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Zheng Lun wore a meaningful smile on his face while Zhou Jin and Zhang Yiwen questioned Jiang Xiu. He asked them, "Was she pretty?"


Zhou Jin and Zhang Yiwen spoke in unison with shining eyes.

Was it Cheng Lingran? The trip was so long, and my phone got discharged midway. Maybe she came here to look for me because she couldn't contact me. Jiang Xiu thought.

"She didn't leave her name?"

Zhou Jin and Zhang Yiwen rattled their heads like a children's toy, making an expression full of regret and grief as if they had lost the love of their life.


Zheng Lun couldn't help but laugh out loud.

Everyone looked at him. He came over with a smile then patted Jiang Xiu's shoulders, "Brat, you're quite skilled. Do you know who it was? It was Ye Rong. That girl didn't say anything on that day but kept asking my wife about you afterward and finally came over to look for you. You're quite dank, brother. The girl came to deliver herself to you."

"Ye Rong?"

Jiang Xiu couldn't remember who it was for a moment then reacted, "Oh, that girl from the nightclub. She came to look for me? I shouldn't have matched her requirements."

"It's difficult to figure out the minds of girls. They will definitely take the bait if you are handsome. Otherwise, why don't you give her a call and set up a date tonight?"

Jiang Xiu shook his head, "I'm exhausted, let's talk about it later."

Saying so, he placed his luggage down then slumped onto the bed. He wasn't exhausted, it was just that he had no intentions to go meet the girl. If he wished to meet anyone, it was Cheng Lingran.

His wife from the previous life!

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d, a beauty is delivering herself to you, and you act like this." Zhou Jin and Zhang Yiwen clenched their teeth, feeling that he didn't understand the suffering of people like them. "Take care not to get struck by thunder."

"Young Master Lun, so you know her, introduce her to us."

"Hey! Young Master Lun…"

Zheng Lun was scared away by those hungry brutes thirsting for love.

The news regarding what happened during this desert exploration trip wasn't suppressed. After all, so many people had died. It had spread inside the entire campus. Professor Xu wasn't held accountable for it, but he was barred from arranging archaeology projects and was allowed to only teach the subject of culture. As for Qian Deshen, he immediately escaped to the U.S. as this incident was quite big.

Another matter had given rise to huge waves and caused the entire Jiang family to go crazy.

Pinghai's Jin family was slaughtered by someone, none had escaped. Those in the Imperial Capital, those in Pinghai and even Jin Xi who was in the hospital were dead.

The Jin family was the banker of Jiang Yishan. Without this money source, their capital in the economy would decline steeply.

"I believe our first priority is to shift the a.s.sets of the Jin family first, we can look for the murderer later."

"Second Brother is right."

Old Jiang grabbed his crutches in a fit of fury, "What are you doing here then? Quickly go do it."

He had just said this when Jin Hangpao who had close relations with the Jin family came rushing inside, "It's terrible. Someone's sniping the shares of the Jin family's Golden Brocade Group. They have already purchased 40% of the shares, and the rest is in the market. It has already surpa.s.sed 50%. In other words, the Golden Brocade Group is already theirs."

The entire courtyard went silent.

"What did you say?"

Old Jiang asked after a while. It was a public secret that the Jin family was the banker of the Jiang family. Otherwise, Professor Xu wouldn't have known about it.

The Jin family was exterminated while the Golden Brocade Group was taken over. The person who did it simply didn't care about Jiang Yishan, or to say, that person was targeting his Jiang family.

"This doesn't make sense. There hasn't been any feud recently nor did are we fighting with someone."

At his position, Old Jiang played high-level games. Even the slightest wind didn't escape his nose, but this didn't look like a game. It was simple and crude, utterly lacking in skill.

However, Old Jiang had no choice but to admit that was similar to the pain of losing a finger. It was like the opponent had cut off a finger of his instead of injuring all his fingers. Since the Jin family was done for, the Jiang family had no way to get the funds of the Jin family.

