood mist.


Followed by a terrified scream, everything returned to a frightening silence.


Lin Yao had once seen a first-rate DemiG.o.d's attack, but even that didn't possess such destructive force. The corporeal body was utterly weak in front of this power, unable to even withstand a single hit. It was like a law of ruin which destroyed everything in its wake.

"H-He's dead?"

"Mr. Lee's dead?"

Watching the empty s.p.a.ce where Lee Jae-Ki was standing a second ago, they felt a piercing pain in their eyes, causing their eyes to almost pop out of their sockets. The blood mist floating in the air, as well as the acrid smell of blood, reminded them that what they saw just now wasn't an illusion.

Silence. A deathly silence took over the place!

Everyone was shocked and held their breath after watching Lee Jae-Ki get killed, and that too through such a tyrannical method.

Jiang Xiu said, "I'm already prepared, but it looks like your Lee family hasn't prepared properly yet!"

"I hope they don't disappoint me!"

Everyone senses slowly returned to them, and they couldn't help but shrink back instinctively. Long Yingqing's face had lost all color as she asked with fear and trepidation, "J-Just… who are you?"

"Who do you think I am?"

Long Yingqing gulped down the saliva with great difficulty, looking at him with dread. Jiang Xiu had wronged her a lot and even opposed her whenever they met. He was her nemesis. Ever since she ran into him, nothing good had happened to her. She even had that poured all over her, but a girl's heart was unpredictable. Jiang Xiu had already entered her subconscious mind yet now, everything became so unfamiliar. She struggled to say it, "You are… Jiang Luoxia?"

This name seemed to possess magical power. At the moment it was spoken, everyone exhaled.

20-years old, w.a.n.g Xintong's boss, the Surname Jiang as well as this kind of inhuman power. His ident.i.ty was clear yet conjecture and him admitting it personally were two entirely different things.

Jiang Xiu said, "That's right, I am Jiang Luoxia!"


The man before them was really the No. 1 DemiG.o.d of China!

As a martial artist, Lin Yao, couldn't control his trembling body. He immediately took a step forward and knelt down, calling out to Jiang Xiu with revere. "The younger generation, Lin Yao, greets Mr. Jiang!"

Confronting China's No.1 DemiG.o.d, all the martial artists felt a chill on their backs. They just didn't have any leeway to resist him. Even if they were in Lee Jae-Ki's place, the outcome wouldn't have changed as they couldn't withstand that single wave of his hand.

"We greet Mr. Jiang!"

Lin Yao's both knees were on the ground already. This was a subconscious action. He even lowered his head till it touched the gra.s.s and didn't dare to get up, shivering all over with fear.

The higher their achievements in martial arts, the better they understood his awfulness, and the higher veneration they felt.

"W-We greet Mr. Jiang!"

The Long family members recalled that they had offended Jiang Xiu and thus knelt down in fear, not even daring to move an inch. They were very vexed, especially Long Xiaoru and Long Xiuyi, as they had suppressed and also humiliated Jiang Xiu during the auction. Cold sweat began to form on their foreheads when they thought back on it.

Xiao Xuetong and Bai Xin were utterly stupefied.

They wondered whether they had transmigrated.

It was as if they were looking at a mythical event!

At the same time, they also realized the huge gap between these people and Jiang Xiu. It wasn't the difference between an ordinary person and a wealthy person, and also wasn't the difference between a wealthy person and a n.o.ble, but rather the difference between a human and a G.o.d.

They were people of the secular world while Jiang Xiu was a lofty G.o.d.

A Deity who ruled over everything!

Xiao Xuetong's and Bai Xin's gazes turned foolish as they looked at Jiang Xiu. Especially Xiao Xuetong, she felt a faint sense of loss in her heart for some reason. She should've been happy that her friend was so powerful, but she felt as if he was someone too high and unreachable to her. She felt a desolate feeling momentarily and was filled with complicated emotions.

Jiang Xiu said, "Madame RV. If you want to make Bai Xin RV's China amba.s.sador, you can still do it by canceling the agreement!"

Madame RV was also utterly shocked, but she had after all experienced the vicissitudes of life, so she recovered quickly, "Mister was actually the newly ascended DemiG.o.d, Mr. Jiang Luoxia. Your reputation is well-known."

"However, the issue of RV's amba.s.sador isn't that simple."

She continued, "You just killed the Korean Lee family's heir. They won't give up at this point. There's also China's Long family. He was the fiancé of this pretty lady beside me."

"You'll have to face the revenge of these two families!"

Jiang Xiu swept his gaze across Long Yingqing's face. He couldn't discover any traces of sadness from it and only saw shock in them. It seemed like she didn't have much affection towards her so-called fiancée.

However, it made sense. A political marriage gave importance to the shared benefits. Both sides were acting to obtain benefits, so no one bothered to bring emotions into it. In this game, the one who succ.u.mbed to their feelings was bound to lose everything they possessed.

Jiang Xiu could even sense a trace of happiness from Long Yingqing's eyes. It was the happiness of breaking free from the fetters of fate. It gave a relaxing sensation of freedom to a person.

Madame RV gazed at Jiang Xiu and lightly shook her head, "Respected Mr. Jiang, you're too impulsive. Perhaps you still haven't realized your mistake, but when you do realize it, it'll surely be too late for you to feel regret."

Heaven's Gate was planning to take in Jiang Xiu, but many of the members were against this idea. Now the Long family and the Lee family were also added to that lot, the chances of them taking in Jiang Xiu had already reached near to nil.

"Respected Mister, are you really ready?"

"To face the Lee family and Long family's rage!"

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