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Never had someone dared to target the Jiang family, never had someone dared to beat a member of the Jiang family into a cripple then openly drive to Elder Jiang's house and throw that person there.This was too arrogant and rampant.

Jiang family would never let Jiang Luoxia off and return this debt 10000-fold back to clear this shame. They would make the perpetrator understand the consequences of offending the Jiang family and make him regret.

Another 60-year old senior among them standing to the side said, "Since Jiang Luoxia acted to outrageously, we have to make him understand the consequences."

"Jiang Luoxia is quite famous in Jiangnan, and even Gu Dezhi gives him face. He didn't even move when I called him." Jiang Chang had almost appeared 10 years older due to this incident, his gaze was a little lifeless.

The senior said, "The Gu family is declining. Gu Dezhi won't last much longer. Even if he doesn't agree to give face to the Jiang family after we requested politely, he alone doesn't have the final say in Jiangnan. It won't be easy for him to stop us from closing down Jiangnan's industries."

Jiang Chang said, "Old Qiao is right. Many people are involved in it. Even if Gu Dezhi wants to protect Jiang Luoxia, he'll be powerless."

Another elderly man said bravely, "But it'll be difficult to grab Jiang Luoxia."

Elder Jiang's eyes opened wide, "Fu Tongwu, you are from the Fu family. You can't handle even handle an insignificant underworld thug?"

Fu Tongwu said, "Elder, you don't know that this person is in the limelight in the martial arts circle. Countless martial artists in the country think he's the new Si Wuxie."

"Si Wuxie?"

Elder Jiang asked, "You mean Western Sichuan Palace's Si Wuxie? That person is someone who had survived an atom bomb during World War II."

Fu Tongwu said, "Yes. He's also the representative of our country's martial arts circle on the DemiG.o.d Ranking."


Everyone was shocked.

"You're saying, this Jiang Luoxia…"

Fu Tongwu nodded thoughtfully, "Descend, the nine mythical arts, cleanse the heavens, a thousand years of karma, an artless heart yet romantic… Jiangnan's Jiang Luoxia has been newly appointed to the 11th position on the DemiG.o.d Ranking."


Everyone felt as if their heads had exploded.

"Jiang Luoxia is a DemiG.o.d?"

Many didn't know of DemiG.o.ds, but the Jiang family stood at the top of the pyramid, so they naturally knew about it.

Fu Tongwu said, "That's right. The most terrible thing is that he's quite young, not even 20 years old. Many martial artists concluded that he would have great accomplishments in the future and could even become the leading figure of China's underworld martial arts circles."


Elder Jiang grunted, "He runs amok just because he has some accomplishments in martial arts. Is such a person even suitable to lead China underworld martial arts circles?"

Fu Tongwu forced a smile, "It's quite difficult to capture a DemiG.o.d."

"If we can't catch him, then we kill him!" Elder Jiang replied.

"I can handle this matter…"

Elder Jiang had lived through the WW2 period. That era was the time when DemiG.o.ds rampaged all around. He had skirted on the boundaries of death and knew how terrible DemiG.o.ds were. He had even heard before that no matter how viciously two warlords were battling, even an army of several hundred men couldn't do anything to a DemiG.o.d.

However, times had changed now. Science and technology had developed a lot. Guns could only shoot a target 50 m away before and jammed a lot. The progress was just incomparable.

But the power of DemiG.o.ds was too shocking. In those days, when the atom bomb had fallen, there were around 30 DemiG.o.ds from each country yet only three of them had survived. One among them was Si Wuxie who famous among China's martial circles and became their leader. In a blink, 60 years had pa.s.sed by already.

"Block all the news regarding today's matter. Don't let it leak."


Since all the businesses of Amidst Heaven Group were closed down, w.a.n.g Xintong spent her time foolishly at home with nothing to do and waited for news from Jiang Xiu. Only, she kept on waiting, but there was no news so she guessed that Jiang Xiu must have finished the matter and returned back to the university.


w.a.n.g Xuetang had called her, "Xintong, I've reached the capital. I won't be coming to find you as it would be difficult to make the return trip. I'm going to immediately leave for Europe from the airport to buy the equipment and technology required for extracting the oil."