In the current era, the GDP was soaring up. Many of the Jiang family's children who were in critical positions depended on the Jin family, using the money to gain achievements and lay down a proper road for their official career. It was the same when Gu Dekang had helped Jiang Xiu's father. In fact, this was the case mostly. Everyone possessed different capitals and thus had different speeds with which they advanced.

Without this huge gold egg, the progress in their careers would inevitably slow down. The most fatal possibility was that the fund source of the Jiang family's businesses could collapse.

Therefore, even someone like Old Jiang got furious.

"Find it out for me! Who dared to act so audaciously?!"

Jiang Hang said, "We've already found out. It's the Amidst Heaven Group. Jiangnan's w.a.n.g family is their backing. It's that warlord family with a 200-year-old martial arts inheritance."

The second eldest asked, "w.a.n.g family. A martial arts family dared to attack the Jin family and make an enemy out of us?"

Jiang Hang said, "Second Uncle, it looks like you don't know that the w.a.n.g family experienced a misfortunate incident. Their founder who was suspected to be a DemiG.o.d got killed, and the w.a.n.g family suffered heavy casualties due to it. They had to surrender in the end. Someone else controls the w.a.n.g family now."

"Hoh? Who is he?"

"They call him respectfully as Mr. Jiang in Jiangnan's underworld, his name is Jiang Luoxia."

"You mean to say that the Jin family's slaughter and the seizing of the Golden Brocade Group were orchestrated by this person?"

Jiang Hang nodded.

"A personal grudge could be explained as the reason as the Jin family is also a martial arts family so it's possible they might not attack our Jiang family."

Old Jiang grunted, "Hmph!"

A pretty woman on the side added in, "Isn't he too ruthless? He slaughtered the entire family. These martial artists are really immoral. The Jin family's disappearance will impact the society very much. Is he not afraid of the repercussions?"

Jiang Luoxia had dealt with the Jin family directly and efficiently, leaving behind no traces at all.

"Send someone to negotiate with him. Make him spit out the Jin family's a.s.sets as is."

Old Jiang made a gloomy face, "Little Hang, I'll give this matter to you. Don't make our Jiang family lose face. If you need anything, ask your father or your second uncle."

"Yes, Grandfather!"

Two middle-aged men to the side looked at Jiang Han with an encouraging gaze. He was the third generation of the family and was an outstanding member of the family. Except for two who had already set out on official career before him, he was the most optimal and had a good business talent as well.

Old Jiang's mood calmed down after these people left. Jin family was essential, but it was merely a va.s.sal family in the end. They could just get another.

"How's the situation with that brat?"

Secretary Ye said, "He just returned from an archaeology trip. It looks like a big incident happened during the trip. More than half of the team members died, and even the army got involved into it. They were brought back by a military plane."

"Hmph! His father is worthless, and so is he. To think he chose Archaeology." Old Jiang's expression turned sour, "Handle him as soon as possible. The Nangong family might change their mind after this incident with the Jin family."

Secretary Ye scratched his head, "Alright! I'll do it asap."

He felt somewhat helpless as that brat was the same as his father, a hard bone to chew on.

"What is it? Did something happen?"

Secretary Ye stated helplessly, "It seems like he wants to follow his father…"

"That doesn't matter. He'll have to agree even if he doesn't want to. You know how to handle a youth like him, right? Those in his age group are very interested in girls. I remember that unfilial thing had set down a marriage for him. It might be possible he has feelings for that fiancée of his from Jiang City. Start from there."

Secretary Ye's eyes brightened. He praised Old Jiang in his heart for thinking of such a move. "I heard that girl looks quite pretty and also has good grades. She came to the Imperial Capital then joined the Finance course in the National University."

Secretary Ye always acted prudently. He had also investigated Cheng Lingsu.

He continued, "I'll contact the girl. Humans are all selfish. If we offer her generous conditions, she would definitely agree."

"Do it fast. We must finalize this matter between that brat and the little girl from the Nangong family quickly."

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