"Oh. Okay…"

"I heard that the industries in the Imperial Capital were closed down?"

"Yes. Only, this doesn't matter to us. Golden Brocade Group's stocks are the most important. I'm only worried there's not enough time to a.s.similate the Golden Brocade Group's resources."

w.a.n.g Xuetang said, "You can do as you see fit regarding this matter. Only, father has received news that Mr. Jiang's mother has come to the Imperial Capital. The reason for it still isn't known. There's a possibility she has come to visit Mr. Jiang. You understand what father means, right?"

Sometimes, it was better to fawn on the Empress than the Prince.

w.a.n.g Xintong was shocked, "The Madame has come?!"

Lin Yueling was right around 40 years old, and the address 'Madame' wasn't suitable, but this was how many people called her privately. It was merely to express their respect. However, if Lin Yueling heard this, she might go crazy.

"When did it happen?"

w.a.n.g Xuetang replied, "Yesterday's evening's flight."

"Yesterday evening?! d.a.m.n it!" w.a.n.g Xintong cried out. This was huge trouble. Jiang Xiu had spent the night at her home yesterday night and even had his phone switched off. Since Lin Yueling couldn't reach him, it was possible she might've gone to the university directly. Moreover, w.a.n.g Xintong had already guessed the reason for Lin Yueling's trip. It was for Jiang Xiu and Cheng Lingsu.

She quickly hung the call and called Jiang Xiu, but his phone was still switched off.

Jiang Xiu didn't have much interest in cell phones, so he didn't carry his with him all the time like other university students to play games or chat. He returned to the school and learned that cla.s.ses were suspended today.

The accident during the exploration trip had affected the Archaeology Department significantly, so much that the students majoring in Archaeology weren't attending the cla.s.ses.

As he walked into the dorm, the dorm manager glanced at him thoughtfully and planned to call out to him by the had already climbed the stairs. She picked up the phone and called the number left behind on the table, "Yes, is this Ms. Lin? Your son returned just now."

Zhou Jin and Zhang Yiwen were playing games in the dorm room. Zhou Jin spoke out without turning his head back, "Jiang Xiu, you've come. Some came to find you. She told us she's your mother."

Jiang Xiu hardly fell on the bed but immediately sat up, scolding him, "Are you trying to dupe me? Don't lie."

He had a bad premonition in his heart. It was possible that his mother had indeed come.

Zhou Jin made a solemn face, "It's true. She looked quite angry. It really scared us, brother. Your mother's quite ferocious."

Jiang Xiu frowned. It looked like she had indeed come. He took out his phone and discovered that it was switched off so connected the charger. It was at this moment; the dorm manager arrived there along with Lin Yueling. Looking at her stand outside the room with her luggage, Jiang Xiu called out intimately, "Mother, how come you're here?"

"You still have the face to ask that…"

She suppressed her anger when she saw there were other students in the dorm as well. Her son cared about face a lot so he wouldn't feel good if she scolded him in front of so many people.

"It's been long since you joined her, can't Mother come to see you? Come out with me…"

Jiang Xiu braced himself to go out helplessly. He took the luggage from his mother's hand. It was quite heavy and seemed to be full of things. It looked like she had prepared to face a war of attrition.

Lin Yueling planned to vent out all her anger after they left the dorm, but after looking at her son, she couldn't scold him. She said helplessly, "We think that the Imperial University is too far, so we're planning to transfer you to another university."

Are you kidding? Is there any university better than the Imperial University?

Jiang Xiu knew the reason Lin Yueling had arrived.


"Jiangnan University is also a good school."

"The university term has already started. It won't be easy to transfer."

"Are you trying to play tricks on your mother? Since Secretary Gu gives you face, how difficult do you think it will be to transfer? If you don't want to, I'll personally go find Secretary Gu." Lin Yueling's position was firm, "It's final then. Your father and I agree regarding this."

Jiang Xiu said, "Mother, I don't want to transfer." Are you kidding? The drama has just begun.

"It's fine if you don't want to transfer. Just promise me one thing." Lin Yueling replied.

"What is it?"

"It's quite simple, you have to marry Susu."

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